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Many of the Secret Realms in the Ink Battlefield would appear in groups, because the source of these Secret Realms was the Small Universe left behind by the fallen Human Race cultivators of the Ancient Era.

The more humans who fell on the battlefield, the more Secret Realms they left behind.

In this void, Blue Sky Pass had once discovered a Secret Realm a thousand years ago. Although they speculated that there should be more Secret Realms hidden nearby, there was no way to explore them, so they could only give up.

As for the Space Law Yang Kai was proficient in, they were the key to opening these Secret Realms.

As the ripples of the Space Force spread out, any place where the Secret Realm’s door was hidden would reveal some clues, and as long as Yang Kai found these traces, forcefully opening the door would not be difficult.

After some investigation, there were three hidden Secret Realms several hundred kilometers away!

This number was not a lot, but it was definitely not small.

There were often some good things found in the Secret Realms, and the World Tree Subtree was found in a Secret Realm. This could be said to be the greatest harvest the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass had obtained since exploring the Secret Realm.

After a short while, Yang Kai forcefully opened the first door, and from it came a world's aura.

Breaking Dawn flew over and stopped in front of the door.

Yang Kai ordered, “You stay alert, I’ll go in and investigate first.”

Saying so, he rushed into the door, Feng Ying didn’t even have time to stop him.

Fortunately, there was no danger inside the Secret Realm, so after a few breaths of time, Yang Kai returned and called out to the members of Dawn Squad, “All of you, go in.”

Feng Ying asked, “Should we leave some people outside?” Although the Black Ink Clan was still recuperating, no one could guarantee that there wouldn’t be any scattered soldiers running over at this time. Leaving some people outside would make it easier to monitor the movements of the surrounding area, so as to avoid being taken advantage of by the Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai shook his head, “There’s no need, we only have so few people, it’s not good to split up, it’s better to act together.”

Since he said so, Feng Ying naturally had no objections.

One figure after another flew out from Breaking Dawn and disappeared into the gate. After everyone had entered the Secret Realm, Yang Kai put Breaking Dawn into his Small Universe and was the last to step inside before using a method to conceal the gate.

There were more than thirty people from the Dawn Squad, all of them above the Fifth Order Open Heaven, and six of them were at the Seventh Order. It wouldn’t take long to explore a Secret Realm, but it would take a lot of time to collect useful herbs.

Half a month later, the entire Secret Realm had been explored and everything of value had been collected. Under Yang Kai’s leadership, the Dawn Squad left this Secret Realm and returned to another nearby Secret Realm.

Two months later, three Secret Realms had all been explored, and they had obtained a lot of rare herbs, as well as some Profound Female Spirit Fruits.

The members of the Dawn Squad were all overjoyed, feeling that this mission was simply too easy, and the more such missions there were, the better.

However, everyone knew that the reason why this task was so easy was because of Yang Kai’s strength alone. If he hadn’t found those gates, Dawn Squad wouldn’t have been able to gather so many herbs so easily.

Breaking Dawn was taken out by Yang Kai and everyone boarded the ship while Feng Ying was in charge of controlling the ship’s direction and investigating its location.

For the next two years, the Breaking Dawn had been wandering the outside world. Every time they came to a place, Yang Kai would use his Space Force to investigate the hidden door, and every time he did so, he would gain something.

For countless years, the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass had discovered many Secret Realms in the war zone, but for the sake of the safety of the Dawn Squad, Yang Kai only had to find them within ten days journey of Blue Sky Pass. Any further than that, Zhong Liang had not given him any information.

Therefore, after only two years of effort, Yang Kai led Dawn Squad to explore all the places they needed to investigate, and during these two years, they had been living together peacefully without encountering the Black Ink Clan.

Breaking Dawn had returned, the Dawn Squad had returned.

The group of members dispersed and went to rest, while Yang Kai and Feng Ying brought their harvest to the Merit Palace to register their battle merits.

However, halfway there, a figure descended from the sky and cupped his fists, “Brother Yang, the Regiment Commander has summoned you.”

Yang Kai glanced at the person who had just arrived and recognized him as Zhong Liang’s adjutant. He couldn’t help laughing, “Regiment Commander really has a good source of information.”

Dawn Squad had just returned to Blue Sky Pass, but Zhong Liang had already received the news and sent someone to summon him. This speed was quite fast.

Turning to Feng Ying and instructing her to go to the Merit Palace, Feng Ying had no objections.

After she left, Yang Kai turned to the adjutant, “Senior Brother, please!”

“Please!” The adjutant said politely before leading the way.

Soon, they arrived at the Western Army Military Division. Yang Kai had been here more than once, so he was naturally familiar with this place. However, Zhong Liang did not summon him to his office. Under the guidance of his adjutant, Yang Kai followed him into a large hall deep inside the Military Division.

The adjutant stopped and said, “The Regiment Commander is inside, Brother Yang can do as you please!”

“Many thanks,” Yang Kai nodded and stepped forward, wondering why Zhong Liang had summoned him here.

There was a restriction in the hall, so Yang Kai raised his hand and quickly opened a door and stepped inside.

Inside the hall, it was brightly lit and a figure stood with his hands behind his back. It was Zhong Liang, and in front of him was a massive creature.

Zhong Liang stood in front of this giant creature and stared up at it, lost in thought.

Yang Kai stepped forward and bowed.

Zhong Liang turned to look at him and nodded slightly, “How was your trip?”

Yang Kai replied, “It’s quite rich. I found more than thirty Profound Female Spirit Fruits.”

Zhong Liang nodded, “With these thirty or so Spirit Fruits, my Blue Sky Pass has thirty more people who can restore their strength. Good job.”

Yang Kai replied, “I was only responsible for opening the gate, I didn’t do anything. What instructions does Sir have for this meeting?”

Zhong Liang was silent for a moment before saying, “Take a look at this.” He pointed at the massive object in front of him.

When Yang Kai entered, he had already discovered this thing, but he had only taken a side glance at it and hadn’t observed it carefully. He had thought that Zhong Liang was just observing some artifact left behind by their predecessors, but after listening to him, he realized that there was more to it than meets the eye.

Immediately using his Divine Sense, he began to carefully investigate.

After a while, Yang Kai frowned, “Is this a palace artifact?”

The flying ship in front of him wasn’t just a simple flying artifact, but rather a shadow of some kind of palace artifact. Yang Kai found many traces of Spirit Arrays on this artifact, and these Spirit Arrays were the most basic elements of this palace artifact.

“It’s a palace artifact,” Zhong Liang nodded.

Yang Kai flew up and carefully examined the ship for a while before flying back down and shaking his head, “This Palace Artifact doesn’t seem to be anything special. Many of the Spirit Arrays aren’t perfectly connected, so if it really enter the battlefield, I’m afraid they won’t be of much use. Once these Spirit Arrays are activated too many times, they will collapse on their own. At that time, let alone fighting the enemy, we must first prevent these Spirit Arrays from harming our own people. Who refined them?”

Although Yang Kai wasn’t proficient in Artifact Refining, he knew a thing or two about it, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to refine the Void Yin-Yang Mirror.

It was just that he had never studied the Dao of Artifact Refining too deeply.

However, even with Yang Kai’s skill, he was still able to see the various drawbacks of this Palace Artifact. The Artifact Refiner who refined this artifact couldn’t be said to have low attainments, it could only be said that he was far from being able to refine the Palace Artifact.

“Also, this thing is too big, it’s not suitable for us human race to control.”

Zhong Liang slowly said, “If it’s not suitable for my Human Race, what do you think it is suitable for?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “If we let the Black Ink Clan control this thing, with their size, it would be quite suitable.”

Zhong Liang wore a cold expression.

Yang Kai’s smile slowly stiffened as a chill ran down his spine. Frowning, he asked, “Sir, where did this thing come from?”

Zhong Liang said, “Your Martial Uncle Ding seized this from the battlefield.”

Yang Kai was shocked, “This thing was really made by the Black Ink Clan?”


Hearing this, Yang Kai’s expression became somewhat ugly, “Didn’t you say that the Black Ink Clan couldn’t refine a palace artifact? What’s the matter with this thing?”

Zhong Liang sighed, “The two races have been fighting in the Ink Battlefield for countless years, and my Human Race has been constantly changing, so the Black Ink Clan naturally won’t stick to the rules. Among the Black Ink Disciple that were transformed, there may have been someone who has been studying the refining method of the Palace Artifact, and it just so happened that this person’s attainments in Artifact Refining weren’t low, so he was able to create this artifact.”

Yang Kai’s mood became heavy, “If that’s the case, when this person gradually perfects the refining method of the Palace Artifact, won’t our Human Race’s advantage disappear?”

Zhong Liang nodded, “This is also something we're worried about.”

“But when we were fighting with the Black Ink Clan, how come we didn’t discover any Palace Artifact?”

“This thing didn’t come from Blue Sky War Zone, but from Yin-Yang War Zone.”

“The Yin-Yang War Zone…” Yang Kai muttered. The Yin-Yang War Zone was undoubtedly the one governed by the Yin-Yang Pass. After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai asked, “When did Martial Uncle Ding obtain this artifact?”

“About half a year ago,” Zhong Liang replied and added, “The Yin-Yang War Zone only discovered this palace artifact not long ago. The first time it was discovered was more than two years ago.”

“More than two years…” Yang Kai thought for a moment, “If that’s the case, the Black Ink Clan in the Yin-Yang War Zone has only recently developed this palace artifact and hasn’t had time to perfect it yet. Since it’s an incomplete palace artifact, it definitely hasn’t spread out among the Black Ink Clan. No wonder Blue Sky War Zone can’t see it.”

Zhong Liang nodded and said, “It hasn’t spread yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. Once that person perfects the refining method, the Black Ink Clan’s army will be equipped with a large number of palace artifacts. This is definitely not good news for the Human Race.”

“Does Yin-Yang Pass have any countermeasures?”

Zhong Liang turned to look at him, “If it’s you, what good plan do you have?”

Yang Kai muttered to himself for a moment before coldly saying, “Cut the weeds and eliminate the roots! Find a way to find that Black Ink Disciple who refined the Palace Artifact. If possible, bring him back. If not… we can only kill him.”


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