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Curious, Yang Kai became interested in this candied fruit. Recalling what he had just seen, he asked, “Ten copper coins?”

The old man smiled and nodded, “Ten copper coins for one stick, no cheating.”

“One then,” Yang Kai said as he took out ten copper coins and handed them to the old man.

Considering that he was now a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, it was naturally impossible for him to carry a copper coin with him. Copper and silver coins were normally used by ordinary people in the mindane world, but to those who had successfully cultivated, it was basically useless.

However, Yang Kai’s Small Universe had many humans living in it, and the object of their trade was copper, silver, and gold. The ten copper coins he had taken out were from the Small Universe.

Unexpectedly, the old man only glanced at it but didn’t reach out to receive it. Instead, his face sank, “Boy, are you trying to bully this old master?”

Yang Kai was puzzled, “What does Old Sir mean?”

Seeing his sincere expression, the old man frowned slightly and looked him up and down before suddenly understanding, “Oh, this old master understands. Boy, since you’re new here and don’t understand the customs of this place, this old master won’t argue with you. Today, I’ll teach you a lesson.”

Yang Kai respectfully replied, “Please explain.”

The old man smiled, “In our Marketplace, the copper coins used for transactions are all specially made, not just any kind of copper coin can be used.”

Saying so, he flicked his thumb and a copper coin flew towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai grabbed it and placed it on his palm for a closer look. He found that the material of this copper coin was nothing special, but it was specially made. On each side, there was a large character: Yin and Yang.

These things did not have any special restrictions or refining methods, so forging them was simple. At the very least, if Yang Kai wanted them, he could easily create a batch.

However, if he really did that, it would definitely be inappropriate.

Helpless, Yang Kai could only tell the truth, “I’m sorry Old Sir, but I don’t have such a copper coin.”

The old man chuckled, “This old master naturally knows that you don’t have any. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money, you should still have enough cultivation resources. This old master can give you some money.”

“Really?” Yang Kai was stunned.

“If this old master says yes, then yes!” The old man nodded firmly.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment, unable to suppress his curiosity any longer. Turning his hand, he took out a piece of Sixth Grade Yellow Crystal and asked, “Senior, what do you think of this?”

The old man’s brow immediately rose as he reached out to pick up the Sixth Grade Yellow Crystal and grinned, “Top Sixth Grade Yang Element, not bad, not bad, it’s rare to see such a pure treasure.”

Yang Kai think to himself. 'Of course this thing is pure. This was the crystallization of the power of the Sun’s Burning Shine. Was there anything in this world that was purer than this?'

“You can exchange it for ten sticks of candied fruit!” The old man said firmly, preparing to take out ten sticks of candied fruit.

“Wait!” Yang Kai was startled and quickly stopped him.

One stick of candied fruits was worth ten copper coins, ten sticks were worth a hundred copper coins, and a piece of Sixth Grade Yellow Crystal could only be exchanged for ten sticks of candied fruits.

In terms of value, a Sixth Grade Yellow Crystal was worth at least twenty million Open Heaven Pills, and it was the kind that didn't have a market price. If one were to exchange it, wouldn’t that mean that the one copper coin in the market was worth two hundred thousand Open Heaven Pills?

Yang Kai’s entire body felt uncomfortable. He didn’t doubt that this old man was lying to him, but the price was simply too expensive.

It was no wonder that when the Seventh Order Open Heaven had bought a stick of candied fruit, it was as if a few kilograms of his flesh had been cut off.

A stick of candied fruit was worth two million Open Heaven Pills.

Why is it so expensive?

Yang Kai didn’t slow down, but the old man’s movements were extremely fast, and by the time he spoke, he had already taken out five sticks of candied fruits.

“Senior, although I’m new here, you can’t bully me,” Yang Kai looked at the old man righteously.

The old man smiled and said, “How could this old master bully the weak? Don’t worry, this old master’s business has always been fair. If you don’t believe me, you can ask around.”

Yang Kai frowned and muttered, “I only want one, I don’t need that many.”

The old man immediately shook his head like a rattle-drum, “That won’t do, I’ve already taken five of them, you must buy all five.”

Yang Kai was speechless, “Can’t you just stick it back?”

The old man lowered his eyes and said in a low voice, “If someone stabs you and pulls out the knife, can you pretend they never stabbed you?”

Yang Kai was flabbergasted by his words, “How can they be compared?”

The old man shook his head, “In this old master’s eyes, there is only one truth.”

Yang Kai flew into a rage, “You say you’re being fair? Isn’t that just forcing a trade? How is that fair?”

The old man ignored him and stuffed the five sticks of candied fruit into his hands before looking for another fifty copper coins and saying earnestly, “Young man, take it as this old master’s lesson to you. When you go out in the future, you must be careful.”

Saying so, he picked up his candied fruit and ran off.

Yang Kai was left alone with five sticks of candied fruits in one hand and fifty copper coins in the other.

He couldn’t understand what kind of damned place this Marketplace was. How could there be such a place in Yin-Yang Pass? What was the purpose of this place?

Although he could tell from the old man’s attitude that this loss was certain, Yang Kai still felt somewhat comforted. At the very least, he had obtained five sticks of candied fruits and fifty copper coins.

Since these candied fruits were so expensive, perhaps they had some kind of magical effect that could cleanse one’s mind or strengthen one’s foundation.

Thinking so, Yang Kai put away the fifty copper coins, picked up a stick of candied fruit, put it to his mouth, and took a bite.

It was sweet to the mouth and was chewed carefully. It was sweet with a hint of sourness, and the fruit was tender. It was truly not bad. What was rare was that even the core of the fruit had been removed, so there was no need to spit out seeds.

Yang Kai ate a piece of fruit and stood in place for a moment, his face suddenly turning black.

This was simply the most ordinary type of candied fruit! It had absolutely no effect on a cultivator’s cultivation!

Yang Kai cursed the profiteer in his heart, wanting nothing more than to rush out and find that old man and fight him to the death!

However, after thinking about it for a while, with his Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation, he would be the one taught a lesson.

After a moment of hatred, Yang Kai sighed helplessly as he ate the candied fruits he had spent a great deal of money on while walking deeper into the Marketplace.

The various shops along the street were bustling with activity.

Yang Kai soon stopped in front of a jewelry shop. The pieces of jewelry sold in this jewelry shop were exquisite and beautiful, obviously from a famous master.

Previously, Yang Kai had suffered a loss at the hands of the old man selling candied fruits, so he was naturally cautious this time. However, there were many cultivators coming and going in this jewelry shop, and every time one of them made a deal, Yang Kai was amazed.

This jewelry store’s business was so good, didn’t that mean the jewelry here was extraordinary?

Most likely, the jewelry here was not just ordinary accessories, but artifacts from Artifact Refining Grandmasters!

Thinking so, Yang Kai nodded deeply, thinking that his guess was correct.

“This wealthy Senior Brother, what kind of jewelry do you want to buy?” A shop assistant saw off his guests and quickly came over to greet Yang Kai.

Hearing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Wealthy? How can you tell?”

The shop assistant pointed at the candied fruits in Yang Kai’s hand, “If Senior Brother wasn’t a wealthy man, how could he have bought so many candied fruits? That person’s candied fruits are famous in the city.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood, “I see!”

No wonder along the way, he had always felt that many people were staring at him with strange expressions. So it was because he had grabbed a few sticks of candied fruits.

When did holding a few sticks of candied fruits become the standard of wealth?

However, in this Marketplace, that was indeed the case.

“What kind of jewelry does Senior Brother want to buy?” The shop assistant asked enthusiastically.

Yang Kai naturally didn’t have any particular goal, but he was curious about what kind of artifact these pieces of jewelry were. Looking around, he pointed to a red hair clip and said, “Let me take a look at this one.”

The shop assistant immediately took out the hair clip and introduced it with a smile, “This hair clip came from our owner. The craftsmanship of the Owner's jewelry making is one of the best in the entire Marketplace. Other jewellery shops can’t compare to it. If this hair clip is given to a woman you like, you will definitely be able to win her heart.”

The hair clip was held by a transparent object that allowed one to see its full appearance, but not its interior.

Yang Kai frowned, “Can you open it?”

The shop assistant smiled apologetically, “You can't open it until you buy it.”

What kind of bullshit rule was this? Yang Kai didn’t even know what grade this hair clip was, so how could he determine its value?

However, seeing so many people buying jewelry here and doing the same thing, Yang Kai knew that it was impossible to see the goods in advance.

He could only ask, “What price?”

“Fifty copper coins!” The shop assistant smiled.

Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, almost suspecting that this shop assistant was in cahoots with the old man selling candied fruits, otherwise how could he know how much money he had?

However, without any hesitation, he took out the fifty copper coins and handed it to the shop assistant before taking the hair clip and leaving.

After leaving the shop, Yang Kai immediately took out the hair clip and carefully examined it.

A moment later, Yang Kai gritted his teeth and cursed, “Profiteer, damned merchant!” [MSN: What do you expect? A world treasure?]

This hair clip was just an ordinary hair clip, how could it be an extraordinary artifact? First, he had been forced to buy five sticks of candied fruit, and now, he had been tricked to buy a useless hair clip. Yang Kai was thoroughly disappointed with this Marketplace.

This place was simply ridiculous, but he really couldn’t understand why there was such a place in Yin-Yang Pass, and why there were so many Open Heaven cultivators.

After experiencing these two troubles, Yang Kai lost interest in continuing his stroll and prepared to return home.

Originally, he wanted to throw the hair clip away, but after thinking about it for a moment, he realized that it was something he had bought with half the price of the Sixth Grade Yellow Crystal, so it would be a pity to just throw it away like this.

Walking towards his residence, Yang Kai suddenly stopped and turned around, “Why are you following me?”

When he came out of the jewelry shop, he had noticed that someone had been following him. He thought it was a coincidence, but the figure behind him had been following him.


[MSN: Filler again...]

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