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With the foundation of Dawn Squad and the performance of Dawn’s Battleship, they could easily crush a small group of Black Ink Clan cultivators. Now that all of their members were injured, it was obvious that they had experienced a great battle and might have encountered some Black Ink Clan army.

Shen Ao said, “Our luck is bad, we met a Territory Lord.”

Territory Lord! Yang Kai frowned slightly, “What happened?”

Shen Ao quickly explained the whole story.

On that day, when Yang Kai had chased after Bai Yi, they had stayed behind to deal with the battlefield, they had gone in the direction Yang Kai had been chasing after. However, they had been unable to find any trace of Yang Kai, so they could only give up.

The Dawn's Universe Formation had been set up, so if Yang Kai wanted to return, he only needed to activate the Dawn's Universe Formation to return safely. On top of that, Yang Kai’s strength was extraordinary and he was proficient in the Space Law, so even if he encountered a Territory Lord, his life wouldn’t be in danger, so Dawn wasn’t too worried.

Breaking Dawn continued to wander around the war zone and hunt down the Black Ink Clan while waiting for Yang Kai.

Unfortunately, their luck was bad and they had accidentally encountered a Territory Lord. The Dawn Squad's elites had naturally come out to fight and retreat from the Territory Lord. This was how everyone’s injuries had come about, and during that battle, even Breaking Dawn had suffered a great deal of damage. Many of the Spirit Arrays arranged on the Battleship had also been damaged.

Although the Territory Lord was fierce, Dawn’s side was not completely helpless, so it was still difficult for the Territory Lord to devour Dawn.

At this critical moment, Xu Boliang suddenly rushed out and began fighting the Territory Lord.

Everyone in the Dawn Squad was injured, including Breaking Dawn. Naturally, they could not remain on the battlefield and could only retreat back to the base.

As for the outcome of the battle between Xu Boliang and the Territory Lord, they had no idea.

However, less than half a day after they had retreated to the base, Xu Boliang had also returned to the base and replaced Zha Hu, who had been stationed here, to take charge.

After Shen Ao finished speaking, Feng Ying said, “Garrison Chief Xu should have suffered some minor injuries. When he returned that day, his aura was somewhat unstable.”

After listening to them, Yang Kai and Bai Yi exchanged a glance, their expressions somewhat strange.

“What’s wrong?” Feng Ying asked in confusion.

Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s nothing, it’s just a coincidence. I also saw the Territory Lord who attacked you.”

Feng Ying was shocked, “You also saw it? Did you fight?”

Yang Kai nodded, “A great battle! I almost couldn’t return.”

Feng Ying immediately reprimanded, “Nevertheless, although that Territory Lord was injured by Garrison Chief Xu, he is still a Territory Lord, not someone two Seventh Order cultivators can contend with.”

Yang Kai agreed, “That’s right, Bai Yi and I spent a lot of effort to kill him.”

“K-kill?” Shen Ao and the others were dumbfounded, while Feng Ying also stared with wide eyes. If these words hadn’t come from Yang Kai, none of them would have believed it.

“We were lucky. First, he was ambushed by my Purification Light and his strength was greatly reduced, and with Junior Sister Bai Yi assisting me, although the process was difficult, we managed to escape unscathed,” Yang Kai explained simply.

Everyone was shocked.

Feng Ying turned to look at Bai Yi while Yang Kai quickly introduced them.

Feng Ying suddenly understood, “So Junior Sister Bai is the one who caused Team Leader’s face to be covered in dirt, she’s truly amazing.”

Bai Yi blushed slightly, “After being corroded by the Ink Force, my body and mind were out of my control. Senior Sister have seen a joke. Now that Senior Brother has helped me, I’ve regained my original nature.”

Feng Ying pursed her lips and smiled, “You probably don’t know, but on Dawn Squad's side, besides me, everyone else is Black Ink Disicple who was rescued by him.”

Bai Yi raised her head in surprise, “All of them?”

Feng Ying nodded, “All of them!”

Bai Yi’s eyes swept over the faces before her and she suddenly smiled, “It is my honor to meet all of you Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers.”

Shen Ao said, “Since you’ve returned, you should kill more of the Black Ink Clan’s people in the future. You should be able to vent your grievances.”

Bai Yi nodded lightly.

Yang Kai said, “I’ll take her to see Garrison Chief Xu first. You two heal up first, we’ll talk later.”

No one had any objections.

Yang Kai immediately led Bai Yi to meet with Xu Boliang. On the way, Bai Yi was obviously a bit nervous. On that day, she had shot an arrow at Xu Boliang, injuring him and even helping Chasing Wind escape.

Although Yang Kai noticed this, he didn’t try to comfort her. There were some things she had to face on her own.

However, after conversing with Feng Ying and the others, Yang Kai finally understood what had happened that day.

The Dawn Squad had first encountered Chasing Wind, and the two sides had fought a great battle. The Dawn Squad was no match for him, and even Breaking Dawn had suffered some damage. Presumably, Chasing Wind had also suffered quite a bit from the Dawn Squad, and soon after, Xu Boliang had attacked and heavily wounded Chasing Wind. At the critical moment, Bai Yi’s arrow had arrived and Chasing Wind had taken the opportunity to escape.

After Xu Boliang left, Yang Kai took down Bai Yi and followed her plan to Chasing Wind’s lair.

At this moment, how could Yang Kai not understand why he hadn’t been able to resonate with Breaking Dawn’s Universe Formation when he had used the Universe Escape Law that day? It was obviously because Breaking Dawn had been damaged.

Now that there was a resonance, it meant that the Universe Formation had been repaired.

Although the Human Race’s Array Masters couldn’t set up the Universe Formation, they could simply repair it, provided that it wasn’t too damaged.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the place where Xu Boliang was stationed and waited outside for a moment before asking someone to send a message. A short while later, someone invited the two inside.

Yang Kai thanked him and entered the hall with Bai Yi.

At the back of the long table sat a majestic figure with a dignified expression. Yang Kai had seen Xu Boliang from afar that day, but although he couldn’t see him clearly, the figure behind the long table was quite similar to the one he had seen that day. It was undoubtedly Xu Boliang.

Yang Kai quickly cupped his fists, “Dawn's Yang Kai greets Garrison Chief Xu!”

Bai Yi also greeted, “Bai Yi greets Garrison Chief Xu.”

Xu Boliang nodded slightly and stretched out his hand, lifting the two of them up.

He first looked at Yang Kai before turning his eyes to Bai Yi. In the next moment, he raised his brow and asked in surprise, “You were the one who ambushed me that day?”

Although Bai Yi had concealed herself very well that day, Xu Boliang’s aura had left a deep impression on him.

Now that he saw Bai Yi, he naturally recognized her.

Bai Yi lowered her head and said, “That day, I had no control over myself, please forgive me, Garrison Chief Xu!”

Xu Boliang chuckled, “It’s fine, back then you were Black Ink Disicple, so your actions were reasonable. However, your archery skills are indeed extraordinary. I’ve seen many people from Divine Feather Paradise, but only a few have such archery skills. Have you cultivated the Chasing Sun Arrow Heart?”

Bai Yi respectfully replied, “Yes!”

Xu Boliang nodded lightly, “I’ve heard that it is extremely difficult to cultivate the Chasing Sun Arrow Heart. In the Divine Feather Paradise, there is usually not a single person in a generation who has successfully cultivated it. You have reach the Seventh Order realm, as your cultivation increases in the future, you will definitely become a great talent!”

Bai Yi humbly replied, “Garrison Chief Xu is too kind.”

Yang Kai, who was listening from the side, was somewhat confused, but he could guess that this so-called Chasing Sun Arrow Heart was a Secret Technique from Divine Feather Paradise , just like Myriad Demons Heaven's two Great Eye Techniques. In a generation, not even one person had successfully cultivated this Secret Technique, which showed just how difficult it was.

After a few words of encouragement, Xu Boliang turned to Yang Kai and said, “You’re not bad either, saving a Seventh Order is not a small contribution. So you were also hiding nearby that day?”

Yang Kai was somewhat embarrassed, “Please forgive me, Garrison Chief Xu. That day, I was determined to capture Junior Sister Bai, so I didn’t lend a hand to avoid alerting the enemy.”

Xu Boliang nodded slightly, “Of course, it’s good that you have your own considerations, but it’s a pity to let that Chasing Wind Territory Lord escape.”

“I was just about to discuss this matter with Garrison Chief,” Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “After this Disciple captured Junior Sister Bai and received her guidance, the two of us snuck into Chasing Wind’s lair and killed him while he was healing, along with three of his trusted Feudal Lords.”

Xu Boliang was shocked, “You killed Chasing Wind?” He had fought with Chasing Wind before and knew how powerful he was. Even if Chasing Wind was seriously injured, it wouldn’t be easy to kill him, not to mention that he had three trusted Feudal Lords.


Xu Boliang suddenly became somewhat spirited, “How did you kill him?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before he start talking from the moment he and Bai Yi went into his lair. First, he disguised himself as Black Ink Disicple to approach Chasing Wind, then used the Purification Light to heavily injure him. Chasing Wind used a Secret Technique to heal his injuries while his three trusted subordinates came to his aid. The two of them quickly finished off the three Feudal Lords and began bombarding the Black Ink Nest. But the result was Chasing Wind’s Secret Technique was extremely powerful and he quickly recovered, then he continue to explain the details of the life and death struggle.

Xu Boliang’s expression changed as he listened.

Although Yang Kai and Bai Yi were standing here unharmed, proving that the battle had been a close one, it still sounded like a dangerous situation. If their luck had been a bit bad that day, the two of them would have died there.

Xu Boliang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard that Chasing Wind had actually been finished off by five Emperor Realm masters.

For a Territory Lord like Chasing Wind to die in such a manner, it was simply too tragic. No one had expected that the Emperor Realm master would actually accomplish such a great deed in the Ink Battlefield.

However, in truth, Chasing Wind’s death was not the work of Yang Kai and Bai Yi alone. The Dawn Squad’s efforts and Xu Boliang’s contribution was also there.

Yang Kai and Bai Yi had just finished their final kill.

“The Black Ink Clan is actually able to use the Black Ink Nest to quickly recover, this is something I’ve never heard of before. The information you brought back is very important, perhaps at some point it will allow our Human Race to reduce some unnecessary losses.”

They had never encountered such a situation before, mainly because the Black Ink Nest was extremely precious to the Black Ink Clan. It had been placed in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands, so no one had ever seen the Black Ink Clan use the Black Ink Nest to heal themselves.

This time, if it weren’t for a coincidence, Yang Kai and Bai Yi wouldn’t have known about it, and the two of them had paid a great price for this knowledge.

“Regardless, the two of you have made a great contribution this time,” Xu Boliang looked at the two of them approvingly.

Yang Kai smiled, “Garrison Chief Xu, if we have merit, can we ask for some benefits?”

Xu Boliang smiled and said, “What kind of benefits do you want, little brat?”

Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Junior Sister Bai has just gotten rid of her identity as Black Ink Disicple, so please register her and transfer her to my Dawn Squad.”


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For a Territory Lord like Chasing Wind to die in such a manner, it was simply too tragic. No one had expected that the Emperor Realm master would actually accomplish such a great deed in the Ink Battlefield.

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