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Saying so, he took out a Sixth Grade Blue Crystal.

The Seventh Order Open Heaven waiter received it and after a brief examination, he smiled happily, “It’s enough.”

Yang Kai nodded and called out to the little girl before leading her out of the shop. Behind them, the waiter enthusiastically said, “Come again next time.”

The next time I come here, I’ll be a pig! Yang Kai silently cursed in his heart. The things in this Marketplace were both dark and pitiable. Two pieces of Sixth Grade Yin-Yang attribute materials were worth at least forty million Open Heaven Pill, but in the end, they had all been spent like this today.

Yang Kai felt that changing this place to a black market was more appropriate.

The little girl was still following him, so Yang Kai turned his head to look at her before suddenly taking out the hair clip he had tossed into his Space Ring and placing it in her hair.

The little girl was born like a piece of white jade, giving her a cute appearance. Although this hair clip wasn’t some kind of artifact, its design was exquisite, and the two complemented each other perfectly.

The little girl was obviously stunned.

Yang Kai smiled, “It’s yours.”

Turning around, Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “I’m going back now. You should go home soon so your Father and Mother won’t worry.”

This time, the little girl didn’t follow him and instead stood in place, stroking her hair clip as she watched Yang Kai leave.

On his way back to his residence, Yang Kai couldn’t help smiling as he thought back to his encounter in the Marketplace. After collecting his thoughts, he sat down cross-legged and began cultivating.

After cultivating for less than a day, a crisp voice suddenly called out from outside the courtyard, “Yang Kai, Yang Kai!”

Yang Kai frowned and put away the materials he had yet to refine. Opening the door to the courtyard, he saw the little girl he had met yesterday standing outside with a smile, wearing the hair clip he had given her.

Yang Kai was confused, “How did you find this place?”

The little girl proudly replied, “I asked, I just asked around and found out you lived here.”

Needless to say, she also figured out his name, so Yang Kai couldn’t help admiring this little girl’s spirit.

“Is something the matter?” Yang Kai asked curiously, not knowing why she was looking for him.

“I’ll treat you to some buns!” The little girl declared firmly.

Yang Kai rubbed his forehead, “Are you asking me to pay the bill?”

“Hehe…” The little girl wore a shy look as if her true face had been exposed, but she quickly discarded this shyness, revealing her true nature as a foodie as she grabbed Yang Kai’s hand and pulled him out, “Let’s go, you have nothing to do anyway.”

Yang Kai was speechless, “What do you mean nothing to do? I was just cultivating.”

“There’s no need to worry about cultivation, eating is more important!”

The little girl’s strength was quite great, so Yang Kai didn’t dare resist her and was dragged back to yesterday’s Marketplace.

In the Lin Family’s steamed bun shop, ten trays of buns were ordered as usual. The little girl ate while Yang Kai sat quietly and paid the bill.

This continued for several days.

Yang Kai was helpless. He didn’t know which husband and wife had given birth to such a little girl, but she was simply too lawless. He wanted to explain the situation to her parents, but after casually asking, the little girl suddenly burst into tears and said that her parents were long gone…

Yang Kai didn’t dare to ask any more questions, afraid that he would poke a hole in this girl’s heart and cause her to cry.

This seven or eight year old little girl only had the cultivation of the Origin King Realm. Since she was born, she had lived in this Yin-Yang Pass, and her parents had died early. He didn’t know how she would live in the future.

He consoled himself in his heart, ‘Forget it, forget it, I’ll just take pity on this little girl and accompany her for a while.’

For the next few days, Yang Kai was brought to the Marketplace by the little girl to eat buns and pay the bill, so they became more familiar with each other.

On this day, inside the Lin Family’s steamed bun shop, Yang Kai was sitting down while the little girl ate her fill. This was how she had been eating these past few days, and it wouldn’t be long before all ten trays of buns were eaten by the little girl. At that time, Yang Kai would take out a Sixth Grade Yellow Crystal or Blue Crystal to pay for them.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed and he turned his head to look outside the shop, only to see a group of four people walking in.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and he quickly stood up, “Senior Tang!”

The person in the lead was none other than Tang Qiu, who he had been waiting for a long time. Tang Qiu had obviously just returned from outside and had not had time to rest. It seemed that he had encountered a powerful enemy outside and had fought with them, so his aura was somewhat weak.

Behind him were Xu Linggong, followed by Qing Kui and Su Yingxue. Just as he thought, these four people had gone out together, so he couldn’t contact any of them.

Yang Kai then exchanged greetings with Elder Xu and his two disciples and everyone nodded.

Although Qing Kui and Su Yingxue’s cultivations were still at the Sixth Order Open Heaven, their auras were clearly much more condensed. After coming to Yin-Yang Pass, the life and death struggle with the Black Ink Clan had allowed them to grow significantly.

“I heard you were here, so I came over,” Tang Qiu explained.

Yang Kai said, “Since I have nothing to do, I’ll just walk around. Since Senior has returned, you can call me, why bother coming here personally?”

Tang Qiu waved his hand and said, “I made you wait for so many days, an accident happened on the way back and delayed the trip.”

“No worries, please sit!” Yang Kai stretched out his hand.

Tang Qiu nodded slightly and sat down with Xu Linggong.

However, just as they sat down, the two of them suddenly stood up as if their butts had been stung, staring blankly at the small figure behind the ten trays of buns.

Ten trays were piled high on the table, completely blocking out the little girl’s figure. Tang Qiu and Xu Linggong had not noticed this at all.

“This… this is…” Tang Qiu suddenly stuttered.

Yang Kai explained, “The little girl I met here a few days ago was quite pitiful. Her parents passed away early and no one seemed to take care of her. She liked to eat the buns here so I brought her here.”

“Oh… oh! So that’s how it is,” Tang Qiu suddenly understood and signaled to Xu Linggong before sitting down.

Qing Kui, who was standing behind Xu Linggong, suddenly coughed lightly, “Honored Master, I’m going to go shopping!”

Xu Linggong was somewhat absent-minded, “En, go.”

“I’ll go shopping too!” Su Yingxue quickly said.

The two of them excused themsel and left together.

Inside the steamed bun shop, three big and one small, four figures sat in four different directions. Yang Kai frowned as he looked at Tang Qiu and Xu Linggong, “Your injuries seem to be quite serious.”

Whether it was Tang Qiu or Xu Linggong, Yang Kai could clearly feel that something was wrong with their current state, as if they were struggling to suppress something. Their expressions were solemn, and their expressions seemed somewhat… nervous?

“Nothing serious,” Tang Qiu replied casually.

“It’s nothing serious, nothing serious!” Xu Linggong nodded repeatedly.

“Good,” Yang Kai nodded and asked, “What’s the situation with the Black Ink Clan?”

“The Black Ink Clan?” Tang Qiu looked at Yang Kai blankly, as if he hadn’t heard him clearly, but he quickly reacted, “Oh, the Black Ink Clan… I was just about to tell you about this.”

Yang Kai frowned, feeling that today’s Tang Qiu was acting a bit strange, as if he was absent-minded. He had clearly come here to see him about the Black Ink Clan's Palace Artifact, but now he was completely blank.

The little girl who had been eating her buns all this time suddenly turned to Tang Qiu and smiled, “Want some buns?”

Tang Qiu was caught off guard by this question and was speechless.

Yang Kai raised his hand and knocked the little girl’s head, reprimanding, “When adults speak, children shouldn’t interrupt!”

“Impudence!” Tang Qiu slapped the table, causing it to fall apart and the plates and steaming buns to fall to the ground.

Yang Kai was stunned.

Tang Qiu was also dumbfounded.

Xu Linggong’s eyes were completely focused as he sat still.

The little girl held a bun in each of her hands, her cheeks puffed up as she swallowed.

“Senior, you…” Yang Kai frowned at Tang Qiu.

Tang Qiu hesitated for a moment before muttering, “That group of Black Ink Clan are too impudent!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Senior, what did you encounter on your way back?”

At this moment, the waiter ran over and said while cleaning up, “Everyone, if you have something to say, please speak nicely, don’t ruin the harmony.”

The little girl glared at Tang Qiu angrily, “Compensate my buns!”

“Yes!” Tang Qiu nodded heavily and said to the waiter, “Bring a few more trays of buns!”

“Sure, please wait a moment!” The waiter replied.

The table had been smashed into pieces, so everyone could only move to another table. Fortunately, there were no customers in the shop at this time, there was basically no one else besides them, so there was still an empty table.

After placing a few more trays of buns on the table, Yang Kai was still waiting for Tang Qiu to tell him about the Black Ink Clan, but who would have thought that this guy would actually eat the buns and call out to Xu Linggong.

As a result, apart from Yang Kai, the little girl, along with Tang Qiu and Xu Linggong, began stuffing food into their mouths. As they ate, Tang Qiu and Xu Linggong also praised how delicious this bun was.

Yang Kai’s jaw dropped. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought these two had been reincarnated from starving ghosts.

However, the noise between these two also aroused the little girl’s interest. For a time, she was swept up by the wind and the bun shop’s owner’s speed was actually slower than the three of them.

Yang Kai couldn’t bear to watch any longer and tactfully said, “Senior, the Black Ink Clan…”

“I’ll tell you about the Black Ink Clan later,” Tang Qiu vaguely replied.

Yang Kai turned his head, unable to bear to look at them.

After half a day’s work, the three of them had finished a hundred trays of buns the Lin Family’s Steamed Buns Shop had prepared in advance.

The little girl half lay down on the chair and rubbed her belly, with a satisfied look on her face as she burped, “So full!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “I’ve finally seen you eat your fill.”

“I can’t take it anymore, I’m too full, I need to go back and sleep!” The little girl stood up and skipped away, obviously in a good mood.

After she left, Tang Qiu also stood up, “I’ll go back first. Yang Kai, come find me tomorrow.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied.

Xu Linggong patted Yang Kai’s shoulder and looked at him, hesitating for a moment before saying, “Be careful!”

Yang Kai was confused by his words, but before he could ask, Xu Linggong also walked away with his hands behind his back.


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Sin Nombre
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Just like I said, YK being bullied again by the higher ups.


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