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Activating the Universe Escape Law required a suitable opportunity, and it was best not to be disturbed by others. Once disturbed, one would definitely fail.

Even if one successfully used the Universe Escape Law and returned to the Fourth Base’s Expelling Black Ink Battleship, it would be two days before they could return to the battlefield. At that time, the battle would probably have ended and the human race army’s combat strength would be reduced.

However, if the Human Race soldiers who had fought against the Black Ink Clan had prepared a few Expelling Black Ink Pills, the situation would have been different. Even if they had been corroded by the Ink Force, as long as they had taken the Expelling Black Ink Pills in time, they would not have been in any danger of Ink Transformation and could still remain on the battlefield.

In other words, on the battlefield, the Expelling Black Ink Pill was sometimes more useful than the Purification Light.

“Ever since you entered the pass, our Blue Sky Pass has become the focal point of the entire Human Race’s frontline,” Zhong Liang suddenly laughed.

Yang Kai was confused, “The focal point?”

Zhong Liang said, “You see, you brought the Purifying Light, and when news of this spread, all the various mountain passes sent out Eighth Order masters, bringing along a forged Expelling Black Ink Battleship. This is the first time. The Void Yin-Yang Mirror was also contributed by you, and the method to refine it was also sent to various human race mountain passes by my Blue Sky Pass. This is the second time. Now that we have refined the Expelling Black Ink Pill, this pill recipe must also be sent to various mountain passes. Those mountain passes who obtained the Expelling Black Ink Pill’s pill recipe must be overjoyed and deeply grateful to our Blue Sky Pass. Naturally, Blue Sky Pass became the focus of attention, and all of this was brought about by you.”

“It's disciple’s duty.”

Zhong Liang shook his head and said, “In the past, I never thought that a single person could change the course and structure of this vast battlefield, but now that I’ve grown old, I can see it in you.”

“Perhaps Disciple’s luck is flourishing?” Yang Kai smiled.

Zhong Liang also smiled, “This isn’t just a matter of luck, perhaps… this eternally unchanging battlefield will really change. Forget it, let’s not talk about this, how has your cultivation been recently?” Zhong Liang suddenly changed the subject.

Yang Kai replied, “Everything is fine.”

Zhong Liang nodded, “From the looks of it, your aura has become more condensed over the past few years, so you must have gained a lot. However, cultivating in the Open Heaven is a process that accumulates over a long period of time. No matter when, you must not become arrogant and impetuous. It has only been a few years since you broke through to the Seventh Order, so there’s no need for you to be in such a hurry to climb to the Eighth Order. With your aptitude and foundation, as long as the time comes, you will naturally succeed. If not, no matter how you try, it will be useless.”

Yang Kai respectfully replied, “Disciple understands.”

Zhong Liang said, “Since you understand, don’t rush back to cultivate. I have something I need you to do.”

“What is it?” Yang Kai turned to look at him.

Zhong Liang said, “Didn’t you open the gates to eleven Secret Realms in the resource production area of Fourth Base a few years ago? Did Zha Hu ever tell you that many of the Secret Realms in the Ink Battlefield gather together?”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Garrison Chief had mentioned this matter.”

“En.” Zhong Liang stroked his beard and said, “It’s like this. In the past, our Blue Sky Pass’ soldiers also discovered Secret Realms in many places, but there weren’t many of them. Most of the time, even if we found one or two Secret Realms, there would only be one or two. The meaning of the Secret Realm is that in the places where the Secret Realms were discovered, there would definitely be more Secret Realms hidden. It’s just that we don’t have the means to find those hidden gates, so naturally, we won’t be able to collect the resources inside.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai suddenly understood, “Sir wants me to go to the places where the Secret Realm was discovered before and look for the hidden gates?”

“That’s right!” Zhong Liang nodded, “You’re proficient in the Space Law, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find those hidden gates. There are many good things in the Secret Realm! Let’s not talk about anything else, just finding more Profound Female Fruit Trees will be of great use to us.”

Yang Kai understood, “Since that’s the case, Disciple will go back and make some preparations before setting off.”

Zhong Liang waved his hand and said, “There’s no need to make any preparations, you can set out now. I’ve already informed your Dawn Squad and they’re waiting for you outside the pass. You just need to meet up with them. As for the locations of those discovered Secret Realm, I’ve already told Feng Ying to lead you there.”

Yang Kai was stunned. He hadn’t expected Zhong Liang to be so well-prepared. He had even informed the Dawn Squad about this, so it was obvious that he had no intention of letting him return to cultivate.

However, since this was his order, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t disobey and immediately cupped his fists, “Disciple will go now.”

Zhong Liang said, “There’s no need to rush this matter, you can take your time. When you’re done, you can come back. Also, while you’re dealing with these matters, no one will contact you in the pass. Unless you encounter some kind of danger, there’s no need to inform the pass’ people, you must be careful.”

Yang Kai nodded and walked away in confusion. He had a feeling that Zhong Liang’s actions were somewhat abnormal, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on why.

After he left, a figure suddenly appeared beside Zhong Liang. It was the Eastern Army Regiment Commander, Ding Yao.

“You sent him away?” Ding Yao asked.

Zhong Liang nodded, “En.” Then he asked, “What about that old man surnamed Tang?”

Ding Yao shrugged, “Shentu is accompanying him.”

Zhong Liang frowned, “Why did this old bastard suddenly come to Blue Sky Pass?”

Ding Yao shook his head and said, “He didn’t say, but Tang Qiu is still an Eighth Order, after all. Transporting from the Yin-Yang Pass to this place requires a lot of resources, so he shouldn’t have come here for no reason.”

Zhong Liang frowned, “Don’t tell me it’s really like what we’re thinking, after seeing Yang Boy create so many good things, he wants to poach him?”

Ding Yao’s expression became fierce, “He dares!”

“Let’s not talk about whether he dares or not, he definitely has such intentions. The last time he came here, he had such intentions, but that little brat Yang didn’t leave with him. Now that he’s come here again, what he wants to do is like a flea on a baldy’s head, it’s clear. No matter what, that little brat Yang is a member of Yin-Yang Heaven, Tang Qiu is an Eighth Order Yin-Yang Heaven cultivator, and also the Regiment Commander of Yin-Yang Pass, so it’s normal for him to want to bring that little brat back to Yin-Yang Pass.”

“Once you enter my Blue Sky Pass, you’ll always be a member of Blue Sky Pass!” Ding Yao snorted, “If that Old Man Tang really has ideas on that Yang boy, I’ll beat the shit out of him!”

Zhong Liang glanced at him and said, “Then I’ll wait and see. When the time comes, don’t hesitate to take action.”

Ding Yao coldly snorted.

Zhong Liang sneered, “Let’s go and find out what this old bastard is up to. He’s been here for a few days now, we can’t just leave him alone.”

On the other side, Shentu Mo was accompanying a middle-aged man in plain clothes. The two of them chatted as they walked, but Shentu Mo’s expression remained indifferent and he didn’t speak much. It was the middle-aged man who spoke more.

This middle-aged man was the Eighth Order Yin-Yang Heaven master Yang Kai had met before, Tang Qiu, who was also the Regiment Commander of Yin-Yang Pass.

In the past, Tang Qiu had brought the Expelling Black Ink Battleship built by Yin-Yang Pass to Blue Sky Pass, and Yang Kai had met him. At that time, Tang Qiu had also brought Xu Linggong with him.

After walking for a while, Tang Qiu suddenly stopped and smiled bitterly, “Brother Shentu, your Blue Sky Pass’ hospitality is a bit disappointing.”

With a straight face, Shentu Mo lightly said, “My Blue Sky Pass has always treated others with sincerity. When a friend comes, there will be wine and meat. If an enemy comes, what awaits him will be the thunderous methods of my Blue Sky Pass’ tens of thousands of soldiers.”

Tang Qiu’s eyes twitched, “How is this Tang an enemy of Blue Sky Pass?”

Shentu Mo turned around and threw him a sideways glance, “Whether you are friend or foe is entirely up to Brother Tang.”

Tang Qiu couldn’t help laughing, “What does Brother Shentu mean? This Tang doesn’t understand, so I ask Brother Shentu to enlighten me.”

Shentu Mo shook his head in silence.

Tang Qiu sighed lightly, “Fine, fine, since Blue Sky Pass doesn’t welcome this Tang, this Tang will leave.”

“Please!” Shentu Mo immediately stretched out his hand, as if he couldn’t wait for him to leave.

Tang Qiu’s breath was so heavy that he almost couldn’t breathe, but after suppressing it with great difficulty, he said hatefully, “I definitely have to leave, but before I leave, I want to see someone.”

Shentu Mo immediately looked at him vigilantly, “Who do you want to see?”

Tang Qiu spat out two words, “Yang Kai!”

“Good old fogey, you’re showing your fox tail now. I knew you came to Blue Sky Pass with ill intentions, but you still came here to dig the corner.” An angry shout rang out as two figures descended from the sky. It was Zhong Liang and Ding Yao, who had arrived together and overheard Tang Qiu’s words.

When he landed, Zhong Liang immediately looked towards Ding Yao, “Brother Ding, you heard him, hurry up and attack!”

Ding Yao formed a fist with one hand and a palm with the other, and when they met, a loud bang rang out.

Tang Qiu immediately became wary, “What are you doing?”

Only now did he realize that Blue Sky Pass’ three Regiment Commanders had formed a triangle around him. Three profound auras locked onto him, causing his hair to stand on end.

Ding Yao let out a sinister laugh, “Nothing, I’m just beating up some vicious wolf.”

Tang Qiu was flabbergasted, “How did this Tang become a wolf?”

Zhong Liang snorted, “Last time you tried to steal my Blue Sky Pass’ corner, but you failed, and now you want to come again? It seems my Blue Sky Pass has been too lenient with others. If we don’t beat you up this time, I’m afraid you won’t know how powerful we are!”

Tang Qiu quickly raised his hand and said, “Wait, wait, this Tang didn’t have such intentions. I only wanted to see Yang Kai because my Yin-Yang Pass’ Expelling Black Ink Battleship’s Purifying Light had been used up, so I asked him to replenish it.”

“Would I believe you?” Zhong Liang sneered and waved his hand, “Beat him up!”

Three figures shot towards Tang Qiu like arrows.

“You…” Tang Qiu turned pale with fright. He hadn’t expected these three old fogies to actually dare to attack. He was already surrounded by these three old fogies, and now that he had lost the initiative, how could he be their opponent?

After dodging and resisting for a while, it was unknown how many punches and kicks he had taken.

Fortunately, no matter who it was, the four Eighth Order Regiment Commanders were still wary of the fact that they were inside the mountain pass, so when they attacked, they were able to control all of their strength within a ten meter radius. Even so, it was still a shocking battle.


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