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Inside the Secret Realm, along with Chasing Wind, who had been wrapped up by the Black Ink Nest that had transformed into a flower bud, the battlefield was divided into two groups. On one side, Yang Kai was fighting against the joint attacks of two Feudal Lords, while on the other side, Bai Yi and the other Feudal Lord were fighting alone.

The Feudal Lord who had entangled Bai Yi knew the power of her archery, so as soon as he appeared, he stuck close to Bai Yi like a maggot, not giving her any chance to fire an arrow. On the premise of same rank, as long as Bai Yi pulled away, no one would be her opponent.

At this moment, this Feudal Lord was secretly complaining in his heart. Although he had long known that Bai Yi’s strength was extraordinary, it was only after they had fought that he realized he had underestimated Bai Yi’s ability. Even if they were to engage in close combat, even if she had been injured by the Territory Lord's counterattack, he was still not her opponent.

This caused him to be both shocked and angry. In such a situation, if he couldn’t hold out for more than half a cup of tea time, he would likely be defeated. At that time, the outcome would be worrying.

Suddenly, Bai Yi pulled the longbow in her hand and a golden light appeared. Shocked, the Feudal Lord rushed forward and threw a fierce punch towards Bai Yi.

Originally, he had not expected his punch to be able to do anything to Bai Yi, but he had expected that Bai Yi would not be able to guard against his punch at all, only sending her flying while coughing up blood.

The Feudal Lord was not the least bit happy that he had succeeded. Instead, he was shocked and quickly shouted, “Not good!”

When he suddenly turned around, he saw a golden light break through the barrier of space and strike the chest of another Feudal Lord. The golden light pierced through the Feudal Lord’s chest, accompanied by the painful roar of the Feudal Lord as a violent force blasted a hole in his chest.

The target of Bai Yi’s arrow was not him, but his companion fighting the other human race!

This Feudal Lord really couldn’t understand why Bai Yi would do such a thing. She would rather suffer a fierce blow from him to help the other human race. However, before he could understand what was happening, he suddenly felt a great sense of crisis envelop him.

When he hurriedly turned his head, his soul nearly left his body as he saw the longbow in Bai Yi’s hand light up and point towards his forehead.

The Feudal Lord let out a loud roar as his entire body was filled with a thick Ink Force, instantly transforming into a black ink cloud that covered his figure.

When the golden light struck the black ink cloud, a muffled sound rang out.

At the same time, Yang Kai had obtained Bai Yi’s life-saving assistance. One of the Feudal Lords had been seriously injured by this arrow, causing the pressure on him to decrease greatly. Originally, the two Feudal Lords had joined forces to fight him, but now that one of them had been seriously injured, the pressure on their combined forces had immediately become much weaker.

Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity. The Azure Dragon Spear transformed into a sky full of spear shadows, and with a flash, he passed between the two Feudal Lords.

With a muffled bang, the heavily injured Feudal Lord’s head exploded, turning into a sea of blood. The headless corpse swayed a few times before collapsing to the ground.

The remaining Feudal Lord was also covered in wounds. Seeing his companion die just like that, he was immediately terrified and turned to flee.

The space around him suddenly became extremely viscous, making it difficult for him to move. A murderous intent suddenly appeared behind him, causing him to feel a slight pain in his back as his body shook violently. Looking down, he saw a long spear pass through his body.

Shock filled his eyes as he reached out to grab the spear tip, seemingly wanting to pull it out, but in the next instant, a violent shockwave burst out from the spear.

In an instant, the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord’s five viscera and six organs were reduced to dust, and his entire body exploded. Black blood poured down from the sky, drenching Yang Kai’s face.

It wasn’t so easy to kill a Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Clan, especially with two Feudal Lords working together. Even if Yang Kai was able to kill them in the end, he would have to pay a heavy price.

[MSN: suddenly it's hard to kill a feudal lord? I know he's injured, but... yea.]

However, with the help of Bai Yi’s arrow, the first Feudal Lord was easily killed by Yang Kai, while the second Feudal Lord fled in fear, giving him an opportunity to kill.

Without stopping to rest, Yang Kai pulled out his spear and looked back, just in time to see Bai Yi floating in the air not far away, her face pale, blood dripping from the corner of her mouth and the front of her chest, the longbow in her hand slightly pulled back, pointing towards a black ink cloud.

Inside the black ink cloud, there was still the aura of a Feudal Lord.

This last Feudal Lord had been injured by Bai Yi and didn’t dare to fight with her, so he could only hide in the black ink cloud and struggle for his life. Because of the interference of the black ink cloud, Bai Yi was unable to accurately lock onto his position, so she could only use the arrow in her hand as a deterrent.

Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he rushed into the black ink cloud.

In the next instant, the Feudal Lord’s roar rang out from within the black ink cloud, and the sounds of battle rang out as the World Force and Ink Force collided like a tsunami.

After a dozen breaths of time, the ruckus subsided.

Yang Kai rushed out from the black ink cloud, a drop of black blood dripping from the tip of his Azure Dragon Spear. The aura of the Feudal Lord in the black ink cloud had been completely annihilated, obviously killed.

In a flash, Yang Kai appeared next to Bai Yi and slammed his spear into the ground, his left and right hands glowing with a different light.

“Don’t worry about me, hurry up and kill Chasing Wind!” Bai Yi put down the longbow in her hand and said bitterly, “If we’re too late, there won't be any more chance.”

Yang Kai ignored her and lightly said, “I don’t want to fight with you again.” Clasping his hands together, the two colored lights transformed into a dazzling white light that enveloped Bai Yi.

At this moment, Bai Yi’s pale little face was covered in a layer of black Qi, and even her eyes occasionally flashed a black light, obviously having been corroded by the Ink Force.

In fact, ever since she entered this Secret Realm, she had been suffering from the corrosion of the Ink Force, and by the time she met Chasing Wind, the corrosion had almost reached its limit and was about to transform her into a Black Ink Disciple.

She desperately tried to protect her Divine Sense and maintain her rationality.

Yang Kai had used the Purification Light in front of Chasing Wind to severely injure him, but at the same time, the Purification Light also had some effect on Bai Yi, dispelling a portion of her Ink Force and alleviating her pressure.

However, the Purification Light was not specifically used on her, so it was not completely dispersed.

After that, the two of them were injured by Chasing Wind’s counterattack and fought a great battle with the three Feudal Lord, causing her condition to worsen. Yang Kai estimated that if he didn’t help her purify the Ink Force in her Small Unvierse, in less than half an incense stick’s worth of time, she would transform back into Black Ink Disciple.

Such a situation could not be allowed to happen, otherwise Yang Kai would have to face the combined attacks of Bai Yi and Chasing Wind. At that time, even he would have to flee.

When the purifying light enveloped her, Bai Yi let out a muffled groan as the Ink Force in her body dissipated into nothingness, the pain on her face slowly disappearing.

A few breaths later, Bai Yi opened her eyes and nodded slightly towards Yang Kai. Her aura was still weak and it was obvious that she had suffered heavy injuries.

Yang Kai gripped the Azure Dragon Spear again and turned to look at the Black Ink Nest which had closed up like a flower bud. Bai Yi stepped forward and stood beside him.

The two figures, one tall and one short, were both covered in wounds, but their eyes were filled with determination.

“Kill!” Yang Kai spat lightly as his figure instantly disappeared, reappearing above the Black Ink Nest.

Like a falling meteor, Yang Kai poured all of his strength into the Azure Dragon Spear, causing a great sun to rise from the tip of the spear as the cry of a Golden Crow resounded through the air.

Not far away, where Bai Yi stood, a series of golden lights flew towards the Black Ink Nest like stars chasing the moon.

The flower bud-like Black Ink Nest was like a living creature with its own life. After wrapping up Chasing Wind, it began to beat violently like a heart, and as the Black Ink Nest pulsed, Chasing Wind’s aura also rapidly recovered.

At this moment, when the combined might of Yang Kai and Bai Yi arrived, the Black Ink Nest’s movements became even faster, as if it had sensed danger approaching.

The entire Black Ink Nest was suddenly filled with a massive amount of Ink Force, dyeing the entire area black.

In this pitch-black darkness, the light of the sun became even more dazzling and dispersed this darkness.

Boom boom boom…

A series of explosions rang out.

The Black Ink Nest shook violently as a violent energy burst forth, causing the entire Secret Realm to shake violently.

Yang Kai struck out thirteen times in a row, each time using all of his strength to support Bai Yi’s long-range attacks, blasting the entire Black Ink Nest into pieces.

Inside the Black Ink Nest, Chasing Wind’s aura rapidly weakened until it disappeared.

Yang Kai put away his spear and stood in the air, staring down with a stunned expression.

Settled? He couldn’t believe it, but with his Divine Sense, he could tell that the aura of Chasing Wind was so weak that it was like a candle flame in the wind that could be extinguished at any moment.

Turning his head to look towards Bai Yi, he saw that Bai Yi’s face was also filled with surprise, obviously not expecting this situation.

However, after thinking about it for a moment, it wasn’t surprising. Chasing Wind had suffered a great loss under Xu Boliang’s hands and had been forced to come here to focus on healing his injuries.

One had to know that the Purification Light was the nemesis of Ink Force. At such a close distance, and with such a heavy blow to his body, Chasing Wind had definitely been injured.

Although he didn’t know what method he had used to squeeze out the power of the Black Ink Nest to heal his injuries, in less than half a cup of tea’s time, it shouldn’t have had much effect.

He probably didn’t expect that the three Feudal Lords under him would be killed by Yang Kai and Bai Yi so quickly. Originally, he had hoped that his three subordinates would be able to buy him some time.

Unexpectedly, the three Feudal Lords were too incompetent and were killed one after another.

As such, he didn’t have much time to heal himself, so how could he resist the ferocious attacks of Yang Kai and Bai Yi?

Although Chasing Wind’s aura was extremely weak, it hadn’t truly been destroyed. Just as Yang Kai was preparing his killing blow, a loud bang suddenly rang out from the tattered Black Ink Nest.

It was like the sound of a heartbeat, strong and powerful.

As this sound rang out, Yang Kai felt his heart begin to beat uncontrollably and he felt a little dizzy.

A terrifying aura rapidly emerged from the Black Ink Nest below.


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