Although for the time being, the Ink Battlefield was still relatively stable, but no matter how solid its defenses were, there would come a day when they would collapse. Once the Human Race Pass on the Ink Battlefield was broken, what would happen to the 3000 Worlds?

At that time, the Black Ink Clan would definitely be able to invade the 3000 Worlds and wipe out all the living beings there. As such, to the Human Race on the Ink Battlefield, any method that could change the current situation was a great blessing, not to mention that the birth of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship had given the Human Race hope of an expedition.

If they could really launch an expedition and completely eradicate the Black Ink Clan, then the Cave Heaven Paradise would be able to break free from its current predicament.

However, the expedition is a great project, so they had to plan carefully.

The Eighth Orders of Blue Sky Pass had already finished their discussion and decided to make ten sets of Void Yin-Yang Mirror to move the various resource production area's Universe World.

However, this matter still required Yang Kai’s full cooperation. The Void Yin-Yang Mirror was something he had developed, their understanding of the various methods of this artifact is not better than Yang Kai.

Yang Kai first put away the eight Array Artifacts of the Void Yin Mirror, then returned to Breaking Dawn’s side, collected the eight Array Artifacts of the Void Yang Mirror, and then activated the Universe Escape Law before returning to the pass.

Blue Sky Pass had already been prepared, and all kinds of resources from the War Preparation Palace had been provided. Many Artifact Refining Grandmasters, led by Divine Cauldron Heaven's Dongguo Anping, had also gathered here, waiting for Yang Kai to return to manage the construction.

Soon, Yang Kai and the other Artifact Refining Grandmasters began to work on refining the Void Yin-Yang Mirror. Back in the Black Prison, the first set of Void Yin-Yang Mirror was refined by Yang Kai alone and was not complete. Later on, he had Tourblesome Grandmaster to refine it more, only then could it barely be considered a top-grade artifact.

Now, all of Blue Sky Pass’ Artifact Refining Grandmasters had gathered together, using Yang Kai’s Void Yin-Yang Mirror as a blueprint. With all kinds of exquisite thoughts colliding with one another, it would greatly improve the Void Yin-Yang Mirror.

After investing a massive amount of resources, the first set of Void Yin-Yang Mirror was completed in less than a month.

Ding Yao personally brought this set of Void Yin-Yang Mirror to the First Base to test it out. The First Base had long since been occupied by the Human Race and was currently organizing people to mine resources.

Three days later, a Universe World suddenly appeared outside Blue Sky Pass. Obviously, Ding Yao had teleported it back from the First Base.

The results of this experiment showed that the Void Yin-Yang Mirror created by Blue Sky Pass was indeed usable, and it had also opened a new path for other Human Race passes to extract resources.

Since it was confirmed that it could be used, the Cultivators in the pass naturally began to refine it in batches. According to the plans of the several Regiment Commanders, the Void Yin-Yang Mirror had to be refined into ten sets.

At the same time, the super Space Arrays inside the pass also began operating, and jade slips containing the refinement method and activation method of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror were sent to the various human passes.

Soon, the various human passes received a message from Blue Sky Pass. After learning about the mysteries and effects of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror, every human pass was overjoyed and began to refine it.

While Blue Sky Pass was busy refining more Void Yin-Yang Mirror, above Breaking Dawn, the Dawn Squad members gathered outside a Universe World. Feng Ying stood on the deck and could vaguely see Yang Kai’s busy figure outside.

Since the Void Yin-Yang Mirror had already been refined in batches, there was no need for the Dawn Squad to continue mining here. As long as Yang Kai teleported this area's Universe World back to Blue Sky Pass, the soldiers inside would be able to mine it clean.

As such, the members of the Dawn Squad had nothing to do.

However, it wasn’t as if they had nothing to do. Yang Kai wanted to move to this resource production area’s Universe World, so the Dawn Squad needed to follow him closely and guard him, lest some scattered Black Ink Clan people launch a sneak attack. Yang Kai was strong and possessed the World Spring, so he wasn’t afraid of the corrosion of the Ink Force. If an ignorant Black Ink Clan individual came to find trouble with him, they would only be unable to return.

However, the Array Artifacts he had set up in the Universe World always needed someone to look after them.

If the Black Ink Clan were to steal it, they might be able to unravel the mysteries of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror. If the Black Ink Clan were to obtain the Void Yin-Yang Mirror as well, it would not be a good thing for the Human Race, so they had to be on their guard.

With Blue Sky Pass’ Expelling Black Ink Battleship and Breaking Dawn's Universe Formation, Yang Kai could easily travel back and forth between the two places, allowing him to move the Universe World at a rapid pace.

In less than a month, the dozens of Universe Worlds that had been assigned to Dawn Squad had all disappeared and were sent back to Blue Sky Pass.

But now, almost all of the twenty thousand or so soldiers stationed at Blue Sky Pass had been mobilized and were mining for resources.

Many Universe Worlds were destroyed, and the various resources stored inside were unearthed. The number of resources stored in the War Preparation Palace increased day by day.

The entire Blue Sky Pass was filled with a joyous atmosphere.

The Human Race soldiers had suffered for a long time!

Prior to this, the cultivation resources of every Human Race pass’s cultivators were mostly delivered from the 3000 Worlds, with a small number of them from the resource production area after the war and mining on their own.

However, each time they conquered a resource production area, the amount of time they could harvest was extremely limited, from a hundred years to a few dozen years, and the number of people they could mobilize was limited. How many resources could they obtain?

Therefore, on this Ink Battlefield, every Human Race soldier knew how precious cultivation resources were. When they used their own battle merits to exchange for resources, they would usually exchange for as many as they needed, so it could be said that they were frugal.

But now, the birth of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror had changed this situation.

According to the War Preparation Palace's calculations, the amount of resources mined in this short month was equivalent to the total amount mined over the past ten years!

It had only been a month, so there was still a long way to go. As more Void Yin-Yang Mirror was refined, more Universe Worlds would definitely be teleported back, and each Universe World represented a massive amount of resources.

With such a joyous occasion, how could anyone not be radiant?

The mobilization of twenty thousand soldiers meant a terrifying increase in mining efficiency.

Often, a Universe World had just been sent back and would disintegrate in a few days.

The dozens of Universe Worlds that Yang Kai had sent back over the past month had long since disappeared, and a large number of human cultivators were eagerly watching. Once a Universe World was sent back, they would swarm forward.

As the number of Void Yin-Yang Mirrors increased, the number of Universe Worlds that had been teleported back gradually increased, finally barely supplying the needs of the soldiers inside the pass.

When all ten sets of Void Yin-Yang Mirror were completed, the extraction speed of the soldiers in the pass could no longer keep up.

For a time, outside Blue Sky Pass, a number of different Universe worlds were sent back one after another, their numbers constantly increasing as far as the eye could see.

At this moment, Yang Kai was busy in the area occupied by the Fourth Base.

The dozens of Universe Worlds in the region assigned to the Dawn Squad had already been teleported back, but there were many more in the other regions.

The entire resource production area occupied by Fourth Base had at least a few hundred Universe Worlds, and this was only on Fourth Base’s side. The other three bases occupied similar resource production areas.

In other words, if all of these four resource production area's Universe Worlds were moved back, Blue Sky Pass would be able to harvest at least two thousand Universe World reserves.

What a massive number.

This was something the soldiers in the pass had never dared to imagine before. According to the previous mining efficiency, it would take at least a few thousand years to completely mine the two thousand Universe Worlds.

But now, it would only take a few dozen years or less.

The constant disappearance of Universe World in the four bases had finally caused the Black Ink Clan to become vigilant, and many Black Ink Clan scouts came to investigate.

However, these scouts were all alone, so once they were discovered, they would not have a good ending.

Although they had killed many of the Black Ink Clan’s scouts, there were still many who had not been discovered. The existence of the Yin-Yang Mirror should have already been sent back to the Black Ink Clan.

This was something that could not be helped. Using the Void Yin-Yang Mirror to teleport the Universe Worlds was a big movement, so it was impossible to conceal.

Blue Sky Pass didn’t try to conceal this fact. The Black Ink Clan army under the command of the Evil Royal Lord had suffered heavy losses last time, and the Evil Royal Lord himself had suffered heavy injuries. Even if the Black Ink Clan noticed something, they couldn’t do anything about Blue Sky Pass. Without hundreds of years of rest and recuperation, it was impossible for them to organize an attack.

For the Black Ink Clan, this period of time was a period of rest and recuperation, but for Blue Sky Pass, wasn’t it the same? Taking advantage of this opportunity, Blue Sky Pass naturally wanted to obtain more benefits from the Black Ink Clan.

Two years later…

The Resource Production Area occupied by the Fourth Base was now completely empty, and all of the Universe World that had been teleported away had disappeared.

In addition to Yang Kai, Lu An and Zha Hu were also helping with the other Void Yin-Yang Mirror.

Although Shentu Mo had previously tested it and determined that a top Seventh Order Open Heaven could also control the Void Yin-Yang Mirror, for a Seventh Order, activating it would consume a lot of energy, so it was safer for the Eighth Order to use it.

As a result, Lu An and Zha Hu took over this task. Although they were both Eighth Order and had a higher cultivation than Yang Kai, in terms of teleportation efficiency, they were still inferior to Yang Kai. After all, Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Law, so controlling the Void Yin-Yang Mirror was much more convenient.

This was the artifact he had forged for himself.

On this day, Breaking Dawn slowly descended from the floating continent where Fourth Base was located.

Yang Kai disembarked from the ship and walked straight towards the two Eighth Order guarding this place was. Soon, he saw the two of them and after saluting them, Yang Kai said, “Sirs, the Universe World in this resource production area has been teleported back. If you have any other tasks, please ask.”

Lu An smiled and nodded, “There’s nothing else to do now, we should return to the pass.”

Yang Kai was slightly surprised, “We’re going back now?”

Zha Hu asked, “What do you want to do?”

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before asking, “The resource production area occupied by Fourth Base no longer has Universe World, but I saw that there seems to be more in the depths of it. Can we move some more?”


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