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In a flash, he arrived in front of the fluctuations of the Space Force and activated his Space Law. The extremely weak and nearly undetectable mark in front of him was like a light in the dark, extremely obvious.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Yang Kai’s hands reached out into the void, seemingly melting into it.

The Space Force surged violently as Yang Kai’s hands suddenly separated to both sides.

The aura of World Force rushed towards him and the door to a Secret Realm opened.

Seeing this, Zha Hu’s brow rose slightly. Sure enough, this Secret Realm’s entrance was not even noticed by him, but in front of Yang Kai, it had been opened so easily.

Looking at the open door, the eyes of the team leaders on the Breaking Dawn were burning with desire. Compared to the harsh environment of the entire Ink Battlefield, exploring Secret Realms was a favorite of the Human Race’s soldiers. Firstly, there was basically no danger inside the Secret Realms, and secondly, no matter which Secret Realm it was, there would always be some good things. Even if they couldn’t obtain Profound Female Spirit Fruits every time, they would still be able to obtain many rare flowers and herbs that could be used to refine pills.

The gains from these expeditions could also be recorded in battle merits.

Zha Hu glanced at them and asked, “Which one of you is willing to enter?”

“Let me!”

“This subordinate is willing!”

In an instant, all the Team Leader began shouting, creating a ruckus.

Zha Hu raised his hand slightly, and the noisy crowd immediately fell silent. He casually pointed to the Team Leader closest to him and said, “You can bring your people in, but no matter what kind of harvest you obtain inside, half of your battle merits will be distributed to the Dawn Squad!”

Hearing this, the Team Leader immediately nodded, “No problem.”

The entrance to this Secret Realm was opened by Yang Kai alone. Logically speaking, this was a Secret Realm discovered by the Dawn Squad, so the exploration rights were naturally in the hands of the Dawn Squad. It was only because of Zha Hu’s orders that the team had a chance to reap some benefits and split half of their battle merits.

“If there is any danger, report immediately!” Zha Hu warned.

The Team Leader cupped his fists, “Yes!”

Exploring Secret Realms wasn’t always smooth sailing, and there were occasionally unexpected dangers.

The Team Leader gathered his team and led the way into the Secret Realm.

The other Team Leaders stared at him with envy.

Zha Hu looked towards Yang Kai and said, “Let’s continue searching and see if there are any other Secret Realms nearby.”

Yang Kai accepted the order and began to travel through the void.

Listening to Zha Hu’s explanation about the origins of these Secret Realms, Yang Kai was also very curious about whether the Secret Realms of the Ink Battlefield were like mushrooms that gathered together.

Previously, when he passed by this place, he had discovered something by accident and hadn’t carefully explored it. Now that he had really found it, he quickly found the entrance to another Secret Realm.

Similar to the previous Secret Realm, there was an extremely weak fluctuation of Space Force. If he hadn’t been looking for it, he would have missed it.

Using another method, he opened the door to the Secret Realm and sent another team inside to explore.

After half a cup of tea, not far from the second Secret Realm he had discovered, Yang Kai had reaped another harvest, and this time he found two Secret Realm entrances.

If what Zha Hu had said before was true, it meant that an ancient Human Race Great Expert had fought with the Black Ink Clan in this void an extremely long time ago, resulting in the fall of many masters. After their deaths, the Small Universe had been left behind, and after the passage of time, this Secret Realm had been formed.

After arriving here for less than half a day, he had already opened the gates to four different Secret Realms. Obviously, there were many more that had yet to be found.

Yang Kai focused on his search and each time he found something.

One day later, the seven or eight teams on Breaking Dawn were all sent out. Even Dawn Squad, with the exception of the necessary guards left behind, was divided into two teams, each led by two Seventh Order into two Secret Realms to investigate the situation.

After four or five days, Yang Kai returned to Breaking Dawn and reported the situation to Zha Hu, “Sir, this region has been thoroughly investigated. There are a total of eleven Secret Realms, and all the entrances have been opened.”

“Good job,” Zha Hu praised.

Eleven Secret Realms were quite beneficial to the Human Race. From these eleven Secret Realms, one could definitely find a lot of useful herbs, and the Profound Female Spirit Fruit would definitely be available.

Such a Secret Realm could be considered a massive one. The highest record in Blue Sky Pass was that seven Secret Realms had been discovered in a certain region!

In order to open the gates to these Secret Realms, these Eighth Order masters had put in a lot of effort, how could it be as easy as Yang Kai?

With someone like Yang Kai who was proficient in the Space Law taking action, as long as a Secret Realm was hidden in this region, nothing would be left out.

Thinking of this, Zha Hu’s heart skipped a beat. In the past, Blue Sky Pass had discovered many Secret Realms in many areas, but due to their limited means, they might not have been able to find all of the hidden Secret Realms. Perhaps some of these Secret Realms had never been discovered. If Yang Kai went to those places where he had discovered Secret Realms before, he might be able to obtain some unexpected gains.

Having made up his mind, he decided to deal with this matter as soon as possible.

However, this would definitely delay Yang Kai for some time, but compared to the benefits they could obtain, these sacrifices were nothing.

“We’ll be delayed here for a few more days. If you have nothing to do, you can cultivate by yourself or explore the Secret Realm. This King will be overseeing the Breaking Dawn, so you don’t need to worry,” Zha Hu said thoughtfully.

Yang Kai thought for a moment before saying, “Disciple will also explore the Secret Realm.”

“Up to you!” Zha Hu nodded and shouted to the side, “Bai Yi!”

“Disciple is here.” Bai Yi stepped forward.

“Follow your Senior Brother Yang, you can take care of each other.”


Yang Kai had no objections, so he immediately flew out with Bai Yi and led the way, quickly arriving in front of a Secret Realm gate.

Activating his Space Force to wrap around Bai Yi, the two of them flashed forward and dove into the gate.

A slight wave of dizziness passed over him, but it quickly returned to normal. What he saw after was a verdant green.

This green color was quite rare in the Ink Battlefield. The environment of the Ink Battlefield was quite harsh, and all of the Universe Worlds were filled with a deathly aura. There wasn’t a hint of green anywhere, and even the void was occasionally covered in Black Ink Clouds, making it seem extremely sinister.

As soon as they saw this scene, both Bai Yi and Yang Kai felt a sense of comfort.

In such an environment, it was easy to imagine that there would be many spirit flowers and herbs growing inside.

As it turned out, Yang Kai soon found a red flower the size of a washbasin not far from where the two of them had appeared. The red flower petals had seven golden points, forming a mysterious pattern.

Yang Kai didn’t know what this flower was. Although he had dabbled in Alchemy in his early years, ever since he left the Star Boundary, his Alchemy had become somewhat lax. He couldn’t even recognize some of the rare flowers and grasses in the 3000 Worlds, let alone something from the Ink Battlefield.

However, he still instinctively felt that this red flower was a spirit medicine.

On the other hand, Bai Yi immediately called out the name of this Spirit Flower, “Great Bear Red Rain!”

“You recognize it?” Yang Kai was surprised.

Bai Yi nodded, “This is the main material for refining the Great Bear Pill. You should have seen it in the Exchange Book of War Preparation Palace.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood, “Great Bear Pill, I’ve exchanged them before.”

The healing effects of the Great Bear Pill were extremely obvious. When he saw this pill in the War Preparation Palace, he had exchanged for a few pills. He had also taken some after the battle with Chasing Wind, so it was indeed quite good. Now, he still had two pills on him.

“So Junior Sister is proficient in Alchemy,” Yang Kai said with admiration.

Bai Yi couldn’t help laughing, “How could I be proficient in Alchemy? It’s just that I’ve explored the Secret Realm before, and the Alchemists in the Secret Realm have also made some books about exotic flowers and herbs. I took a copy and read through them, so I remember these things.”

Many spirit grasses and spirit medicines had special methods to harvest them, and if they were casually picked, it was highly likely they would damage their medicinal efficacies. It was because of this consideration that the Alchemists in the pass would create a special booklet for the herbs produced in the Ink Battlefield’s Secret Realm and distribute them to the soldiers in the pass so that they wouldn’t be rude when exploring the Secret Realm.

“Since Junior Sister recognizes it, you can collect it,” Yang Kai suggested.

Bai Yi nodded and immediately took action. Fortunately, this Great Bear Red Rain didn’t have particular method to harvest, so Bai Yi quickly picked them.

Having just arrived here, both Yang Kai and Bai Yi were filled with anticipation.

The two of them discussed for a while before deciding to split up. At this distance, if one party encountered any danger, the other party could quickly rescue the other.

Bai Yi also handed the book, which was written by an Alchemist in the pass, to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai flipped through the book and quickly memorized its contents.

Passing through this dense forest, Yang Kai spread out his Divine Sense and immediately discovered any Spirit Flowers or Spirit Grasses that appeared within his range of perception.

The environment of this Secret Realm was extremely good and was very suitable for growing herbs. In just half a day, Yang Kai had collected more than a hundred herbs, all of which he had collected and stored in his Small Universe. Once he returned to Blue Sky Pass, he could exchange them for battle merits.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find the Profound Female Spirit Fruit.

However, he wasn’t disappointed. Not every Secret Realm had a Profound Female Spirit Fruit. This time, he had opened a total of eleven Secret Realms. If this Secret Realm didn’t have one, the other Secret Realms would.

While searching, Yang Kai was also investigating this Secret Realm.

Gradually, he discovered that the origin of these Secret Realms was very likely true. From a fundamental point of view, these Secret Realms were indeed the remnants of Universe Paradise left behind by the ancient Human Race masters after their deaths.

It was just that it had been to long, the cultivation methods of the ancient Great Expert were somewhat different from what they were now. Naturally, the Small Universe left behind was also somewhat different.

After half a day, Yang Kai’s harvest gradually increased.

Following a place where the Spirit Qi was concentrated, Yang Kai proceeded forward and felt that there should be a spirit medicine here.

When he got closer, he saw a spirit plant half the height of a human, and on its stem, a few fruits the size of a baby’s fist stood out.


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