Soon, Tang Qun led Yang Kai into a Heaven Pill Room. In the middle of the Pill Room was a tall pill stove with countless complicated patterns engraved on it. It was obviously extraordinary.

The Pill Stove that could be placed in this Heaven Pill Room were naturally the best Pill Stove in Blue Sky Pass and were personally forged by Divine Cauldron Heaven’s Artifact Refining Grandmasters.

There was more than one such Pill Stove in the Heaven Pill Room. On the other side of the Pill Room, there were five Pill Stove of different sizes. The smallest one was the size of a baby’s head, while the largest one was as tall as three people. What Yang Kai saw at first sight, in terms of size, was only in the middle.

It was easy to imagine that so many Pill Stove were meant for different situations and different spirit pills.

Tang Qun introduced the Pill Stove one by one before handing over a token and saying, “There is a great array in the Pill Room that can activate the Pill Fire. Senior Brother should first refine this token so that you can control the Pill Fire freely.”

Although almost every Alchemist had their own Pill Fire and it was easier to use their own Pill Fire to refine Spirit Pills, if they were to refine pills for a long time, it would be best to rely on the Pill Room’s Pill Fire to conserve their strength.

Yang Kai had used his Divine Consciousness Fire to refine pills in his early years, this fire was an unparalleled weapon in the Dao of Alchemy. However, as his cultivation increased and his Divine Consciousness condensed, this Divine Consciousness Fire seemed to be unable to keep up with his needs. At this moment, with the help of the Pill Room’s Pill Fire, it was naturally the best.

Yang Kai accepted the token.

Tang Qun hesitated for a moment before saying, “Senior Brother should refine it first, I will get the medicinal herbs required for Senior Brother.”

“Many thanks!” Yang Kai expressed his gratitude and waited for Tang Qun to leave before sitting down cross-legged and refining the token.

Refining the token didn’t take long, only an hour or so. With this token, Yang Kai could control the Pill Fire Array inside the Pill Room and control the Pill Fire as he wished.

At this time, Tang Qun also brought over the various herbs Yang Kai needed. Yang Kai examined them and confirmed that they were indeed what he needed. There were no mistakes, and the quantity was not small.

“If Senior Brother has something to say, please feel free to call me. This Tang will not disturb you any further,” Tang Qun said before taking his leave.

After he left, Yang Kai found a suitable Pill Stove from the Pill Room and arranged the herbs one by one, preparing to use them at any time.

It had been many years since he had last refined pills, and the last time he had done so was when he was in the Void Land refining the Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill, so his Alchemy skills had become somewhat rusty.

What’s more, the pill recipe he had obtained from the Ancestor’s note this time were not complete. After all, after countless years, the note itself had been damaged, so there wasn’t much useful information recorded in it. None of the pill recipes left behind were complete.

If he wanted to reproduce these pill recipes, he would need to experiment more.

However, if the experiment was successful, the benefits it would bring to the Human Race’s soldiers would be self-evident, provided that the pill refined from the pill recipe really had the effect described in the note.

Calming his mind, Yang Kai began condensing the medicinal liquid. This step wasn’t difficult for him, with a top quality Pill Stove and Pill Fire to borrow, as long as he was careful. Most experienced Alchemists wouldn’t make any mistakes at this step. Only those who were inexperienced would be unable to condense the medicinal liquid.

After condensing the medicinal liquid one by one, Yang Kai concentrated on controlling his Pill Fire and meticulously refining it according to the pill recipe recorded in the note.

After only half an hour or so, a strange sound suddenly came from the Pill Stove, followed by a burnt smell. Yang Kai’s hand paused for a moment, knowing that he had failed this time.

He didn’t show any signs of disappointment as he had never expected to succeed so easily. After all, the pill recipe itself was incomplete, so he just wanted to familiarize himself with its medicinal properties and refining process in order to complete it.

Only a complete pill recipe could refine a Spirit Pill.

Cleaning up the Pill Stove and pouring out the residue, Yang Kai focused his attention for a moment before beginning to refine again.

As time passed, Yang Kai became more proficient, slowly recovering the feeling he had when he was refining pills many years ago.

Although he hadn’t spent much time on Alchemy these past few years and had basically neglected it, he had still once received the Heavenly Law’s teachings on Alchemy. If he really persisted on this path, his current Alchemy attainments might not be much worse than the Alchemy Grandmasters of Blue Sky Pass.

Unfortunately, there was a limit to one’s strength. To him, the Martial Dao was always the most important goal he pursued, and any other distractions could be discarded.

After destroying a batch of herbs, Yang Kai’s understanding of the pill recipes recorded in the note became more thorough, but every time he tried to refine them, his efforts would go to waste.

This key point was the defects of the pill recipe recorded in the note.

This key point required a certain type of medicinal ingredient! Yang Kai didn’t know what this medicinal ingredient was, so he could only slowly experiment with it one by one, and his experiments weren’t blind.

Since this note was found in the Small Universe left behind by the Predecessor, it was highly likely that the medicinal herbs needed for the Pill Refining would appear in this Predecessor's Medicine Garden.

As such, the herbs he used for his experiments were all things that had appeared in the Secret Realm’s Medicine Garden and could be found in the Secret Realm. Yang Kai planned to experiment with all of these herbs first, and if he really couldn’t, he would think of another way.

The Pill Hall’s support for him was very strong. In a month’s time, Yang Kai had asked Tang for seven or eight medicinal herbs a month, and each time, the latter would quickly collect them.

However, such a large amount of demand also caused Tang Qun to hesitate, not knowing what kind of pill Yang Kai was refining. It had to be known that the medicinal herbs here in the Ink Battlefield were far more precious than the various cultivation resources. Although the Regiment Commander had ordered the Pill Hall to cooperate with Yang Kai, if they were to continue wasting their resources like this, it wouldn’t be a good idea.

On this day, a hale and hearty old man with white hair and beard arrived at the Pill Hall. Along the way, many Alchemists stopped to greet him and called out, “Grandmaster Zhuge.”

This old man was one of the top three Alchemy Grandmasters of Blue Sky Pass, Zhu Geming. In the entire Pill Hall, only the Hall Master and another Grandmaster could be compared to him. It could be said that he was the number one Alchemist in Blue Sky Pass. It was just that he had a carefree personality and didn’t understand the ways of the world, otherwise, the position of Pill Hall's Hall Master would undoubtedly be his.

The Pill Hall's Hall Master had also publicly declared that his Alchemy skills were somewhat inferior to Zhu Geming’s.

Arriving at the Medicine Hall that was in charge of herbs, Zhu Geming knocked on the table and casually called out the names of a bunch of herbs.

The Deacon who manage the Medicine Hall quickly invited him to sit down and personally went to find the herbs he needed for Zhu Geming.

A short while later, the Deacon walked over and bowed in front of Zhu Geming, “Grandmaster Zhuge, the herbs you requested are all here, but the number of Azure Feather Profound Vines is quite low. I’ve already sent someone to collect them from the Medicine Garden and will be back soon. Grandmaster, please wait a moment.”

Zhu Geming nodded and suddenly asked, “Did that old bastard Zhou Fang refine Fixed Universe recently?”

Fixed Universe was a type of Spirit Pill of extremely high grade, while Zhou Fang was another one of the Pill Hall’s three top Spirit Pill Grandmasters.

In the entire Pill Hall, below the Hall Master, the two of them had the highest status, but these two seemed to be rivals. Since arriving at Blue Sky Pass, thousands of years had passed, and there had been endless battles between Alchemists. The battles between Alchemists were all about Alchemy, but of course, there had been no lack of battles on words between them, neither of them willing to submit to the other.

In the entire Blue Sky Pass, besides the Hall Master, only Zhu Geming and Zhou Fang were capable of refining Fixed Universe. The Azure Feather Profound Vine was the main material for refining this Fixed Universe, and it could only be used when refining Fixed Universe, which was why Zhu Geming had such a speculation.

The Deacon shook his head, “It wasn’t Grandmaster Zhou who used it, it was Junior Brother Tang Qun who took it.”

Zhu Geming frowned when he heard this, “What does that little brat Tang Qun want to do with that Azure Feather Profound Vine?”

The Deacon smiled wryly, “I don’t know, but I heard from Junior Brother Tang that Yang Kai needed these herbs, and it was the Regiment Commander who personally ordered the Pill Hall to cooperate.”

“Which Yang Kai?” Zhu Geming raised his brow, “That Yang Kai?”

Although his words were vague, how could the Deacon not understand and quickly nodded, “It’s that Yang Kai.”

Yang Kai’s name had long since spread throughout Blue Sky Pass. Although the Pill Hall didn’t participate in the Black Ink Clan's battles, they had still heard some rumors about him. They knew that his arrival had brought many blessings to the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass, allowing the various great passes of the clan to have methods to dispel and purify the Ink Force.

“He also knows Alchemy?” Zhu Geming was shocked.

The Deacon looked around and seeing that there was no one around, he said, “Perhaps he knows a little, but he’s definitely not proficient in it. Grandmaster may not know this, but in the past month, this Yang Kai has consumed a lot of rare herbs. I asked Junior Brother Tang Qun and he said he hasn’t refined a single Spirit Pill yet. You should also know that such herbs as the Azure Feather Profound Vine are only used to refine Fixed Universe. Originally, there weren’t many of them stored here, but he has used most of them this past month and any other herbs wasn't counted yet.”

Hearing this, Zhu Geming frowned, “Isn’t this nonsense?”

The Deacon couldn’t help nodding his head, “Who can say no? The herbs inside the pass are extremely precious, and every single one of them could be a life-saving treasure at a critical moment. Since this is an order from the Regiment Commander, the Pill Hall can only cooperate fully.”

Zhu Geming asked gloomily, “Where is Yang Kai now?”

The Deacon said, “Junior Brother Tang Qun arranged for him to stay in the Heaven Three Pill Room.”

Zhu Geming stood up and said, “I’ll go take a look.”

The Deacon was startled and quickly tried to dissuade him, “Does Grandmaster want to make things difficult for Yang Kai? Please don’t, this is the order of the Regiment Commander.”

“So what if they’re Regiment Commanders? If they have the ability, if they’re injured, don’t eat this old master’s Spirit Pills!” Saying so, he left.

The Deacon was dumbstruck. He was just feeling sorry for the herbs that Yang Kai had consumed and was complaining about them in front of Zhu Geming, but who would have thought such a troublesome matter would occur?

He was well aware of Zhu Geming’s temper. If he went to Yang Kai’s side and got into a conflict, what would he do?


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