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Hearing this, Xu Boliang stretched out his hand and pointed at him, “Little brat, your appetite isn’t small, you’re already thinking about your Junior Sister Bai? Do you know what kind of people a normal team has and what kind of people your Dawn Squad has? You’re still not satisfied.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Disciple naturally knows. It’s already a blessing for an ordinary team to have two Seventh Order. Many teams only have one Seventh Order Team Leader, while my Dawn Squad has five Seventh Order Disciples, which is a lot more than ordinary teams.”

Xu Boliang said angrily, “As long as you know.”

Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Dawn’s current achievements are completely worthy of the allocation of personnel. If we include the Chasing Wind Territory Lord that Disciple and Junior Sister Bai jointly killed, it would far exceed that.”

Xu Boliang nodded, “Indeed.”

Seeing that he didn’t seem to have any intention of refusing, Yang Kai struck while the iron was hot, “Since the Dawn Squad was founded, it has been a special operation team. If the clansmen of Blue Sky Pass are like sharp blades, then the Dawn is like the tip of this blade. The sharper the blade, the easier it is to kill, so the stronger the Dawn is, the better it is for Blue Sky Pass. What do you think?”

“Crooked reasoning,” Xu Boliang laughed.

However, after pondering for a moment, he still nodded and said, “Very well, Regiment Commander Zhong Liang once said that anyone below the Eighth Order in the pass can be taken by your Dawn Squad. Now that you have taken a liking to Bai Yi, let her join the ranks.”

Yang Kai quickly cupped his fists, “Many thanks, Garrison Chief Xu.”

Xu Boliang then turned to Bai Yi and said, “Bai Yi, I’ll have to ask your opinion on this matter. If you’re willing to join Dawn Squad, I’ll help you register. If you’re unwilling, you can also join other teams. With your strength, you’ll be able to become a team leader, so there’s no need to lower yourself to this little brat.”

Bai Yi bowed respectfully, “Disciple is willing to obey Senior Brother Yang’s orders.”

“Good!” Xu Boliang nodded slightly, immediately registering Bai Yi’s achievements and recording them down.

After a short while, the two of them bid farewell to Xu Boliang and returned to Dawn’s camp.

After learning that Bai Yi had also become a member of Dawn, everyone was naturally overjoyed. They had never personally experienced Bai Yi’s strength, but to be able to escape from Yang Kai so many times, how could she be weak? What’s more, Bai Yi was a disciple of Divine Feather Paradise, so her addition was more than enough to increase the strength of Dawn’s long range attacks.

With her archery skills, if they encountered the Black Ink Clan again in the future, it would be much easier to kill them.

Bai Yi finally settled down and resume her recovery, her injuries had yet to fully heal. After all, Chasing Wind’s lair was not suitable for healing.

Yang Kai was just about to return to his residence when Feng Ying followed him.

After letting her enter the room, the two sat down and Yang Kai asked, “Does Martial Aunt have something to say?”

Feng Ying hesitated for a moment before saying, “Now that you’re also a Seventh Order, you and I have the same grade, so don’t call me Martial Aunt.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Then what should I call you? Senior Sister?”

Feng Ying nodded, “Of course! Look here, you call Bai Yi Junior Sister Bai, and I also call her Junior Sister Bai, but you call me Martial Aunt. This is a bit messy.”

Yang Kai was silent for a moment. He had also noticed this point, and it was indeed a bit messy.

“For cultivators, age is not the standard, strength is. If you were born in the Cave Heaven Paradise, that would be fine, but the key is that you are not born in the Cave Heaven Paradise, so there is no need to maintain seniority.”

“Then we’ll do as Senior Sister says,” Yang Kai nodded.

Feng Ying smiled, “That’s more like it.”

“Senior Sister came here to say this?”

Feng Ying shook her head, “That’s not it, there’s something else.”

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn, “Senior Sister, please speak.”

Feng Ying said, “It’s like this. The base recently discovered an area rich in resources. Originally, that area was occupied by the Black Ink Clan, but now that our Human Race has the advantage in strength, we’ve slowly pushed the front line to that area. The Black Ink Clan doesn’t seem to be willing to give up on that area, so they have gathered a lot of forces to resist. Most of the people on the base’s side have gone there. A few days ago, I heard from Garrison Chief Xu that whether it was the Black Ink Clan or the Human Race, they both intend to fight in that area. If that’s the case, it will be the final battle. If the Human Race wins, they will be able to completely seize the resources of this war zone.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai suddenly understood, “No wonder we didn’t encounter any clansmen or Black Ink Clan on our way back. So they’ve all gathered together.”

Feng Ying nodded, “This is a good opportunity to accomplish everything in one fell swoop, so the several Garrison Chiefs naturally don’t want to miss this opportunity. Although the Human Race can only mine this war zone for a few dozen years and will retreat once the Black Ink Clan’s forces have finished recuperating, a few dozen years of mining is more than enough to increase the number of cultivation resources in the pass.”

“That’s right!” Yang Kai nodded seriously, “Has the battle already begun?”

Feng Ying said, “Small-scale conflicts have never stopped, but it’s not the time to truly fight to the death, but it shouldn’t be long now. Originally, the ones the Garrison Chief feared were only the several Black Ink Clan Territory Lords stationed in this war zone. The number and strength of the Territory Lords are roughly equal to that of the Garrison Chief, so neither side can do anything to the other. But now that you and Bai Yi have killed Chasing Wind, one of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords is missing, so the Garrison Chief will definitely seize this opportunity to heavily injure the Black Ink Clan.”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “How is the Breaking Dawn situation?”

Feng Ying said, “I went to take a look just now, it will take seven or eight days to completely repair it.”

“Seven or eight days…” Yang Kai smacked his lips, “Then we’ll wait for seven or eight days. My battle with Bai Yi consumed a lot of energy, so I need to recover.”

Feng Ying nodded, “Good.”

After sending off Feng Ying, Yang Kai immediately went into seclusion to recover. After consuming a large number of Open Heaven Pills, he took out a set of Sixth Grade resources and began refining them, quickly restoring the Small Universe’s foundation.

Now that he was a Seventh Order, the speed at which he could refine a Seventh Order Resource was naturally the fastest, but a Seventh Order Resource was ten times more valuable than a Sixth Order Resource, and with the assistance of the Open Heaven Pill, refining a Sixth Order Resource was more than enough.

What’s more, the many living beings he had kept inside his body were constantly providing him with World Force.

Although he had a lot of resources on hand, in this Black Ink Battlefield, it was not easy to obtain any of them, so he had to use them sparingly.

A few days later, Yang Kai pushed open the door with a smile.

Inside Dawn’s camp, Breaking Dawn Battleship was quietly floating in the air while Feng Ying was leading their people. Seeing Yang Kai appear, Feng Ying lean from the deck and waved at him.

Yang Kai flew up and looked around, “How is it?”

Feng Ying nodded and said, “All the damaged Spirit Arrays have been repaired, and the rest of the team has also recovered. We can set out now.”

Yang Kai nodded and lowered his head to look towards Bai Yi’s room. Seeing that the door was tightly shut, he said, “Call Bai Yi over and have her recover on the way. I’ll go greet Garrison Chief Xu.”

Saying so, his figure flashed and flew towards the place where Xu Boliang was guarding.

After a while, he met with Xu Boliang and explained his plans.

Xu Boliang had no intention of stopping him. It could even be said that he had intended for Dawn to participate in the final battle of this war zone, but he also knew that Breaking Dawn was being repair. Originally, he had planned to wait for Breaking Dawn to be repaired before summoning Yang Kai to issue a mission, but now that Yang Kai had taken the initiative to find him, it was naturally for the best.

“According to the news from the other side, the number of Black Ink Clans gathered in that region is not small, at least twenty thousand. For the Black Ink Clan, this is also an army. Although there are definitely many High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clans, we cannot afford to be careless.”

Yang Kai nodded seriously and asked, “How many does our Human Race have here?”

“Less than two thousand!” Xu Boliang said concisely.

Two thousand against twenty thousand, a ten times difference in numbers was completely incomparable, but Yang Kai also knew that it was impossible for the Human Race to deploy more people.

In the entire territory of the Evil Royal Lord, the Human Race had occupied four of these resource production zones. If each of these zones had two thousand people, then there would be eight thousand of them. On Blue Sky Pass’s side, there was only a small army.

Naturally, it was impossible for Blue Sky Pass to release too many clansmen to occupy the resource production area, so a large number of them had to remain inside the pass to prevent any accidents.

However, these two thousand people were all above the Fifth Order Open Heaven and were able to borrow the power of the palace artifacts. However, how many of these twenty thousand Black Ink Clans were actually weak Black Ink Clans? No one could say for certain.

As such, although there was a great disparity in numbers, it was difficult to say who would win or lose this battle. Only by fighting would one know.

“The forces of the Dawn Squad are powerful, and if they operate well, they will be able to display great power on this battlefield, but I have a request for you.”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Garrison Chief Xu, please speak!”

“On the battlefield, you are not allowed to use the Purification Light!”

Yang Kai nodded, “I understand.” On such a large scale battlefield, it was impossible to exterminate all of the Black Ink Clan’s forces. Once he activated the Purification Light, it would definitely alert the Black Ink Clan and expose his existence.

After a moment of hesitation, Yang Kai asked, “What if a clansman needs to be treated?”

Xu Boliang said, “The base has an Expelling Black Ink Battleship, and every Human Race soldier has left their mark on it. If they can’t hold on, they will use the Universe Escape Law to return.”

After bidding farewell to Xu Boliang, Yang Kai returned to Dawn’s camp. At this moment, all the members of the team had gathered and Bai Yi had been called out.

On the deck, the team of thirty or so people were divided into three rows, ready to set out.

Yang Kai observed for a moment before waving his hand, “Let’s go.”

The members in charge of the various Spirit Arrays immediately dispersed and took their positions. After a while, Breaking Dawn transformed into a streak of light and soared into the sky, quickly leaving.

The final battleground was filled with extremely rich resources and was also the last line of defense for the Black Ink Clan. As long as this line of defense was destroyed, the Human Race would be able to completely occupy this resource production area, allowing them to mine steadily for the next few decades. At that time, the Black Ink Clan would occasionally interfere, but the Human Race would definitely have patrolling teams on guard.

The two races had fought each other for countless years, so this kind of confrontation was already quite familiar.


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