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As the loud bang rang out, the giant flower bud-like Black Ink Nest began to violently wriggle and shrink, as if it had suffered some kind of serious injury. From the inside of the flower bud, a strange white light seemed to shoot out from the crack, giving the three of them an extremely dangerous feeling.

It was as if the white light was their nemesis, and even though they were separated by a great distance, the Ink Force in their bodies still felt uneasy.

Soon after, they heard the Territory Lord’s roar.

When the violent energy burst out, the Black Ink Nest collapsed and a few petals flew out, but before they could fall to the ground, they withered and completely lost their vitality.

The Black Ink Nest was destroyed?

It had to be known that the Black Ink Nest was extremely important to the Black Ink Clan, and the Black Ink Nest that had been placed here was something Chasing Wind had spent a great deal of effort to secretly obtain. Now that the Black Ink Nest had been destroyed, it was a huge loss for Chasing Wind.

The three Territory Lords were all stunned, not knowing what had happened on the Territory Lord’s side to cause such a sudden change.

However, this was something that had happened after Bai Yi brought the Human Race captive in, so it was obvious that it had something to do with Bai Yi.

Before they could figure out what was happening, two figures flew out from the Black Ink Nest. As the three Feudal Lords rushed towards the Black Ink Nest, they looked over and discovered that these two figures were Bai Yi and the human she had captured.

At this moment, both of them were in a sorry state as they tumbled through the air while spitting out mouthfuls of blood, both of them clearly injured.

Inside the broken Black Ink Nest, Chasing Wind’s furious roar rang out, “Traitor, you dare go against my will!”

The roar spread throughout the entire Secret Realm, causing the world to change color.

As the roar rang out, a tall figure slowly rose from the Black Ink Nest's side. It was Chasing Wind. However, at this moment, his condition was clearly not good, his aura fluctuating between strong and weak, a sign that he was seriously injured.

Having been seriously injured by Xu Boliang and having fled back to this Secret Realm to recuperate for only a few days, Yang Kai and Bai Yi had joined forces to plot against him. The Purification Light, Golden Crow Sun Casting, and Bai Yi’s archery skills had not killed him on the spot, which showed just how powerful he was. However, it was inevitable that his injuries would worsen.

At this moment, he couldn’t even display half of his peak strength.

Yang Kai finally understood what it meant to be a starving camel that was bigger than a horse. Originally, in his and Bai Yi’s plan, even if they couldn’t kill Chasing Wind, they could at least take half of his life. As long as they crippled him, with their strength, they would have a great chance of winning the next battle.

They were well aware that Chasing Wind’s strength had far exceeded their expectations. Although that sudden sneak attack had seriously injured him, it had not achieved the desired effect. However, at this moment, the only thing they could do was charge forward bravely. There was no turning back. Either the enemy died or they died.

On the other hand, Chasing Wind’s anger was boiling in his chest. Compared to Yang Kai’s sneak attack, what made him even angrier was Bai Yi’s betrayal. Bai Yi had followed him for many years and had performed many great deeds for him. If it weren’t for Bai Yi secretly helping him last time, he wouldn’t have been able to escape from Xu Boliang.

Moreover, Bai Yi’s strength was indeed strong, and after so many years, Chasing Wind felt that he had treated Bai Yi well and valued her far more than his subordinates.

When Bai Yi had been transformed into Black Ink Disciple by him, her Small Universe had also been incomplete. Basically, each of Black Ink Disciple’s Small Universe had suffered some damage, and before they had been transformed into Black Ink Disciple, they had been corroded by the Ink Force many times, so in order to protect themselves, they had to give up their Small Universe’s territory.

In this way, not only would their strength decline, but their future Martial Dao would also stagnate. Moreover, the Small Universe’s incomplete state would make it even more difficult for them to resist the erosion of the Ink Force, making it easier for them to be converted.

Bai Yi had been corroded by the Ink Force twice before finally falling into Chasing Wind’s hands and becoming a Black Ink Disciple.

After converting Bai Yi and realizing her potential, Chasing Wind had even specially found a Profound Female Spirit Fruit for Bai Yi so that she could repair her damaged Small Universe and exert her full strength.

The Profound Female Spirit Fruit was not only a great demand for the Human Race, but also for the Black Ink Clan. The Black Ink Clan didn’t need the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, but their subordinates did.

As a Territory Lord, it wasn’t difficult for Chasing Wind to obtain a Profound Female Spirit Fruit for Bai Yi, but the price he had to pay wasn’t small.

So no matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t understand why Bai Yi would betray him! How could she betray him!?

Recalling the dazzling and pure white light from before, Chasing Wind faintly felt that this was probably the key. When the white light was born, his own Ink Force seemed to have encountered a natural enemy, causing him to feel uneasy.

This white light actually had a purifying effect on the Ink Force.

This should be the method the Human Race used to resist the Ink Force, and it was also the reason why no Black Ink Disciple had appeared in the past few years. Thinking of this, Chasing Wind was shocked. If the Human Race were to master this method, the Black Ink Clan’s advantage in the future would be gone.

The Human Race was difficult to deal with to begin with, and with such methods, how could the Black Ink Clan resist them in the future?

With a furious roar, Chasing Wind raised his hand and released a powerful aura.

At this moment, whether it was Yang Kai or Bai Yi, both of them couldn’t help feeling their skin tighten, this was a sign of imminent danger.

Yang Kai cursed in his heart. After suffering such heavy injuries, this Chasing Wind still had such power. Just how strong was this Xu Boliang that he could injure him at his peak?

However, in the next instant, Chasing Wind suddenly spat out a mouthful of black blood and his ferocious aura suddenly fell.

His injuries were truly too severe, and he had used up all of his strength to launch a desperate counterattack just now.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. Didn’t he know that this guy was only strong on the outside but weak on the inside? If he didn’t kill him now, when would he?

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. From the moment he launched his sneak attack to the moment he was struck by Chasing Wind’s counterattack, only a few breaths had passed.

Instantly stabilizing his tumbling figure, he didn’t have time to examine his injuries, instead raising the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand and thrusting it towards Chasing Wind, shouting, “evil monster, die!”

The power of this spear infused the power of Yang Kai's whole body. Although it was not fancy, nor was it supported by any Secret Techniques or Divine Abilities, just this spear alone was enough to destroy the heavens and earth.

The Small Universe World's Force madly poured into the Azure Dragon Spear, his entire body transforming into a stream of light as he instantly arrived in front of Chasing Wind.

This spear strike, which was enough to determine the outcome of the battle, was actually blocked by a thick flower petal. Although it shattered the flower petal, the remaining force still managed to strike Chasing Wind, causing him to cough up blood again, but it was unable to kill him on the spot.

The one who blocked this spear was actually a part of the Black Ink Nest.

The initial confrontation between them had already damaged the Black Ink Nest, but at this moment, Chasing Wind’s figure rapidly sank towards the center of the Black Ink Nest, and as he fell, the damaged Black Ink Nest actually closed up again, transforming into a flower bud that completely enveloped Chasing Wind.

Even without using his Secret Technique, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the power contained in the Black Ink Nest was rapidly converging into Chasing Wind’s body, and as the power flowed away, the Black Ink Nest also rapidly withered while the aura of Chasing Wind rapidly recovered.

Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of Secret Technique this was, but it was obviously overdrawing on the Black Ink Nest's potential to heal his injuries. It seemed that Chasing Wind had been forced into a desperate situation and had no choice but to do so.

“Kill them, kill them for me!” Chasing Wind’s furious roar rang out from the Black Ink Nest.

As this roar rang out, three tall figures rushed towards Yang Kai and Bai Yi from behind. It was the three Feudal Lords who had heard the commotion.

In fact, they hadn’t arrived too late. In fact, they had arrived too quickly. It was just that the situation here had been too sudden, and the confrontation had only lasted for a moment, making it seem like they had arrived too late.

Of the three Feudal Lords, one pounced towards Bai Yi while the other two pounced towards Yang Kai, dividing up the work.

It wasn’t that they looked down on Bai Yi, on the contrary, their fear of her was even greater than Yang Kai’s, because after working together for so many years, they understood Bai Yi’s abilities better than anyone else.

Therefore, it was necessary to gather the strength of three people to kill Bai Yi.

The Feudal Lord who had rushed towards Bai Yi did not rely on his strength to kill the enemy. His task was to delay Bai Yi and stick close to her, not giving her a chance to fire an arrow, allowing his two clansmen to kill Yang Kai first.

Sensing the two auras coming from behind him, Yang Kai was filled with hatred. At this time, he absolutely could not give Chasing Wind enough time to heal. No matter what kind of Secret Technique he used, since he was overdrawing the potential of the Black Ink Nest, the healing effect would definitely be extraordinary. Once he caught his breath, it would be difficult to kill him.

However, with two Feudal Lords attacking him, he couldn’t just ignore them.

Quickly turning around, he shot towards the two Feudal Lords.

In the next moment, Yang Kai let out a muffled groan as his figure involuntarily flew back several hundred meters, the hand holding his spear trembling slightly.

Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t be afraid of two Feudal Lords joining forces, but when he launched a sneak attack on Chasing Wind just now, both he and Bai Yi had been injured. In this confrontation, this kind of injury greatly affected their strength.

However, after this collision, he didn’t suffer any losses. The two Feudal Lords also retreated a dozen steps, one of them having a foot-long wound on his waist.

He looked down and couldn’t help being startled.

Originally, he had thought that if two Feudal Lords joined forces, they would be able to finish off the other party, but who would have thought that the other party’s strength would be no less than Bai Yi’s, perhaps even more difficult to deal with.

If he hadn’t dodged quickly just now, that spear would have definitely pierced him.

While he was still examining his injuries, his companion’s expression changed drastically and he shouted, “He’s here, don’t be distracted.”

Looking up, he saw the human Seventh Order Spear wielding towards him with a murderous intent.

The two Feudal Lords immediately separated from each other and began fighting again, but after only a few breaths of time, they began to secretly complain. This Human Race Seventh Order was simply a madman. From the start, he had fought with his life on the line, as if he wanted to drag one of them down with him even if he died. Under such fierce attacks, the two Feudal Lords who had worked together for many years were actually restrained, and soon, the three of them were covered in wounds.


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