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The target Yin-Yang Pass had chosen for him was the Black Abyss Territory Lord. It was said that Black Abyss was highly regarded by the Twilight Royal Lord and was ranked among the top Territory Lords in terms of strength, so it was easy for him to enter and exit the King City.

However, he didn’t know what Black Abyss looked like, nor did he know how Yin-Yang Pass operate to ensure that Black Abyss would be transforming him.

If he wanted to know the result, he could only ask around.

Thinking so, Yang Kai turned to look at the Feudal Lord beside him and cupped his fists, “Sir, how may I address you?”

The Feudal Lord also had injuries on his body, presumably from the battle in the resource production area. Hearing this, he smiled and said, “Zha Gu, just call me Zha Gu.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “So it’s Sir Zha Gu.”

This respectful address undoubtedly greatly pleased Zha Gu, and the smile on his face became even more sincere as he patted Yang Kai’s shoulder affectionately, “You’re too polite. In the future, if you need any help, just let me know.”

“Many thanks,” Yang Kai thanked him and asked, “How should we address our Lord?”

Zha Gu’s expression became solemn as he said, “Sir’s name is Black Abyss, and among all the Territory Lords under the Royal Lord, he is ranked in the top five. Being able to be subdued by Sir is also your luck.”

Sure enough, it was Black Abyss! Yang Kai’s heart settled. It seemed that his plan had gone smoothly.

Zha Gu sighed again and turned his head to look towards the cabin, “In this battle, besides Sir Black Abyss, all of the other Territory Lords who were guarding the war zone were beaten into a deep sleep by the Human Race. When we return, I’m afraid Sir Black Abyss will be punished by the Royal Lord.” Saying so, he consoled Yang Kai, “However, our Sir has always been regarded highly by the Royal Lord, so even if he were to punish him, it wouldn’t be a big deal. At most, he will reduce some of his territories. Forget it, let’s not talk about this, it seems you won’t be able to hold on much longer. You should find a place to rest.”

Yang Kai thanked him again and found a place on the deck to sit down cross-legged. Taking out some pills, he stuffed them into his mouth and quietly adjusted his breathing.

Zha Gu’s few words had allowed Yang Kai to confirm many things, allowing him to finally understand how Yin-Yang Pass could ensure that Black Abyss was able to transform him.

In addition to Black Abyss, the other Territory Lords had all been beaten into a deep sleep by the Human Race masters. As such, only Black Abyss could act.

However, if they wanted to achieve this, the Human Race would have to pay a heavy price. In order to severely wound so many Territory Lords, the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven would have to pay a similar price, and for the Black Ink Clan, sleeping was the best way to heal themselves. If they could return to the Black Ink Nest, the healing effect would be even better.

At this moment, there were several Territory Lords on this ship, Black Abyss was seriously injured, and the other Territory Lord had fallen into a deep sleep. Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking of a way to quietly kill these Territory Lords.

If he could really kill a few Territory Lord here, the pressure on the Yin-Yang War Zone would be greatly reduced.

However, since he had an important mission on hand, it was best not to complicate matters.

With Black Abyss’s flying ship leading the way, the Black Ink Clan’s defeated army slowly retreated into the depths and soon disappeared.

About a day later, a figure suddenly appeared in the previous Void Battlefield and scanned the surroundings. There were still traces of the previous battle, especially the corpses of the Black Ink Clan.

Just looking at the outcome of this battle, one could imagine how intense the previous battle had been.

This person wandered around the battlefield for a moment before stopping and gazing into the depths of the void.

A moment later, another streak of light flew over from the distance and landed beside him.

“How is it? Is there any news from inside the pass?” Wu Qing, who had arrived first to investigate the situation, asked.

Later, Tang Qiu said, “I just received news that Yang Kai hasn’t returned to the pass. How about this side?”

“The situation reported by Xu Linggong’s team isn’t bad, but there are some discrepancies.”

“Where?” Tang Qiu asked with a frown.

“Look over there!” Wu Qing suddenly pointed in a certain direction.

Tang Qiu looked over with a serious expression, “This is… the shattered Universe Fragment. Did that little brat cut off his own Small Universe?”

Wu Qing nodded, “Xu Linggong’s team reported that Yang Kai had fallen into a bitter battle, but they don’t know anything about what happened after that. It seems that after they left, Yang Kai gave up his Small Universe, but they didn’t see it.”

Tang Qiu’s expression became dignified, “By cutting off his Small Universe’s territory, his foundation will inevitably be damaged, but according to the news from Blue Sky Pass, he obtained a World Tree Subtree and took the initiative to offer up the World Spring. With the World Tree Subtree, not only will he not be corroded by the Ink Force, but the severed Small Universe will also repair itself. And by doing so, he is obviously trying to deceive the Black Ink Clan and is quite intelligent. It seems that the situation at that time was still under his control, otherwise if there was any danger, he would definitely not have cut off his own Small Universe and sacrificed his own combat strength.”

Wu Qing nodded, “Make the best plan. He has been inked by Black Abyss and now became his Black Ink Disciple. Originally, the biggest flaw in this plan made me a bit worried, but now he’s taking advantage of it to make up for it.”

Although Wu Qing didn’t say what this flaw was, how could Tang Qiu not know? In fact, when they were planning this, this flaw was obvious, but they were powerless to do anything about it and could only pray that Yang Kai was blessed by the Heavens.

“That’s right, I was also worried that even if he pretended to be Inked, if Black Abyss wanted to investigate his Small Universe, everything would be exposed.”

The last time Yang Kai had disguised himself as Black Ink Disciple, he was only a Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator. He was only inked by a High Rank Black Ink Clan, it was impossible for him to have thought that Yang Kai was still maintaining the rationality of the Human Race, so naturally he had not investigated Yang Kai’s Small Universe.

What’s more, in the knowledge of the Black Ink Clan, a Sixth Order Open Heaven Small Universe had yet to materialize, so how could there be a need to investigate?

Now that Yang Kai was a Seventh Order, the situation was different.

If Black Abyss suddenly had an impulse and wanted Yang Kai to open up his Small Universe for him to investigate, would Yang Kai agree or refuse? As long as the Small Universe’s door opened, all of his secrets would be exposed.

Although the possibility of this happening wasn’t high, after all, the Territory Lord had taken action to ink the Seventh Order Open Heaven, so how could there be so many doubts? However, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Now, in this fierce battle, Yang Kai had even cut off his own Small Universe, causing the Black Ink Clan to lower their guard even more. If it weren’t for the fact that they had no other choice, how could the Human Race bear the pain of cutting off their Small Universe?

It could be said that Yang Kai’s act of cutting off his Small Universe’s territory had made his situation even safer.

Moreover, according to the knowledge of the Black Ink Clan, the Universe Four Pillars had always been managed by an Eighth Order Open Heaven. A Seventh Order Open Heaven did not have the qualifications to use it to resist the corrosion of the Ink Force.

If nothing went wrong, Black Abyss wouldn’t investigate his Small Universe.

“With his ability, if his plan was wrong, even if he couldn’t defeat Black Abyss, he would have already fled. Since he hasn’t returned to the pass yet, he must have followed Black Abyss to the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland,” Tang Qiu sighed, “Right now, all we can do is hurry back and heal our injuries. Once he find out the informations, there will definitely be a great battle.”

Wu Qing nodded slightly, “Let's go back!”

In the next moment, the two of them simultaneously activated their Universe Escape Law and the lines of Spirit Array appeared beneath their feet.

With a flash of light, the two figures disappeared and returned to Yin-Yang Pass.

Everything went smoothly with the Black Ink Clan’s retreat. Along the way, more or less teams left one after another, returning to their respective territories while Black Abyss’s flying ships continued to fly deeper into the void.

On the deck, Yang Kai was quietly recuperating. The previous battle had consumed too much energy, and even his Small Universe had been cut off twice. Such a loss couldn’t be made up in a short time.

It could be said that all the hard work Yang Kai had accumulated over the past few years had been swept away by the act of cutting off his Small Universe’s territory. If he hadn’t consumed a High Rank World Fruit from the Subtree, Yang Kai’s foundation would have fallen back to when he had just broken through to the Seventh Order.

Even so, the act of cutting off his Small Universe’s territory twice had cost him almost a hundred years of effort.

On the deck, the Black Ink Clan’s people were all healing, and those who had the qualifications to heal here were all Feudal Lords. Naturally, they didn’t have any good intentions towards Yang Kai, but because of Black Abyss’s attitude towards Yang Kai, even if they didn’t like him, they didn’t make things difficult for him.

What’s more, Zha Gu was sitting next to Yang Kai, healing himself.

Over the next few days, Yang Kai’s physical injuries had basically healed, but his Small Universe’s losses could not be made up in a short period of time. This was especially true for his Small Universe’s deficiencies. Even if the Subtree was slowly repairing it, he would still need several years of rest.

On this day, Yang Kai was meditating when he suddenly heard Black Abyss summon him. He quickly got up and walked towards the third floor of the ship.

Following the direction of the voice, Yang Kai soon arrived at a luxurious room on the third floor.

Compared to before, although Black Abyss’s aura had somewhat recovered, it was still quite weak. At this moment, he was sitting on a huge chair with his hand supporting his chin, seemingly in deep thought.

“Master!” Yang Kai called out respectfully, lowering his brow.

Black Abyss didn’t respond, still deep in thought. After a while, he took a deep breath, straightened his body, and asked, “What’s your name?”

Yang Kai reported his name.

Black Abyss nodded slightly, “The name of the Human Race is really strange. I called you here to ask you something.”

“Master, please ask,” Yang Kai’s expression remained respectful, maintaining the posture of the Black Ink Discple.

“Your status in the Human Race isn’t low, right?”

“This subordinate is only a Team Leader of the Human Race!”

“Only a Team Leader?” Black Abyss was surprised, “With your strength, that shouldn’t be the case. According to the division of the Human Race Army, you should be more than qualified to be the Commander Guard.”

Yang Kai proudly said, “In terms of strength, there are very few Seventh Order Human Race masters who can compete with this subordinate, but this subordinate is not proficient in the Art of War. In the past, during the Great War, there was a rash decision when leading the army, so the other side only allowed me to assume the position of Team Leader.”

Black Abyss revealed a look of understanding, “So that’s how it is. No wonder your small team dared to ambush my Black Ink Clan’s army. It seems you’re eager to contribute.”

Yang Kai immediately responded, “Master is wise.”


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Jul 30, 2023

Wow, he is on a special mission yet a minor info on what black abyss looks like is not even provided. Can't these 8th level fogeys be responsible instead of playing house with their ancestor.


Black Abyss revealed a look of understanding, “So that’s how it is. No wonder your small team dared to ambush my Black Ink Clan’s army. It seems you’re eager to contribute.”



Pickle Pickleson
Pickle Pickleson
Jan 04, 2023

Nerf Kai is back again lol


Rein Larsa
Rein Larsa
Dec 17, 2022

"Even so, the act of cutting off his Small Universe’s territory twice had cost him almost a hundred years of effort."

Well, such is life when being nerfed.

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