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There was nothing else in the ring but corpses!

The Black Ink Clan’s corpses were densely packed.

Although they had already died, judging from the aura left behind by these corpses, many of the Black Ink Clan’s members were clearly Feudal Lords.

Yang Kai asked in surprise, “Did the Black Ink Clan’s army attack again recently?”

Zhong Liang shook his head, “Of course not.”

“Then… where did these things come from?” If they hadn’t encountered the Black Ink Clan army, how could these corpses be explained?

Zhong Liang shot Ding Yao an annoyed look, but the latter simply said, “This king personally went to the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland and destroyed several of their territories.”

Although these words were spoken lightly, how could Yang Kai not feel the dangers involved? Even if Ding Yao was an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, entering the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands like this would definitely be filled with dangers, and the injuries he had suffered were the best proof.

“Originally, I could have killed another Territory Lord , but unfortunately, that guy ran too fast.” Ding Yao’s tone was filled with regret. Even someone as strong as him, facing a Territory Lord head-on, defeating him was not difficult, but killing him was not easy.

It was for this reason that Yang Kai and Bai Yi had joined forces to kill Chasing Wind Territory Lord, allowing them to obtain great battle merits.

Whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, Eighth Order and Territory Lord level masters were the most important pillars of support for both sides. Losing any one of them was an unbearable pain.

Yang Kai was dumbstruck. Combined with what Ding Yao had said before, how could he not know what kind of earth-shattering event this he had committed? Obviously, after obtaining the World Spring, he had gone to the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland and caused a great ruckus.

In the past, he might have had such thoughts, but even if he was an Eighth Order, resisting the corrosion of the Ink Force for a long time would definitely consume a great deal of his strength. Now that he had the World Spring, there was no need for him to worry about the Ink Force’s harm, so he could freely fight his way into the Black Ink Clan’s territory and give them a big surprise.

The World Spring was indeed unable to increase the Open Heaven cultivator’s strength, but in this Ink Battlefield, it was far more helpful to an expert like Ding Yao than it was to Yang Kai.

So up until now, the few Universe Four Pillars they had were all carried by an Eighth Order Open Heaven.

“You should be able to exchange the items in this ring for quite a number of battle merits if you take them to the Merit Palace,” Ding Yao said lightly.

Yang Kai turned to look at Zhong Liang, “Is this… appropriate?”

After all, this was not an enemy he had killed, but a gift from Ding Yao. If he really did this, it would be equivalent to taking the merit points from Ding Yao. Yang Kai felt somewhat uneasy.

Hearing this, Zhong Liang chuckled, “There’s nothing inappropriate about it. If he gives it to you, just take it. Your Martial Uncle Ding doesn’t like owing others favors.”

“But… there are too many of them,” Yang Kai felt that the ring in his hand was quite heavy. He didn’t count how many corpses there were, but there were at least several tens of thousands of them. Although most of them were Low Rank Black Ink Clans and High Rank Black Ink Clans, and there were also many High Feudal Lords, the amount of battle merits they could exchange for was definitely not small.

Ding Yao coughed lightly and said, “If you feel apologetic, I have a request.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Sir, please speak.”

Ding Yao said, “If it’s convenient, I’d like to take some humans from your Small Universe.”

When a cultivator’s cultivation reached the High Rank Open Heaven, after their Small Universe’s physical body became solid, he would have the qualifications to raise living creatures within his body. This way, the reproduction of the living creatures that were being raised would increase the Small Universe’s foundation at all times, allowing it to shorten the time of a cultivator’s cultivation and help them grow faster.

Ding Yao naturally had the qualifications to do so long ago, but the Ink Battlefield was extremely dangerous, and every time the Black Ink Clan army attacked, he would have to go into battle to kill his enemies. When fighting against a powerful enemy, the Small Universe would inevitably become restless. If there really was a living creatures trapped inside, it would be impossible for them to survive for long and would eventually die.

Now, things were different. With the World Spring, the Small Universe was flawless, and even if he encountered a powerful enemy, it would not be shaken.

He was still far from reaching the Ninth Order, so he naturally wanted to raise some living creatures in his body to shorten the time it would take for him to break through.

In the entire Blue Sky Pass, Yang Kai was the only one who had a living creatures inside his Small Universe, so the only one who could help him in this matter was naturally him.

Therefore, when Yang Kai heard this, he immediately understood Ding Yao’s intentions, “Does Sir want to manage your Small Universe?”

“Yes!” Ding Yao nodded.

Yang Kai understood, “Now that Sir has the World Spring to seal the Small Universe, it is indeed possible for you to properly manage it. However, Sir, compared to the Human Race, perhaps I can provide you with a better choice.”

“A better choice?” Ding Yao raised his brow, even Zhong Liang was surprised.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before stretching out his hand and grabbing the air. The moment the Small Universe’s door opened, a strange stone-like creature appeared in front of him.

As soon as this creature appeared, it was obviously at a loss as to why it had suddenly appeared in such a place. However, its intelligence was obviously not very high, so it appeared somewhat stupid. It ignored the people around it and began walking around.

“This is…” Ding Yao frowned as he looked around.

Zhong Liang also watched curiously.

No one had ever seen such a strange creature before, so they couldn’t help feeling curious.

“I call it the Small Stone Race. This type of creature was found in a new Great Domain.”

“New Great Domain?” Ding Yao was surprised.

Yang Kai nodded and immediately explained the origins of the Small Stone Race, causing Ding Yao and the others to click their tongues in amazement. They hadn’t expected that the 3000 Worlds would actually discover a new Great Domain.

“Compared to the Human Race, the benefits of keeping this Small Stone Race are much greater. The same number of Human Race and Small Stone Race can increase the Small Universe's foundation through their reproduction, but the later does it several times greater than the former.”

“Several times?” Zhong Liang exclaimed, his expression changing, “Is there really a difference of several times?”

“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Why?” Zhong Liang was puzzled.

Yang Kai shook his head, “I don’t know either. Although I’ve raised them for many years, I don’t know the exact reason. I can only say that these strange creatures are naturally extremely beneficial to the Small Universe. So if Sir Ding Yao wants to manage his own Small Universe, this Disciple recommends that he choose the Small Stone Race first. As for the Human Race, now that my Small Universe has the World Tree Subtree, if they multiply, after three or five generations, they will also be able to obtain the World Tree Subtree's feedback. In the future, there will definitely be many geniuses.”

Ding Yao’s eyes flashed with a brilliant light, “Since you have this Small Stone Race, it’s naturally the best. How much can you split?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Sir can have as many as you want. To be honest, it’s not difficult to raise these little fellows. Their reproduction speed is astonishingly fast, just like ants. As long as there are enough resources and ant queens, quantity will never be a problem. However, the demand for resources to raise them is quite high. If it was the Blue Sky Pass in the past, it might not have been able to support them, but now it shouldn’t be a problem. The First, Second and Third Grade resources mined shouldn’t be of much use, right? The Small Stone Race never refuse it.”

Ding Yao and Zhong Liang glanced at each other before turning to Yang Kai, “We’ll do as you say.”

Yang Kai didn’t have any objections and immediately began distributing the Small Stone Race's members.

After a few days of hard work, Yang Kai had managed to distribute more than half of his Small Stone Race. Only then was Ding Yao satisfied.

With these Small Stone Race as his foundation, as long as he could supply them with resources in the future, the Small Stone Race in his Small Universe would definitely grow exponentially. In time, they would be able to help him reach the Ninth Order, saving him many years of bitter cultivation.

After Ding Yao left, although he had gained a lot from this trip and returned safely, he had still been injured. Now that he had obtained the Small Stone Race, it was time for him to carefully study them, so he didn’t stay any longer.

Zhong Liang wasn’t in a hurry to leave, instead turning to Yang Kai and asking, “Without the World Spring, are you sure you can resist the corrosion of the Ink Force?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai grinned, “Sir, have you forgotten? Disciple's Small Universe has always sealed a large amount of Ink Force in his body. If something had happened to him, it would have happened a long time ago. Why would it wait until today?”

Zhong Liang was stunned for a moment before thinking about this matter and couldn’t help sighing.

From his point of view, he hoped that the World Tree Subtree would not have the World Spring’s effects. This way, Yang Kai would have to stay in the Blue Sky Pass and not run around.

However, most things in life went against one’s will, and now that things had reached this point, he could only sigh helplessly.

“That’s right, Sir, I must return this to you,” Yang Kai said as he took out another box and handed it to Zhong Liang.

Zhong Liang took it suspiciously and opened it, asking in surprise, “You didn’t take this fruit?”

Inside the box was the Profound Female Spirit Fruit he had given to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai said, “The World Tree Subtree has the ability to repair the damage done to the Small Universe, so there’s no need to take this fruit. Right now, my Small Universe is about to be completely repaired, the requirements for this fruit are quite high. Let the other fellow disciples use it.”

Zhong Liang was stunned, “World Tree Subtree has such an effect?”

Yang Kai smiled, “I only just found out.”

Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t joke about such a thing, so Zhong Liang could only sigh at how amazing the World Tree Subtree was. A mere World Tree Subtree had so many benefits. If he could really refine the Main Tree, what kind of pleasant surprise would there be?

However, he also knew that this was impossible. Not to mention that the World Tree Main Tree was hidden in the Great Ruins Boundary, even the Great Ruins Boundary was not a place ordinary people could enter. This Secret Realm had always come and gone without a trace, and no one knew when it would appear or where it would appear. Whether one could enter or not depended entirely on luck.

In the end, Zhong Liang took the Profound Female Spirit Fruit and left. Yang Kai handed over the ring filled with Black Ink Clan corpses to Feng Ying and told her to go to the Merit Palace to register the battle merits. Yang Kai didn’t plan to keep this amount of battle merits for himself, but instead planned to keep it in the accounts of the entire Dawn Squad. After all, every repair of the Dawn Battleship required a large amount of battle merits, which is also for the purpose of his future plan.

After Feng Ying left, Yang Kai went into seclusion again. His Small Universe had yet to fully recover, but with the existence of the World Tree Subtree, the Small Universe’s restoration was naturally not a problem.

After another half a year, Yang Kai finally experienced the smooth and flawless feeling of the Small Universe.


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