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When he turned around, there was no one in front of him.

Yang Kai frowned and looked down to see a little girl standing in front of him, her bright eyes staring at the candied fruit in his hand.

A little girl?

Yang Kai couldn’t help being startled.

Upon closer inspection, it was indeed a little girl in front of him. She looked to be only seven or eight years old, and her skin was as white as jade, making her look extremely cute. She wore ordinary clothes and had a pair of bright eyes, her black hair hanging down to her waist.

How could there be such a little girl in Yin-Yang Pass?

Yang Kai subconsciously thought that some Open Heaven cultivator had cultivated some kind of special technique. It wasn’t that this kind of technique didn’t exist in this world, or perhaps it was because she had made a mistake in her cultivation that caused her body to remain a child forever.

However, upon closer inspection, he discovered that there were indeed traces of cultivation on this little girl’s body. Her cultivation wasn’t high, at most at the Origin King Realm.

A seven or eight year old Origin King Realm master was truly terrifying. When Yang Kai was seven or eight years old, he had yet to officially begin his cultivation, so it was obvious this little girl’s aptitude was extraordinary and would definitely become a great character in the future.

However, in this Ink Battlefield where everyone is Open Heaven Stage, an Origin King was simply too weak.

The minimum requirement for delivering manpower to the Ink Battlefield was a Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator. Anyone below the Sixth Order would not be sent here, what could an Origin King Realm cultivator do in a place like this? If they were contaminated by the Ink Force, they would be reduced to Black Ink Disciples.

What confused Yang Kai the most was, where did this little girl come from?

Judging from her age, she was only seven or eight years old, so it was likely that she had not been transported from the 3000 Worlds. As such, there was only one possibility, she was born in Yin-Yang Pass.

In the various human race mountain passes, it wasn’t as if there were no husband and wife partners. Battling with the Black Ink Clan all year round would result in one’s life being in danger, and under such great pressure, it was easy for one to develop other emotions. In fact, no matter which mountain pass, there were many husband and wife partners.

However, no matter what kind of husband or wife they were, none of them would rashly try to have a child in such an environment, because no one could guarantee that they would survive the next battle. Doing so would only be irresponsible to their descendants.

Yang Kai also didn’t expect to see such an Origin King Realm little girl in this Yin-Yang Pass.

As for the cultivators who came to the Marketplace, none of them showed any curiosity towards this little girl, indicating that her existence was well known.

Seeing that it was only a little girl who was following him, Yang Kai lost his desire to question her and frowned, asking gently, “Little girl, where are your parents?”

With a loud bang, a cultivator who was passing by accidentally knocked over a shelf, causing the goods on it to fall to the ground, causing the owner of the shelf to curse loudly. The cultivator who knocked over the shelf quickly apologized and helped clean it up.

The little girl standing in front of Yang Kai stared fixedly at the candied fruit in his hand and didn’t answer his question, instead swallowing her saliva and asking, “Do you eat it?”

Yang Kai turned his head to look at the items in his hand and only then did he realize why she was following him. Letting out a laugh, he handed over the remaining four sticks of candied fruits, “If you want to eat them, you can have them.”

The little girl’s eyes immediately curved into crescents as she smiled and reached out to take it, thanking him before taking a big bite, “You really are a good person. I don’t know why the old man selling candied fruits disappeared today, but I couldn’t find him even after searching for a long time.”

Yang Kai coldly snorted in his heart. This old man had obviously forced him to buy five sticks of candied fruit, afraid that he would try to reason with him, so he had no choice but to leave.

Seeing her eat happily, the dissatisfaction in Yang Kai’s heart also disappeared, and he felt that the Sixth Grade Yellow Crystal was finally worth it. Reaching out, he patted the little girl’s head and gently rubbed it, “Go home after eating, don’t let your Father and Mother worry.”


Not far away, the shelf that had just been cleaned up was knocked down again, and the owner was frantically cleaning it up.

At the same time, Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled. For some unknown reason, he felt as if time had frozen just now, as if the entire Marketplace had suddenly become silent. When he carefully examined it again, he found that everything was normal.

The little girl who had her head rubbed by him smiled happily.

Yang Kai nodded at her before turning around and leaving.

However, after walking a short distance, he couldn’t help turning his head to look at the little girl who had been following behind him, “Why are you still following me? I’ve already given you my candied fruits, they’re gone.”

In just a short time, the little girl had already eaten all four sticks of candied fruit. It was unknown where she got her appetite from, but after throwing away the stick in her hand, the little girl smiled sweetly, “You treat me to candied fruit, I’ll treat you to steamed buns?”

Yang Kai laughed, “No need…”

After experiencing the incident with the candied fruits and jewelry, Yang Kai was certain that all the things sold in this City Well were ordinary, so there was no need to pay attention to them.

With this time, he might as well go back and refine his resources to improve his Small Universe's foundation.

However, before he could finish his words, Yang Kai’s face became speechless, “What’s wrong?”

The little girl looked like she was about to cry, as if she had been greatly wronged.

She sobbed lightly, “But I want to eat some buns! The buns from the Lin Family’s shop are delicious.” Saying so, she even sucked in a mouthful of saliva.

Feeling helpless, Yang Kai rubbed his forehead and said, “Since you want to eat so much, go ahead.”

The little girl lowered her head and whispered, “No money…”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Then why do you want to invite me?”

“I’ll invie you eat, you pay…” The little girl’s expression became somewhat awkward.

“What kind of logic is that…” Yang Kai was at a loss for words. He really wanted to tell her that he didn’t have any money and had used up all the coins he had obtained from the Sixth Grade Yellow Crystal.

However, the little girl walked up to him, grabbed his hand, and gently shook it, “Is that okay? The buns are delicious…”

Yang Kai couldn’t stand her acting so coquettishly towards him, cursing in his heart that this child’s parents were too irresponsible. They were eager to give birth to her, yet they didn’t even give her any pocket money.

“Please, please, please…” The little girl insisted.

Yang Kai had no choice but to agree, “Fine, fine, don’t shake me, it’s making me dizzy!”

“You agreed?” The little girl asked in surprise.

“En, I’ll treat you to a good meal,” Yang Kai nodded. Since he could exchange his resources here for copper coins, he wasn’t afraid of not having enough money to pay.

“You really are a good person!” The little girl cheered happily.

Yang Kai sighed helplessly. Since when was the standard for a good person is to treat others to a meal? However, the world of little girls was probably so simple and innocent. In this dangerous Ink Battlefield, it was not a bad idea to experience the innocence and wonders.

In the Lin Family’s Steamed Bun Shop, the steam rising from the steam buns was filled with the fragrance of steamed buns. A few simple tables were filled with people, a bowl of tea soup, and a tray of steamed buns, all of them sitting around leisurely.

The owner of the steamed bun shop seemed to be a married couple. One of them was making a bowl of noodles while the other was making steamed buns. Both of them were skillful and hired a waiter to greet their guests.

When Yang Kai pulled the little girl’s hand and walked in, the waiter in charge of greeting the guests seemed to have been struck by lightning and instantly froze on the spot, his eyes fixed on the large hand and the small hand.

The husband and wife boss who was making noodles and steamed buns also trembled.

Inside the steamed bun shop, the group of customers who were eating buns and drinking tea had their eyes twitching.

“This is it, the Lin Family’s Steamed Bun Shop!” The little girl shouted happily.

Yang Kai raised his eyes and looked around. Although he knew that this place was not ordinary, he still felt somewhat uncomfortable.

The husband and wife of this steamed bun shop were obviously two Eighth Order masters, while the waiter who stood at the entrance of the shop was also a Seventh Order!

Because he had made steamed buns out of flour, even his face was covered in flour. When had he ever seen such a thing? It was only in this Marketplace that he had the fortune to see it.

“There are so many people today!” The little girl raised her head and looked inside, only to see several tables filled with people. Turning to Yang Kai, she said, “Let’s wait a while.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the guests began stuffing steaming hot buns into their mouths and drinking tea.

“Boss, checkout!”

A series of shouts rang out, and the waiter quickly rushed in. In a short time, all the customers in the steamed bun shop had left.

“There’s a seat,” The little girl said happily as she pulled Yang Kai inside and sat down in front of a table. The chair was too high for her to sit on and her legs were shaking.

As the waiter packed his things, he asked with a smile, “What would the two guests like to order?”

Yang Kai casually said, “Two trays of buns…”

Before he could finish, the little girl interrupted, “I want ten trays!”

Yang Kai blinked and said to the waiter, “Ten trays of buns and two bowls of tea.”

“Wait a moment, it will come immediately!” The waiter replied and retreated.

A short while later, ten trays of buns were brought up and piled high on the table. The little girl immediately began to eat heartily, her cheeks puffing up.

Yang Kai also picked up a bun and tried it, but found that although it was delicious, it was just an ordinary item that had no effect on cultivation, so he sat quietly to the side and waited for the bill to arrive.

“You eat too, why aren’t you eating?” The little girl asked curiously.

Yang Kai smiled, “I’ll leave it for you to eat.”

The little girl was extremely satisfied and ate even more ravenously.

Yang Kai reached out and picked up the bun crumbs from her mouth, “Eat slowly, no one is trying to snatch yours.”

He was really curious about this child’s parents’ situation. Did they not give their child enough food? Why were they so eager to have child then?

Ten trays of steamed buns and two bowls of tea soup had been swept clean by the little girl. Yang Kai also admired her appetite. It was not easy for such a young girl to eat so much.

What was even rarer was that she didn’t show any signs of swelling, nor did she know where her food had gone.

“Are you full?” Yang Kai asked.

The little girl nodded, “En.”

Yang Kai turned around and shouted, “Boss, checkout!”

The waiter immediately walked over and said with a smile, “Ten trays of buns for a hundred copper coins, the two bowls of tea should be free.”

“Many thanks,” Yang Kai nodded, “But I don’t have any money on me, do you think this thing worth the food?”


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