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Originally, Yang Kai was just casually talking when talking with Black Abyss’ interrogation, but who would have thought that it would be so appropriate, causing Black Abyss to misunderstand, so Yang Kai naturally didn’t try to explain.

“In the previous battle, I saw that you seemed to have taken some kind of Spirit Pill to disperse the Ink Force that had invaded your body?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded.

Black Abyss leaned forward slightly, “What kind of Spirit Pill is that? Let’s take a look.”

Yang Kai showed a look of difficulty, “Reporting to Master, that Spirit Pill is called Expelling Black Ink Pill, and it was recently developed by the Human Race. Because it is difficult to refine, this subordinate only received one pill, but it has already been consumed on the battlefield.”

“Expelling Black Ink Pill!” Black Abyss’s eyes twitched slightly, “When was it develop?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before replying, “In the past ten or twenty years.”

Black Abyss couldn’t help gritting his teeth, “It’s because of this Expelling Black Ink Pill that the Human Race has been able to resist the corrosion of the Ink Force so many times over the years that no new Black Ink Disciples have emerged?”


“Damn it!” Black Abyss was furious, finally understanding why no new Black Ink Disciple had been born these past few years. They had long guessed that the Human Race had a method to deal with the erosion of the Ink Force, but they had never been able to figure out what this method was. If it weren’t for the fact that he had managed to subdue this human named Yang Kai, he would likely still be in the dark.

After a moment of anger, Black Abyss asked, “Is refining this Expelling Black Ink Pill easy?”

This was an important matter, so he naturally had to inquire about it and report it to the Royal Lord.

Yang Kai respectfully replied, “This subordinate doesn’t know much about Alchemy, but I’ve heard some people say that it’s not easy to refine this Expelling Black Ink Pill. Even Alchemist Grandmasters can’t succeed every time, so the success rate is not high. Generally speaking, a small human race team will only have one pill.”

Black Abyss’s expression relaxed slightly. Yang Kai’s words had undoubtedly confirmed what he had seen in the previous battle. Of the three Seventh Order in the team, only Yang Kai had taken the so-called Expelling Black Ink Pill to expel the erosion of the Ink Force on his body, while the other two Seventh Order had been corroded by the Ink Force, but there had been no signs of them taking this Expelling Black Ink Pill.

Until they escaped the battlefield, there was no news of them.

If a small human team was only equipped with a single Expelling Black Ink Pill, it wouldn’t be too bad of a piece of bad news. The only thing they feared was that this pill would be too easy to refine and they would be given a few pills each. If the Black Ink Clan was careless on the battlefield, they would suffer greatly.

Slightly calming down, Black Abyss asked again, “How are your Yin-Yang Pass Old Ancestor’s injuries?”

Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat as he thought to himself, 'If you hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have known that Yin-Yang Pass’ Old Ancestor was injured, so how could I have known?'

However, based on the situation on Blue Sky Pass, although Yang Kai didn’t know what the exact situation was, he could guess that the old ancestor of Yin-Yang Pass must have fought with the Twilight Royal Lord. The old ancestor’s injuries must have something to do with the Twilight Royal Lord.

Since the Old Ancestor was injured, the Twilight Royal Lord probably wasn’t any better, but it was unknown when these two had fought.

After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai replied, “This subordinate’s cultivation is still low, not enough to enter the eyes of the Old Ancestor. The Old Ancestor’s healing ground is also heavily guarded, so this subordinate is unable to approach it. However, the Old Ancestor has been healing all these years, so he should be recovering soon.”

Black Abyss nodded slightly, “Counting the time, it’s been almost a hundred years. No matter how serious his injuries are, he should have recovered by now. I’m afraid there will be another great battle in this war zone soon.”

Only now did Yang Kai realize that it had been almost a hundred years since the old ancestor of Yin-Yang Pass had been injured. In other words, a hundred years ago, there had been a huge battle in the Yin-Yang War Zone where even the Human Race’s old ancestor and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had fought.

In the blink of an eye, a hundred years had passed, and the two races had both recuperated, allowing the great battle to once again become unstoppable.

However, this confrontation in the resource production area might delay the battle for a few years. After all, whether it was the Black Ink Clan or the Human Race, both of their high-level combatants had suffered some damage and needed time to recover.

At this moment, a Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord walked in from outside the door. It was Zha Gu, who cupped his fists and said, “Territory Lord, we’re almost there.”

Black Abyss nodded slightly and waved to Yang Kai, “You may leave first.”

Yang Kai nodded respectfully and slowly withdrew.

Returning to the deck, Yang Kai looked into the distance and saw a massive floating continent. This floating continent was as large as a Universe World.

The entire periphery of the floating continent was covered in a layer of misty ink color, a testament to the richness of this floating continent’s Ink Force. After living in this environment for a long time, the Black Ink Clan’s strength would increase to a certain extent.

Yang Kai had once lived in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands for two years and had followed the High Rank Black Ink Clan through many territories.

However, no territory could compare to this floating continent.

Yang Kai immediately understood that this should be the Floating Continent’s territory directly under Black Abyss, and under his command, each and every one of these territories was occupied by a Territory Lord.

The flying ship flew straight towards the floating continent, passing through the swirling clouds of Ink Force and soon arriving above a massive city.

The city was so large that one couldn’t see the end of it with a single glance, and in the center of the city stood a giant black ink nest that looked like a budding flower bud. The black ink nest seemed to have a life of its own as it slowly shrank and expanded, and with every breath it took, a large amount of Ink Force would emerge.

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly. He had seen many Black Ink Nest before, but this Black Ink Nest in front of him was definitely the largest. As long as he had enough resources, this Black Ink Nest would soon be able to produce a large Black Ink Clan army!

The Black Ink Nest was always the foundation of the Black Ink Clan’s survival. The Black Ink Clan was born from the Black Ink Nest, and the Black Ink Clan’s advancement had to be carried out in the Black Ink Nest. If the Black Ink Nest was lost, the Black Ink Clan would become a tree without roots, a water without a source.

Facing this characteristic, the Human Race had also thought about destroying the Black Ink Clan’s Black Ink Nest in order to sever its roots.

But how could it be so easy to accomplish? In the Black Ink Clan’s territories, there were basically all kinds of Black Ink Nest, and even the small Black Ink Nest that Chasing Wind had hidden back then were used as backup.

Wanting to destroy all of these Black Ink Nest was not something a human could accomplish. If they could only destroy a few of them, it would be useless. The Black Ink Clan would soon be able to create a new Black Ink Nest.

Up until now, the Human Race had never been able to figure out how the Black Ink Nest had been born. Some people guessed that it had been built by the Black Ink Clan, but this guess was not conclusive, because everyone who had seen the Black Ink Nest knew that this thing seemed to have its own life and was not something that could be compared to a dead object.

There were also some who speculated that the birth of the Black Ink Nest was like planting a flower. Once a seed was planted and carefully cared for, a new Black Ink Nest would naturally be born.

But if this guess was true, what was the seed? Where did it come from?

In order to study the Black Ink Nest, an Old Ancestor had single-handedly broken into the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland and killed his way into the territory of a Feudal Lord, slaughtering all of the Black Ink Clan’s forces and snatching the Black Ink Nest.

However, after the Black Ink Nest was taken away by the Old Ancestor, it quickly withered like a withered flower.

As such, the so-called research was naturally left unsettled. Since even the Old Ancestor couldn’t do anything about the Black Ink Nest, the Human Race had given up on it. Whenever they had the opportunity to encounter the Black Ink Nest, they would do their best to destroy it.

In any case, destroying the Black Ink Nest was a huge loss to the Black Ink Clan.

The flying ship landed directly in front of the giant Black Ink Nest, where many of the Black Ink Clan masters were already waiting, obviously having received news of Black Abyss’ return.

On the deck, Yang Kai jumped down first under Zha Gu’s lead and stood to the side to wait.

The appearance of the Human Race attracted the attention of many Black Ink Clan cultivators, but there were some Black Ink Disciples living in this territory, so although these Black Ink Clan cultivators were curious, they only took a few glances.

Black Abyss’s figure appeared on the deck, but he did not immediately disembark. Instead, with a casual wave of his hand, a thick Ink Force burst out and he shouted, “Wake up!”

Following his shout, powerful auras suddenly emerged from the ship’s cabin.

Yang Kai’s expression became serious as he immediately understood that these auras belonged to the Territory Lords who had been sleeping on the flying ship. However, although these auras were powerful, under Yang Kai’s perception, they appeared to be strong on the outside but weak on the inside. Obviously, they had been severely injured.

During this long sleep, these Territory Lords’ injuries had not improved, so when Black Abyss returned, he had brought them to the Black Nest to use its power to heal them.

A moment later, tall figures emerged from the cabin and stood on the deck.

Many Black Ink Clan bowed respectfully.

Yang Kai quietly looked around and saw that the Territory Lords were all injured and covered in blood. The most serious one had half of his neck chopped off. It was unknown which of the Garrison Chiefs had done this, but they were all so ruthless. Black blood was still oozing from the severed neck, and a strange energy was lingering around the wound, preventing it from healing.

This Territory Lord’s aura was especially weak, and he seemed to be in a daze, as if he would die if he didn’t immediately heal.

Including Black Abyss itself, there were a total of six Territory Lords on the ship. The five awakened Territory Lords all nodded slightly towards Black Abyss and without saying a word, one after another rushed into the Black Ink Nest and disappeared.

After they left, Black Abyss looked down and said, “When this Territory Lord is recuperating, everything in this territory will be managed by Gui Liao.”

One of the Feudal Lords who had been waiting here to welcome Black Abyss bowed and said, “Yes!”

This Feudal Lord was obviously Gui Liao.

Black Abyss walked towards the Black Ink Nest and suddenly stopped, turning to Gui Liao and ordering, “That’s my new Black Ink Disciple. Find him a Profound Female Spirit Fruit.”

A look of surprise flashed across Gui Liao’s eyes as he turned to look at Yang Kai who was standing nearby.

In fact, when Yang Kai jumped down from the deck, he also glanced over, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. Capturing Black Ink Disciple on the battlefield was not uncommon.

However, the Territory Lord’s words clearly showed how much he valued this Black Ink Disciple, causing Gui Liao to be somewhat surprised.

It had to be known that all of the Black Ink Disciple that had been subdued had damaged Small Universe. If they wanted to repair the Human Race's Small Universe, they would need to use the Profound Female Spirit Fruit.

The Black Ink Clan naturally had the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, but it was not something that could be casually given.


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Places name has me confused. When you say continent, is it a floating island? Or another planet?

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