Zhong Liang said, “Since those humans live in your Small Universe, you should ensure that they don’t have to worry about food, and cultivation, as well as formulate some strategies to increase their numbers.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai nodded, “That’s true, this Disciple will think of a way in the future.”

In fact, the number of humans in his Small Universe had increased significantly over the years. After all, the Small Universe’s environment was quite good and there was no danger of conflict, so even if an ordinary person were to live here, they wouldn’t need to worry about anything.

Yang Kai had never cared about quantity. Birth, old age, sickness, and death were the cycle of reincarnation. It was precisely because of this that the continuation of the race was constantly improving the Small Universe’s foundation.

Now that the Small Universe had the World Tree’s Subtree, the population needed to be raised.

“Now that you’ve obtained the World Tree, I don’t know what kind of drawbacks you’ll have, but for the time being, you should stay in the pass and don’t run about,” Zhong Liang warned, “Also, the Blue Sky War Zone has been quite stable recently, so there won’t be any major battles in the next few decades. You should focus on cultivating and improving your strength.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied before continuing, “Sir, Disciple wishes to make a trip to the Pill Hall.”

Zhong Liang asked curiously, “Pill Hall? Why are you going to the Pill Hall?”

Yang Kai replied, “Sir may not know, but the master of the Secret Realm that this Disciple forcibly took in was an Alchemy Master with extremely high attainments in Alchemy. Coincidentally, this Disciple also dabbled in Alchemy a long time ago, so this time I took in his Secret Realm and refined many Alchemy Dao marks belonging to this ancestor. It can be said that I obtained some of his inheritance.”

The corners of Zhong Liang’s eyes twitched, “You still know about Pill Way?”

“What happened in the past is not worth mentioning now,” Yang Kai said humbly.

Ding Yao frowned and said, “You want to continue cultivating in the Alchemy Dao? You need to know that skill is more important than quantity. Only by focusing all your attention on the Martial Dao can you walk a straight path.”

Shentu Mo also nodded and said, “The Ink Battlefield does not lack Alchemists, what it lacks is materials for Alchemy. Don’t be distracted.”

Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Sirs, you misunderstand. Disciple doesn’t want to cultivate the Alchemy Dao, it’s just that this time I obtained a portion of that ancestor’s inheritance. In addition, Disciple also found a note left behind by that ancestor in the Secret Realm. Although it’s incomplete, some of the things recorded in it seem to have some use. Disciple wants to verify it, if i can, it might be of help to the soldiers in the pass in the future.”

“A note?” Ding Yao was surprised.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and in a flash, a palm-sized object appeared in his hand. This object was neither gold nor jade, and at a glance, it looked ancient, but there were many cracks on its surface, making it look damaged.

This was the note left behind by the Secret Realm's Master.

If Yang Kai hadn’t forcibly taken the entire Secret Realm into his Small Universe, he might not have been able to find it.

It had been countless years since the fall of the Alchemist, and the Small Universe left behind had undergone countless years of changes, causing the landscape to change greatly.

This note was hidden deep underground.

However, Yang Kai had forced the Secret Realm into his Small Universe’s body. Over the past few years, he had spent a great deal of effort to separate this Secret Realm from his own Small Universe.

In this way, it was equivalent to searching the entire Secret Realm in all directions and finding any hidden items.

This note was one of the harvests, and the other was the rare herbs that had yet to be harvested in the Secret Realm.

Yang Kai and Bai Yi’s exploration of the Secret Realm had not been complete, and after discovering the Medicine Garden, they had stopped. Naturally, there were many medicinal herbs left behind in the Secret Realm, all of which Yang Kai had transplanted into his Small Universe’s Medicine Garden.

The information recorded in the note was very messy, since it had been damaged, but Yang Kai could still determine that this note contained the various Alchemy insights left behind by the previous Alchemy Master and some strange pill formulas.

One of the pill recipes that had a relatively complete record made him particularly concerned.

Zhong Liang took the note from Yang Kai’s hand and immersed himself in it. After a moment, he frowned and asked, “Can you understand it?”

According to his perception, there was indeed some information left behind in this note, but many words were different, making it difficult for him to understand them. There were also some strange words that even he couldn’t recognize, which were obviously ancient characters.

Yang Kai replied honestly, “I can barely understand it, so I still need to verify it.”

After all, he had refined many of the Alchemy Dao marks in the Secret Realm and obtained a portion of the inheritance of the Ancient Alchemy Master. If there was anyone in this world who could understand this note, it was him.

Ding Yao and the others also took turns examining the note, all of them with blank looks on their faces, just like Zhong Liang.

After pondering for a moment, Zhong Liang said, “If you want to go to the Pill Hall, go ahead. I’ll call them over and have them cooperate with you.”

“Many thanks, Sir.”

Zhong Liang waved his hand, “However, you still have to focus on cultivation, you must not waste your time.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Zhong Liang and the others quickly left.

Only then did Yang Kai return to Breaking Dawn and meet with the members of the Dawn Squad. Breaking Dawn quickly transformed into a stream of light and entered the pass.

Entering Blue Sky Pass, Yang Kai immediately rushed towards the Pill Hall.

The Pill Hall was located in the northwest corner of Blue Sky Pass and occupied a large territory. This was where all the Alchemists of Blue Sky Pass refined pills.

It had to be known that Blue Sky Pass had tens of thousands of soldiers, and their demand for Spirit Pills was naturally enormous. Cultivating normally was one thing, but once a battle broke out, the consumption of healing pills and recovery pills would be astonishing.

So whether it was a war or a peaceful day, the Pill Hall’s side was always busy. Every Alchemist assigned to this place worked hard to refine all kinds of pills.

There was also a large Medicine Garden belonging to the Pill Hall, where countless rare herbs were planted. It was impossible to rely on the 3000 Worlds to deliver all of the herbs needed in the Pass, so every Human Race Mountain Pass had its own Medicine Garden and had someone to take care of it.

And in this medicine garden of Blue Sky Pass, there were hundreds of Profound Female Fruit Trees!

These Profound Female Fruit Trees had naturally been found and transplanted here by the Human Race soldiers from various Secret Realms over the years.

No matter how many Profound Female Spirit Fruits there were, there weren’t many of them. Many of the soldiers in the pass who had cut off their Small Universe territory and desperately needed to repair them were eagerly waiting for these hundreds of fruit trees to blossom and bear fruit.

When Yang Kai arrived at the Pill Hall, there were already people waiting.

Seeing Yang Kai, the man’s eyes lit up as he stepped forward and cupped his fists, “Is this Senior Brother Yang Kai?”

Yang Kai returned the greeting, “It is indeed this Yang.”

The man smiled warmly, “This one is Tang Qun, and under Hall Master’s orders, I am here to welcome Senior Brother Yang. Hall Master has ordered that if Senior Brother has any requests from the Pill Hall, please feel free to ask. The Pill Hall will not refuse.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble you,” Yang Kai said gratefully.

“Please!” Tang Qun extended his hand.

Yang Kai politely walked into the Pill Hall with Tang Qun. As soon as they stepped inside, they felt a wave of heat wash over them. There were many Alchemists inside, all of them hurrying about.

On both sides, there were many chambers, most of which were closed and only a few were empty.

Yang Kai looked around and found that in each of the open chambers, there was a pill furnace. There was also a large array carved into each of the chambers, obviously to activate the Pill Fire.

As Tang Qun walked, he introduced, “The Pill Hall has three types of Pill Rooms, Heaven, Earth, and Mortal. Each Pill Room is equipped with a Pill Furnace, which need a formation to active the Pill Fire. There are two hundred Mortal Pill Rooms and fifty Earth Pill Rooms. As for the Heaven Pill Rooms, there are only eight. What kind of Pill Room does Senior Brother Yang want?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai said, “The Pill Refining is not urgent, I have something I would like to ask Brother Tang.”

Tang Qun hesitated for a moment before replying, “Senior Brother, please feel free to ask, this Tang will tell you everything I know.”

Yang Kai casually took out a spirit herb and asked, “How many reserves does the Pill Hall have for this thing?”

Tang Qun took the Spirit Grass and carefully examined it, “Is this Lightless Grass? The Pill Hall has some reserves for this, but they don’t have much. This is only a supplementary material for refining the Tianji Fixing Soul Pill, so the demand for it has never been high. Although the Medicine Garden has always planted it, it has only been planted a little, it's only been planted a little to be prepared.”

“Medicine garden?” Yang Kai was stunned, “The Pill Hall has a medicine garden?”

Tang Qun smiled and said, “The Pill Hall naturally has its own Medicine Garden. Many of the herbs found in the Secret Realm have been transplanted back. After all, many of the herbs here in the Ink Battlefield are different from those found in the 3000 Worlds, even Alchemy Grandmasters can’t tell what they are. There are some herbs in the Medicine Garden that are still unknown to us, so we should transplant them first.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I need this… Lightless Grass.”

In the note left behind by the previous Alchemy Master, the purpose of this Spirit Grass was not to be used as a supplementary material to refine the Tianji Fixing Soul Pill, but to refine another type of Spirit Pill. The name of this Spirit Grass in the note was not Lightless Grass, but since Blue Sky Pass had its own name for it, Yang Kai didn’t bother correcting it.

Right now, he only wanted to verify the pill recipe recorded in the note. If he couldn’t obtain it, then so be it, but if he could, it would definitely be of great use to the Human Race.

After mentioning a few other herbs, Tang Qun wrote them down one by one and sent out a message. Obviously, someone was responsible for delivering them.

Immediately, Tang Qun asked, “Is Senior Brother going to start refining pills now? What grade of pill room does Senior Brother need?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying, “Heaven Grade Pill Room.”

Since the Pill Room here was divided into Heaven, Earth, and Mortal grades, the higher the grade, the better. His Alchemy skills had been exquisite and direct in his early years, but compared to his current cultivation, it could only be said to be barely comparable. His Alchemy skills had long since been unable to keep up with the increase in his cultivation, so a good Pill Room could also increase the success rate of Pill Refining.

Hearing this, Tang Qun said, “The Heaven Grade Pill Room just so happens to be empty. Senior Brother, please follow me.”

Saying so, he led the way.


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