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Hearing this, Zhong Liang nodded and said, “Your thoughts coincide with Yin-Yang Pass’s. I won’t hide it from you, your Martial Uncle Ding went to the Yin-Yang War Zone precisely because of this matter. This Black Ink Clan’s palace artifact was also seized in this manner.”

“Then… what was the result?” Yang Kai asked nervously.

Zhong Liang shook his head sadly, “He joined forces with the other Eighth Order cultivator from Yin-Yang Pass, but they only managed to kill some of the Black Ink Clan’s forces and seized this palace artifact. As for the source of this palace artifact, they found nothing.”

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as he pondered for a moment before saying, “If we want to find out the identity of that Black Ink Disicple, we’ll have to go deep into the enemy’s territory and act according to the situation. If the two Martial Uncles attack so openly, it will only alert the enemy.”

“That’s right,” Zhong Liang let out a long sigh, “However, the Black Ink Clan must have placed great importance on this Black Ink Disicple who can refine the Palace Artifact. This person’s identity is highly likely to be a secret of the Black Ink Clan, so it’s impossible for ordinary Black Ink Clans to know about him. It’s extremely difficult to quietly inquire information about him, so who can take on this responsibility?”

Yang Kai blinked a few times before suddenly coming to a realization and laughing, “Sir summoned me here for this matter?” After thinking about it for a moment, he continued, “I can disguise myself as Black Ink Disicple and sneak into the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland of the Yin-Yang War Zone. As long as I act carefully, I may be able to find that person.”

Having been exposed by Yang Kai, Zhong Liang no longer beat around the bush and sighed, “Originally, I didn’t plan on letting you get involved in this matter, but your Martial Uncle Ding has already failed, so there’s no other way. You don’t have to be in such a hurry to agree, it’s not too late to consider carefully before making a decision.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “More than two years ago, that Black Ink Disicple had already refined this artifact. The longer we wait, the more likely he will be able to perfect this Palace Artifact. When that time comes, even if we find him, it will be too late. There’s no need to think about it, this disciple will accept this task.”

Zhong Liang’s expression became solemn, “This trip is extremely dangerous, the slightest carelessness will result in death.”

Yang Kai said, “Sir has forgotten that before coming to Blue Sky Pass, this Disciple had disguised himself as Black Ink Disicple under the Black Ink Clan for two years. No one is more experienced than this Disciple in disguising himself as Black Ink Disicple.”

Pausing for a moment, Yang Kai continued, “In addition, even if Disciple fails and something happens, Disciple still has the Space Law to rely on, so it’s not impossible for Disciple to turn the situation around. Taking a step back, if Disciple really is at the end of the line, there’s no harm in it. Now that the Expelling Black Ink Pill has been successfully refined and the clansmen have the means to resist the Ink Force, the Purificatrion Light is no longer the only option. Disciple is the best candidate for this trip.”

Saying so, Yang Kai cupped his fists and said in a low voice, “Sir, this Disciple requests to go to the Yin-Yang War Zone to inquire about the situation.”

Zhong Liang’s expression became complicated as he hesitated for a moment before sighing heavily, “It’s been hard on you.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “From ancient times until now, countless masters of the Human Race have come to this Ink Battlefield, all for the sake of the stability of the 3000 Worlds. Powerful enemy is outside the house, all the clansmen have fought with all their might, pouring their blood and sweat into the battlefield. Disciple will do his best to accomplish what he can and must do his best.”

On the first day he set foot on the Ink Battlefield, Meng Qi had used his own life to teach him a lesson. In order to protect the secrets of the Void Corridor, he had not hesitated to die, fearing that he would once again be inked and expose the existence of the Void Corridor.

In the battlefield, there were countless clansmen who had sacrificed their lives to resist the Black Ink Clan, how could there not be more than one Meng Qi?

The Black Ink Clan’s Palace Artifact matter was extremely important, and if that Black Ink Disicple could completely refine it, the efforts and accumulation of the Human Race’s battlefront over the past countless years would be wasted. At that time, all 3000 Worlds would be destroyed.

Who would be willing to watch such a disaster happen?

Since he had come to this Ink Battlefield, he was a member of the Human Race’s soldiers. Yang Kai felt that no one was more suitable than him to inquire about information after entering the enemy’s territory.

“Sir, Disciple has one more thing to ask,” Yang Kai said solemnly.

“Tell me.”

“Did Yin-Yang Pass say how long it would take for the Black Ink Clan to perfect this palace artifact?”

Zhong Liang pondered for a moment before saying, “There are some speculations from Yin-Yang Pass that the Black Ink Clan’s current Palace Artifact is not very useful and is probably only used to test the waters. If they want to perfect this artifact, they won’t be able to do so without at least a hundred years. At the very least, they’ll need fifty years. Of course, it may take even longer. After all, the ability of the Black Ink Disicple who refined this artifact is crucial. At his level, it’s not easy to improve his Artifact Refining attainments.”

“Then in short, we have 50 years…” Yang Kai muttered to himself, “There’s still room to work on. Sir, before carrying out this mission, this disciple has another request.”

“If you have any requests, feel free to ask. If the Pass can satisfy it, we will not disappoint you.”

“I want to cultivate Artifact Refining!”

Zhong Liang was stunned for a moment before his eyes lit up, “You mean…”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Grinding the blade does not delay cutting firewood, not to mention, if we want to obtain information, we naturally need to find the right medicine.”

Zhong Liang couldn’t help nodding his head, “Young people like you are really quick-witted. Old fellows like us never thought of this, so we’ll just let you do as you say.”

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, in the Artifact Refining Hall, Yang Kai, holding Zhong Liang’s token, found Dongguo Anping, who was in charge of refining a team grade artifact. They were all old acquaintances, and the first Expelling Black Ink Ship had been created by Yang Kai, Dongguo Anping, and Fan Xun, so there was no need to be polite when they met.

Hearing this, Dongguo Anping’s eyes twitched, “You want to cultivate Artifact Refining?”

Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Senior Dongguo, please guide me.”

Dongguo Anping looked him up and down in confusion, “Why are you suddenly practicing Artifact Refining?”

Yang Kai replied, “Disciple’s cultivation is progressing too quickly, so it’s not appropriate for me to cultivate too much. After telling Martial Uncle Zhong about this matter, he asked me to cultivate Artifact Refining. He said that the Artifact Refining Dao might be of some help to me.”

Dongguo Anping couldn’t help laughing, “What does the Artifact Refining Dao have to do with your cultivation? Also, didn’t I hear that you had some accomplishments in the Dao of Alchemy? If there was a problem with your cultivation, why didn’t you go to the Pill Hall, but instead coming here?”

Yang Kai respectfully replied, “It is Martial Uncle Zhong’s intention, this disciple does not know.”

The matter of the Black Ink Clan being able to refine the Palace Artifact was a secret for the time being, so no one in Blue Sky Pass knew about it except for the several Regiment Commanders and Old Ancestors, lest it affect their morale.

Since Zhong Liang didn’t inform Dongguo Anping, Yang Kai naturally didn’t say anything. In any case, he only said that it was Zhong Liang’s order.

Since this was Zhong Liang’s order, Dongguo Anping had no choice but to return the token to Yang Kai and ask, “Have you ever come into contact with Artifact Refining before?”

“A little,” Yang Kai replied humbly.

Dongguo Anping frowned and waved, “Follow me first.”

Soon, he brought Yang Kai to an Artifact Refining room and pointed to a pile of random materials, “Refine whatever you want, show me your ability.”

Yang Kai glanced at the materials, and start working.

Dongguo Anping, on the other hand, was quite patient and watched from the sidelines.

A few days later, a long sword that was as smooth as a mirror was freshly forged. The sword’s surface was so bright that it was quite extraordinary.

Dongguo Anping, on the other hand, couldn’t help rolling his eyes. In his eyes, as an Artifact Refining Grandmaster, this long sword was useless apart from its decent shape. If it weren’t for its extraordinary materials, it would have been unable to withstand the full force of Origin King Realm.

Over the past few days, Dongguo Anping had come to understand that although Yang Kai might know a little about Artifact Refining, he had never studied it in its entirety. Although some of his ideas were bold and unrestrained, his Artifact Refining techniques were quite crude.

The Dao of Artifact Refining was profound, so Yang Kai’s Artifact Refining was unsightly to a Grandmaster like Dongguo Anping.

“En, wait a moment,” Dongguo Anping said as his Divine Sense surged.

A moment later, a young man rushed over and cupped his fists, “Honored Master!”

Dongguo Anping nodded slightly and pointed at Yang Kai, “This is your Junior Brother Yang Kai.”

The man quickly cupped his fists, “Junior Brother Yang.”

He then introduced the person to Yang Kai, “This is my Sixth Disciple, Chai Hao!”

“Greetings, Senior Brother Chai!” Yang Kai returned the greeting.

Dongguo Anping said, “Chai Hao, your Junior Brother Yang wants to cultivate Artifact Refining, you must teach him carefully in the future.”

Chai Hao was stunned, “Junior Brother Yang wants to cultivate Artifact Refining?”

“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded.

Chai Hao smiled and said, “It’s rare for Junior Brother Yang to be interested in Artifact Refining, so Senior Brother will naturally teach you.”

“Many thanks, Senior Brother,” Yang Kai thanked.

Dongguo Anping coughed lightly and said, “Yang Kai, in the future, you will follow Chai Hao to cultivate Artifact Refining. If there is anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask him. This old master has some matters to attend to, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Saying so, he quickly left.

Yang Kai and Chai Hao bowed and sent him off.

After Dongguo Anping left, Chai Hao said, “Junior Brother, since you want to cultivate Artifact Refining, Senior Brother must first learn about your skill in Artifact Refining. Junior Brother…”

Before he could finish, Yang Kai handed over a long sword.

“This is…” Chai Hao was puzzled.

Yang Kai said, “Previously, Senior Dongguo asked me to casually refine something, so this is the work I spent so much effort refining.”

“So that’s how it is!” Chai Hao reached out to take the long sword and carefully examined it, his eyes twitching as he finally understood why his Honored Master had fled.

He had thought that this Junior Brother Yang should have some attainments in Artifact Refining, otherwise he wouldn’t have come to a Great Grandmaster from the Divine Cauldron Heaven to ask for advice.

But now, after seeing this long sword, he realized that this Junior Brother Yang had yet to even enter the Artifact Refining dao. Not to mention his Honored Master, even if he pulled out one of his fellow disciples, he would still be far behind.

Now that his Honored Master had handed over this Junior Brother Yang to him, was he planning to have him teach him from the beginning?

Chai Hao could only feel a heavy weight on his shoulders. The road ahead was long!


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