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After carefully concentrating for a moment, Yang Kai opened the wooden box again and took out the High Rank World Fruit from the World Tree Subtree.

The fragrance wafted through the air, causing one’s appetite to be aroused.

Back then, he had also consumed a Mid Rank World Fruit from the Main Tree, allowing him to directly advance from the Fifth Order to the Sixth Order. Naturally, the taste of this fruit was still fresh in his mind.

After examining this fruit for a moment, Yang Kai opened his mouth and stuffed it into his mouth. As soon as the fist-sized fruit entered his mouth, Yang Kai flicked the tip of his tongue and the moment the fruit skin broke, a sweet taste filled his mouth.

A warm feeling flowed down his throat and into his stomach, and in the next moment, a storm began to stir within his Small Universe, giving birth to a massive amount of World Energy. Even the World Tree Subtree transplanted into his Small Universe began to rumble.

However, this sudden burst of energy did not harm Yang Kai in the slightest, nor did it contain any impurities. It was so pure that anyone could easily absorb it.

This was the profoundness of the World Fruit.

Yang Kai focused on maintaining his mental state and silently circulating his Profound Technique. Every time the Small Universe’s World Energy fluctuated, his foundation would increase slightly, allowing his Small Universe’s World Force to become stronger.

This situation continued for more than ten days, and after nearly half a month, Yang Kai finally felt the World Fruit’s medicinal efficacy being completely refined.

Looking at his own Small Universe, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling slightly moved.

Although he already knew that this High Rank World Fruit wasn’t enough to allow him to directly break through to the Eighth Order, it was only enough to strengthen his foundation and save him a lot of time and effort, but the result today still surprised him.

The Small Universe’s foundation had increased by at least twenty percent compared to before, it would take at least three to five hundred years for him to cultivate this twenty percent.

In other words, a High Rank World Fruit from the World Tree Subtree had saved him three to five hundred years of hard work.

This benefit was not small.

Three to five hundred years of bitter cultivation was enough to stabilize his Seventh Order realm and increase his strength.

In fact, because the rate at which the Open Heaven cultivator’s grade rose was extremely slow, the number of years they cultivated could easily be measured in a hundred years, a thousand years, or even ten thousand years. As such, some people had proposed that each Open Heaven cultivator should be divided into the early, middle, and veteran stages, so it was easier to judge the strength of the Open Heaven cultivator.

According to this classification, Yang Kai was only an early stage Seventh Order, but after consuming this World Fruit, although he was still an early Seventh Order, his strength had increased significantly.

However, the division of strength was too complicated, so it wasn’t accepted by the world, so it was left unsettled.

However, this also explained why there was such a huge gap between Open Heaven cultivators of the same grade.

A newly promoted Seventh Order, an early stage Seventh Order, and a veteran Seventh Order, such as Feng Ying, who is definitely a veteran Seventh Order. The difference between the two was at least two or three thousand years of cultivation, and the gap between their foundations was huge, so if they really fought, they would naturally be no match.

One High Rank World Fruit saved him three to five hundred years of bitter cultivation, what if he consumed a few more?

Yang Kai couldn’t help fantasizing.

However, he also knew that this was impossible. Not to mention that there were only a dozen or so High Rank World Fruits harvested from the World Tree Subtree, the only reason he was able to obtain one was because of all the previous contributions he had made. With so many High Rank Open Heaven Fruits in Blue Sky Pass, everyone else had made great contributions, so these High Rank World Fruits were the best rewards. In fact, even the Eighth Order Garrison Chief and the Regiment Commanders would benefit greatly from these fruits.

On top of that, if Yang Kai were to consume the same treasure multiple times, its effects would definitely weaken. One High Rank World Fruit could save him three or five hundred years of hard work, while the second one would be halved. When he consumed the third and fourth one, it would be completely ineffective.

All rare and precious treasures had such characteristics.

[MSN: If only it act as exp, they could stack it. LOL]

In any case, Yang Kai was extremely satisfied with the harvest of this High Rank World Fruit.

The sudden increase in his strength and foundation also made him somewhat uncomfortable, so he quickly calmed his mind and consolidated his gains.

It wasn’t until a month later that Yang Kai let out a long sigh. Although he still wasn’t used to the sudden increase in strength, he was still able to display his full strength.

After resting for a moment, Yang Kai took out a set of Seventh Grade resources and began refining them.

In the past, when he was cultivating, he had always been refining Sixth Grade resources, but now that he had reached the Seventh Order, he naturally had the qualifications to refine a Seventh Grade resources.

Refining resources of the same grade as one’s own had always been the fastest and most desired cultivation method for Open Heaven cultivators.

However, for a High Rank Open Heaven, no one would be so extravagant.

Putting everything else aside, the Seventh Grade Yin and Yang Attribute resources were extremely rare, and even in the various Cave Heaven Paradise, they were considered strategic resources that could not be easily used. Who would be willing to use them to cultivate?

Yang Kai, on the other hand, was different. His Small Universe has a mountain of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, if he were to lacked anything, he would not lack the resources of the Yin and Yang attribute.

He had also prepared a lot of the Five Elements resources, enough for his cultivation, and in this Ink Battlefield, increasing his strength and rank as quickly as possible was the best way to establish himself, so he didn’t feel the slightest heartache when using Seventh Grade resources to cultivate.

Refining the entire set of resources to cultivate was the best way to do so.

There had once been a bored Open Heaven cultivator who had experimented by refining a set of Fourth Grade resources and then exchanging them for a corresponding number of Open Heaven Pills to refine. In comparison, refining a set of Fourth Grade resources could only increase one’s strength by half.

This person used a Fifth Grade resource for experiment and obtain the same result.

In other words, the benefits obtained from refining an entire set of cultivation resources were roughly equivalent to refining less than half of the Open Heaven Pills.

How could an ordinary Open Heaven cultivator be willing to waste so much?

The Open Heaven cultivators who conducted the experiments didn’t use Sixth Grade and Seventh Grade either. Firstly, their strength was insufficient, and secondly, their financial resources were quite limited.

But thinking about it, the result was the same. Whether it was refining a Sixth Grade or Seventh Grade resource, it would all be wasted.

What was wasted was not the strength of the resources themselves, but the maximum value of these resources.

However, Yang Kai only wanted to increase his strength as soon as possible. He didn’t lack resources, so what if he wasted them? Could the efficiency of refining the Open Heaven Pill be compared to refining a Seventh Grade resource?

The flow of time was so fast that Yang Kai’s Small Universe was able to slowly absorb and refine the power of the entire Seventh Grade Resource into his own foundation.

Even though Yang Kai was now a Seventh Order, it would still take a long time to refine a Seventh Order Resources.

After nearly half a year, the set of Seventh Grade resources was reduced to dust and its energy completely dissipated.

Yang Kai opened his eyes, his eyes flashing like lightning.

Refining a set of Seventh Grade resources allowed his Small Universe’s foundation to increase slightly.

However, during this entire process, he had a feeling that something was wrong. It wasn’t a bad thing, but the speed at which he refined these resources seemed to be much faster than expected.

This was also his first time refining a Seventh Grade resource during his cultivation, and he had never done so before, so he wasn’t certain, so he didn’t stop halfway.

Now that he thought back to the process of refining it, this speed was indeed ridiculously fast. It should be known that when he had refined a set of Sixth Grade Resources, it had taken him almost the same amount of time. Although at that time he had been a Sixth Order, now that his cultivation had increased by one rank, the speed at which he refined it had certainly increased, but it had also increased by quite a bit. Moreover, now that he was refining a Seventh Grade Resource, it was completely different from before.

An entire set of Sixth Grade resources was worth around 130 million to 150 million Open Heaven Pills. When Yang Kai was a Sixth Order cultivator, he could refine more than a hundred thousand Open Heaven Pills every day. If he used an entire set of Sixth Grade resources to exchange for Open Heaven Pills, it would take him at least four or five years to completely refine them.

However, if he were to refine an entire set of Sixth Grade resources, it would only take half a year.

Yang Kai had thought it would take him at least several years to refine a set of Seventh Grade resources, but he hadn’t expected such an outcome.

Frowning slightly, Yang Kai took out a set of Sixth Grade Resources and began refining them.

This time, while refining it, he also paid close attention to the changes in his Small Universe.

In just a short month, this set of Sixth Grade resources had been completely drained of their energy and had lost all value.

When Yang Kai opened his eyes again, a thoughtful look appeared on his face.

When he was a Sixth Order, it would take him half a year to refine a set of Sixth Order materials. Now that he had broken through to the Seventh Order and his strength had improved, it would take him at least three or four months to accomplish this.

When he was refining it, there was an external force helping him.

This external force was none other than the World Tree Subtree he had merged with his Small Universe!

Although he had paid close attention to the World Tree Subtree while refining resources, Yang Kai was certain that it was the problem.

Because right now, compared to when he was a Sixth Order, there were no other changes, only the presence of the Subtree in his Small Universe.

This small tree was actually able to increase the speed of refining resources, and it was also a massive improvement. What kind of logic was this?

Yang Kai didn’t understand, but this was a great benefit to him. The speed at which he refined these resources had increased. In other words, as long as he cultivated diligently, his strength would increase at a faster rate than an ordinary cultivator’s. Although he wouldn’t be able to see much in a short period of time, advancing from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order was a process that took time to accumulate. As time passed, the benefits the Subtree brought him would become terrifying.

Back then, he had told the Regiment Commanders that there were three benefits to obtaining the World Tree Subtree, but he hadn’t expected there to be another hidden benefit. He hadn’t intentionally concealed it, but at that time, he really hadn’t discovered it. If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s meditation cultivation, he probably wouldn’t have discovered it.

This was truly a pleasant surprise. This Subtree was something he had exchanged for with his battle merits, the amount of battle merits deducted for it was not small. However, compared to the various benefits the Subtree could bring him, what were these battle merits worth? It was simply a free gift.

Overjoyed, Yang Kai even found this boring cultivation method interesting, so he immediately took out another set of Seventh Grade resources to refine.

If others were to see such a luxurious action, they would definitely curse him for squandering!


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