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Lu An couldn’t help laughing, “How many more do you want to teleport back?”

Yang Kai replied, “Naturally, the more the better.”

Zha Hu waved his hand, “There’s no need for that. The current Universe World outside the pass is enough to keep the soldiers inside busy. As long as we can clean out the Universe World we sent back, the resources we can obtain will be enough to last us for several hundred years, enough to satisfy the needs of the soldiers inside the pass. Moreover, the deeper we go, the more likely we’ll encounter the Black Ink Clan. Since we’ve already taken advantage of them, we should just stop while we’re ahead.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai nodded, “Since that’s the case, then i'll listen to Garrison Chief Zha.”

Lu An said, “It’s been hard on you for the past two years, so you should rest well after this trip. You haven’t cultivated carefully since you broke through to the Seventh Order, right?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Although I haven’t cultivated properly, Disciple's Small Universe has kept a number of living creatures and is constantly increasing the Small Universe’s foundation, so I don’t need to worry about my foundation becoming unstable.”

Lu An suddenly understood, “I forgot about that.”

“In addition, there is one more thing I must report to the two Sirs.”

“What is it?”

“When this Disciple was teleporting those Universe Worlds, I accidentally passed by a void and vaguely sensed the fluctuations of Space Force there.”

Lu An was slightly startled, “There’s a fluctuation of Space Force?”

Zha Hu immediately understood, “Are you saying that there is a possibility that it is the entrance to the Secret Realm?”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “It’s not a possibility. Disciple can confirm that it is the entrance to a Secret Realm, but at that time, I was too busy teleporting the Universe World and didn’t have time to pay attention to it. Now that I don’t need to teleport the Universe Worlds again, I can investigate it and perhaps find the Profound Female Spirit Fruit.”

The Profound Female Spirit Fruit was an extremely precious resource to any human mountain pass. Yang Kai still remembered the options he had seen in the War Preparation Palace for exchanging materials, and the first one was the Profound Female Spirit Fruit.

After all, in every Human Race Mountain Pass, there were many Human Race soldiers who had been corroded by the Ink Force and had no choice but to part with their Small Universe's territory, causing them to become incomplete.

This kind of incomplete condition could only be repaired by the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, so this Spirit Fruit was an extremely scarce resource in any human mountain pass.

As for the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, it could only be found in some Secret Realms in the Ink Battlefield.

Zha Hu’s eyes lit up, “Do you remember the location?”

Yang Kai said, “Disciple has already left a mark on the Universe Chart.”

“Good, since that’s the case, wait for this King to gather his forces and come with you.” Saying so, Zha Hu immediately sent out a message.

A moment later, more than a hundred people gathered on Dawn Battleship, with Zha Hu accompanying them, while Lu An stayed behind to guard the base. After all, there was still the Expelling Black Ink Battleship in the base, so it would be safer to have an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator personally guard it.

Including Breaking Dawn’s original team members, there were now more than a hundred people on the Battleship, or in other words, seven or eight teams.

The Team Leaders of these Teams all came over and enthusiastically greeted Yang Kai, chatting and laughing with him. Basically, all of them were people who had fought side by side with Yang Kai. Although Yang Kai didn’t recognize all of them, he could tell when they introduced themselves.

After everyone finished exchanging greetings, Yang Kai took some time to walk over to Zha Hu’s side and asked, “Sir, why did you bring so many people with you?”

Although he was certain that the Space Force fluctuations he had felt before were entrance to a Secret Realm, it was only a Secret Realm. Originally, he had planned to lead the Dawn Squad's members to explore it, and if there was anything good, he would just take it out.

Who would have thought that Zha Hu would choose seven or eight teams to follow him, and even personally lead them?

Even if they were guarding against the Black Ink Clan, there was no need to bring so many people with them. What’s more, there were basically no more Black Ink Clan activities in this region, and all of Universe worlds had been teleported back to Blue Sky Pass. There was no benefit to this place, so how could the Black Ink Clan come here to die?

Zha Hu didn’t answer, instead asking, “What do you know about the Secret Realms of the Ink Battlefield?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Not much, I only know that some Secret Realms have Profound Female Spirit Fruits and many rare herbs.”

On the Ink Battlefield’s side, the cultivation resources could be mined from the dead Universe Worlds, but the spirit flowers and grasses needed to refine pills had to be transported from the 3000 worlds or from the Secret Realms.

Therefore, in comparison, in the Ink Battlefield, Spirit Pills were generally more precious than ordinary cultivation resources because the materials required to refine them were limited.

Yang Kai really didn’t know much about the Secret Realms of the Ink Battlefield. When he came to the Ink Battlefield from the Void Corridor of the Black Territory, he had directly appeared in a Secret Realm, but that was his only experience.

But at that time, all he wanted to do was protect himself, so he didn’t explore that Secret Realm much.

Zha Hu nodded, “The Secret Realms in the Ink Battlefield have a special characteristic, it comes out in groups!”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “In groups?”

“Have you ever picked mushrooms?”

Yang Kai shook his head, not knowing why Zha Hu would suddenly mention such a thing.

Zha Hu chuckled, “When I was young, on top of Crape-Myrtle Heaven's mountain, once the rainy season arrived, mushrooms would appear. Senior Sister and I brought our baskets to collect them. At that time, we were young, so I was in charge of searching while Senior Sister picked them. Every time we found a mushroom in the grass, Senior Sister would always be able to find more nearby. At that time, I felt that Senior Sister was too amazing and always found more than I did.”

Yang Kai looked at the nostalgic and tender look on this Garrison Chief's face and secretly guessed that this Senior Sister must be a gentle person.

“Where is Senior Sister now?”

Zha Hu was silent for a moment, “She died in battle!”

These short words were undoubtedly the eternal sorrow in Zha Hu’s heart.

Yang Kai apologized.

Zha Hu waved his hand and said, “What I mean is, the Secret Realms in the Ink Battlefield are like mushrooms. Since you found an entrance to a Secret Realm there, it’s possible that there are more Secret Realms there.”

Yang Kai was extremely surprised, “Why?”

Instead of answering, Zha Hu asked, “Have you ever thought about where the Secret Realms in the Ink Battlefield come from?”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “I did, but I didn’t think too deeply about it. Although I have some guesses, I can’t confirm them.”

“Oh?” Zha Hu was slightly surprised, “What is your guess?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying, “When I first learned about these Secret Realms, I thought they were unique to the Ink Battlefield, but after thinking about it, these Secret Realms shouldn’t have appeared for no reason, especially since the Black Ink Clan fed on the World Force. The entire Ink Battlefield’s Universe World had already withered, so how could these strange Secret Realms have appeared? Later, outside Blue Sky Pass, when I was searching for the Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise left behind by my fallen ancestors, I suddenly realized that perhaps those Secret Realms were also a type of Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise.”

Zha Hu looked at him in surprise, “You actually thought of this?”

Yang Kai was stunned, “Could this disciple’s guess be correct?”

“Whether it’s right or wrong, this King can’t say for sure, but my ancestors have studied the Secret Realms of the Ink Battlefield and have come to the same conclusion as you. These Secret Realms are basically Universe Paradise or Universe Cave Heaven. It’s just that these Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven have existed for far too long and were left behind from an extremely ancient era. Perhaps in that ancient era, my Human Race’s cultivation methods were different from now, so the Secret Realms left behind were somewhat different from the current Universe Paradise or Universe Cave Heaven.”

Yang Kai’s expression became serious, “So, in ancient times, there were humans who fought against the Black Ink Clan here?”

Zha Hu nodded, “That’s right, we are simply following the will of our ancestors. The ancient ancestors fought against the Black Ink Clan, and after they fell, a Secret Realm was born.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I understand. Many times, the fall of those ancient ancestors came in batches, so the Secret Realms left behind are like the situation outside Blue Sky Pass.”

“That’s right!” Zha Hu nodded, “However, it’s hard to say. Perhaps you’ve only discovered one Secret Realm. When the time comes, you’ll know. It’s always better to bring more people with you.”

Yang Kai nodded, his mood somewhat heavy.

It wasn’t because of the number of Secret Realms, but because of various speculations about them. If these speculations were true, it meant that in ancient times, there had been humans who had fought against the Black Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield, but today, the situation was still the same. When would this struggle end? When would the 3000 Worlds truly be free of worries?

If this guess was true, then the ancient ancestors would often cut off their own territories to avoid being corroded by the Ink Force. This was how they found the Profound Female Spirit Fruit and planted these fruit trees in their own Small Universe so they could use them whenever they wanted.

The previous generation planted trees while the later generations took advantage of them. This was also the reason why the current Human Race found the Profound Female Spirit Fruit in the Secret Realm.

The location of the Space Force fluctuation Yang Kai had detected was more than a day’s journey from the base. At that time, he had been busy teleporting the Universe World. Although he had discovered the entrance to this Secret Realm, he had not paid any attention to it and had only recorded its location so he could deal with it later.

At that time, he hadn’t carefully investigated his surroundings.

A day later, Breaking Dawn stopped somewhere in the void. Yang Kai sensed his surroundings and pointed in a certain direction, “Sir, this is the place.”

Following the direction he pointed, Zha Hu focused his senses but found nothing. He secretly guessed that the fluctuations of the Space Force were extremely weak, otherwise with his Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation, he wouldn’t have failed to notice it.

It was only because Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Law that he was able to find such subtle traces.

But then again, if it was really so easy to find, they wouldn’t have had a chance to explore it and would have long been captured by the Black Ink Clan.

It had to be known that the Black Ink Clan had occupied this region for a longer time.

“This king will protect you, you can do it yourself,” Zha Hu said.

Yang Kai complied.


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