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The final battle was about two or three days away from the base. During this time, besides the members responsible for changing directions, the rest of the people from the Dawn Squad were basically conserving their strength.

Yang Kai stood alone on the deck, vigilant.

Two days later, before Breaking Dawn arrived at the destination, Yang Kai could already see a vast expanse of light flashing in front of him. Even though he was quite far away, he could still feel the fluctuations of energy.

Had the battle already begun? Yang Kai’s expression became serious as he quickly issued a warning.

The hatch opened and a number of figures rushed out of the cabin. Standing on the deck, they immediately saw the raging battle.

The final battle had indeed begun, but as the distance between them shortened, Yang Kai realized that it shouldn’t be long before the battle erupted, because the Black Ink Clan army’s formation was still intact, and there weren’t many casualties.

From the looks of it, it had only erupted one or two hours ago.

Dawn could be said to be arriving at the right time.

Looking up, one could see the Human Race’s Palace artifacts flying through the vast battlefield. As they flew through the air, the palace artifacts began to emit different colored lights. When these lights entered the Black Ink Clan’s gathering point, it would be a scene of chaos. This was obviously the power of the offensive Array inside the palace artifact.

Few cultivators would leave the protection of their artifacts to fight, and only those who were extremely confident in their own strength would choose such a method.

After all, this wasn’t Blue Sky Pass. During the last war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan, even if the Human Race had been corroded by the Ink Force, they could quickly return to Blue Sky Pass and use the Purifying Light sealed inside the Expelling Black Ink Battleship to expel the Ink Force.

Right now, there was no Expelling Black Ink Battleship here, so if they were to be corroded by the Ink Force, they would have to use the Universe Escape Law to return to the base. It would take them at least two or three days to return, and by the time they returned, the battle would have already ended.

What’s more, it had only been a short time since the battle began, so the Human Race was trying to preserve as much of their strength as possible, using the palace artifacts to kill their enemies.

On the opposite side of the Human Race’s front line, the tide-like Black Ink Clan army’s momentum was brilliant as they launched an earth-shattering barrage of attacks towards the palace artifacts, causing them to flicker with light.

Some of the unlucky teams had even lost their ability to fight and could only rush back to the base.

Breaking Dawn quickly rushed over, and as soon as he stepped onto the battlefield, Yang Kai vaguely sensed several powerful Divine Senses enveloping the entire battlefield, confronting each other from afar. These Divine Senses clearly belonged to the Eighth Order Open Heaven Human Race and the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord.

It was because of the suppression of the Eighth Order Open Heaven that the Territory Lord were unable to intervene in this battle. This was the same for the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan. With the highest level of combatants being suppressed, victory and defeat could only be determined by the lower level.

Standing on the deck, Yang Kai glanced around and saw the weak point of the Human Race’s defensive line, where the Black Ink Clan’s offensive was extremely fierce. Although more than a dozen team grade artifacts were supporting each other, the situation was still somewhat unstable. One of the ship's protective arrays was dim, obviously unable to hold on for much longer.

Yang Kai pointed in that direction, “Go there!”

Breaking Dawn immediately rushed over, arriving on the battlefield in less than ten breaths.

Seeing the reinforcements, the humans on the other side were all overjoyed. Although it was just a team grade artifact like theirs, at this moment, any assistance was extremely difficult to obtain. Perhaps the addition of this team would be enough to resist the advance of the Black Ink Clan.

On one of the flying ships, a burly man with a full beard stood at the bow of the ship with a giant sword in his hands, looking quite awe-inspiring. Waving to his Vice Team Leader, he said, “Call them and have them cooperate with us.”

His Vice Team Leader was a beautiful woman, and just as she was about to send a message to the Dawn, she suddenly saw Breaking Dawn pass through the defensive line formed by more than a dozen Human Race ships and crash into the Black Ink Clan army.

The beautiful woman was flabbergasted, while the bearded man flew into a rage and cursed, “Where did this squad come from? Do they want to die?”

The dozen or so teams that had joined forces were unable to stop the advance of the Black Ink Clan’s army, but this one had suddenly rushed out and slaughtered its way into the enemy’s ranks. There was no way they could survive. They would likely be reduced to dust by the Black Ink Clan in the blink of an eye. At that time, the dozen or so people in that team would all be reduced to nothing.

As he cursed, he also secretly felt his heart ache. There were more than a dozen Open Heaven masters here, but he didn’t know who that bastard Team Leader was. He was courting death and actually wanted to implicate an entire team.

As soon as he finished speaking, the bearded man’s face suddenly filled with shock. This was because after the ship that looked similar to them rushed into the Black Ink Clan’s army, a ripple suddenly appeared, and a Battleship that was twice the size of a standard tean grade artifact suddenly appeared in his field of vision.

The palace artifact was almost comparable to a Guard Grade artifact!

“Dawn!” The bearded man suddenly came to a realization. In all of Blue Sky Pass, only the Dawn Squad possessed such a special Battleship. In the base, he had personally seen Breaking Dawn being repaired, so he coveted its performance.

The beautiful woman who was the Vice Team Leader asked, “Are they Dawn?”

The bearded man nodded heavily, “There’s no mistake!” Suddenly, he shivered and ordered, “Quickly follow them and tear down the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line!”

Although the Vice Team Leader was somewhat hesitant, she still quickly passed down orders, and this team grade ship immediately followed Breaking Dawn’s footsteps.

At the same time, the dozen or so teams that had been struggling to resist all made the same choice and turned around to face the Black Ink Clan.

When Breaking Dawn rushed over, the Black Ink Clan didn’t pay much attention to it, just another human team. Facing the suppression of their strength, the Human Race had no way to resist, but when Breaking Dawn’s Illusion Array was lifted and its true appearance was revealed, the Black Ink Clan’s side immediately fell into chaos.

During this period of time, Breaking Dawn and Dawn Squad's reputations among the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had also spread like wildfire. Many in the Black Ink Clan knew that there was an extremely special Human Race team, one that was far more powerful than the normal Human Race team, and one that had an unusual palace artifact.

It was unknown how many Black Ink Clans had suffered great losses under the hands of this group, many of them having been completely wiped out.

In this life or death battlefield, fame often brought about great deterrence.

An overwhelming barrage of attacks flew towards Breaking Dawn in an attempt to stop its advance, causing a dazzling defensive light to shine from Breaking Dawn’s body. Like a bright lamp, it dispelled the endless darkness and rushed straight into the Black Ink Clan army, ruthlessly tearing open a gap.

In the next moment, the Breaking Dawn Battleship shook again, and under the control of many Sixth Order Open Heaven, the Offensive Arrays exploded with a loud bang. A massive sword light and a giant spear shadow that was enough to pierce through the world ruthlessly smashed into the Black Ink Clan’s gathering point.

A violent wave of energy swept out, causing the Black Ink Clan to suffer heavy casualties wherever it passed.

Each of these Arrays’ attacks was comparable to the full power of a Seventh Order Open Heaven master, and their area of effect was extremely vast. If any of the Low Rank Black Ink Clan masters were to be hit by these Arrays, they would die, and even the High Rank Black Ink Clan would find it difficult to resist.

This was the power of the Human Race’s Palace Artifact. With the support of the Array, the combined power of several Sixth Order Open Heaven could display the power of a Seventh Order Open Heaven. As long as the Palace Artifact’s defences were not broken, there was no need to worry about being corroded by the Ink Force.

In just a single attack, Breaking Dawn had displayed the might far surpassing the ordinary team grade artifact. Before the surviving Black Ink Clan cultivators could even catch their breath, another dozen or so small teams flew up and followed closely behind Breaking Dawn, each of them releasing a different colored light.

The Offensive Arrays on these flying ships were naturally not as rich and colorful as the ones on Dawn. After all, their personnel configuration was not comparable to that of the Dawn Squad, and with so many Arrays, no one could activate all of them.

However, their advantage in numbers was that if a single ship activated two Offensive Arrays, the dozen or so would be able to unleash nearly thirty attacks.

This was an attack comparable to thirty Seventh Order Open Heaven.

Before they could even catch their breath, a large number of the Black Ink Clan masters had fallen, and this time, even several of the Feudal Lords had been severely wounded.

Within the Black Ink Clan army, a hollow zone immediately appeared, and this hollow zone continued to expand. Wherever it passed, it was like a hot knife cutting through butter, ruthlessly cutting a hole in the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line.

“Team Leader, the Defensive Array is about to collapse,” Feng Ying suddenly reminded.

Breaking Dawn’s charge was quite straightforward, but the requirements for protection were simply too high. The Defensive Array wasn’t damaged, but the members responsible for it had consumed too much energy. They had to constantly use their strength to protect themselves, otherwise, once Breaking Dawn was attacked, it would definitely suffer some damage.

In just a few dozen breaths of time, all of the team members had gone pale.

Without needing Feng Ying’s reminder, Yang Kai also noticed this point. The protective light barrier around Breaking Dawn’s body had dimmed significantly, and it really couldn’t hold out for long.

“I’ll do it!” As Yang Kai spoke, with a flash, he arrived at a Defensive Array and sat down cross-legged. Taking a deep breath, he poured his Small Universe’s power into the Array.

In the next moment, the originally dim protective light curtain suddenly lit up and exploded like a dazzling sun.

Shen Ao and the others were speechless.

The strength of a Defensive Array was greatly related to the foundation of the person who presided over it.

In each of the Defensive Arrays, there was a protective artifact that acted as the eye of the Array. The person who presided over the Array needed to activate their own power and pour it into the Array, allowing the Array to activate its power and transform it into a protective shield.

Normally, each Defensive Array required at least three members to work together. After all, the members responsible for this Array were either Fifth Order or Sixth Order.

This was the only way to ensure the stability of their defenses.

But now, Yang Kai’s strength alone had far surpassed its previous effect. The attacks from all directions struck the protective light curtain, only causing a slight ripple before disappearing.

From this, it could be seen just how deep Yang Kai’s foundation was.


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