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Blue Sky Pass’s war zone corresponded to the Evil Royal Lord’s territory.

These countless years of confrontation had allowed the two clans’ masters to more or less understand each other, so when the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord heard this voice, he immediately recognized Zha Hu.

Zha Hu replied bluntly, “Why are you calling your Grandfather?”

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was enraged, “A mere human dares to act so arrogantly?”

Zha Hu retorted, “A mere Black Ink Clan dares to boast shamelessly?”

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord angrily shouted, “Sooner or later, I’ll exterminate the Human Race of your Blue Sky Pass and rip your heart out, making you wish you were dead.”

Zha Hu sneered, “What’s the point of talking so much nonsense, let’s fight first!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly transformed into a streak of light and rushed towards a certain spot in the sky, ruthlessly smashing down with his fist. The might of his fist caused the void to tremble.

A black shadow suddenly appeared and hurriedly retreated, but it was still struck by the fist and couldn’t help letting out a muffled groan.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was shocked. He hadn’t expected that Zha Hu would act so quickly. In fact, at their level, in such a battlefield, they would normally only act as a deterrent, rarely taking the field personally because everyone knew that no one could defeat the other.

Under the premise that they were of the same grade, the Human Race was generally stronger than the Black Ink Clan, but the lower the cultivation, the more obvious the disparity was. At the Eighth Order and Territory Lord Realm, the disparity was extremely limited, and at the level of a Royal Lord and Ninth Order Old Ancestor, they were basically evenly matched.

What’s more, in this region, the number of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords was one number higher than the Human Race’s Eighth Order. The disadvantage of high-end combat strength was enough to deter the Human Race’s Eighth Order from acting rashly.

Only when the Black Ink Clan’s army attacked Blue Sky Pass would the Eighth Order and Territory Lord have a chance to directly confront each other.

As such, this Black Ink Clan Territory Lord had never imagined that Zha Hu would actually act.

Not only did he attack, but two other voids also suddenly erupted with extremely violent energy fluctuations. Obviously, Lu An and Xie Xiuping had also attacked together, forcing out the hidden Black Ink Clan Territory Lord.

“You dare…” The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, who had suffered a small loss from Zha Hu’s surprise attack, was immediately enraged.

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Zha Hu, who laughed loudly, “Are you still waiting for Chasing Wind? I forgot to tell you, Chasing Wind is already dead! I’m afraid you won’t be able to wait any longer.”

“What?” The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was shocked and immediately refuted, “Nonsense!”

He was instinctively unwilling to believe Zha Hu’s words. After all, Chasing Wind was a Territory Lord like them, how could he just die like that?

Half a month ago, he had met with Chasing Wind.

He thought that Zha Hu was just trying to scare him, but in the next moment, his expression changed and he turned to look at the special Human Race Battleship.

He had always seen the performance of this Human Race Battleship, and it was precisely because of its appearance that the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line had collapsed. This Territory Lord hated Breaking Dawn to the bone.

At this moment, what caught his attention was not the special Battleship itself, but the petite figure standing on the deck of the Battleship. That figure held a powerful bow in her hand, and as the golden light shot out, it was certain that the Black Ink Clan would suffer.

This Territory Lord used his eyesight to pass through the various obstacles, and when he saw the appearance of this petite figure, he was immediately shocked.

This human race woman… wasn’t she the Black Ink Disciple by Chasing Wind’s side?

Although he had only met this woman a few times, this Territory Lord still clearly remembered her because this human race woman was extremely strong and was highly regarded by Chasing Wind.

Why would she appear at the Human Race’s side? Moreover, she was trying to kill the Black Ink Clan.

For a time, this Territory Lord’s thoughts were in chaos, unable to figure out how Bai Yi, who was originally Black Ink Disciple, had returned to the embrace of the Human Race.

Since she was already here, where had Chasing Wind gone? Was he really dead?

In fact, he hadn’t been able to detect the aura of Chasing Wind at all. Originally, he had thought that Chasing Wind was hiding somewhere, waiting for an opportunity to act, but now he had disappeared without a trace. Perhaps he really was doomed.

This caused him to feel somewhat uneasy, and in a moment of carelessness, he was struck in the shoulder by Zha Hu’s fist, causing his huge body to stagger and roar repeatedly.

However, before he could stabilize himself, a murderous intent suddenly locked onto him from behind, causing him to feel like he had fallen into an icehouse.

Turning around in a hurry, he was shocked to see that someone had appeared behind him at some point and was attacking him like a sword.

Sword light flashed from the fingertips.

The Territory Lord’s body trembled violently as a huge wound appeared on his shoulder blade. Vaguely, his internal organs could be seen squirming as his Ink Blood and Ink Force gushed out from the wound. He roared in grief and indignation, “Xu Boliang!”

This time, he was truly shocked and angry.

What shocked him was that Xu Boliang had actually appeared here, and what angered him was that he had been caught off guard and had been ambushed by him. No one could underestimate the sneak attack of a Human Race Eighth Order Open Heaven master, so this Territory Lord was immediately severely injured. Sword Qi lingered around his wound, blocking it from healing, and at the same time, the silk-like Sword Qi seeped into his body and attacked his vital points.

He was forced to use his strength to suppress these corrosive sword threads, causing his strength to drop by twenty percent.

What he was most puzzled about was how Xu Boliang had appeared on this battlefield.

According to the intelligence gathered by the Black Ink Clan, Xu Boliang had always been stationed in the Human Race’s base and had never left. This was also the reason why there was always one more Black Ink Clan Territory Lord than an Eighth Order Human Race.

Originally, in this war zone, there were four Black Ink Clan Territory Lords and four Eighth Order Human Race masters.

However, for the Human Race, they still needed an Eighth Order to guard the base in case the Black Ink Clan army attacked. If anything happened to the base, it would be a huge loss for the Human Race.

As such, in terms of high-end combat strength, the Black Ink Clan had an advantage.

Even if Chasing Wind died, it would still be a three versus three situation, so the Territory Lords weren’t afraid of anything.

Thus, this Territory Lord had never imagined that Xu Boliang would appear here like a ghost and launch a sneak attack on him. It was precisely because he hadn’t noticed it that he had fallen into a trap.

Was he not afraid that the entire base would be wiped out by the Black Ink Clan?

Xu Boliang, on the other hand, immediately retreated after striking out, not having any intention of pursuing or attacking. Instead, he simply nodded slightly towards Zha Hu and changed his hand seals.

Soon, the light of a Spirit Array appeared beneath his feet, and when the light faded, he had already disappeared.

Naturally, he activated the Universe Escape Law and used the Universe Formation of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship to return to the base.

The reason why he hadn’t stayed behind to join forces with Zha Hu was because he was afraid that something would happen to the base, so he had to maintain his combat strength and guard the base.

A sneak attack to severely wound the Territory Lord was more than enough to determine the outcome of the battle, so there was no need to ask for too much. Although if he were to stay behind and join forces with Zha Hu, it was highly likely that they would be able to kill this Territory Lord on the spot, no one could guarantee that this Territory Lord wouldn’t drag one of them in a desperate counterattack.

Near Breaking Dawn, Yang Kai held the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand and stared at this sudden change with a stunned expression, “How did Garrison Chief Xu come out from Breaking Dawn?”

The Territory Lord didn’t know why Xu Boliang had suddenly appeared on this battlefield, but he could clearly see that just now, Xu Boliang had actually walked out from Breaking Dawn.

In the chaotic battlefield, everyone’s aura fluctuated wildly, so no one noticed that the Human Race had gained one more Eighth Order.

Feng Ying slashed her sword forward, taking advantage of this moment to say, “A few days ago, Garrison Chief Xu left a mark in Breaking Dawn’s Universe Formation.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood and smacked his lips, “The older the wiser!”

Xu Boliang had already left a mark on Breaking Dawn’s Universe Formation, so naturally, he could use Breaking Dawn’s Universe Formation to arrive at the battlefield in an instant and then launch a sneak attack on the Territory Lord. Once he succeeded, he could use the Universe Formation at the base to return.

It could be said that Xu Boliang’s sneak attack this time was so unexpected that the people at the base didn’t even know he had crossed hundreds of millions of kilometers in such a short time to come here and seriously injure a Territory Lord.

Yang Kai’s horizons were broadened by the fact that the Universe Formation could be used like this.

Focusing his thoughts, Yang Kai looked at the many Black Ink Clan masters in front of him and thrust his spear forward. Kill!

On the high-end battlefield, Lu An and Xie Xiuping were each facing off against one of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords. The difference in strength between them wasn’t obvious, so the two sides were evenly matched.

However, the enemy Zha Hu was facing now had a drastic drop in momentum and was completely at a disadvantage. After being madly attacked by Zha Hu, the only thing he could do was parry, unable to fight back.

Both of their strengths were similar, but this Territory Lord had been seriously injured by Xu Boliang and now needed to divert some of his strength to suppress his injuries, so how could he be a match for Zha Hu?

Even after using all kinds of Secret Techniques, he was still unable to resist.

If they continued to fight, the situation would only become worse. If Xu Boliang came out again, he might really die here, so after this Territory Lord realized he was no match for him, he immediately decided to retreat.

Zha Hu naturally saw through his intentions and his attacks became even fiercer, as if he wanted to kill him.

The Territory Lord flew into a rage and roared, “Zha Hu, if you want to die, I can fulfill your wish.”

Zha Hu sneered, “You must have the ability to do so first.”

Although his words were filled with ridicule, his expression was extremely vigilant. He didn’t dare underestimate the Territory Lord’s desperate resistance. This was also the reason why Xu Boliang hadn’t stayed behind to join forces with him. Even if it was two against one, they might have to pay a heavy price.

The Human Race could not afford this price!

Any Eighth Order cultivator was an extremely precious force of the Human Race, and the death of an Eighth Order cultivator was an unbearable pain for the Human Race.

So when he received news that Chasing Wind had been killed by Yang Kai and a Black Ink Disciple named Bai Yi, Zha Hu couldn’t believe it.

However, after learning the specific details, Zha Hu understood that the reason Yang Kai and Bai Yi were able to kill Chasing Wind was because both of them had extraordinary strength and luck.

This was because Chasing Wind had underestimated his opponent too much. Of course, there was also a reason that he had yet to recover from his injuries.

As such, even though he had the absolute advantage right now, Zha Hu didn’t dare push him too far. Every time he did, he would give the Territory Lord a chance to survive, giving him the illusion that he could still fight.


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