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The destruction of a team of more than a hundred Black Ink Clan was only the beginning of a great battle.

From the battlefield of the resource production area, more Black Ink Clan were fleeing, their numbers varied. These Black Ink Clan who had been crippled on the main battlefield found it difficult to form an effective lineup. On the road to escape, not only were they in a panic, but their formation was also in chaos. Every Black Ink Clan individual wanted to quickly leave this region and return to safety.

Although Yang Kai was the only one who had left the Battleship to intercept and kill the enemy, Xu Linggong’s team’s Palace Artifact was supporting him left and right, these defeated Black Ink Clan scattered forces simply didn’t have the courage to fight. Often, they would suffer heavy casualties in a single exchange, and after being swept through by the Battleship’s Spirit Array, they would be completely wiped out.

Occasionally, there would be a fish that managed to escape from the net, which could be considered lucky.

Initially, the situation was quite good, however many Black Ink Clans came, they would all die. Firstly, the Black Ink Clan was scattered, and secondly, without a true master present, it would be impossible for them to resist the might of Yang Kai’s spear. If one or two Feudal Lords came, they would simply be sending themselves to their deaths.

But as time passed, the battle gradually became more intense.

More and more Black Ink Clans began to flee from this place, and when they saw the fierce battle here, they were all shocked, thinking that the Human Race had arranged some kind of ambush here.

However, after seeing the current situation, the Black Ink Clan felt much more at ease.

There was indeed an ambush, but there was only one Battleship, and it seemed to be a Team Grade Battleship. In other words, there was only one Human Race team lying in ambush here.

They didn’t know why a human race team had appeared here, but they guessed that this team was eager to make a contribution and wanted to take advantage of their defeated forces, which was why they had separated from the main human race force.

Since there was only one team, there was naturally nothing to be afraid of. Under the orders of the Feudal Lords, countless High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clan masters charged towards the Battleship.

The pressure on Yang Kai’s side suddenly increased.

With his current strength, he wasn’t afraid of these High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clan. Even if he couldn’t kill all of them, he could at least escape. However, the goal of this trip wasn’t to escape, and he couldn’t display his Space Ability, so facing this tide of cannon fodder Black Ink Clan, Yang Kai could only grit his teeth and fight.

On the Battleship, two figures flew out. It was Xu Linggong and the Seventh Order Open Heaven Vice Team Leader.

For a time, the three Seventh Order Battleships joined forces to launch a massacre in the void.

At every moment, the aura of the Black Ink Clan’s life force would wither, flesh, ink blood, and Ink Force would fill the void.

From time to time, there would be Feudal Lord level from the Black Ink Clan hiding amongst the cannon fodder, quietly approaching the three of them and launching attacks. In such a chaotic battle, even a veteran Seventh Order like Xu Linggong would find it difficult to detect these invisible dangers.

Fortunately, Yang Kai still had enough strength to monitor his surroundings at all times. Every time a Feudal Lord snuck over, Yang Kai would be able to find him.

After killing a few of these ignorant Feudal Lords, the remaining Feudal Lords no longer dared to rashly step forward and instead simply watched from afar, preparing to use their cannon fodder, to exhaust these Seventh Order forces before capturing them.

On the battlefield, Yang Kai’s expression was calm as he held his spear steadily, each of his moves releasing an indescribable killing intent. Such a fierce battle was rare for him, but at least he was still in control.

However, the more Xu Linggong and the Vice Team Leader fought, the more shocked they became. Seeing the increasing number of Black Ink Clan cultivators surrounding them, the two of them couldn’t help having the thought that they would die today.

It was just a group of a dozen or so people, but facing the tide-like Black Ink Clan, it was simply impossible to resist. In fact, the two of them were extremely surprised that they could last so long, but they also knew that the reason they could last so long was because of Yang Kai’s great strength. Without him, their group would not have been able to hold on.

The Battleship was also constantly activating the power of its Spirit Arrays, sending out beams of profound light towards the Black Ink Clan’s forces, each of which could achieve great results.

However, after activating the Spirit Array for such a long time, even Qing Kui, a Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator, found it difficult to endure. The protective light of the Battleship itself was also on the verge of collapse under the bombardment of the Black Ink Clan’s attacks.

Once the Battleship lost its defensive capabilities, all the Open Heaven Stage cultivators in the team would lose their protection. Without the Battleship’s protection, the Fifth Order and Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators would be unable to resist the Ink Force and would be in danger.

Although they had exchanged blows several times, in such a high-intensity battle, the time they had to rest was too short to continue.

After fighting for less than half a day, all the members of the team had consumed a great deal of energy. Even Xu Linggong and the Seventh Order Vice Team Leader's attacks weren’t as fierce. Only Yang Kai’s attacks were as powerful as ever.

The more such a battle occurred, the more it showed the strength of the Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

In fact, in terms of foundation, Xu Linggong should be slightly stronger than Yang Kai. After all, Xu Linggong was a Veteran Seventh Order while Yang Kai was just a newly promoted Seventh Order, so the gap between them was obvious.

However, Yang Kai’s Small Universe had the World Tree’s Subtree and was not afraid of the Ink Force at all, so in such a battle, there was no need to resist the Ink Force’s corrosion.

On the other hand, Xu Linggong was constantly diverting a portion of his strength to resist the Ink Force on the battlefield, so his consumption was naturally greater.

On top of that, Yang Kai’s Small Universe also kept living creatures inside them, constantly improving his foundation and increasing his World Force. His continuous combat ability was not something an ordinary Seventh Order cultivator could compare with.

After obtaining the World Tree, Yang Kai’s World Force had become even purer and more condensed under the World Tree Subtree’s nourishment, allowing Yang Kai’s attack power to far exceed that of an ordinary Seventh-Order.

There were countless casualties among the Black Ink Clan, and even a number of Feudal Lords had fallen. As time passed, more of the Black Ink Clan’s blood spilled into the sky, but this battle seemed to never end.

A hundred kilometers away from this battlefield, a giant ship slowly sailed past. On this ship were the remnants of the Black Ink Clan’s forces, many of which were clearly seriously injured. Some were lying on the deck, some were groaning in pain.

For the battle that had just ended, the Black Ink Clan had suffered a great loss. The Human Race had suddenly sent out a large number of reinforcements, catching the Black Ink Clan off guard. Even the Territory Lords who had been guarding that battlefield had suffered heavy losses, and one of them had even been killed by two Eighth Order Human Race.

The road to escape was not peaceful. The Human Race army chased after them, biting and tearing at the Black Ink Clan army’s flesh.

It wasn’t until half an hour ago that the Human Race had given up on pursuing them, and the defeated Black Ink Clan forces finally had a chance to catch their breath. This pursuit only made things worse for the few Territory Lords who were already heavily injured.

Now, with the exception of Black Abyss Territory Lord, the other Territory Lords had all fallen into a deep sleep and needed to be sent back to the Black Ink Nest to recuperate. Otherwise, if too much time passed, they would likely fall in rank!

This battle had already been lost, and if a few Territory Lords fell from their ranks, Black Abyss would not be able to answer to the Twilight Royal Lord.

After all, to the Royal Lord, the number of Territory Lords under his command was a manifestation of his strength.

As such, Black Abyss only wanted to return to his territory as soon as possible and send the other Territory Lords who had fallen into a deep sleep into the Black Ink Nest.

As for Black Abyss himself, although he was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to return to the Black Ink Nest’s embrace to adjust his breathing, he was the only Territory Lord here who still had the strength to move, so he could only barely hold on in case something unexpected happened.

However, just as Black Abyss was lost in thought, one of his subordinates suddenly rushed over and reported, “Sir, there’s a battle a hundred kilometres ahead, it seems there’s a Human Race ambush!”

Black Abyss was startled and stood up from his wide chair, “Human Race ambush? Where did they come from?”

The Territory Lord was both shocked and angry as a terrifying pressure swept over him, causing the Feudal Lord to tremble, “This subordinate does not know.”

“Go!” Black Abyss waved his hand.

“Yes!” The Feudal Lord complied.

Black Abyss was lost in thought as he paced back and forth. There were actually people from the Human Race lying in ambush in front of him.

His current condition was not good. Although there were still a few Territory Lord on this ship, all of them were heavily injured and had fallen into a deep sleep. If he were to forcefully awaken them, it would definitely damage their foundations and they might not be able to display much of their strength.

However, no matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t understand why there was a Human Race ambush up ahead!

It had to be known that in the previous battle, although the Black Ink Clan had suffered heavy losses and even a few Territory Lords had been beaten into a deep sleep, the Human Race’s side had also suffered heavy losses and several Eighth Order cultivators had been seriously injured. If it weren’t for the Human Race suddenly sending a large number of reinforcements, the Black Ink Clan might not have lost so badly.

And up ahead, they were not far from the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland, yet the Human Race had actually arranged an ambush there. Were they not afraid that the Royal Lord would notice and personally kill them?

If such a situation really occurred, the Human Race would suffer great losses. The Human Race had always been astute, so they shouldn’t have done something so dangerous.

But in fact, if the Human Race really had an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, he would have no choice but to take a detour, not daring to face it head-on. In his current state, if he were to encounter an Eighth Order Human Race enemy, he would have no choice but to flee.

Soon, the Feudal Lord he had sent out rushed back and said, “Sir, we’ve found out that the Human Race is just a team.”

Black Abyss’s expression became strange, “A team? Are you sure it’s just a team?”

The Feudal Lord nodded and said, “It is indeed a team. This subordinate has investigated it closely and found that there are a total of three Seventh Order master. The rest of the Human Race are not worth mentioning.”

“It’s just a team…” Black Abyss stared blankly for a moment before his figure suddenly flickered and he appeared on the deck, staring towards the battlefield.

A hundred kilometres away, with the eyesight of a Territory Lord, he was naturally able to see the situation clearly.

It was just as his subordinates had said, this was a standard Human Race team, a Team Grade Palace Artifact, three Seventh Order Open Heaven masters, and the rest were Fifth Order and Sixth Order.

Black Abyss’s face immediately sank, “A mere human race team killed so many of my Black Ink Clan’s people?”

The broken pieces of flesh and blood scattered all over the battlefield indicated that the Black Ink Clan’s losses were not small.


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His current condition was not good. Although there were still a few Territory Lord on this ship, all of them were heavily injured and had fallen into a deep sleep. If he were to forcefully awaken them, it would definitely damage their foundations and they might not be able to display much of their strength.

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