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To be able to reach the sixth level of the Great Dao one proficient in, all of them are grandmaster-level characters. One had to know that Yang Kai’s attainments in the Dao of Space had only reached the eighth level, Superb, but he had cultivated the Space Laws from an extremely weak point until now.

Yang Kai was surprised that his Spear Dao had broken through in this instant, but he didn’t have the time to rejoice because Chasing Wind’s violent attack had completely enveloped him, and the aura of death was pressing down on him.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s eyes showed no joy or sadness.

Boundless Ink Force surged out as blood sprayed out.

As the two figures passed by each other, Yang Kai’s spear-wielding hand trembled violently, and his chest and abdomen felt an unbearable pain. Looking down, he saw a huge wound from his shoulder to his waist, with flesh and blood all over the place. It was almost possible to see the squirming internal organs in his abdomen.

In the end, he was unable to avoid Chasing Wind’s palm strike. Even someone as strong as him with a Dragon Vein, was almost cut in half.

However, although he was injured, Chasing Wind wasn’t completely unharmed. In that brief exchange just now, the Azure Dragon Spear had pierced a hole in Chasing Wind’s chest, so it was hard to say who had taken advantage of this exchange.

Yang Kai didn’t even have the time to deal with his own injuries as he hurriedly turned around and pointed his spear towards Chasing Wind, shouting, “Kill!”

Advancing forward, his body wrapped in the spear light, his entire body seemingly fused with the Azure Dragon Spear, transforming into a stream of light that shot towards Chasing Wind.

When two people meet on a narrow road, it's either you die or I die!

Chasing Wind’s roar resounded through the sky as he turned around to face the enemy. Although he didn’t use any kind of artifact and only used his fists to meet the enemy, each of his attacks was extremely heavy and powerful.

The two sides instantly engaged in a fierce battle as terrifying injuries burst out from their bodies, while a rich Ink Force constantly poured out from Chasing Wind’s body, flowing into Yang Kai’s seven orifices.

This Ink Force was like Chasing Wind’s avatar, not only entering Yang Kai’s body but also transforming into a series of incomparably sharp attacks that completely shredded Yang Kai’s flesh and organs.

Yang Kai’s face was covered in blood, his appearance fierce and his aura weakening.

Chasing Wind’s momentum continued to weaken. He used a powerful Secret Technique to use the Black Ink Nest’s energy to heal himself. Although he had obtained enough strength to fight for a short time, this state was destined not to last long. As time passed, the aftereffects of this Secret Technique would gradually erupt, causing a backlash.

On top of that, Yang Kai’s attack had also caused him quite a bit of damage, increasing the backlash.

If he could finish off Yang Kai before the Secret Technique’s backlash fully erupted, everything would be fine, but if he couldn’t, everything would be over.

Chasing Wind hadn’t expected this human Seventh Order to be so tenacious! In his current state, no matter what kind of human Seventh Order cultivator it was, it was impossible for them to last ten breaths in front of him, but this human had managed to do so and even had enough strength to cause him some damage.

Chasing Wind felt like he had been greatly humiliated as a Territory Lord and his attacks became fiercer.

Both of their auras were weakening, but in comparison, Yang Kai’s situation was no doubt extremely unfavorable. If this situation continued, it wouldn’t be long before Chasing Wind killed him on the spot. Chasing Wind had obviously noticed this, so he didn’t back down and instead exchanged blows with Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s figure retreated again, his throat filled with boiling blood as he squeezed out his Small Universe’s strength again, desperately resisting. However, under the suppression of strength, this kind of resistance seemed somewhat powerless.

Although he had not fought with Chasing Wind for long, he could clearly feel that his Small Universe’s strength was about to dry up.

This kind of situation had never occurred since he had broken through to Open Heaven. His Small Universe’s foundation was far deeper than his peers, and if the battle is not too fierce, his Small Universe’s strength would have been more than enough to keep him from drying up.

Once his Small Universe completely dried up, he would no longer be able to use the World Force, and the grade of a Seventh Order Open Heaven would become a mere decoration.

Although he still had a trump card, it was his final trump card. Once he used it, he had to make the final decision, otherwise he and Bai Yi would definitely be doomed.

Therefore, without a suitable opportunity, unless it was absolutely necessary, he would never use this trump card.

He wanted to activate the Purification Light, but with the intensity of the battle, the brief delay in activating the Purification Light was simply giving the enemy an opportunity to strike.

Facing Chasing Wind’s violent attacks, he could only bitterly endure and wait for a good opportunity.

Suddenly, the Azure Dragon Spear that was thrust out was caught by Chasing Wind, who grinned fiercely, “Ant, die!”

His other hand clenched into a fist and punched towards Yang Kai.

The giant fist rapidly expanded in front of Yang Kai’s eyes, carrying with it a destructive power. Yang Kai hurriedly abandoned his spear and crossed his arms in front of him to protect himself.

However, at this moment, a golden light suddenly shot out from the side and instantly appeared between Yang Kai and Chasing Wind. The golden light flashed slightly and revealed Bai Yi’s petite figure.

This was obviously Bai Yi’s movement technique. When Yang Kai had chased after Bai Yi many times before, he had noticed that she was able to switch positions with the golden light she shot out and had a kind of teleportation effect. Although this kind of escape technique was inferior to teleportation, it was still extremely powerful. It was because of this strange escape technique that she was able to escape from Yang Kai’s hands so many times.

Bai Yi had been injured by Chasing Wind and had been lying several dozen kilometers away, her life or death unknown. Yang Kai had been so focused on fighting Chasing Wind that he hadn’t even had time to investigate her condition.

He had never imagined that she would use this movement technique at such a time.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he shouted, “No!”

He was well aware of just how powerful Chasing Wind’s attack was. Relying on his powerful Dragon Vein physique, he had barely been able to resist until now. If that punch had landed on Bai Yi’s body, she would definitely have died.

Yang Kai didn’t know why Bai Yi would appear here at such a time, but it was obvious that she wanted to use herself as a shield to block this unstoppable attack.

Reaching out to grab Bai Yi, but it was too late.

Chasing Wind’s huge fist smashed into Bai Yi’s body, and Yang Kai could clearly hear the sound of bones breaking.

The moment she was attacked, Bai Yi also drew her bow and shot out an arrow, which transformed into a pair of wings and flew towards Chasing Wind’s chest.

Chasing Wind’s roar and Bai Yi’s muffled groan rang out at the same time.

Under the impact of their attacks, Chasing Wind’s figure fell back while Bai Yi crashed into Yang Kai’s chest, the two of them tumbling in the air.

Before the two of them could land on the ground, Chasing Wind once again let out a furious roar, and the Azure Dragon Spear he had seized transformed into a stream of light that shot towards Yang Kai and Bai Yi.

The power of this strike was terrifying, and the void it passed through was filled with black marks. If it hit Yang Kai, even his Dragon Vein body would be pierced.

However, at this moment, whether it was Yang Kai or Bai Yi, both of their strengths had nearly dried up and were simply unstoppable.

Just as the two of them were about to be skewered, a dragon roar rang out and a golden dragon head suddenly appeared behind Yang Kai.

The dragon head disappeared into Yang Kai’s body in a flash.

Immediately after, with a series of crackling sounds, a two thousand zhang long giant creature suddenly appeared in the Secret Realm.

Dragon Pressure filled the air!

The giant dragon circled around the golden dragon’s body, protecting Bai Yi within it. The Azure Dragon Spear directly pierced into the dragon’s abdomen and disappeared. At the wound, dragon scales flew everywhere and the intense pain caused the giant dragon to roar towards the sky.

Although these injuries were terrifying, they had protected Bai Yi.

The giant dragon suddenly turned its head, its huge eyes like two small suns staring at Chasing Wind. In the next moment, its body swayed and its ferocious dragon head rushed towards Chasing Wind.

Feeling the terrifying Dragon Pressure, Chasing Wind was stunned for a moment, unable to even feel the pain of being injured by Bai Yi.

Although the Black Ink Clan knew that there were Dragon Clan existences in this world, there had never been a Dragon Clan in the Black Ink Battlefield. It was said that the last time they attacked the Human Race’s Blue Sky Pass, a Dragon had appeared.

However, he wasn’t present during that battle, so he hadn’t personally witnessed it.

Unexpectedly, they actually met today.

In other words, this human was not a human at all, but a giant dragon that had once appeared on the Blue Sky Pass’ battlefield!

Facing the dragon’s attack, Chasing Wind roared and rushed forward.

The figure that looks incomparably tall in the ordinary human race is as small as an ant in front of the giant dragon, but the strength of each other's strength is never determined by the size of the body. [MSN: That's what she said.]

Chasing Wind felt that his current state was enough to slaughter this giant dragon, so he was not afraid at all.

However, as they fought, Chasing Wind knew he was wrong.

A terrifying force came from the front, and Chasing Wind only managed to hold on for a moment before he was ruthlessly pressed to the ground by a giant dragon claw.

The solid ground suddenly caved in, forming a huge crater that was several dozen kilometers in radius. Cracks spread out all around the crater.

Under the other party’s violent strength, Chasing Wind actually didn’t have much strength to resist.

Chasing Wind was furious. If he had been in perfect condition, he would have been able to resist this kind of power. However, in the previous battle, he had been injured several times, and after using his Secret Technique, his peak strength was no longer there. His strength was constantly weakening, and now he was being pressed to the ground in shame.

He struggled to break free from the Dragon Claw’s restraint.

However, the giant dragon’s head lowered slightly as it opened its mouth and released a dragon breath that enveloped Chasing Wind.

The dragon breath was like a sword, cutting Chasing Wind until he was covered in wounds and black blood.

With a furious roar, Chasing Wind punched out and a violent force struck the dragon’s body. In an instant, the dragon’s scales flew off and terrifying dents appeared on the dragon’s body, unable to recover for a long time.

In this situation, it seemed like they were competing to see who could last longer.

A look of pain flashed across the dragon’s eyes as it hesitated.

However, he soon became determined.

Amidst the continuous dragon breath, a round bead-like object suddenly appeared.

The round bead, wrapped in the dragon breath, didn’t move very quickly. In fact, it could be said that it was moving extremely slowly as it slowly pressed down on Chasing Wind.


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