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Feng Ying quickly came to a realization, “Junior Brother sent that Universe World back to Blue Sky Pass. In this way, the soldiers inside the pass only need to stay at the entrance to mine resources. There is no need for them to run so far, and they don't have to bear the risk of being ambushed by the Black Ink Clan.”

“Exactly!” Yang Kai nodded.

“Is Junior Brother using those eight Array Artifacts?”

“That’s right,” Yang Kai nodded, “All the Regiment Commanders in the pass already know about this. Later, Sir Shentu will personally come to investigate, so I’ll have to make some arrangements. I’ll have to trouble Senior Sister to protect me.”

Feng Ying nodded, “I’ll go with you.”

Soon, Yang Kai had locked onto the other Universe World and spent some time using the Void Yang Mirror’s eight Array Artifacts to separate the surrounding space.

Shentu Mo had yet to arrive. Although he was an Eighth Order Open Heaven master and could use the Universe Formation to instantly arrive at the Fourth Base’s Expelling Black Ink Battleship, it would take some time for him to arrive from the Fourth Base, so he should be on his way now.

Feng Ying was extremely curious about the Void Yin-Yang Mirror and asked Yang Kai many questions, so Yang Kai naturally answered them one by one.

One day later, Yang Kai, who had been resting with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes. In his vision, a dazzling stream of light rushed over from the direction of Fourth Base and soon arrived, revealing Shentu Mo’s burly figure.

Yang Kai cupped his fists and bowed, “Sir Shentu.”

Shentu Mo nodded and looked towards the Universe World, asking, “Are you ready?”

“Everything is in order!”

“What does this old master need to do?”

Yang Kai said, “We still need Sir Shentu to clearly remember the distribution and distance of the Void Yang Mirror’s eight Array Artifacts. When we return to Blue Sky Pass, we also need to use the Void Yin Mirror to arrange them. This way, when we activate the power of the artifact, the Yin Mirror and Yang Mirror will resonate and distort space, allowing teleportation.”

Shentu Mo nodded, “Ok.”

Although this requirement was harsh and the position and distance of the eight Array Artifacts had to be exactly the same, it was not difficult for Shentu Mo, an Eighth Order Open Heaven master.

In less than an hour, Shentu Mo circled around the eight Array Artifacts and memorized all of their details.

Returning to Yang Kai’s side, Shentu Mo nodded slightly, indicating that everything was in order.

Yang Kai turned to Feng Ying and said, “Senior Sister should return first, I’ll accompany Sir Shentu back to the pass. If things go smoothly, I’m afraid I won’t be able to return for a while, so I’ll have to trouble Senior Sister to take care of things here.”

Feng Ying said, “Junior Brother can go by himself, I’ll take good care of Dawn.”

Yang Kai turned to Shentu Mo, “Sir Shentu, please.”

Shentu Mo didn’t say anything else and directly activated the Universe Escape Law. Soon, the space beneath his feet flashed with a brilliant light and enveloped him.

After his figure disappeared, Yang Kai also activated the Universe Escape Law and returned to Blue Sky Pass.

Zhong Liang and the others were still waiting outside the pass. Although Shentu Mo had spent almost a day on this trip, this matter was extremely important. Not to mention a day, even if it was a month, Zhong Liang and the others could afford to wait.

If this matter was settled, the benefits it would bring to the Human Race would be too great, so what about waiting a little longer?

“They’re back,” Ding Yao suddenly turned his head towards Blue Sky Pass and saw two figures flying out. It was Shentu Mo and Yang Kai.

Looking at the two approaching figures, the Eighth Order cultivators couldn’t help sighing at the convenience of the Universe Formation.

From Blue Sky Pass to the Fourth Base, it had only been a day or so. In the past, it would have been unthinkable, but now, with the help of the Universe Formation, they could quickly travel between the two places. This kind of convenience was especially useful during a battle.

“How is it?” When Shentu Mo stopped beside him, Ding Yao asked anxiously.

Shentu Mo said, “It still needs to be arranged, whether or not it is useful will be decided later.”

Yang Kai followed behind Shentu Mo and turned his head to look at the Universe World he had just moved before. At this moment, it was in a state of frenzy, with many figures flying around the Universe World, obviously mining for resources. In just a day, the Universe World seemed to have become smaller, so one could imagine that with this speed, in less than two or three months, the entire Universe World would be completely mined, leaving not even a scrap behind. This was the result of Blue Sky Pass not deploying many people, if they were to mobilize more people, it would take even less time.

Yang Kai was surprised, “It’s already begun?”

Zhong Liang snorted, “In this Ink Battlefield, the meat you eat is your own. Enough nonsense, quickly bring Shentu to arrange it, we’re still waiting to see the results.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai quickly replied.

The group quickly shifted their positions and found an open space. Under Yang Kai’s guidance, Shentu Mo quickly arranged the eight Void Yin Mirror Arrays.

Next, it was time to test it out. Yang Kai taught Shentu Mo the method to activate the artifact and left.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Shentu Mo’s hand seals rapidly changed as he poured his own strength into the eight Array Artifacts.

A faint light flashed from the eight Array Artifacts and a buzzing sound rang out, causing all the Eighth Order to stare at it.

As time passed, the light became brighter, and the humming became more obvious. The space around the eight Array Artifacts began to distort, and a giant shadow suddenly appeared in the originally empty space.

Zhong Liang raised his brow and nodded, “It should work!”

He had seen Yang Kai use the Void Yin-Yang Mirror in the same way as Shentu Mo.

If nothing unexpected happened, it wouldn’t be long before the Universe World near Fourth Base was teleported back.

Something happened.

The giant shadow in the void continued to flicker, unable to completely solidify, and only after half an hour did it complete.

Shentu Mo withdrew his hand seals and the light from the eight Array Artifacts dissipated, cutting off the distant resonance.

Many Eighth Order masters revealed looks of joy. What they saw in front of them undoubtedly meant that they could also control the Void Yin-Yang Mirror. In this way, it would be much easier to teleport the Universe World from the resource area.

On the other hand, Zhong Liang was frowning because he discovered that although Shentu Mo’s cultivation was stronger than Yang Kai’s, this time it seemed to be much more difficult than before. In terms of time alone, there was no comparison. When Yang Kai teleported the Universe World previously, it only took him a few dozen breaths to arrange everything properly, but Shentu Mo took half an hour, and from the looks of it, the consumption was not small, far less than Yang Kai’s.

Seemingly seeing through his doubts, Yang Kai explained, “This artifact was originally made for me, and it contains the use of the Dao of Space, so it will be easier for me to control it myself. Although Sir Shentu’s cultivation is higher than mine, he has never cultivated the Space Law, so forcefully using this artifact’s power will naturally consume more energy than me.”

Zhong Liang nodded slightly, “Indeed.”

However, this result was also quite satisfactory. Most likely, only Yang Kai could use this Void Yin-Yang Mirror without much trouble.

Shentu Mo had already returned and everyone looked over.

He pondered for a while, and said, "I'm afraid the Seventh Order is unable to urge this treasure, only the top Seventh Order have the spare energy to urge it, and the consumption for urging this treasure should be the same as the target of teleportation. The size and distance are related, the bigger the body, the farther the distance, the more the consumption, in short, this treasure is available for use."

“Good!” Ding Yao let out a sigh of relief.

Liang Yulong said, “Since it’s usable, there’s no time to lose. Let’s hurry up and let the Pass forge it. However, this Artifact is a set of sixteen Array Artifacts, and each one of them is so large, the amount of resources consumed will not be small.”

Refining a set of Void Yin-Yang Mirror naturally required a lot of resources, and Yang Kai had paid a hefty price back then, but compared to the future gains, such a price was worth it.

Zhong Liang chuckled, “If you can’t bear to part with a child, you won’t be able to catch the wolf. The more you pay in the beginning, the greater your gains will be. I’d like to see what kind of expression the Black Ink Clan will have when they occupy those resource production areas a few decades later.”

Everyone couldn’t help but let their imaginations run wild for a moment before revealing a knowing smile.

Ding Yao said, “I don’t think there’s a need for too many, just ten sets will be enough, any more would be a waste.”

Many Eighth Order masters nodded, “Good point.”

“In addition, the method to refine this artifact must be passed on to the other passes. Naturally, my Blue Sky Pass cannot monopolize such a good opportunity.”


The Expelling Black Ink Battleship and the Purification Light had already been dispatched to various Human Race passes by Blue Sky Pass. Each family had already constructed the Expelling Black Ink Battleship to be brought to Blue Sky Pass by various masters, but the Purification Light and Universe Formation had to be personally carried out by Yang Kai.

If it weren’t for this, in this Ink Battlefield where every resource was extremely precious, the various Human Race passes wouldn’t have been willing to use the super Space Arrays to transport people.

Currently, the refining method of this Void Yin-Yang Mirror must also be shared, but without teleporting cultivators, the amount of resources needed to refine it wouldn’t be too much.

“Yang Kai, you’ve made great contributions in this matter again, making this old master blush with shame.” Zhong Liang turned his head to look at Yang Kai, the more satisfied he became, the happier he became. Since Yang Kai came to Blue Sky Pass, how many pleasant surprises had he brought to them? Zhong Liang have no daughter, but if he did, he would make this boy his son-in-law.

Yang Kai humbly replied, “It was done unintentionally many years ago. It’s already a blessing that I was able to help you, Regiment Commander is too serious.”

Zhong Liang said seriously, “The Void Yin-Yang Mirror can be of great help. Not only does my Blue Sky Pass have to risk mining resources, but which human mountain pass doesn’t need to do so? In the past, when mining resources, there were always Black Ink Clan invaders and losses, but now that we have the Void Yin-Yang Mirror, we don’t need to worry about this.”

Everyone nodded.

The Ink Battlefield was, after all, the home ground of the Black Ink Clan, and the Human Race’s situation here was far too difficult. For countless years, the Human Race could only rely on the mountain passes to resist the repeated attacks of the Black Ink Clan’s armies. Every generation of the Cave Heaven Paradise had to send a large number of people to assist the Ink Battlefield.


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