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However, this way, before he solved the problem of the Secret Realm, he would no longer be able to fight with anyone.

Fortunately, the Blue Sky War Zone was currently peaceful, and the Black Ink Clan would need at least a hundred years to recover, so there was no need for him to act.

The teams that had gone out to explore the Secret Realm had all returned, and each of them had a great harvest. Under the command of Zha Hu, Dawn Battleship transformed into a streak of light and flew towards Blue Sky Pass.

Several days later, Blue Sky Pass appeared in the distance.

Looking around, one could see that there was a large number of Universe Worlds outside the pass. These Universe Worlds had all been transported back from various resource production areas in the last two years, and each Universe World had a large number of cultivators busily mining.

This was a huge project, and even if the tens of thousands of soldiers in the Pass were to mobilize together, it would take at least ten or twenty years for them to completely extract all of this Universe Worlds.

At that time, the amount of resources accumulated in Blue Sky Pass would become incomparably large. Even without the supply from the 3000 Worlds, it would still be enough to satisfy the needs of Blue Sky Pass for hundreds or thousands of years.

It could be said that Yang Kai’s Void Yin-Yang Mirror had greatly alleviated Blue Sky Pass’s need for resources. Blue Sky Pass was like this, and so were the other human passes.

As they approached the pass, Yang Kai’s voice rang out from the cabin, “Sir, Disciple will not be entering the pass. Please find a safe place outside the pass. Disciple will need to enter seclusion for some times.”

Zha Hu subconsciously wanted to refuse. Yang Kai’s current situation was extremely important, and since he was going into seclusion, the safer he was, the better. Entering the pass was the best choice, so what was the point of going into seclusion outside the pass?

However, after thinking about it for a moment, Zha Hu understood what Yang Kai meant. What Yang Kai wanted to do next was necessary for him to go into seclusion. If he was inside the pass, it would be a bit inconvenient, so it was naturally better for him to stay outside.

Immediately, he nodded in agreement, “Good, this King will find a place for you.”

His Divine Sense spread out and soon found a good location, a piece of Universe World debris left behind after being mined.

There were so many Universe Worlds that were being mined outside Blue Sky Pass, so naturally there would be a lot of Universe Fragments. These were all garbage to Blue Sky Pass, so they needed to be cleaned up. Although there were specialists to handle them, they needed to be collected to a certain extent before they could be used.

This piece of Universe Fragment was only a few hundred kilometers away from Blue Sky Pass, and its area was not too big or small. If Yang Kai went into seclusion here, even if there was an accident, the people inside the pass would be able to quickly support him, so there was no need to worry about being taken advantage of by the Black Ink Clan.

Breaking Dawn immediately flew towards the Universe Fragment and soon arrived above it.

Yang Kai’s face was pale and his aura was unstable as he walked out of the cabin. Even his footsteps were somewhat unsteady, as if he was drunk.

However, everyone who knew Yang Kai’s current situation was well aware that he wasn’t drunk, it was just that Yang Kai’s Small Universe was being held back.

“Dawn Squad, stay behind and protect your Team Leader. This King will send some Array Masters to arrange the Spirit Array. The other teams should also return to their respective locations,” Zha Hu ordered.

Everyone obeyed, and the teams quickly left Breaking Dawn and flew towards Blue Sky Pass while Zha Hu’s figure flickered as he transformed into a streak of light and disappeared.

Yang Kai went straight to the flat ground of this Universe Fragment and sat down cross-legged, silently circulating his Profound Technique.

Previously, he had taken the entire Secret Realm into his Small Universe, causing his Small Universe to suffer greatly. If not for the World Spring sealing it, the Small Universe would likely have been damaged.

This caused him to be secretly shocked. He didn’t know what cultivation the master who had left this Small Universe behind in the ancient era had, but he was certain that this ancient existence’s cultivation was definitely higher than his own, but he didn’t know if it was an Eighth or Ninth Order, otherwise such a situation wouldn’t have occurred.

If he wanted to resolve this situation, it was quite simple. All he needed to do was remove the useless impurities from the Small Universe that he had swallowed. At that time, not only would he not have to worry about himself, but he would also be able to keep the World Tree’s Subtree.

This was Yang Kai’s original plan, and it would take a long time to accomplish this.

Focusing his senses, Yang Kai soon discovered that the Small Universe that had been swallowed contained all kinds of profound Dao Marks, the crystallization of the cultivation of an ancient great expert.

When he and Bai Yi had explored the Secret Realm before, even though they had been inside it, they had not been able to sense it clearly, but now that the entire Secret Realm had been swallowed up, allowing the Secret Realm to be inside his body, all the mysteries of this Secret Realm were clearly visible to him.

Yang Kai could easily feel a massive amount of Alchemy Dao marks from that Secret Realm!

This situation proved that his previous speculation was correct. The owner of this Secret Realm was indeed an extremely skilled Alchemist when he was alive, otherwise, he wouldn’t have had the time and effort to create such a medicinal garden in his Small Universe.

The Alchemy techniques of the ancient times were definitely very different from those of the present, but the Three Thousand Great Daos had never changed.

The Alchemy Dao traces left behind in this Secret Realm made Yang Kai extremely happy. If he could refine these Dao Marks for his own use, his Alchemy skills would definitely improve by leaps and bounds.

At this point, Yang Kai no longer pursued Alchemy too much. However, many of the herbs he had collected this time were things that the Human Race had never seen before, so perhaps they had some kind of miraculous effect. If he could use this opportunity to understand the medicinal properties of these herbs, it would not be a waste of his efforts.

As soon as he thought of this, Yang Kai separated the Secret Realm that had been swallowed into his Small Universe and began refining its Alchemy Dao traces. The useless impurities were then completely purged to avoid affecting his foundation.

Refining the Dao Marks of other people’s Small Universe was not an easy task, after all, it was not something one cultivate on their own, so even if it was beneficial to one’s body, it was impossible to completely harmonize with it.

This would inevitably lead to some waste. The Alchemy Dao marks in the Secret Realm, after being refined by Yang Kai, were often less than ten percent.

This was the result of him using the World Spring to seal his Small Universe. If he didn’t have the World Spring, he wouldn’t have been able to do this.

At this moment, Yang Kai couldn’t help but think of Wu Kuang. This guy could be considered a genius, and the Heaven Devouring Battle Law he cultivated was capable of swallowing anything. If he were to refine these Dao Marks, he would probably be able to easily refine them.

He also knew how to use the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, but because of various concerns, Yang Kai didn’t dare to casually use it.

After all, Wu Kuang possessed the Stainless Golden Lotus, so no matter how he used his Heaven Devouring Battle Law to devour external forces, it wouldn’t affect him. This was something he couldn’t compare to.

There was a supreme treasure in this world, and it also gave birth to two lotuses. Although the Soul Warming Lotus and the Stainless Golden Lotus were both supreme treasures of the world, one was aimed at one’s Soul while the other was aimed at one’s physical body. The effects were different. What Wu Kuang could do was something Yang Kai couldn’t do, but what Yang Kai could do, Wu Kuang could only watch helplessly.

On the Universe Fragment, Zha Hu had dispatched many Array Masters to set up a great protective array to prevent Yang Kai from being disturbed.

Dawn Squad was also stationed on this Universe Fragment, each of them on guard duty.

Outside Blue Sky Pass, tens of thousands of soldiers were still busy mining.

Without the Black Ink Clan’s interference, the Ink Battlefield seemed to have become much gentler, no longer as fierce as before.

Yang Kai’s secluded cultivation had always been peaceful. Although Feng Ying and the others had been paying close attention to him, and Yang Kai’s aura had always been unstable, there was no danger.

Two months later, a large piece of Universe Fragment suddenly appeared in the vicinity of Yang Kai’s retreat. This piece of Universe Fragment was covered in verdant vegetation and had an extraordinary aura, obviously containing an extremely rich World Force.

However, as soon as this Universe Fragment appeared in the void, the World Force contained within it began to dissipate, quickly disappearing. Without the nourishment of the World Force, the verdant vegetation on it also began to wither.

Feng Ying, who was in the midst of guarding this place, was startled and thought that something had happened, but she quickly realized that this Universe Fragment should have been removed by Yang Kai while he was refining it. It was a part of the Secret Realm that had been swallowed, and the verdant grass and vegetation undoubtedly explained this.

This was also the reason why Yang Kai insisted on entering seclusion outside Blue Sky Pass.

The Secret Realm he had swallowed into his body was destined to be divided into countless pieces and then removed by him. If he were to enter the pass, these pieces of Universe Fragment would definitely cause some damage to the buildings inside the pass, but it was different outside the pass. No matter what Yang Kai did, it wouldn’t have any effect.

Realizing this, Feng Ying immediately rushed forward and collected the Universe Fragment that had suddenly appeared into her Small Universe before tossing it away some distance away.

This Universe Fragment had lost all of its World Force, so Feng Ying naturally wouldn’t keep it.

Since that day, every ten days or half a month, large or small pieces of Universe Fragments would suddenly appear near Yang Kai. Obviously, he was eliminating the Secret Realm that had been swallowed.

The Dawn Squad members on duty were always able to dispose of these fragments as soon as possible, so Yang Kai didn’t have to worry about them.

With the passage of time and the removal of the Secret Realm, Yang Kai’s unstable aura gradually stabilized, and the paleness on his face also disappeared. Obviously, everything was going smoothly.

This situation lasted for six years.

During this time, Breaking Dawn had been stationed near Yang Kai.

In the past six years, Yang Kai had removed countless Universe Fragments.

On a certain day six years later, after the last piece of Universe Fragment was removed, Yang Kai’s Small Universe no longer had any impurities. The World Tree which had been integrated into the Secret Realm had also been completely removed and stored in his Small Universe.

The moment the towering giant tree fell, the entire Small Universe trembled, and even the World Spring was unable to suppress this phenomenon.

Yang Kai felt his head spin and his ears ring.

An invisible force spread out from the World Tree’s Subtree and spread out in all directions like invisible threads.

These invisible threads pierced through every inch of Small Universe’s territory, and in an extremely short period of time, the World Tree was tightly connected to the Small Universe.


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