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The original intention of refining the Void Yin-Yang Mirror was a flash of inspiration from Yang Kai, a crystallization of his many years of cultivating Space Law.

There were two sets of artifacts, one for Yin and one for Yang, which was equivalent to the opposite side of the mirror. If the arrangement was successful and the distance was appropriate, the activation of the artifact’s power would be equivalent to turning the mirror around and mixing Yin and Yang together. This way, it could be used for large-scale transportation.

The conditions in the Black Territory were too harsh, and this Void Yin-Yang Mirror was specially refined for the situation in the Black Territory. Now that all the mines in the Black Territory had been mined, Yang Kai had thought that this set of artifacts would never be used again in the future, but he hadn’t expected that the Void Yin-Yang Mirror would still be useful in the Black Ink Battlefield.

This was a pleasant surprise.

He had set up the Void Yang Mirror on the other side, so when he arrived at Blue Sky Pass, he naturally had to set up the Void Yin Mirror.

Half an hour later, the eight Void Yin Mirror Array Artifacts had been arranged.

Zhong Liang silently observed and naturally saw the profoundness of these eight Array Artifacts that could suppress the surrounding space. Just as he was thinking about who these eight Array Artifacts came from and what use they had, Yang Kai suddenly appeared in the sky, changed his hand seals, and shouted, “Rise!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the eight Array Artifacts lit up one by one and began to emit a buzzing sound, causing the surrounding space to distort.

A rich spatial fluctuation spread out from the void.

Seeing this, Zhong Liang’s brow rose as he faintly felt that this matter had reached a critical juncture, so he quickly focused his attention. Soon, a look of surprise appeared on his face, because he seemed to sense a faint trace of energy coming from an extremely distant place, resonating with the eight Array Artifacts in front of him.

This was not an illusion, because the resonance was becoming stronger, soon becoming impossible to ignore.

Suddenly, Zhong Liang’s eyes bulged as he stared forward in surprise.

In the empty space where the eight Array Artifacts had been, a giant shadow suddenly appeared.

He almost thought he was hallucinating, but upon closer inspection, there was indeed a giant shadow in front of him, and it was becoming more solid.

In less than a dozen breaths of time, the giant shadow suddenly solidified and was completely frozen in place. The light from the eight Array Artifacts also gradually faded, cutting off the resonance with the distance.

Zhong Liang’s eyes bulged and he nearly bit his tongue, his face filled with shock.

As an Eighth Order Open Heaven master who had lived for countless years and had fought with the Black Ink Clan on the Black Ink Battlefield for countless years, he could be considered an experienced and knowledgeable person, but what he saw today was completely unheard of.

What suddenly appeared in front of him was a star-like Universe World. Blue Sky Pass is only 10% of the body in front of this Universe World.

Although this Universe World no longer had any vitality and was dead, it was still a Universe World.

Shua Shua Shua... Inside Blue Sky Pass, a number of figures flew over like stars chasing the moon, each of them exuding the powerful aura of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master. Obviously, they had noticed the abnormality here and had come to investigate the situation, causing the entire Blue Sky Pass to become jittery as they entered a state of preparation.

“What’s the situation?” The Eastern Army Regiment Commander Ding Yao flashed to Zhong Liang’s side and asked solemnly.

Northern Army Regiment Commander Shentu Mo also asked, “Where did this Universe World come from?”

The sudden appearance of such a Universe World in front of their home was simply too bizarre. He had to find out the reason.

Facing these pairs of questioning eyes, Zhong Liang smiled wryly, not knowing how to explain it. Not to mention, he was also in a daze. Although he had some guesses in his heart, he couldn’t be certain, so he could only shout, “Little brat Yang, come here and explain!”

“Coming, coming,” Yang Kai replied as he flew over from the distance. When he got close, he first bowed, “Greetings, Sirs.”

Zhong Liang waved his hand and said, “Enough nonsense, tell me what happened.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “It’s exactly what all of you saw. This Universe World was located in the Fourth Base's resource production area two hours ago, but now it has been moved here by me.” With a solemn expression, he continued, “I was thinking. Rather than letting the people from the base take the risk of mining resources outside, it would be better to move all of those Universe Worlds to the vicinity of Blue Sky Pass. This way, with all of Blue Sky Pass’s people mining, whether it is efficiency or safety, it would be greatly improved.”

The Southern Army’s Liang Yulong’s eyelids twitched as he listened, “You said you teleported this Universe World here using some kind of method? And it only took two hours?”

Yang Kai said, “Strictly speaking, half an incense stick’s worth of time, two hours is the time needed to arrange everything.”

Ding Yao took a step forward, his eyes shining, “Is that so?”

Yang Kai pointed at Zhong Liang, “Sir Zhong Liang saw it with his own eyes.”

Everyone turned to look at Zhong Liang, who nodded solemnly, “Yes, I’ve been watching from the beginning. Don’t ask me, I don’t know what method this boy used, I only know that he used some kind of artifact.”

As he spoke, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and the eight Array Artifacts in the surrounding area transformed into streaks of light and flew to his side.

All of the Eighth Order master looked around curiously.

Yang Kai explained, “These Array Artifacts are half of my Secret Artifact, while the other half is in the original location of this Universe World. This Artifact is called the Void Yin-Yang Mirror.”

He then explained the effects of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror in detail.

The eyes of the many Eighth Order masters lit up as they listened, and Shentu Mo even praised, “Good stuff, good stuff!”

Ding Yao asked with concern, “As you said, if you use this Void Yin-Yang Mirror, can you teleport the Universe World in the resource area here?”

Yang Kai nodded seriously, “Yes.”

Everyone was moved. If that was the case, in the future, the clansmen would no longer need to go out and mine resources. They could simply send the Universe Worlds back to Blue Sky Pass and allow the people inside the pass to mine them. Just as Yang Kai had said before, this would greatly increase their efficiency and safety.

Although this artifact didn’t have any offensive power, to the Human Races of the Black Ink Battlefield, it was a treasure that would benefit them greatly.

Zhong Liang slapped the back of Yang Kai’s head and said angrily, “Why didn’t you take out such a good thing earlier?”

Yang Kai was speechless, “I didn’t think about it before.” He had been fighting a bloody battle with the Black Ink Clan all this time, so how could he have thought about it? It was only when he arrived at the mining site that he suddenly remembered.

Ding Yao said, “Although this artifact is good, there is still a crucial point.”

Zhong Liang turned around and asked, “What crucial point?”

Ding Yao looked at Yang Kai and asked, “Is this Void Yin-Yang Mirror something only you can control, or is it something only those with enough strength can control?”

If it was the former, it would certainly be useful, but if it was the latter, it would be a blessing to the entire Human Race.

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before saying, “Since this artifact was refined until now, no one but me has ever used it. Although this Disciple thinks that others can use it, we still need to verify it.”

Ding Yao immediately turned to look at Shentu Mo, “Is the Expelling Black Ink Battleship on the Fourth Base from the Northern Army?”

Shentu Mo nodded, “That’s right, then I’ll go with Little Boy Yang to verify it.”

Ding Yao nodded, “Thank you, Brother Shentu.”

Shentu Mo waved his hand and said, “It’s just a trivial matter, it’s nothing more than running errands.” Turning to Yang Kai, he said, “Boy, you go back and make some arrangements first, I’ll be right behind you.”

Yang Kai understood and cupped his fists, “Then I’ll be waiting for Sir Shentu to arrive.”

Saying so, he put away the Void Yin Mirror’s eight Array Artifacts and used the Universe Escape Law to disappear.

After he left, Shentu Mo also used the Universe Escape Law to connect to the Expelling Black Ink Battleship on the Fourth Base and teleport.

Zhong Liang glanced over at the Universe World not far away and clicked his tongue, “This little brat really has some strange abilities!”

With their strength as Eighth Order Open Heaven masters, they could slowly push this Universe World over, but doing so would consume too much energy and time.

However, Yang Kai had only used a single artifact to accomplish this task.

Ding Yao nodded, “The more skills he has, the better it is for the Human Race. Since he came to Blue Sky Pass, he has caused the situation of the entire Human Race to change.”

The Purification Light, Expelling Black Ink Battleship, and Universe Formation were things that no Human Race mountain pass had ever thought of, nor had they been able to fulfill. Yang Kai had achieved this by himself, so if the Void Yin-Yang Mirror could also be popularized, this contribution would be much greater than killing one or two Territory Lords.

At the same time, Yang Kai walked out of the Battleship’s cabin and went straight to the Void Yang Mirror.

Soon, he arrived beside Feng Ying.

Feng Ying stared ahead in a daze, her Divine Sense constantly probing, seemingly trying to find some kind of trace in the void in front of her.

Seeing Yang Kai arrive, Feng Ying quickly said, “Junior Brother, that Universe World has disappeared.”

Not long ago, the eight Array Artifacts that Yang Kai had left behind began to glow and buzz, causing the entire Universe World to become faintly discernible. At some point, the Universe World suddenly disappeared from their vision.

This shocked Feng Ying quite a bit. Such a big Universe World was gone just like that. She thought she was hallucinating, or perhaps Yang Kai had left behind some kind of Illusion Array, but no matter how she searched, she couldn’t find any trace of that Universe World.

Only then did she confirm that the Universe World had really disappeared.

But no matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t figure out how this Universe World had disappeared and where it had gone.

Yang Kai nodded, “Senior Sister, please calm down. I’ve sent that Universe World back to Blue Sky Pass.”

Feng Ying’s jaw dropped, her eyes filled with shock and disbelief.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “This is what I was saying to Senior Sister before. If this matter is successful, we won’t need to mine resources here in the future.”


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