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On the ship, the Feudal Lord level Black Ink Clan master’s eyes lit up when he saw this and said in pleasant surprise, “Sir, this guy is about to hold on, he’s already beginning to cut off his Small Universe’s territory.”

The two races had fought for so many years, so they knew each other well.

Human Race's Open Heaven Stage cultivators that had been corroded by the Ink Force and had been forced to part with the Small Universe Territory is common, so after every great battle, many floating lands would mysteriously appear on the battlefield. These floating lands were all cut off from the Human Race’s Small Universe.

However, once the Human Race did this, they would be at the end of their road. This kind of action was like drinking poison to quench one’s thirst. Although it could temporarily resolve the fate of being corroded by the Ink Force, the Small Universe’s foundation would be damaged and his strength would fall drastically. On a chaotic battlefield, he would sometimes die faster and be more easily corrupted.

Yang Kai’s previous display was so fierce that countless Black Ink Clan masters had died under his hands, making him completely different from a normal Seventh Order Open Heaven master.

It wasn’t until this moment that the Black Ink Clan felt relieved. This human wasn’t invincible, he could still be defeated and killed.

When he first offered up the World Spring in Blue Sky Pass, Yang Kai had cut off a small part of his territory, the pain of his soul being torn apart still fresh in his mind.

If he didn’t have any other choice, he wouldn’t have done this.

However, on this trip, he had to act like a normal Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator. No matter how strong a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator was, after fighting with the Black Ink Clan for so long, it was impossible for them to resist the corrosion of the Ink Force. Therefore, he had brazenly taken a “Spirit Pill” and was now willing to part with his own territory.

All of this was just to make the following plan seem legit.

Fortunately, he now had the World Tree’s Subtree. Even if he cut off his Small Universe, under the effects of the Subtree, he would be able to repair himself over time, so there was no need to worry about his foundation being damaged.

The moment he cut off his Small Universe’s territory, the soul tearing pain once again spread throughout his body, causing Yang Kai to roar like a ferocious beast, his entire body trembling.

At that moment, countless attacks rained down on him, causing him to stagger and bleed.

The loss of the Small Universe’s territory had caused his strength to fall greatly. If the combat strength he had displayed before had exceeded an ordinary Seventh Order Open Heaven, then the current him was equivalent to a newly promoted Seventh Order Open Heaven.

With such a cultivation, how could he protect himself in such a harsh environment?

The surrounding Black Ink Clan cultivators who had surrounded him had also noticed this and no longer hesitated to attack.

Yang Kai’s situation instantly became worse.

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, his face was once again shrouded in black Qi, as if he had been corroded by the Ink Force.

However, as another floating continent was cut off, the situation was immediately relieved.

On the ship, Black Abyss quietly observed and couldn’t help praising, “A ruthless character.”

Although he didn’t know how much pain the Human Race would have to endure if they were to part with their Small Universe, this was definitely not a good experience. On a normal battlefield, it was already amazing for a human cultivator to be willing to part with a Small Universe.

However, this spear-wielding young man had actually cut them off twice in such a short time!

Just how much courage did this human has? Not only was this human ruthless to the Black Ink Clan, he was even more ruthless to himself!

“Sir, should this subordinate go down and capture him?” The Feudal Lord, who had always been afraid to fight, suddenly volunteered.

Without a doubt, Yang Kai, who had cut off his territory twice, could no longer maintain his Seventh Order aura. If he tried again, he would immediately fall back to the Sixth Order.

When he saw Yang Kai’s unstoppable momentum, this Feudal Lord didn’t dare to disturb him, but now that Yang Kai was obviously an arrow at the end of its flight, what did he have to fear?

If they could capture this person, it would be a great contribution to the Territory Lord.

Black Abyss coldly snorted, “You think you’re worthy?”

The Feudal Lord didn’t dare to say anything. Although he didn’t know what the Territory Lord was planning, he could tell from his expression that the Territory Lord was interested in this human and probably wanted to take him in as his Black Ink Disciple, otherwise he wouldn’t delay his escape.

On the battlefield, Yang Kai’s hair was disheveled and he was in a sorry state.

This wasn’t an act, but he was truly on the verge of death. Although he had the World Tree’s Subtree to protect him, the two times he had cut off his Small Universe’s Territory had caused him great damage. After fighting for so long, the injuries on his body had become more severe, and the Small Universe’s World Force had almost dried up.

However, the Black Ink Clan he had been waiting for had not shown up yet.

He could feel that the mysterious Territory Lord on the ship had been paying attention to his situation, but had not shown any intention of taking action.

Since this Territory Lord was so cautious, it meant that his injuries must be quite serious. If he didn’t have the confidence to hit him with a single blow, he naturally wouldn’t make a move.

Since that was the case, he could only add fuel to the fire.

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai made up his mind and swept the surrounding Black Ink Clans away with his fierce spear. With the spear in front of him, the momentum of his fall began to rise.

With a disdainful look, Yang Kai’s aura surged.

The surrounding Black Ink Clan cultivators didn’t know what was happening and didn’t dare to approach.

Yang Kai’s eyes were filled with ridicule and contempt as he sneered, “A bunch of trash dares violate the dignity of my Human Race!” Immediately after, he shouted, “Human Race is Eternal!”

His aura, which was already at its peak, actually rose a lot, and his expression became determined, as if he was ready to die.

On the flying ship, the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord who was following Black Abyss saw this and his expression changed, “Sir, he wants to die!”

On the battlefield, many human cultivators had chosen to die in order to avoid being turned into Black Ink Disciples. In the past, this kind of person would appear in every great battle, so when he saw Yang Kai’s current state, he immediately realized what he was up to.

The power of a human race Open Heaven cultivator’s Self-Destruction technique was extremely great, and all of the World Force in the Small Universe was even more violent than an all-out attack. This was the last resort of a human race cultivator, and unless it was absolutely necessary, they would never use it.

The spear-wielding young man had already reached the end of his road and had cut off his Small Universe twice, so there was a risk of him falling in grade. Under the heavy encirclement of the Black Ink Clan’s army, there was nothing he could do but die.

After the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord finished speaking, he turned around and saw that the Black Abyss Territory Lord was nowhere to be seen.

The Territory Lord had disappeared at some point.

This Feudal Lord’s reaction was quite fast and he immediately looked towards the center of the battlefield. Sure enough, he saw the trace of the Territory Lord.

At some point, the Territory Lord had appeared in front of the young man holding the spear and gently placed a hand on his head.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s aura had reached its peak, and the faint shadow of Small Universe appeared behind him. Suddenly sensing the Territory Lord’s aura, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed and his Azure Dragon Spear shot forward.

Black Abyss’s other hand gently slapped the Azure Dragon Spear to the side, but the hand he had stretched out before firmly slammed down onto Yang Kai’s head.

Yang Kai’s entire body felt dizzy.

Black Abyss was indeed seriously injured, but his current situation was not much better.

This slap actually caused the aura he had condensed for a long time to dissipate.

In the next instant, a rich Ink Force surged out from Black Abyss’s hand and transformed into a black ink cloud that wrapped around the two figures.

Many of the Black Ink Clan cultivators couldn’t see what was happening inside, only hearing the angry roar of the human race, “Don’t even think about it!”

Soon after, there seemed to be a brief exchange of blows before everything fell silent again.

After a while, when the black ink clouds dispersed, Yang Kai and Black Abyss’ figures appeared once more.

Black Abyss’s aura was somewhat unstable, and Yang Kai was covered in blood and in a miserable state, the spear in his hand pointed towards Black Abyss.

But soon, he put away his spear and cupped his fists respectfully, “Master!”

Hearing this, the surrounding Black Ink Clan all breathed a sigh of relief. This situation undoubtedly meant that the Territory Lord had turned this human race into Black Ink Disciple. From now on, he would no longer be just a human, but the Territory Lord’s slave.

Black Abyss nodded slightly and sized up Yang Kai, obviously very satisfied with being able to subdue him.

“Follow me,” Black Abyss said, his figure flashing as he flew towards the nearby flying ship. Yang Kai put away his Azure Dragon Spear and coughed lightly before following closely behind.

As soon as they boarded the ship, a Feudal Lord immediately came up to them and said, “Congratulations Sir for subduing this person, he will definitely be of great help in the future!”

Black Abyss lightly ordered, “I’ll rest for a while, you take care of him, don’t let anyone bully him.”

When the Feudal Lord heard this, he was surprised. He knew that the Territory Lord really valued this human greatly, otherwise he wouldn’t have specifically warned him. After all, to the Black Ink Clan, Black Ink Disciple’s status was simply too low.

However, it wasn’t unreasonable to think so highly of him. This human’s previous performance was simply too amazing, he was definitely not an ordinary Seventh Order Human.

After Black Abyss gave his orders, he entered the ship’s cabin, leaving behind the Feudal Lord who smiled at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai looked around indifferently.

There was more than one Feudal Lord on this ship, but at this moment, all of them were staring at him with unfriendly looks. They had all witnessed Yang Kai’s massacre just now, and although they had no intention of taking revenge for their clansmen who had died, the countless years of blood feud had caused the Black Ink Clans to stand on opposite sides. Even if Yang Kai had become Black Ink Disciple, they were still unhappy.

However, with Black Abyss’ previous instructions, none of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords came to cause trouble.

In addition to these Feudal Lords, there were also many injured Black Ink Clans, most likely High Rank Black Ink Clans, all of them recuperating on the deck.

Yang Kai even felt the aura of another Territory Lord from this ship, and not just one…

This caused his heart to tremble.

Fortunately, although there were some twists and turns in his plan, the overall process was quite smooth. He had paid so much, even sacrificing his own Small Universe twice, and now he had finally become the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Disciple.

Now, there was something he needed to confirm.

Was the Territory Lord who had stopped him from dying and turning into Black Ink Disciple really the one who had been chosen by Yin-Yang Pass?


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