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Counting the days, it took Yang Kai a full year to repair the damage his Small Universe had suffered. During this time, Yang Kai could clearly feel the decline in his foundation, causing his rate of refining resources to fall greatly.

He had never fought with anyone before, if he did, his strength would definitely drop.

Small Universe was the foundation of the Open Heaven cultivator. Once Small Universe was damaged, the impact it would bring would be great.

However, the fact that the Subtree was able to completely repair his Small Universe in just a year was beyond Yang Kai’s expectations. This speed was quite fast. He had asked Feng Ying about the effects of the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, and it was said that even after consuming the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, it would take at least a year or two to repair the damaged Small Universe, and at most three to five years or even more.

From the looks of it, the healing effect of the Subtree was stronger than the Profound Female Spirit Fruit.

Now, not only had he completely repaired his Small Universe, but he had also restored the damaged Dragon Bead from his battle with Chasing Wind Territory Lord.

In the battle with Chasing Wind Territory Lord, Yang Kai had used all his strength, and in the end, he had no choice but to use the Dragon Bead to attack the powerful enemy. Although the power of this move was great, it was extremely dangerous. If the Dragon Bead was destroyed, the consequences would be unimaginable.

In that battle, his Dragon Bead was damaged and filled with tiny cracks.

There was nothing he could do to repair the Dragon Bead, so he could only rely on his Dragon Vein to slowly nourish it. Fortunately, if he didn’t use the Dragon Transformation Secret Art, the problem with the Dragon Bead wouldn’t affect his strength.

After all these years, he had not deliberately done anything. Under the gradual nourishment of his Dragon Vein’s power, the Dragon Bead had now become perfect again.

Even more so than before, the most direct manifestation was that Yang Kai could clearly feel that his Dragon Vein had improved!

At first, he thought it was just his imagination, but upon closer inspection, he found that his Dragon Vein had indeed improved greatly.

This puzzled him.

The Dragon Bead being able to nourish and repair itself was within expectations, but the improvement of the Dragon Vein’s strength was a pleasant surprise.

After carefully examining his body’s changes, Yang Kai realized that this was a blessing left behind by Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer.

According to ancient legends, the Sun’s Burning Shine and the Moon’s Nether Glimmer were the origin of all Holy Spirits. The Dragon Clan was also the leader of the Holy Spirits and the leader of all spirits, so no matter how one looked at it, they had some kind of relationship with Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer.

Because of this, when Yang Kai had gone to seek help from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan because of the Ink Force, he was bestowed with two marks that could activate the Purification Light. Not everyone could activate these two marks and use the power of the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals to form the Purification Light.

If Yang Kai couldn’t urge this two marks, even if he had the Yellow Crystal and Blue Crystal, he wouldn’t be able to use them.

The first time he left the Chaotic Dead Territory, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had left a mysterious force inside Yang Kai’s body.

This power was not harmful to Yang Kai, nor would it help him grow rapidly, but it could stimulate the Dragon Vein in his body and make his Dragon Bloodline purer.

With the help of these two Supreme Existence, Yang Kai’s Dragon Vein strength had greatly increased. When he used the Dragon Transformation Secret Art, his original Dragon Body was only a thousand zhang long, barely qualifying him as a Big Dragon. When he used the Dragon Transformation Secret Art again, his Dragon Body was two thousand zhang long and his physique had doubled.

At that time, Yang Kai had felt that the mysterious power that Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had left in his body had not been completely consumed, but was instead hidden somewhere inside his body.

After so many years, Yang Kai had never felt this mysterious power again.

Unexpectedly, the damage to the Dragon Bead had quietly stimulated this mysterious force, allowing Yang Kai to almost not notice it and allowing his Dragon Vein to improve once again.

Yang Kai didn’t know how large his Dragon Transformation Secret Art would be if he were to use it in his current state. Presumably, it would be much larger than the original two thousand zhang.

When he was free in the future, he planned to find an opportunity to experiment with the various transformations of the Dragon Transformation Secret Art.

After the Small Universe’s repairs were completed, Yang Kai once again recovered the efficiency of refining a set of Seventh Grade Resources every half a year, allowing his foundation to grow at an astonishing rate.

According to this progress, Yang Kai estimated that in less than a thousand years, he would be able to break through to the Eighth Grade.

In a thousand years, he can break through from the Seventh Order Open Heaven to the Eighth Order. This kind of speed was simply terrifying. One had to know that there were so many Seventh Order Open Heaven masters in Blue Sky Pass, many of whom had been stuck at this realm for thousands of years. Firstly, their aptitude was limited, and secondly, their accumulation was insufficient.

Under normal circumstances, for a Seventh Order to advance to the Eighth Order, no matter how outstanding one’s talent was, three thousand years of accumulation was essential. Under normal circumstances, it would be around five thousand years.

As for advancing from the Eighth Order to the Ninth Order, that was something that could easily be calculated over ten thousand years. Even Open Heaven cultivators had enough lifespan to complete such a long process.

It was precisely because of the long and arduous growth of the Open Heaven that although the Cave Heaven Paradise had existed for countless years, there were still not many Ninth Order Old Ancestor masters. No one could guarantee that their growth would be smooth-sailing. Even if they had the qualifications to advance to the Ninth Order, if any accidents occurred during the long process of growth, they would lose their future and their lives.

The reason why Yang Kai only needed a thousand years was firstly because he had refined a Seventh Grade resource when he was cultivating, so his efficiency was extremely high. Secondly, his Small Universe had the World Tree Subtree, so his refining speed was several times faster than an ordinary person’s. Moreover, his Small Universe had raised so many living creatures and was constantly increasing his foundation.

The accumulation of these advantages allowed him to grow quickly.

A thousand years was just the ideal time. If anything were to happen during this time, the amount of time one could cultivate would naturally increase.

Continuing with his previous cultivation habits, after refining a set of resources every half a year, he would come out of seclusion for several days to relax.

In the blink of an eye, several years had passed.

One time, when Yang Kai come out from seclusion, he saw Zhong Liang waiting for him.

Yang Kai’s cultivation practice was extremely regular, so it wouldn’t be difficult for him to wait until he came out.

For the past few years, Blue Sky Pass had been safe and sound, so when he first saw Zhong Liang, Yang Kai couldn’t help being surprised and stepped forward to greet him, “Does Sir have something to discuss with me?”

Zhong Liang nodded, “En, follow me.”

Yang Kai didn’t understand and quickly followed.

Soon, Yang Kai discovered that Zhong Liang went to the Pill Hall.

There was someone waiting outside, and it was none other than Tang Qun, whom Yang Kai had met before. After exchanging a few words with him, Yang Kai had a vague idea why Zhong Liang had brought him to the Pill Hall.

Under Tang Qun’s lead, the two quickly arrived at a large hall.

There were already three people waiting in the main hall. Two of them were Zhu Geming and Zhou Fang whom Yang Kai had met before, while the other one was someone Yang Kai didn’t know. However, he had a head full of white hair and a youthful complexion. Judging from his aura, he was also an Eighth Order Open Heaven.

Seeing Yang Kai, Zhu Geming and Zhou Fang were both extremely excited and quickly rushed forward to greet him.

Yang Kai greeted them one by one and observed their expressions. Although they were excited, their expressions were somewhat tired. Compared to when he first met them, whether it was Zhu Geming or Zhou Fang, both of them had lost a lot of weight.

One had to know that they were all Eighth Order. Although they didn’t know much about battle techniques, their grades were still quite high. It was unknown what they had encountered over the years that had caused such a change.

Zhong Liang introduced the old man to Yang Kai, “This is Pill Hall’s Hall Master, Fu Zhou.”

Yang Kai bowed again, “So it’s Senior Fu.”

Fu Zhou stroked his beard and smiled, “The younger generation will surpass us in time.”

Zhu Geming said impatiently, “Enough nonsense, testing pills is more important.”

Zhou Fang also nodded vigorously.

Hearing this, Yang Kai felt that his guess was correct and asked in surprise, “Did you deduce the recipe for the Expelling Black Ink Pill?”

It had been several years since Yang Kai had handed over the incomplete pill recipe to the two Alchemy Grandmasters. During this time, Yang Kai would occasionally inquire about their progress. At first, their progress seemed to be quite smooth, but later on, they encountered a lot of difficulties and the Pill Hall had been unable to deduce the complete pill recipe.

But now, listening to Zhu Geming’s tone, not only had they managed to deduce the pill recipe, they had even successfully refined the Expelling Black Ink Pill.

Zhou Fang nodded and said, “We've deduced it and refined a few Expelling Black Ink Pills, but whether they have any effect or not, we’ll have to test them first. I called you here today to test them.”

Yang Kai nodded, finally understanding why Zhu Geming and Zhou Fang looked so tired. Over the past few years, they had worked tirelessly and suffered countless failures, deducing the pill recipe must have consumed a lot of energy.

Since this was testing the pill, Yang Kai naturally had no objections. He also hoped that the Expelling Black Ink Pill would appear soon, so he immediately asked, “What do you need me to do?”

Zhong Liang said, “If you want to test the effects of the Expelling Black Ink Pill, someone must be contaminated by the Ink Force. There is no Ink Force here, but your Small Universe had been sealing it for a while, so what you need to do is draw out the Ink Force. In addition, if the Pill Trial goes smoothly, it’s fine, but if it doesn’t, you’ll need to activate the Purification Light to help.”

“Understood,” Yang Kai nodded and asked, “Then who will receive the Ink Force?”

Zhu Geming immediately jumped out, “Let me, let me!”

Zhou Fang pushed him away and said, “Since you’re old, you should just stay here and leave this matter to me.”

Zhu Geming was furious, “Old bastard, you have the face to say I’m old? Take a look at yourself first.”

Zhou Fang said disdainfully, “In terms of age, I’m three hundred years younger than you, so naturally you should give this young man a chance.”

Zhu Geming’s mouth twitched, “You have the face to call yourself a young man?”

Yang Kai, who was watching from the side, was dumbfounded, thinking to himself, 'You want to take it? It seems that the relationship between these two Grandmasters isn’t very good.'

On the side, Fu Zhou smiled and said, “Little friend have seen something embarassing. This matter is related to the effects of the Expelling Black Ink Pill, so if you personally experience it, you will naturally be able to feel it more deeply. However, what Junior Brother Zhou said is correct. This matter is extremely important, so there is no harm in giving young people a chance.”

Saying so, he turned his head to the side and said, “Tang Qun, you go.”

Tang Qun was watching from the side with his head lowered. He didn’t have the courage to comment on the quarrel between the two Grandmasters. In fact, after leading Yang Kai and Zhong Liang here, he had remained silent. He hadn’t expected to be called out at this moment.

After being stunned for a moment, he immediately cupped his fists and said, “Yes!”


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