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Cutting of the Small Universe’s territory didn’t just bring about an incomplete territory, but also a decline in one’s foundation.

If Yang Kai had just broken through to the Seventh Order, it was highly likely that his grade would drop from the Seventh Order to the Sixth Order.

However, after consuming a High Rank World Fruit and refining several sets of Seventh Grade resources in the past two years, Yang Kai had already accumulated quite a lot of Seventh Order foundation, so he didn’t need to worry about the risk of a drop in grade.

Thinking about it this way, the reason why Blue Sky Pass had given him a High Rank World Fruit was firstly because he had made great contributions, so it was a reward, and secondly, it was to prepare for this moment.

The fact that it had taken him two years to offer up the World Spring probably had some considerations.

What caught Yang Kai’s attention wasn’t the damage to his Small Universe, but rather the strange movements of the World Tree Subtree.

At this moment, the World Tree Subtree in his Small Universe was actually rustling as a mysterious force, invisible to the naked eye, spread out from the World Tree Subtree and rushed towards his Small Universe’s damaged body.

This process was completely out of Yang Kai’s control, and he didn’t know what was happening. However, when the mysterious power emerged from the World Tree Subtree, his pain was greatly relieved, as if he had encountered a clear spring in the middle of a hot dessert.

Not only that, but he also had a feeling that the World Tree Subtree's current abnormality was greatly beneficial to him!

However, Yang Kai didn’t immediately consume the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, so as not to worry Zhong Liang, he simply said, “Sir doesn’t need to worry, Disciple is fine.”

Saying so, he stood up and said, “Disciple will return first. It may take some time to repair the Small Universe’s condition.”

Seeing this, Zhong Liang didn’t try to stop him and simply nodded, “Good, but remember to quickly consume this Profound Female Spirit Fruit when you return.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded seriously, bowed, and quickly returned to his residence.

In the void, Zhong Liang watched Yang Kai leave before turning to look at Ding Yao.

At this moment, Ding Yao’s World Force fluctuated wildly, and from time to time, streams of energy would shoot out from his body and fuse into the void.

Just like how Yang Kai refined the World Tree Subtree, now that he wanted to refine the World Spring, he had to first remove the impurities on the World Spring after being remove from Yang Kai. After all, he had swallowed a large piece of Yang Kai’s Small Universe territory.

This large territory contained a portion of Yang Kai’s background, so it was not beneficial to him at all. On the contrary, it was harmful.

However, his cultivation was higher than Yang Kai’s, and the territory Yang Kai had cut off wasn’t big, so naturally there weren’t many impurities.

In just a few days, everything had been taken care of, and when he opened his eyes, his aura was even more condensed than before.

Seeing this, Zhong Liang let out a sigh of relief, “Congratulations Brother Ding, now that you have obtained the World Spring, there is hope for you to become a supreme existence!”

To these Eighth Order masters, the so-called supreme existence was naturally the Ninth Order.

There were more than ten Eighth Order Open Heaven masters in Blue Sky Pass, and the reason he had decided to let Ding Yao take over the World Spring was not only because of his outstanding strength, but also because he had broken through to the Seventh Order when he was young. Now, an Eighth Order Open Heaven master was not his limit, and in his lifetime, he had a chance to reach the Ninth Order Old Ancestor level.

In comparison, although Zhong Liang and the others had extraordinary strength, their potential had been exhausted. Peak Eighth Order was the highest achievement they could achieve.

It had been thousands of years since Ding Yao had broken through to the Eighth Order and had been immersed in this realm for a long time, but he was still quite far from reaching the Ninth Order.

If he could obtain the World Spring, it would undoubtedly shorten the time needed to reach the Ninth Order.

Hearing this, Ding Yao said, “The supreme existence matters still need to be tempered, both you and I know that. Now that I have obtained the World Spring, I can’t let that little brat’s efforts go to waste.”

Zhong Liang suddenly had a bad feeling, “What do you want to do?”

Ding Yao grinned, “That brat gave me a World Spring, so I’ll return him a big gift!”

Saying so, his figure flickered and he transformed into a golden light, disappearing into the distance.

Zhong Liang stood in place for a moment, his expression fluctuating as he couldn’t help cursing, “Brute, a complete brute!”

Although he said so, he didn’t chase after Ding Yao because he knew it was useless. Since Ding Yao had already made his decision, there was no way he could stop him, and with Ding Yao’s strength, this matter shouldn’t be too dangerous.

Inside the secret room, Yang Kai sat cross-legged, refining the Seventh Grade resources while paying attention to the changes in his Small Universe.

He didn’t consume the Profound Female Spirit Fruit because he wanted to see what kind of effect the strange movements of the World Tree Subtree would have on his Small Universe.

If he took the Profound Female Spirit Fruit and waited for the Small Universe to finish repairing itself, the abnormalities in the World Tree Subtree would disappear.

As time passed, the Small Universe’s changes became more obvious. The originally incomplete Small Universe began to slowly repair itself.

This shocked Yang Kai quite a bit.

It was only at this moment that he understood the consequences of the World Tree Subtree's actions.

This World Tree Subtree was actually able to repair the damaged Small Universe! In other words, even if he didn’t consume the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, it wouldn’t be a problem.

The World Tree Subtree actually had such an effect?

[MSN: Duh? It could even repair the almost destroyed Star Boundary.]

Counting the effects of the World Tree Subtree's ability to speed up his cultivation, it now had five benefits!

However, after thinking about it carefully, it was known as the World Tree. Even if he had only fused with a World Tree Subtree, it was still a World Tree. In the end, the Small Universe was still a Universe World. With the World Tree Subtree here, the damaged parts would slowly repair themselves. When he planted that World Tree Subtree in the Star Boundary, even the crumbling Star Boundary had stabilized.

Moreover, from the looks of it, the rate at which it was being repaired seemed to be quite fast, not much worse than consuming the Profound Female Spirit Fruit.

The benefits of the World Tree Subtree were not of much use to Yang Kai. After all, he would not be corroded by the Ink Force, so he did not need to cut off his Small Universe, but because of this, he was able to save a Profound Female Spirit Fruit. This fruit had always been in short supply inside the pass.

Later, he could return the Profound Female Spirit Fruit to Zhong Liang and place it on the War Preparation Palace for the people who need it.

A few months later, a streak of light suddenly appeared from the sky and landed in the small courtyard.

Sensing the commotion, Feng Ying quickly came out to investigate. When she saw who it was, she quickly saluted, “Greetings, Sir!”

The visitor was Ding Yao. It was unknown what he had done recently, but his killing intent was astonishing. As Feng Ying watched, he seemed to notice that Ding Yao had recently been injured.

Ding Yao stood with his hands behind his back and nodded slightly before turning his head to look around, “Where’s Yang Boy?”

Feng Ying quickly replied, “He’s still in closed door cultivation. Sir, please wait a moment, I’ll summon him right away.”

Ding Yao waved his hand, “Since he’s in closed door cultivation, there’s no need to call him, just wait for him to come out.”

Hearing this, Feng Ying said, “Junior Brother Yang basically comes out of seclusion once every half a year. Counting the days, it should be in the next few days. When he comes out, I’ll ask him to see Sir.”

Ding Yao, however, pulled up his robe and sat down in the corridor, “There’s no hurry, this king will wait for him here.”

Feng Ying was startled, not knowing what Ding Yao was up to that made him wait here personally, thinking to herself that Yang Kai hadn’t made any mistakes recently, so how could he trouble this Eastern Army Regiment Commander to come here?

Just as she was thinking this, another person descended from the sky. It was Zhong Liang.

Feng Ying quickly bowed with a look of inquiry.

Zhong Liang waved his hand and walked over to Ding Yao, sizing him up before clicking his tongue, “How is it? Are you seriously injured?”

Ding Yao said lightly, “It’s inevitable, but it’s worth it. Let those guys know that they aren’t the only ones who can come to fight with the Blue Sky Pass. If this old master is in a good mood, I’ll go and beat them up. If I’m in a bad mood, I’ll also teach them a lesson. Heh, let them have a taste of being beaten to their doorstep.”

Zhong Liang’s mouth twitched. He had long known that after Ding Yao took over the World Spring, he would not settle down, but now it seemed that this was indeed the case.

Feng Ying, who was listening from the side, had no idea what the two Regiment Commanders were talking about, but from what Ding Yao said, it seemed like he had fought a great battle with the Black Ink Clan somewhere.

Now that the Black Ink Clan was hiding in the void hinterland, didn’t that mean that Regiment Commander Ding Yao had slaughtered his way into the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland? This thought shocked her. In truth, after so many years, it wasn’t as if the Human Race hadn’t killed their way into the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland. Last time, Blue Sky Pass had been personally led by the Old Ancestor, which had led to a full-scale counterattack from the Black Ink Clan’s army, resulting in a great battle.

However, every time they entered the Black Ink Clan's hinterlands, it was always the Old Ancestor who led the team, ensuring the general safety of their journey. Although Ding Yao was an Eighth Order, he had to fight alone without any reinforcements, so he was taking a huge risk.

Feng Ying didn’t know why Ding Yao would do such a thing, but she didn’t ask.

Zhong Liang turned to look at her, “What are you standing there for? Didn’t you see your Martial Uncle Ding sitting here, not serving tea?”

Feng Ying quickly responded and took out a tea set to boil. Considering that Ding Yao was still injured, she even took out the spirit tea she had kept for many years to help him heal.

After Ding Yao finished drinking, his praised it.

A few days later, when Yang Kai came out, he saw this amazing scene.

In the corridor of the small courtyard, Ding Yao and Zhong Liang sat across from each other with a tea table in the middle. The two of them held teacups and drank from them, while Feng Ying knelt down and quietly cooked.

Yang Kai was flabbergasted, thinking he was seeing things.

Zhong Liang waved his hand and said, “Come, have some tea, you little brat is blessed. Your Senior Sister Feng’s Snow on the Cloud Top is a top quality spirit tea, it’s been many years since she last took it out.”

The atmosphere seemed a bit strange, so Yang Kai sat down obediently while Feng Ying poured him a cup of tea. As he sipped the tea, he gave Feng Ying a look, wanting to ask her what was going on.

Feng Ying pretended not to notice, causing Yang Kai’s nose to twitch.

Yang Kai didn’t know what spirit tea tasted like, but it was indeed very beneficial to cultivators. After a few cups of tea, Yang Kai felt much more refreshed.

Ding Yao finally put down his teacup and reached out to touch his chest. Turning his head, he spat out a mouthful of blood, which shot out like an arrow, creating a large hole in the ground.

After spitting out the blood, Ding Yao’s spirits visibly rose as he nodded towards Feng Ying, “Many thanks, Martial Nephew.”

Feng Ying bowed, “Martial Uncle is too serious!”

Ding Yao then turned to Yang Kai and casually tossed out a Space Ring, “For you!”

Yang Kai took it suspiciously and probed it with his Divine Sense, his expression immediately changing, “So many…”


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