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The scene in front of him caused Black Abyss to burn with rage. It was one thing for them to suffer a great loss on the main battlefield, but the Human Race was too cunning and had suddenly sent out a large number of reinforcements, catching them off guard. However, this Human Race team didn’t even have an Eighth Order, yet they had actually killed so many Black Ink Clan masters. How could Black Abyss tolerate this?

When did the Black Ink Clan become so weak? His mood was already gloomy, but now he was even more furious.

The Feudal Lord said in a trembling voice, “Sir, one of the three Seventh Order masters is incredibly strong.”

Black Abyss didn’t say anything. In fact, he had also noticed at this moment that the human team consisted of three Seventh Order masters, two of the Seventh Order performed fairly well, not much different from the other Human Race Seventh Order masters he had encountered on the battlefield. The only difference was that the young man with the spear was different from the rest. The Black Ink Clan masters around this fellow had fallen in droves, and his strength was simply unimaginable.

Staring at the spear-wielding youth with narrowed eyes, Black Abyss was secretly shocked. No wonder this human team dared to intercept him here, so they had something to rely on.

However, in front of a Territory Lord, this kind of reliance was nothing but a joke.

Black Abyss coldly snorted and ordered, “Relay my orders, kill them at all costs!”

The Feudal Lord nodded, “Yes!”

The huge ship continued to sail forward, approaching the battlefield without any intention of stopping. Under the orders of the Black Abyss Territory Lord, the already anxious battlefield became even more chaotic.

Originally, after Yang Kai had killed a few ignorant Feudal Lords, the surrounding Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord no longer dared to act rashly, all of them hiding and waiting for the right opportunity.

However, now that Black Abyss' order had been issued, even though these Feudal Lord were terrified, none of them dared to try anything sneaky and quickly attacked.

In an instant, the pressure on Yang Kai and the others increased exponentially. Xu Linggong and the Seventh Order Vice Team Leader were caught off guard and suffered minor injuries from the Feudal Lord’s sneak attack.

In such a battlefield, regardless of whether their injuries were serious or not, they were extremely fatal. The Ink Force that covered the entire battlefield was extremely corrosive, and as time passed, even if their injuries didn’t worsen, the two of them would still be turned into Black Ink Disciples because they were unable to resist the Ink Force.

Yang Kai’s left eye had transformed into a golden vertical eye while his right eye had become pitch-black, the pure darkness reflecting the figure of a Feudal Lord who had suddenly appeared from the side. This Feudal Lord had jumped out at just the right time, just when Yang Kai’s strength had faded and his strength had yet to be restored. If nothing unexpected happened, this sneak attack would definitely be successful.

However, the shadow in his black eyes suddenly twisted strangely, causing the fierce-looking Feudal Lord to feel as if he had been struck by lightning. For some reason, he felt as if he had been cut in the waist by a blade, causing pain to spread from his waist, causing his sneak attack to slow down.

It was in this moment of delay that life and death were decided.

The Azure Dragon Spear stabbed into this Feudal Lord's head without any fancy tricks, as if it had stabbed into a piece of tofu without any resistance.

Under the impact of the World Force, the giant head exploded and black blood sprayed from the neck of the headless corpse.

Another Golden Crow’s cry resounded through the air as a great sun soared high into the sky and smashed into the Black Ink Clan camp, causing the Black Ink Clan to suffer heavy casualties.

In less than a dozen breaths of time, several more Feudal Lords had fallen under Yang Kai’s hands, but the enemies seemed to never end. The Black Ink Clan forces that were rushing towards them from all directions seemed endless.

The entire battlefield was like a sheep that had fallen into a pack of lions. Even if they tried their best to resist, it was difficult to avoid the fate of being eaten.

Xu Linggong’s heart sank. During the fierce battle, he naturally saw the huge ship that was docked not far away.

This was a flying artifact that the Black Ink Disciples had specially built for the Black Ink Clan.

In such an environment, the Black Ink Clan, who had the qualifications to ride a flying artifact, was obviously a Territory Lord.

There was an extremely high chance that there was a target on this ship. Xu Linggong could feel a cold gaze staring towards him from the ship.

According to the original plan, Yang Kai would meet up with the Territory Lord and then be captured, allowing him to complete his mission.

But now, it seemed that the Territory Lord on the ship had no intention of showing himself, and judging from the fierce reaction of the Black Ink Clan just now, it was clear that the Territory Lord had issued an order to kill them all.

If that was the case, how was he supposed to complete the mission? Yang Kai couldn’t just deliver himself to the door, that would be too stupid.

It seemed that the loss in the frontal battle had caused this Territory Lord to lose his rationality. Now, whenever a human appeared in front of him, he only wanted to kill them, not turn them into Black Ink Disciple.

This situation was truly a headache, but now that things had reached this point, he could only grit his teeth and endure.

After a while, a few more Feudal Lords were killed.

On the deck of the ship, Black Abyss’s expression was gloomy. The Feudal Lord he had sent out to issue orders had just died right under his eyes.

The strength of this spear-wielding youth was simply inconceivable, causing Black Abyss to have even more thoughts of killing him. This kind of master was only a Seventh Order, if he was allowed to grow, even he would not be his opponent.

Thinking so, he turned his head to the side.

Behind him stood another wounded Feudal Lord. Seeing Black Abyss look over, how could this Feudal Lord not know what the Territory Lord was thinking? This was obviously asking him to help, causing him to be frightened out of his wits.

Not to mention that he was currently injured, even if he went up, he wouldn’t be able to help much. Even if he was at his peak, he still wouldn’t be a match for this spear-wielding youth.

This guy killed a Feudal Lord as easily as chopping vegetables.

Thinking quickly, without waiting for Black Abyss to speak, the Feudal Lord cupped his fists and said, “Sir, this human is truly powerful, not something an ordinary Seventh Order can compare with. If Sir can capture him, he will definitely be of great help in the future.”

Black Abyss frowned slightly and remained silent.

In fact, it wasn’t that he hadn’t thought about converting these Seventh Order into Black Ink Disciples, but the injuries he had suffered were too severe and it wasn’t convenient for him to act now. Of course, if the Feudal Lords had the opportunity to transform him into Black Ink Disciples, he would be happy to do so. At that time, all he needed to do was issue an order and the Feudal Lord wouldn’t dare refuse to hand over the Black Ink Disciples.

It was just that the performance of these Feudal Lords in front of the spear-wielding youth was too cowardly, and there was simply no possibility of turning him into Black Ink Disciple, so he had decided to kill them all.

The more outstanding the spear-wielding youth’s performance was, the more tempted he became. With such a Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple, if he went back and cultivated it well, in the future when he advanced to the Eighth Order or even Ninth Order, he would have the qualifications to stand on equal footing with the Royal Lord.

It was a Seventh Order Open Heaven, but wanting to use Ink Transformation on them wasn’t an easy task. All of these humans seemed to not know how to write the word ‘death’. On the battlefield, it was often seen that humans were willing to die rather than become Black Ink Disciples.

If he were to attack, he must succeed in one blow, otherwise he would suffer a backlash from the young man.

At his peak, he naturally wouldn’t care about such a Seventh Order Open Heaven. Now that he was seriously injured, he had no choice but to consider carefully.

So even if he wanted to use Ink Transformation, he had to first wear down the young man’s spirit before he could succeed.

At this moment, the Feudal Lord suddenly exclaimed, “Sir, that human has been corroded by the Ink Force!”

Black Abyss looked over and saw an unusual black aura suddenly appear on the young man’s face. This aura was obviously the aura of Ink Force, and Black Abyss was extremely familiar with it.

Thinking about it, after fighting for so long, no matter how strong a Seventh Order was, it was impossible for him to resist the corrosion of the Ink Force.

However, if there were no accidents, this young man would definitely have to give up his own territory to protect himself.

This situation was not uncommon on the previous battlefields. The Human Race was always willing to sacrifice their own foundation in order to avoid becoming Black Ink Disciple.

Black Abyss had long since become accustomed to this scene, but this was also something he was happy to see. Once this young man’s foundation was damaged, it would be even easier for him to be turned into ink. He could give up his Small Universe once or twice, but he couldn’t give it up forever.

However, what he saw next was quite different from what he had imagined.

On the battlefield, the spear-wielding youth took out some kind of Spirit Pill and stuffed it into his mouth.

In just a short time, the black aura that shrouded the young man’s face disappeared.

Black Abyss couldn’t help widening his eyes, “What did he eat?”

How could the Feudal Lord beside him know what Yang Kai had eaten? He could only remain silent.

“What did he eat?” Black Abyss angrily shouted. This human youth was clearly showing signs of being turned into ink, yet after taking a Spirit Pill, he was able to resolve this hidden danger. Didn’t this mean that the Human Race really had a method to deal with the Ink Force?

Although the Black Ink Clan had been speculating about this all these years because not a single Black Ink Disciple had been converted since more than ten years ago, guesses were just guesses, there was no way to verify them.

Black Abyss had witnessed it with his own eyes.

In other words, the Human Race’s method to resist the Ink Force was actually a kind of Spirit Pill? What kind of Spirit Pill had such an effect? Black Abyss was simply too curious; he had to figure this out.

Figuring this out was definitely a meritorious service, enough to offset the previous loss.

On the battlefield, Xu Linggong took advantage of this moment to ask, “What are you doing, boy?”

The others didn’t know what Yang Kai’s situation was, but he did. This guy clearly possessed the World Spring, so it was impossible for him to be corroded by the Ink Force, yet he had deliberately made it look like he was being corroded by the Ink Force and even swallowed a pill.

Because he was right next to Yang Kai, Xu Linggong could clearly see that it was not a Spirit Pill, but an ordinary Open Heaven Pill.

Yang Kai swept out his spear, causing a large number of Black Ink Clan to die. Taking some time, Yang Kai replied, “Since it's an act, of course it has to be realistic. That Territory Lord really knows how to endure. I want to see when he will show himself!”

Xu Linggong was somewhat speechless and didn’t say anything more, focusing on killing the enemy.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was clearly nearby, yet he still hadn’t shown himself. In this situation, there was only one possibility, and that was that this Territory Lord was seriously injured, so it was inevitable for him to act cautiously.


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