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When the aura recovered, Bai Yi called out in alarm, “Senior Brother, be careful!”

Yang Kai thrust his spear downwards.

With a loud bang, a large hand suddenly reached out from the broken Black Ink Nest and grabbed towards Yang Kai.

The Azure Dragon Spear was incomparably sharp, and now that Yang Kai was using it with all his strength, it became even more unstoppable. The power of this spear directly pierced through the giant hand, causing it to bleed black.

However, the giant hand didn’t show the slightest intention of retreating as it clenched its fist.

World Shackles, Yang Kai was shocked to find that he couldn’t avoid it, and in a moment of carelessness, he was grabbed by the giant hand.

A terrifying power struck his body, causing his bones to crack.

Yang Kai shook his spear with all his might and used his Small Universe Force to blast a hole in the palm of the hand. At the same time, a golden light shot out and impaled the wrist of the big hand.

With the combined strength of Yang Kai and Bai Yi, this hand grip on Yang Kai’s body loosened slightly. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yang Kai quickly broke free and retreated, putting some distance between him and the Black Ink Nest.

Struggling to stabilize his body, Yang Kai’s face flushed red as he spat out a mouthful of blood. Although his aura had become somewhat weak, his condition was much better.

The aura that has recovered from the Black Ink Nest is rising steadily, and in the blink of an eye, it surpassed the power when Yang Kai first saw Chasing Wind, closer to the peak of the Territory Lord's power.

Yang Kai and Bai Yi were both shocked.

Fortunately, this rising momentum soon reached its peak. Although it was powerful, it was not enough to cause despair.

Looking over, a pair of large hands reached out from the tattered Black Ink Nest and tore it open, revealing Chasing Wind’s massive body.

At this moment, Chasing Wind’s entire body was sticky, as if he had been reborn from his mother’s womb. The sticky liquid flowed down his body and gathered at his feet.

As for the broken Black Ink Nest, it had now been reduced to dust and the energy within it had obviously been completely devoured by Chasing Wind.

Originally, one of his palms had been pierced by the Azure Dragon Spear, but at this moment, the flesh around his wound was squirming and rapidly healing.

Clenching his fists lightly, he stared towards Yang Kai and Bai Yi with his pitch-black eyes and coldly said, “Two ants, you’ve successfully angered me, I’ll make you suffer a fate worse than death!”

As he spoke, he threw a punch towards the two.

Yang Kai and Bai Yi’s expressions both changed drastically. One of them held a spear while the other raised a bow to block.

A burst of overwhelming power came from the front and the two of them were instantly sent flying. Bai Yi’s petite body tumbled about as the sound of bones breaking rang out. Although Yang Kai’s physique was strong, he was also not in a good condition. He felt as if his five viscera and six organs had been displaced and he crashed into a mountain a dozen Kilometers away, deeply embedded in it. He spat out a mouthful of blood as his face went pale.

With just one strike, Yang Kai had already realized the huge gap between himself and Chasing Wind. This guy had used a Secret Technique to squeeze out the Black Ink Nest's strength to heal himself, so his current strength was definitely no less than his peak.

Such an opponent, even if he and Bai Yi were both in their peak, they might not be able to resist, let alone in their current state.

Both Yang Kai and Bai Yi had suffered heavy injuries in their previous battles, and their strength had been greatly reduced. In just a single exchange, the two of them had suffered greatly.

Under such adversity, Yang Kai’s fighting spirit did not decrease but instead increased. Although his face was pale, his eyes were frighteningly bright.

He didn’t know what kind of Secret Technique Chasing Wind had used to restore his severely injured body to its peak, but the more powerful the Secret Technique, the more severe the backlash would be. This was common knowledge!

In other words, it was impossible for Chasing Wind to remain in such a state forever. As long as he and Bai Yi could persevere and wait for the backlash of the Secret Technique, Chasing Wind’s momentum would collapse.

Although he understood this, would he and Bai Yi be able to last until then? Perhaps before that, the two of them had already been killed by Chasing Wind.

However, this was a rare opportunity, not to mention that Yang Kai had already used the Purification Light in front of Chasing Wind. Zhong Liang had once told him not to use this Purification Light in front of the Black Ink Clan, and once he did, he had to kill them all. Otherwise, if news of this leaked out, the Black Ink Clan would definitely take action against him. At that time, in order to protect him, the Human Race would not allow him to leave Blue Sky Pass.

So no matter what, no matter what price he had to pay, Yang Kai felt that he had to give it a try. It would be best if he could kill Chasing Wind, but if he really couldn’t, he could only escape with Bai Yi. As for whether he could escape or not, he could only do his best and leave it to fate.

As these thoughts flashed across his mind, Yang Kai struggled free from the mountain and activated his Space Laws. With a single step, he arrived in front of Bai Yi.

At the same time, Chasing Wind threw a punch towards Bai Yi, causing her to tremble violently and unable to resist. Although her strength was extraordinary, her previous fight with Yang Kai had been quite spectacular, and it had taken Yang Kai a lot of effort to capture her.

However, she didn’t have Yang Kai’s strong foundation, nor did she have the World Spring to seal her Small Universe.

Just now, not only had Chasing Wind’s punch sent her flying, but it had also sent her Small Universe tumbling, causing her to be unable to circulate her strength. Facing Chasing Wind’s pursuit, she was still dizzy and unable to resist.

Chasing Wind also seemed to hate Bai Yi’s betrayal even more, so he decided to first deal with Bai Yi before seeking out Yang Kai.

When this punch was thrown out, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. It was Yang Kai. Chasing Wind wore a cold smile on his face as the momentum of his fist didn’t decrease, instead becoming fiercer. Even if there was a mountain in front of him, he would still shatter it.

The spear shadows that filled the sky instantly transformed into a reflection under this grand fist aura.

Yang Kai retreated again and again, each time he took a step back, a bloody mist would erupt from his body.

After taking more than ten steps back, he lifted his leg and sent Bai Yi, who was lying at his feet, flying. At the same time, he no longer had the strength to resist Chasing Wind’s fierce attack and his body flew up into the air like a paper kite, golden stars flashing in front of his eyes. Even his right arm, which was holding the spear, was strangely twisted, obviously broken.

Fortunately, Bai Yi had already been sent out of this place, so her life was no longer in danger. On the contrary, he had fallen into a dangerous situation.

“You like to save people? Then I’ll kill you first!” Chasing Wind roared as he stretched out his hand towards Yang Kai.

The light in front of him was shrouded in darkness, and Yang Kai’s eyes were also covered in blood. At this moment, he had no way to dodge this attack.

Just as the giant palm was about to slam down, several streaks of golden light suddenly appeared from the side. It was Bai Yi who had finally managed to regain her composure, and at this critical moment, she released several arrows.

These arrows attacked the enemy’s vital points and were extremely powerful. If Chasing Wind insisted on killing Yang Kai, Bai Yi would definitely take advantage of this opportunity.

As a respected Territory Lord, Chasing Wind obviously didn’t want to exchange his life with Yang Kai, so without any hesitation, he turned around and blocked the golden light.

Boundless Ink Force surged out, and as soon as the golden light came into contact with the Ink Force, its power was greatly reduced. Chasing Wind punched out several times, shattering most of the golden light, but the last golden light was caught in his hand and thrown out.

The golden light was even faster and fiercer than before, directly piercing through Bai Yi’s shoulder and sending blood flying. Bai Yi let out a muffled groan as she was sent tumbling by the massive force.

“You’re overestimating yourself!” Chasing Wind coldly snorted. From the corner of his eye, he suddenly saw a pure white light flash towards him. Turning his head, he saw a small white sun explode in front of him.

Chasing Wind turned pale with fright. He had suffered a loss from this Secret Technique before, so he was well aware of how powerful this White Light was. It was simply the nemesis of Ink Force, so how could he dare to touch it now?

However, in order to kill Yang Kai, they had been too close to each other, so he couldn’t dodge at all.

With a shake of his body, rich Ink Force surged out from his body and formed layers of protection.

The white light exploded and illuminated the world, penetrating through the darkness and purifying the rich Ink Force. Chasing Wind’s roar resounded through the sky.

When the purifying light dissipated, Yang Kai stood in place, breathing heavily, enduring the pain as he fix his broken arm. On the other hand, Chasing Wind, who was originally filled with rage, seemed to have become weaker.

In the end, the Purification Light had caused him some damage.

As their eyes met, Chasing Wind’s anger seemed to have solidified as flames burned in his eyes. Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as he gently gripped his Azure Dragon Spear.

Several dozen Kilometers away, Bai Yi’s small body lay motionless on the ground.

Since the battle with the recovered Chasing Wind, Yang Kai and Bai Yi had used all their means in the short span of a dozen breaths. At this moment, Yang Kai had been seriously injured, and Bai Yi’s life and death were unknown. It was obvious how powerful Chasing Wind was.

In this battle, the odds were really against them!

In this life or death crisis, Yang Kai didn’t have too many distracting thoughts. His eyes, which were filled with his Golden Blood, only reflected Chasing Wind’s huge body. His hand holding the Azure Dragon Spear remained firm, the tip of the spear slightly raised and pointed forward.


Chasing Wind was obviously angered by his provocation, gritting his teeth as he roared, “Lowly human, you will never know how high the sky is or how deep the earth is. Since you want to die so badly, I will grant you your wish!”

Taking a big step forward, his hand transformed into a blade and chopped down.

The entire Secret Realm seemed to be about to be torn apart by this strike, and a massive crack appeared in the void in front of Yang Kai, the palm blade of Chasing Wind piercing straight through.

The Azure Dragon Spear shot out like a dragon. Whether it was the timing or angle of this attack, Yang Kai had grasped it perfectly. In that instant, Yang Kai even felt as if he was both a spear and a man.

As if something was shattering inside his body, Yang Kai’s comprehension of the Spear Dao suddenly broke through the barrier and rose to another level.

In this life or death crisis, Yang Kai had actually broken through in the Dao of Spear. Although he was slightly surprised, it was still within reason. Understanding and fighting between life and death was the best way to break through bottlenecks.

His Spear Dao was originally only at the fifth level and had been thoroughly comprehended.

Now, however, he had broken through to the sixth level, Outstanding, the same as his achievements in the Dao of Time.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Jul 29, 2023

Oh almighty author, you really need to be consistent. Stop treating your readers as toddlers. Smh


One time you say he can't handle 2 Feudal lords simultaneously due to his injuries and now he is competing without being downright killed by territory lord?!

Makes no sense to me




Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
Feb 18, 2023

ufff 🖤


Pickle Pickleson
Pickle Pickleson
Jan 03, 2023

Kinda sad we’ll never get a proper explanation of the dao levels… it was such an a** pull that i wish the author put more time into explaining it lol.


Rein Larsa
Rein Larsa
Dec 16, 2022

YK must fear the nerf!

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