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Only those Black Ink Disciples who had made great contributions on the battlefield would be able to prove the value of their existence, allowing the Black Ink Clan to bestow upon them the Profound Female Spirit Fruit to repair the damaged Small Universe.

Yang Kai, a newly subdued Black Ink Disciple, was actually able to obtain such an honor, which naturally surprised Gui Liao and the other Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords.

However, since Black Abyss had personally given the order, Gui Liao didn’t dare to object and immediately bowed.

Black Abyss walked into the Black Ink Nest and as his figure disappeared, the entire Black Ink Nest began to seal itself.

Several Territory Lords were recuperating here, and the Black Ink Nest would not open for several years. It could even be said that the Black Ink Clan cultivators who had been cultivating in the Black Ink Nest had all been driven out in advance to give these Territory Lords enough energy to heal their injuries.

After the Territory Lords entered the Black Ink Nest, the many Feudal Lords who had returned with the flying ship also dispersed. Soon, only Gu Liao, Zha Gu and Yang Kai remained in front of the Black Ink Nest.

Gui Liao looked at Yang Kai thoughtfully and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Yang Kai greets Sir Gu Liao.” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

Gui Liao nodded slightly, “Follow me.” Turning to Zha Gu, he said, “You too.”

Saying so, he led the way.

Yang Kai followed closely behind. Although Zha Gu didn’t understand what he meant, since it was Gui Liao’s order, he could only follow.

Not long after, the group arrived in front of a huge Old Castle. This Old Castle had a distinct foreign style and was located in a good location, so it should be Black Abyss’ Old Castle.

There were many Black Ink Clans living in this Old Castle, so Yang Kai followed the Gu Liao in and looked around curiously.

Gui Liao casually summoned a member of the Black Ink Clan and ordered, “He is the Territory Lord’s new Black Ink Disciple. Take him away.”

The Black Ink Clan was just a High Rank Black Ink Clan, and their aura wasn’t very strong, at most equivalent to a Fifth Order Open Heaven master. Such a Black Ink Clan would only be used as cannon fodder to exhaust the strength of the Human Race masters on the battlefield, and their status in the Black Ink Clan wasn’t high, but they were more than enough to do chores in this Old Castle.

Hearing this, the High Rank Black Ink Disciple bowed and said, “Yes!” Looking towards Yang Kai, he called out, “Follow me.”

Yang Kai cupped his fists towards Gui Liao before leaving with the High Rank Black Ink Clan master.

Gui Liao silently watched Yang Kai’s departing figure until he disappeared from sight before continuing forward.

A short while later, in a side hall, Gui Liao sat on a large chair, took out a World Sphere sealed with World Force from his Space Ring, placed it between his nose and mouth, and gently inhaled, a happy expression immediately appearing on his face.

Zha Gu stood below.

Although the two Black Ink Clans were both Feudal Lords, there was obviously a difference in strength between them. Gui Liao was Black Abyss’s true confidant, otherwise, Black Abyss wouldn’t have said that while he was recuperating, everything in his territory was managed by him.

In fact, during Black Abyss expedition, the matters here had been managed by Gui Liao. Every Territory Lord level Black Ink Clan had their own confidants, not to mention that Gui Liao had a high chance of becoming a Territory Lord within a hundred years. At that time, his status would be on a completely different level from Zha Gu’s.

As such, although Zha Gu was standing below and had yet to recover from his injuries, he showed no signs of dissatisfaction.

“Tell me, what is so special about that Yang Kai that the Territory Lord actually thinks so highly of him?” Gui Liao took a few breaths of the World Sphere’s World Force before asking calmly.

Sure enough, he was asking about this!

In fact, Zha Gu also had some guesses as to why Gui Liao had asked him to come along, but now it seemed his guess was correct.

After pondering for a moment, Zha Gu’s expression became serious, “This person is very strong!”

Gui Liao narrowed his eyes slightly, “Very strong? How strong?”

Zha Gu said, “Previously, when the various Lords were ambushed by the Human Race’s army at the resource production area, they were forced to retreat. This man led a small Human Race team to ambush and intercept in the rear. With just his strength alone, he killed thousands of Black Ink Clan masters, at least a dozen or so Feudal Lords dying at his hands.”

Gui Liao’s originally indifferent expression suddenly became serious, “A dozen or so Feudal Lords died at his hands? And he even killed thousands of Black Ink Clans? Are you sure?”

Zha Gu let out a bitter laugh, “At that time, the Territory Lord was right beside us and he also saw it with his own eyes. It was precisely because this human’s strength was too great that even though the Territory Lord was seriously injured, he still had the intention to subdue him.”

Gui Liao was slightly dazed for a moment before saying, “Tell me everything you saw.”

Zha Gu didn’t try to conceal anything and described the scene of that day’s battle vividly. The scene of a shocking battle immediately appeared in front of Gui Liao’s eyes.

“This guy cut off his Small Universe twice, and in order to let his companions escape, he even took the initiative to stay behind to resist the pursuers. In the end, seeing that he couldn’t escape, he decided to commit suicide, so the Territory Lord took action at the right time and turned him into Black Ink Disciple.” Zha Gu thought back to what he had seen that day and still found it difficult to calm down. He even had a faint feeling that if Yang Kai hadn’t wanted to protect his clansmen that day, the Territory Lord who was already seriously injured might not have been able to do anything to him.

The Territory Lord was also afraid that the Human Race’s army would pursue them from behind, so if Yang Kai really wanted to escape, he might not take the risk.

“The Human Race is still so stupid!” Gui Liao couldn’t help snorting after hearing this, suddenly asking, “Then who do you think will win if I fight him?”

Zha Gu quickly said, “Sir Gui Liao is about to become a Territory Lord, so no matter how strong that Yang Kai is, I’m afraid he’s not your opponent.”

Gui Liao snorted lightly. Although Zha Gu replied without hesitation, it was because he was too straightforward that Gui Liao felt something was wrong.

However, he couldn’t be bothered to argue with him and casually tossed the half-eaten World Sphere in his hand to Zha Gu, “Good, your injuries aren’t light, go back and heal.”

Zha Gu received the World Sphere and happily thanked, “Many thanks, Sir.”

Originally, Black Ink Nest had been occupied by a few Territory Lords and had been completely sealed off. If he couldn’t use Black Ink Nest to heal his injuries, his injuries would be quite troublesome, and it would probably take him many years to recover. Now that he had this World Sphere’s World Force, he could shorten his healing period. Although it wasn’t like he couldn’t afford World Sphere, it wasn’t cheap.

After Zha Gu left, Gui Liao narrowed his eyes slightly and gently tapped the armrest of his chair, muttering to himself for a moment before suddenly saying, “Liu Zian.”

From the shadows behind him, a figure suddenly walked out, “Master!”

Gui Liao looked up and said, “There’s a new human in the fort. He’s the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Disciple. Since he’s from the same clan as you, you should find an opportunity to get close to him.”

Liu Zian immediately complied, “Yes!”

Inside a side hall in the Old Castle, Yang Kai had been led to this place by the High Rank Black Ink Clan, who then left.

This side hall was built according to the Black Ink Clan’s physique and had a very high ceiling, so it was quite spacious for a human to live here. However, Yang Kai didn’t pay too much attention to such things and was quite satisfied with his surroundings.

After finding a place to sit down cross-legged, Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to cultivate. Now that his Small Universe had been damaged, the efficiency of his cultivation had been greatly reduced. Although he had the World Tree’s Subtree to repair it, it would still take him several years to fully recover.

Fortunately, before Black Abyss entered the Black Ink Nest, he had ordered Gu Liao to find him a Profound Female Spirit Fruit, which was the solution to Yang Kai’s urgent need.

Originally, he had planned to quickly find a Profound Female Spirit Fruit to conceal his Small Universe’s secret after arriving at the Black Ink Clan.

Otherwise, if a few years had passed without the Profound Female Spirit Fruit and his Small Universe had instead repaired itself, Black Abyss would definitely become suspicious.

Moreover, there was one thing he couldn’t help paying attention to, which was that Black Abyss and the other Territory Lords had entered the Black Ink Nest to recuperate, and the Black Ink Nest had even closed down for this purpose.

Yang Kai didn’t know how long it would take for Black Abyss to recuperate, but it was likely that he wouldn’t be able to come out of seclusion anytime soon. In other words, it was highly likely that he wouldn’t be able to see Black Abyss for several years.

In this way, there were both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage was that he was not restricted and could inquire about the situation on his own. The disadvantage was that without Black Abyss leading the way, it was impossible for him to go to the King City or even leave this floating continent.

The Black Ink Clan had Black Ink Disciple, who was proficient in Artifact Refining, who was developing the Palace Artifact. Yang Kai had to find a way to determine his identity and location. If he couldn’t leave this floating continent, his access to information would be greatly limited.

Yang Kai secretly felt that this was a difficult task and couldn’t help feeling somewhat worried.

Just as he was feeling a headache, he suddenly felt the aura of a living person approach him. Yang Kai was slightly startled and quickly investigated.

From his perception, it was a human race approaching.

A moment later, someone knocked on the door.

Yang Kai stood up and opened the door to see a tall man standing outside.

The humans who would appear in such a place were all Black Ink Disciple. When Yang Kai had accompanied Gui Liao back to the Old Castle from the Black Ink Nest, he had also seen some human race Black Ink Disciple along the way, so he was not surprised.

However, this Black Ink Disciple who had appeared in front of him at this moment had a towering figure that seemed somewhat out of place. Standing in front of him, Yang Kai could only reach his chest.

One had to know that although Yang Kai’s figure wasn’t very tall, he wasn’t short either. From this, it could be seen just how tall this newcomer was.

What Yang Kai cared about was not his height, but his aura.

This person had the aura of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master, but his aura was mixed with an extremely violent aura. His entire body was filled with a black aura that was visible to the naked eye, causing his entire body to be shrouded in a black fog.

What caught Yang Kai’s attention even more was the abnormalities on his body. There was a bulge on his neck that looked like a tumor, and his back was also protruding like a hump.

Seeing this person, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a sense of extreme danger.

The danger did not come from the threat he could pose to him, but from his own condition!

His current state was extremely dangerous.

Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking back to the time in the Black Prison when Luan Baifeng, who had been corroded by the Ink Force, had shown him a scene.

He had seen the state of this person in the Black Prison before.

The reason why the Cave Heaven Paradise had been concealing the news of the Ink Force was firstly because the Ink Force was too dangerous, and secondly, because the Ink Force was too tempting, they were afraid that someone would be unable to resist the temptation and would actively seek out the Ink Force.


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