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“Take him back to recuperate!” Zha Hu ordered.

Feng Ying accepted the order, picked up Yang Kai, and flew back to Breaking Dawn’s cabin.

On the other side, when the two Territory Lords who were fighting Xie Xiuping and Lu An saw their fellow Territory Lords die under Zha Hu’s hands, both of them turned pale with fright. How could they dare to continue fighting? One after another, they quickly used their movement techniques to retreat.

Xie Xiuping and Lu An chased after them relentlessly. The two of them knew that if the Territory Lord was determined to escape, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to them, but they still chased after them.

By the time Zha Hu finished investigating Yang Kai’s situation and wanted to assist Xie Xiuping and Lu An, the two Eighth Order and Black Ink Clan Territory Lords had disappeared.

Zha Hu coldly snorted and looked towards the chaotic battlefield, his figure flashing like a bolt of lightning as he rushed in.

The Black Ink Clan’s army was already on the verge of defeat, so even without Zha Hu’s help, they wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer. Now that they had an Eighth Order Open Heaven's help, how could they possibly be their opponent?

A large number of the Black Ink Clan had been killed, and a small number of them had realized that the situation was bad and fled in all directions. After all, even their Territory Lord had fled, so if they continued to stay here, they would only be waiting for death.

Zha Hu chased after them for half a day, killing a few survivors before returning.

Half a day later, the battle came to an end, and the Human Race’s soldiers all looked around at the broken limbs and wreckage of the Black Ink Clan. Although the Human Race’s Battleships were mostly damaged and more than a hundred Open Heaven masters had fallen, compared to the Black Ink Clan, this loss was negligible.

The Human Race had won this battle.

Cries of joy rang out from the various flying ships as everyone became excited.

The victory of this battle meant that the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass had finally taken over this resource production area, and for the next few decades, they would be able to peacefully mine resources here.

This victory had not been easy to obtain, and had cost the blood of many clansmen.

Cleaning up the battlefield and taking inventory of the casualties, under the leadership of several Eighth Order Cultivators, the flying ships slowly returned.

When Yang Kai woke up again, it was already several days later. When he opened his eyes, he felt pain all over his body. If he moved even a little, his entire body would be covered in sweat and his organs would feel like they were on fire.

“The Team Leader is awake, quickly inform the Garrison Chiefs,” A voice called out, causing Yang Kai to turn his head and see a familiar figure.

When his vision cleared, Yang Kai saw that it was Feng Ying.

Her eyes filled with concern and joy, Feng Ying hurriedly asked, “Team Leader, how do you feel?”

Yang Kai took a moment to check his condition before asking, “Who are you?”

Feng Ying’s expression immediately changed, “Team Leader, I’m Feng Ying, don’t you recognize me?”

Yang Kai stared at her as if she was a stranger.

This time, Feng Ying really panicked, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, Yang Kai grinned, “I was just joking with you, don’t take it seriously.”

Feng Ying was stunned for a moment before glaring at him angrily.

At this moment, someone pushed open the door and entered. Zha Hu’s voice rang out, “Little Boy Yang has woken up?” Obviously, he had received the news and immediately rushed over.

Yang Kai struggled to get up, but Zha Hu waved his hand and allowed him to lie back down, “Your injuries aren’t light, you should behave yourself. How do you feel?”

Feng Ying said angrily, “There shouldn’t be any problem, he even know to joke around with me.”

Confused, Zha Hu placed his hand on Yang Kai’s wrist and immersed himself in examining it. A moment later, he withdrew his hand and said with some shock, “As expected of a Dragon Vein Master, this vitality is truly powerful.”

In fact, a few days ago, when Yang Kai had been severely wounded by the Territory Lord’s fierce attack, his vitality had been dulled to the point of near death.

If it was any other Seventh Order who suffered such a serious injury, their chances of dying would be seventy percent.

However, over the past few days, Yang Kai’s vitality had been growing stronger by the day, and today he had actually woken up. Although his aura was still weak, his life was no longer in danger.

Zha Hu couldn’t help sighing with emotion. The Dragon Vein’s ability to heal one’s injuries was indeed a unique advantage. As long as this little brat didn’t suffer any immediate fatal injuries, his physique would be able to quickly recover.

“Garrison Chief Zha, what about the battle?” Yang Kai asked with concern. His memory was still stuck on the time he attacked the fleeing Territory Lord, so he had no idea what happened after that.

Zha Hu said, “The Black Ink Clan only had four Territory Lords guarding this region, and Chasing Wind was killed by you and Bai Yi. A few days ago, on the battlefield, with your and Bai Yi’s help, I killed another one, leaving only two Territory Lords behind. How could they possibly fight back? After that, they fled, and the Black Ink Clan was almost wiped out. We won.”

Yang Kai immediately let out a sigh of relief, “It’s good that we won.”

Although he had expected this result, hearing it with his own ears still made him feel excited.

After a moment of silence, Zha Hu said, “Yang Kai, I know you’re extremely confident in your own strength. Those who are confident are often conceited, and there are many times when you may not be able to make the right choice. This time you’re lucky, but what about the next time? You’re now a team leader, so your choice is not only related to your safety, but also the survival of your entire team. In the future, you must be careful!”

“I’ll remember,” Yang Kai listened carefully.

Zha Hu didn’t care if Yang Kai really listened to him or not, simply patting him on the shoulder and saying, “Recuperate well. The resource production area here has already been taken down, so there won’t be any major battles in the next few decades. Increase your strength as quickly as possible so you can kill more Black Ink Clan masters in the future.”


As soon as Zha Hu left, a large group of people rushed in from outside the door, all of them beaming with joy. It was the members of Dawn Squad.

Yang Kai swept his eyes around and found that besides himself, there were 35 people, not one more or less, filling up this small room. Only then did he relax.

When he was fighting against the Black Ink Clan, he had personally witnessed a small group of flying ships being destroyed, and once they lost the protection of the flying ships, it would be difficult for a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator to protect themselves in such a chaotic battlefield. A Sixth Order cultivator was still alright, but if a Fifth Order cultivator didn’t receive help from a nearby team, they would die within a dozen breaths.

After all, Dawn’s Battleship was not ordinary. Breaking Dawn’s performance was powerful, and participating in such a battle, it bear no risk of being destroyed, so all the members of the team were in good condition.

However, some injuries were unavoidable, especially for Shen Ao and the other Seventh Order masters who had gone out to fight with the Black Ink Clan.

In this battle, Dawn had also contributed greatly, especially after their final attack on the Territory Lord, Bai Yi and Yang Kai’s two attacks had given Zha Hu an opportunity to kill him.

This kind of contribution made the other teams envious, but they couldn’t do it. After all, not every Seventh Order was as capable as these two.

Seeing the concern in everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai comforted them, “I’m fine, I just need to rest for a few days. Everyone should go and recuperate.”

Only then did everyone leave, leaving Feng Ying alone.

Yang Kai glanced at her and asked, “Senior Sister has a smile on her face, what good news is there?”

Feng Ying couldn’t help laughing, “You can even tell this?”

“There really is a good news?” Yang Kai was stunned.

Feng Ying nodded, “This time, Dawn Squad's contribution was not small, the several Garrison Chiefs were grateful for this and specially allocated a rich resource area to us. Once we have fully recovered, we can begin mining.”

Yang Kai immediately understood, “I see.”

The previous battle had been to seize control of this resource production area. Since the Human Race had won, this resource production area naturally belonged to the Human Race.

Now that the war was over, the only thing left to do was to extract resources. As for which team to extract resources from, it was only natural that they had to confirm it first. After all, they couldn’t just wander around randomly and fight with one another.

However, in this resource production area, there were always poor and rich regions. The Dawn Squad had contributed the most, so the most fertile regions were allocated to the Dawn Squad.

In this way, the resources mined by the Dawn Squad could be handed over to Blue Sky Pass as battle merits.

“The Garrison Chiefs are quite thoughtful,” Yang Kai said.

“In that case, Team Leader, you should take a good rest and we will wait for your reply before setting off.”

“Good!” Yang Kai had no objections.

After ten days, Yang Kai had almost fully recovered, and the rest of the team had basically finished recuperating.

Yang Kai first went to Xu Boliang’s side to greet him before leading the Dawn Squad towards the designated area.

The area allocated to the Dawn Squad was about three days away from the base. Although it was quite far away, it was still rich in resources. As long as they could focus on mining, they would be able to accumulate a large amount of resources in a few decades.

There were also guards along the way. Although the Black Ink Clan had suffered a great defeat in the last battle, it was difficult to guarantee that no one had escaped.

Fortunately, the entire journey had been peaceful and the Black Ink Clan had suffered a new defeat. It seemed that they had really withdrawn from this resource production area.

Two days later, on the deck, Yang Kai checked the position of the Universe Chart in his hand and confirmed that this was the region assigned to the Dawn Squad. Immediately, he ordered Breaking Dawn to stop.

Standing on the deck, Yang Kai looked up and saw that there were dozens of stars of various sizes in the void, each of them a Universe World.

If these stars were placed in the 3000 Worlds, it would definitely be a prosperous place.

However, this was the Black Ink Battlefield, where the Black Ink Clan fed on the World Force. The World Force of any Universe World had been completely devoured by the Black Ink Clan, so all of these Universe Worlds were desolate and devoid of life.

Although there were no living creatures and the World Force had disappeared, after the death of these Universe Worlds, the various resources that had been produced were preserved.

What the Human Race’s cultivators needed to do was find these resources from the dead Universe World.

Not only was the Human Race doing this, but when the Black Ink Clan occupied this resource production area, they were also doing so because the Black Ink Nest’s energy needed to be converted from various resources.

“It really is rich!” Yang Kai looked at the scenery in front of him and sighed.

There were dozens of Universe Worlds here, so the amount of resources they contained was naturally not small.


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