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At first glance, this Spirit Plant looked no different from the Profound Valley Spirit Fruit, but if one looked closely, they would discover that this was not the Profound Valley Spirit Fruit Tree but another type of Spirit Medicine.

The book Bai Yi handed over to Yang Kai had two different kinds of fruit trees, so Yang Kai was able to tell the difference at a glance.

Although this fruit was not a Profound Valley Spirit Fruit, it was still extremely rare. Yang Kai carefully picked up these fruits and moved them into his Small Universe’s medicine garden.

Inside his Small Universe’s medicine garden, many rare and precious herbs had been transplanted, and with the Wood Spirit Clan’s Mu Zhu and Mu Lu taking care of them, the various herbs in the medicine garden had been growing well.

Coupled with the fact that his Small Universe’s time flow was different from the outside world, it was more than four times faster than the outside world, so the age of the various herbs in the herb garden was quite impressive.

This fruit tree had been transplanted into the medicine garden, and with two little Wood Spirits taking care of it, it shouldn’t be a problem for it to survive. As for when it would bloom and bear fruit, that wasn’t something Yang Kai could control.

Continuing his search, Yang Kai found more Spirit Flowers and Spirit Grasses. Yang Kai had transplanted them into his Small Universe, and those he couldn’t transplant were carefully picked.

After several days, the harvest was quite bountiful.

Since it was like this on his side, he believed that it would be the same on Bai Yi’s side. The environment of this Secret Realm was simply too suitable for the growth of medicinal herbs. It was something that could only be found by chance, and other Secret Realms might not have such a situation.

On this day, as Yang Kai was searching, he suddenly felt the World Energy fluctuation several dozen kilometers away, followed by earthshaking noise.

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly as he quickly activated his Space Laws and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived beside Bai Yi.

Yang Kai immediately spread out his Divine Sense and scanned his surroundings, but didn’t discover any danger. He quickly turned to Bai Yi and asked, “What happened?”

Bai Yi’s brow wrinkled as she pointed towards a dense forest in front of her, “When I was exploring this place, I seemed to have triggered some kind of restriction.”

The violent fluctuations of the World Energy just now were the result of the restrictions being activated and Bai Yi protecting herself.

“Restriction?” Yang Kai was surprised.

It had been several days since the two of them entered this Secret Realm, it has been peaceful. They had obtained a lot of spirit flowers and spirit grasses, but Yang Kai hadn’t encountered anything while Bai Yi had actually activated a restriction.

Restrictions were created by humans, but also by the Heavens and Earth. If it was the latter, then so be it, but if it was the former, it would undoubtedly confirm Zha Hu’s previous speculations about the origins of the Secret Realm in the Ink Battlefield.

Focusing his attention in the direction Bai Yi was pointing, he saw a dense forest, but the scene in front of him seemed somewhat unreal, with almost imperceptible ripples passing through it.

There was indeed a restriction! However, this restriction seemed to have existed for too long and was not operating very well, so when Bai Yi triggered it, it revealed a flaw.

Yang Kai closed his eyes slightly, and when he opened them again, a golden vertical eye suddenly appeared in his left eye. This golden eye was incredibly majestic and had the ability to see through illusions.

Myriad Demons Heaven's Demon Eye of Annihilation was perfect for this kind of use.

Under the Demon Eye of Annihilation, the scene in front of him immediately changed, causing Yang Kai’s spirits to rise and he couldn’t help exclaiming.

Bai Yi quickly asked, “What did Senior Brother discover?”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Broken Illusion Arrays and Killing Arrays, traces of someone setting them up.”

As he spoke, he slowly stretched out his hand and released the World Force from his palm, following a certain pattern.

The person who had arranged all of this must have been extremely skilled. If the Illusion Array and Killing Array in front of him were intact, even if Yang Kai had the Demon Eye of Annihilation, he might not be able to find any flaws, let alone break them.

However, the restriction here had been here for too long, so although it still had some effect, it was only a small portion of its power.

Under Yang Kai’s Demon Eye of Annihilation, there were flaws everywhere, and once these flaws were found, even if Yang Kai wasn’t proficient in the Array Dao, he could easily break them.

In less than half a cup of tea’s time, the dense forest in front of them suddenly became like a moon in the water, distorting and disappearing without a trace.

In its place was a medicine garden!

A medicine garden filled with countless exotic flowers and spirit grasses!

Even the Profound Female Fruit Tree exists more than a dozens, each of which was covered in red Profound Female Spirit Fruits.

This scene surprised both Yang Kai and Bai Yi.

The two of them looked at each other in disbelief.

The herbs growing in the medicine garden in front of him were almost ten times more than what Yang Kai had harvested in the last few days! This was not even including the rare Profound Female Fruit Tree.

The towering tree in the middle of the medicine garden was particularly eye-catching. For some reason, this towering tree gave Yang Kai a very familiar feeling.

“Senior Brother, is this an Illusion Array?” Bai Yi asked foolishly.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Whether it’s an Illusion Array or not, we’ll know once we investigate.”

The two of them immediately entered the medicine garden to investigate, and the more they examined it, the more pleasantly surprised they became. Everything inside this medicine garden was naturally not an Illusion Array, but something that really existed. The spirit flowers and grasses were extremely old, and their medicinal properties were extraordinary. Although most of them were recored in the Alchemy Book, there were still some herbs that were not recorded in the book.

In other words, these herbs had never been discovered in the Ink Battlefield, so even the Human Race’s Alchemists had never seen them before.

These were definitely herbs from an extremely ancient era and only existed in this medicine garden now.

After some investigation, Yang Kai and Bai Yi found that there were at least several thousand Spirit Flowers and grasses they didn’t recognize. There were more than twenty Profound Female Fruit Trees, each of which had at least three or seven Spirit Fruits.

In addition to this, there were also some empty spaces. Yang Kai had a vague feeling that these empty spaces should have been planted with medicinal herbs, but because it had been too long and no one had taken care of them, they had been destroyed.

This caused Yang Kai to feel a great sense of regret. He didn’t know what these destroyed herbs were, but the things in this herb garden were all extremely precious and it was truly a pity for them to be destroyed.

Finally, he stopped under the big tree in the middle of the medicien garden and looked up, lost in thought.

“Senior Brother, it seems that the Secret Realm in the Ink Battlefield was really formed by the Small Universe left behind by the Ancient Human Race’s Great Experts after they died,” Bai Yi said as she arrived beside Yang Kai.

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes, and this Secret Realm we’re in should be left behind by an Alchemist.”

“Why do you say so?” Bai Yi was puzzled.

Yang Kai smiled, “Only Alchemists would have the heart and ability to create such a large medicine garden in their own Small Universe.”

This was also a speculation based on his own experience. Ordinary cultivators who didn’t understand Alchemy and weren’t proficient in Pill Way would have no idea how to cultivate herbs. Yang Kai also has Mu Zhu and Mu Lu, and he had dabbled in Alchemy many years ago, which was why he was able to create a medicine garden in his own Small Universe.

For ordinary cultivators, even if some precious herbs were transplanted into their Small Universe, it might not be able to survive.

Since this was a Secret Realm left behind by an Alchemist's Small Universe, the environment of this Secret Realm was naturally extremely suitable for the growth of medicinal herbs, which was why the two of them had obtained such a rich harvest along the way.

However, compared to the precious herbs in the medicine garden in front of him, all his previous gains were nothing.

This medicine garden was the biggest surprise.

“This ancient Alchemy Master should have placed great importance on his medicine garden, either acting on his own or asking others to help him set up a powerful restriction around it to protect it. However, since he is a Pill Master, he must not be familiar with the ways of battle. If he fights with an enemy, if he loses, he will die, and the Small Universe will naturally follow. The medicine garden is protected by a restriction, allowing it to remain intact. Now that it has been discovered by you and me, it has benefited us greatly.”

Hearing this, Bai Yi nodded, “Senior Brother is right.” She then looked towards the big tree in front of her curiously, “Does Senior Brother recognize this tree?”

Seeing Yang Kai standing under this big tree, she couldn’t help feeling curious.

Yang Kai’s eyes twitched as he nodded, “Yes.”

“What kind of tree is this?”

Yang Kai let out a sigh, “Speaking of which, Junior Sister should have heard of it before, but perhaps she has never seen it before, so she doesn’t recognize it. This is a World Tree!”

Bai Yi was shocked when she heard this, “World Tree? It’s actually a World Tree?” Suddenly remembering something, she asked, “That’s not right, Senior Brother, wasn't the World Tree hidden in the Great Ruins Boundary? One of my Divine Feather Paradise’s ancestors once entered the Great Ruins Boundary and heard rumors about the World Tree there, but unfortunately he had never seen it before. Could the rumors be false?”

Yang Kai said, “The World Tree is indeed hidden in the Great Ruins Boundary, and the rumors heard by the ancestors of Divine Feather Paradise are not false. I have also been to the Great Ruins Boundary and was fortunate enough to meet the World Tree.”

“Then the one in front of us…” Bai Yi wore a puzzled look. World Tree was a unique World Treasure, so how could it appear here in the Great Ruins Boundary?

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and patted the World Tree’s thick trunk, “Of course, this is not the Main World Tree. This is a Subtree. Presumably, the owner of this Secret Realm was fortunate enough to obtain a World Tree’s root before transplanting it into his Small Universe, allowing it to grow to its current state.”


“Subtree!” Yang Kai nodded heavily, “In the past, I was fortunate enough to obtain a World Tree’s root. My homeland Universe World's Laws had collapsed and was in danger of being destroyed, so I planted the root of that World Tree in my homeland to ensure its continued existence. Moreover, because of the existence of the World Tree, my homeland Universe World has now become the most important Universe world of the 3000 Worlds, with all the major Cave Heaven Paradise sending talents to it.”

“Why?” Bai Yi was puzzled.

Yang Kai said, “Junior Sister may not know, but although the World Tree in my homeland is only a Subtree, under its nourishment, all the clansmen living there will obtain great benefits. The lower one’s cultivation is, the greater the benefits. Right now, in my homeland, there are countless good seedlings who could reach the Sixth Order Open Heaven directly. Even those who can reach the Seventh Order Open Heaven directly are not few in number, and when an Emperor Realm cultivator condenses their Dao Seal there, they will also receive the World Tree’s feedback, allowing them to condense higher quality Dao Seals.”


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A good place for robbing!


May 23, 2022

How come no upload here today ? I checked on Patreon and you didn't oversleep again : ))


Another world tree?!?! I remember someone told Yang Kai before that if he planted the world tree in his world instead of the Star Boundary, he would be able to reach 9th rank open heaven (I think it was You Chang Dao around the time when he was trying to convince Shi Da Zhuang's mother to let her baby be his disciple). Is this how he break through the limit of advancing to 9 the order open heaven instead of his limit of 8? Will his inner world become a second Star Boundary with people who could advance towards 6th and 7th order directly?

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And when he reached 9th level in the future, we would get an introduction to another great realm instead! Or the novel ends there.

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