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Hearing this, Yang Kai frowned, “Is there no useful information?”

Tang Qiu shook his head with a look of shame, “What we can provide you with here are only a dozen or so possible candidates. As for whether or not the one who refined the Palace Artifact, Black Ink Disciple, is one of these dozen or so people, you’ll have to personally investigate.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and tapped his finger on the table.

The information provided to him by Yin-Yang Pass was extremely limited, which was within Yang Kai’s expectations. If it was so easy to find out Black Ink Disciple’s identity, there would be no need for him to help.

After all, if such a talent appeared in the Black Ink Clan’s territory, it would definitely be closely guarded. Ordinary Black Ink Clans might not even know the inside story, so how could the Human Race inquire about it?

“Although we don’t have any useful information here, according to our speculations, the Black Ink Disciple is most likely in the King City.”

“King City?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

Tang Qiu nodded, “King City! The place where the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord resides is the King City.”

“If that’s the case, it will be difficult.” Yang Kai’s heart sank. If that Black Ink Disciple really was in the King City, even if the Old Ancestor personally took action, he might not be able to succeed.

In Yang Kai’s original plan, all he needed to do was find out where the Black Ink Disciple was and then think of a way to send word back. After that, Yin-Yang Pass would naturally step in to handle this matter, and at that time, it wouldn’t be impossible for the Old Ancestor to personally take action.

However, if that Black Ink Disciple was really placed in the King City, it would be useless for the Old Ancestor to act, and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord would not be easy to deal with.

After muttering to himself for a long time, Yang Kai finally said, “In short, I need to find a way to sneak into the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland. Have there been any conflicts with the Black Ink Clan recently?”

Tang Qiu replied, “Yes. Ten years ago, Wu Qing and Ding Yao joined forces and broke into the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland, causing a huge ruckus. The Black Ink Clan’s retaliation was quite fierce, and although they haven’t gathered a large force to attack Yin-Yang Pass these past few years, small-scale conflicts have continued, especially when it comes to the resource production area occupied by the pass.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai was puzzled, “Did Yin-Yang Pass not refine the Void Yin-Yang Mirror? Why is it still fighting with the Black Ink Clan in the resource production area?”

The method to refine the Void Yin-Yang Mirror should have already been passed on to the various Human Race passes. The Universe World in the resource production area of Blue Sky Pass had all been teleported near the base, so all the soldiers in Blue Sky Pass had to do was mine resources at their doorstep and not run too far. As such, both their efficiency and safety had greatly increased.

Even if the Black Ink Clan discovered this, they could only stare at it, not daring to offend it. After all, in Blue Sky War Zone, the Black Ink Clan had only suffered a great defeat for more than a decade and was currently recuperating.

Tang Qiu explained, “The Void Yin-Yang Mirror has been refined in the Pass and it is also very useful. They are currently teleporting the Universe Worlds, but the Black Ink Clan has been constantly harassing us, so a few sets of Void Yin-Yang Mirror have been destroyed, so our progress may be much slower than Blue Sky Pass.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai understood.

The Void Yin-Yang Mirror was a treasure he had refined for himself, even if it was easy for him to use it, it was not so easy for others to use it. Naturally, the efficiency of teleportation was far inferior to his.

On top of that, the Black Ink Clan in the Yin-Yang War Zone had been recovering for longer time than the Blue Sky War Zone, so the intensity of their harassment was naturally greater.

As a result, the resource production area of the Yin-Yang War Zone was still in a constant struggle.

“It was because of this that I delayed my return trip,” Tang Qiu said.

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly, “Does this mean that the Territory Lord has taken action?”

To be able to injure Tang Qiu, this was obviously the doing of the Territory Lord.

Tang Qiu replied, “Naturally, there is a Territory Lord.”

Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief, “That’s easy.”

Hearing this, the several Regiment Commanders all turned to look at him, Fei Yushan asked in confusion, “How is this easy?”

Yang Kai explained, “Senior may not know, but Disciple had no choice but to disguise as Black Ink Disciple and sneak into the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland to survive. At that time, Disciple was only a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, and the one who does Ink Transformation to me was only a High Rank Black Ink Clan. Now, Disciple is already a Seventh Order, so if Disciple really wants to disguise as Black Ink Disciple, it will have to be by the Black Ink Feudal Lord or Territory Lord. Disciple thought that following a Territory Lord would give Disciple a better chance, so Disciple needed a Territory Lord to peform Ink Transformation on Disciple to become his Black Ink Disciple.”

Fei Yushan suddenly understood and asked, “You want to go to the resource production area to participate in the battle and then be captured?”


“There’s quite a bit of risk,” Tang Qiu frowned, “Not to mention that ever since the Expelling Black Ink Battleship appeared in the pass, not a single disciple has been turned into Black Ink Disciple for the past twenty years. Now that you’ve suddenly been captured by the Black Ink Clan, it’s hard to say if they won’t be suspicious. Moreover, if the Territory Lord really want to kill you, how can you resist?”

Yang Kai said, “I have a way to ensure that no one will suspect anything. Although it’s a bit risky, the chances of success are quite high. As for the other point, as long as I show enough value, I believe even a Territory Lord wouldn’t be willing to kill me.”

A Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple was a considerable amount of wealth for the Territory Lord, especially when this Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple’s strength far exceeded his peers.

It was obvious from the attitude of Chasing Wind Territory Lord had towards Bai Yi.

The several Regiment Commanders looked at each other and nodded slightly.

Seeing this, Yang Kai said, “Since none of you have any objections, what I need to confirm now is which Territory Lord's Black Ink Disciple I want to become so that it will be easier for me to carry out my mission. This candidate still needs to be carefully considered by the Seniors, and I also need a suitable opportunity.”

Wu Qing said, “Rest assured, we will come up with a suitable plan to minimize the danger.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble the Seniors.”

Tang Qiu said, “You should go back first. When the time comes, I will inform you.”

“Yes, this disciple will take his leave,” Yang Kai cupped his fists and bowed.

“Right, if you have time, go to the Marketplace more often,” Tang Qiu suddenly said.

Yang Kai didn’t express any opinion. To be honest, if it weren’t for the little girl dragging him there every day, he wouldn’t have been willing to go to that damned place. He didn’t know why Tang Qiu would remind him of this.

After returning from the Military Department, he had just returned to the small courtyard when he saw a small figure sitting on the steps in front of the door, seemingly having waited too long, leaning against the door and sleeping soundly.

Yang Kai walked up to her, but she showed no signs of waking up.

Looking at this little girl, Yang Kai gently sighed and patted her head.

The little girl slowly woke up and rubbed her eyes, still sleepy, “Where did you go? I was looking for you for a long time.”

“Something came up, I went to the Military Department.”

The little girl didn’t seem to be paying any attention to him and simply looked up, “Yang Kai, I’m hungry!”

“Come, I’ll treat you to some buns!” Yang Kai called out.

The little girl jumped up happily, “Eat some buns, eat some buns!”

On the way to the Marketplace, Yang Kai saw Liu Zhiping wearing a coarse cloth shirt, trying her best to blend the flour, her face and hair covered in white flour.

This scene caused the corners of Yang Kai’s mouth to twitch uncontrollably. This Western Army Regiment Commander was clearly still in the Eastern Army’s Military Department just now, but at some point, she had actually come to act as the Proprietress of the steamed bun shop.

Now that he knew the other party’s identity, the more he saw this scene, the stranger he felt.

The waiter still warmly welcomed them to their seats and quickly finished the ten trays of buns.

Normally, at this time, Yang Kai could return home. Although the little girl was a glutton, he only needed to treat her to some buns to comfort her.

Today, the little girl had pulled Yang Kai back and refused to let him go.

“What else do you want?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

The little girl pointed in a certain direction and said, “There’s a teahouse on the street where a storyteller tells a good story.”

Yang Kai asked curiously, “Storyteller? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

He came to the Marketplace almost every day and was very familiar with the shops here. He also knew about the teahouse, but he had never seen any storytellers.

The little girl giggled, “Because the storyteller went on a long trip and only returned yesterday.”


Yang Kai suddenly had a strange feeling.

Under the little girl’s lead, the two of them quickly arrived at the teahouse. At this moment, the place was filled with guests, and a large open space was filled with tables and chairs. In front of them was a tall stage where a woman wearing a costume was singing a little song. Her figure was graceful and her voice was sweet, causing the crowd below to cheer loudly.

This lively scene caused Yang Kai to take a deep breath. No matter how many times he came to the Marketplace, he couldn’t get used to such a scene.

It had to be known that whether it was the spectators or the performers, all of them were Open Heaven Stage masters, and there was no lack of Seventh and Eighth Order…

Why were the people from Yin-Yang Pass so free?

“This way, this way!” The little girl was quite familiar with this place as she pulled Yang Kai to an empty table and sat down.

Immediately, a servant ran over and asked, “What would the two of you like?”

The voice was so familiar!

Yang Kai turned his head and almost went blind. This young servant was none other than Qing Kui, but at this moment, he was nodding and bowing, his usual demeanor nowhere to be seen.

“Qing…” Yang Kai called out.

“Qingluo tea?” Qing Kui casually accepted it, “Good taste, the Qingluo tea is the best tea in our restaurant.”

Yang Kai looked at him like he was an idiot.

Qing Kui didn’t seem to notice and asked again, “What else do you want?”

The little girl interrupted, “Just some snacks will do.”

“Please wait a moment,” Qing Kui replied enthusiastically before turning around and leaving.

Not long after, a fruit plate was brought over, along with some sunflower seeds and peanuts.

On the high platform, the singing voice slowly fell, and the performer slowly left the stage.

Immediately after, a middle-aged man dressed like a storyteller appeared.

When Yang Kai saw this person’s appearance, he couldn’t help raising his hand to his forehead.

If he wasn’t mistaken, this storyteller who had returned from a long journey was none other than Tang Qiu, who he had met not long ago in the Military Department.

This old man didn’t rest well and instead came here to tell story! What kind of behavior was this? At this moment, Yang Kai was a little disappointed.

Tang Qiu, however, acted as if he didn’t see Yang Kai at all, his eyes sweeping across the table as he slammed his hand onto the table, letting out a sigh.


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