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As the three Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords thought this, not only did they not feel any gratitude towards Bai Yi, they even began to hate her even more.

Because if this was the case, the Territory Lord would think that only Bai Yi is thinking for him, while the three of them would be the ones to act despicably.

Bai Yi naturally wouldn’t be so kind. If she could use Chasing Wind to make these three Feudal Lords suffer a bit, she would be more than happy to do so. However, right now, her and Yang Kai’s plan was the most important. Moreover, in this Secret Realm, she was constantly being corroded by the Ink Force, so she couldn’t persist for too long, so she didn’t want to complicate matters.

Right now, all she wanted to do was to implement this plan as soon as possible. If it was too late, there would be no more opportunities.

When Chasing Wing, who was hiding in the Black Ink Nest, heard this, he fell silent for a moment before saying, “Since that’s the case, then all of you can withdraw. All of you should carefully guard this place and don’t let anyone disturb my healing.”

The three Feudal Lords quickly agreed.

Bai Yi said, “Master, I want to offer this captured human to you.”

Chasing Wing replied, “You’re too kind, just imprison him for now and wait for my injuries to heal first.”

“Master!” Bai Yi spoke again, “This person’s strength is extraordinary and his status in the Human Race isn’t low. He should know what method the Human Race has used to resist the erosion of the Ink Force in recent years. If it is convenient for Master, please convert him and ask him how. This way, the other Territory Lords won’t be able to seize the initiative and seize the credit.”

Chasing Wing’s injuries were severe and he was in a hurry to heal, so when he saw Bai Yi disregarding his order, he was somewhat annoyed, but after listening to this explanation, he immediately fell into deep thought.

Bai Yi was right, the Black Ink Clan was indeed very curious about what kind of magical means the Human Race had developed in recent years to resist the erosion of the Ink Force. The Evil Royal Lord had even personally ordered his subordinate Territory Lords to figure out the reason.

However, up until now, the Black Ink Clan had not been able to capture a single human, so they had not been able to find any clues.

Since the last war between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan, this Human Race that Bai Yi had captured could be said to be the first captive, and it was a Seventh Order Open Heaven.

A Seventh Order cultivator’s status in the Human Race wasn’t low, enough to serve as a Team Leader or even a Guard Commander. Such a person was likely to know something.

If he could learn the secrets from this person, it would indeed be a great merit. Chasing Wing’s injuries were severe, and even with the help of the Black Ink Nest, he would need at least a year and a half to fully recover. At that time, the other Territory Leaders might have already investigated the situation.

If he didn’t take the credit right in front of him and instead helped the other Territory Leaders, Chasing Wing was naturally somewhat unwilling.

Therefore, after pondering for a moment, Chasing Wing made a decision, “Bring him in.”

“Yes!” Bai Yi replied respectfully, and under the envious and unwilling gazes of the three Feudal Lords, she flew directly towards the Black Ink Nest.

The closer they got to the Black Ink Nest, the denser the Ink Force became. Yang Kai, who was being carried by Bai Yi, quietly observed Bai Yi’s condition, a faint sense of worry filling his heart.

He didn’t know how long Bai Yi would be able to last, but he knew that she wouldn’t be able to last much longer, so he needed to end this battle as quickly as possible before Bai Yi transformed back into Black Ink Disciple.

Fortunately, although there were some twists and turns in the plan, the overall progress was quite smooth.

Beneath the giant flower bud-like Black Ink Nest, there was a root-like passage that connected to the earth. This passage seemed to be made of flesh but not really a flesh, exuding an extremely evil aura.

Bai Yi carried Yang Kai into the entrance below the Black Ink Nest and flew up the root-like passage.

A short while later, they arrived at a vast space.

Although Yang Kai had seen the Black Ink Nest many times from afar, this was the first time he had entered it, so he immediately began to carefully examine it.

In this space, the Ink Force was so thick that it was almost tangible, and somewhere in this place, there seemed to be an invisible gravitational force that was madly devouring the Ink Force.

The source of this gravitational force was a giant figure sitting cross-legged.

This figure was majestic and imposing, but there was also an unconcealable weakness shrouding him. If this figure wasn’t the heavily wounded Chasing Wind Territory Lord, who else could it be?

When the two of them walked in, the boundless Ink Force in the hall poured into Chasing Wing’s massive body.

“Master.” Bai Yi walked over to Chasing Wing, knelt down on one knee, and lowered her head.

Yang Kai was placed in front of her, quietly lying down. As their eyes met, Yang Kai’s heart tightened, because he saw a faint darkness in Bai Yi’s eyes.

Since entering this Secret Realm, only half a cup of tea’s time had passed, and Bai Yi was already on the verge of collapse. Once the Ink Force completely corroded her Small Universe, she would definitely transform into Black Ink Disciple again.

“Is this the human you captured?” Chasing Wing lowered his head slightly and looked down, his massive figure exerting a great pressure.

“Yes!” Bai Yi trembled, seemingly frightened by Chasing Wind’s might, but Yang Kai knew that she was struggling to maintain her clarity of mind.

“This person is a Seventh Order?” Chasing Wind asked again.

Yang Kai almost wanted to curse out loud. This guy didn’t directly try to convert him, but instead continued to blabber on.

“Yes,” Bai Yi replied.

Chasing Wing didn’t doubt her. As his Black Ink Disciple, Bai Yi wouldn’t hide anything from him, so he was willing to believe Bai Yi’s words. Even if he suspected the Feudal Lords under him, he would never doubt his Black Ink Disciple.

Although Black Ink Disciple’s status in the Black Ink Clan was low, at least he didn’t need to worry about loyalty.

“You’ve done well,” Chasing Wing praised Bai Yi, his expression gentle. The reason he had been able to escape from Xu Boliang was because Bai Yi had injured Xu Boliang at the critical moment, giving him a chance to escape.

“It’s my duty.” Bai Yi’s head was still lowered, the hair on her forehead casting a thick shadow over his eyes.

Chasing Wing nodded slightly and didn’t say anything more, spitting out a thick stream of Ink Force towards Yang Kai. This stream of Ink Force was like a living creature, flowing through Yang Kai’s seven orifices and drilling into his body.

Yang Kai struggled with all his might, but to no avail. Soon, he calmed down.

After a short while, Chasing Wind stopped, but after spitting out that mouthful of Ink Force, his aura had clearly weakened again. It seemed that transforming a Seventh Order Open Heaven was quite a burden for the current him.

Chasing Wind raised his hand slightly and ordered, “Let him free.”

Since he had become his Black Ink Disciple, he was now one of them.

With his order, Bai Yi's Secret Technique was removed. In fact, even if Chasing Wing hadn’t ordered her to do so, she would have done so.

“Master!” Yang Kai was familiar with disguising himself as Black Ink Disciple, so he naturally knew what kind of posture he should be in.

“Tell me, what method did the Human Race use to resist the erosion of the Ink Force? Why is it that after so long, my Black Ink Clan hasn’t even gained a single Black Ink Disciple?” Chasing Wing looked at Yang Kai indifferently and asked.

Yang Kai respectfully replied, “This technique is the latest Secret Technique developed by the Human Race. This humble servant also cultivates it. If it is convenient, this humble servant is willing to demonstrate it to Master!”

Chasing Wind was surprised, “Oh? You also cultivate it?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied.

Chasing Wind nodded, “Then show it.”

“As you command!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and spread out his hands, the seals on the backs of his hands appearing. In the next moment, his left hand lit up with a dazzling yellow light while his right hand glowed with a blue light.

When he placed his palms together, the two colored lights merged and transformed into a pure white light. In an instant, it was as if a sun had appeared in the entire Black Ink Nest.

Chasing Wind’s heart pounded.

In fact, when Yang Kai activated the left and right hand seals, he instinctively felt a trace of uneasiness, but when the white light appeared, this uneasiness became even stronger.

Under the envelopment of the white light, the Ink Force disappeared and the walls of flesh around the Black Ink Nest shrank violently, as if they were being corroded by an extremely terrifying force. With a crackling sound, the entire Black Ink Nest began to tremble.

“This is…” Chasing Wing turned pale with fright. The white light actually posed a great threat to him, causing his body, which was enveloped by the white light, to feel intense pain. The power of his Ink Force rapidly melted like snowflakes under a blazing sun.

Before he could figure it out, the small sun-like white light rapidly expanded before his eyes.

“Master, please take a closer look!” Yang Kai roared as the Purification Light exploded.

In an instant, Chasing Wind’s roar resounded throughout the world.

At the same time, Bai Yi, who had been half-kneeling on the ground, suddenly stood up and drew the longbow in her hand. A golden light transformed into a beam of light and shot towards Chasing Wind.

After activating the Purification Light, Yang Kai summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and simultaneously activated his Golden Crow Sun Casting Divine Ability Manifestation, his spear mercilessly piercing towards Chasing Wind.

Combining his and Bai Yi’s strength, the Divine Ability they released in this instant was extremely terrifying.

With the aura of death looming over him, how could Chasing Wing not know that he had been tricked! Although he didn’t understand how this human had managed to resist the corrosion of his Ink Force, nor did he understand why Bai Yi, who had followed him for so many years, would betray him, at this moment of life and death, he still released the power of a Territory Lord.

Its massive body was forced to shift to the side as it punched out at the same time, releasing a terrifying power that caused the void to tremble and the four directions to collapse.

Outside the Black Ink Nest, the three Feudal Lords stood together with ugly expressions on their faces. This time, the three of them had not managed to gain any advantage from Bai Yi, but had instead received a favor from her, making the three Feudal Lords extremely unhappy.

However, now that Bai Yi had been summoned into the Black Ink Nest by the Territory Lord, no matter how unhappy they were, there was nothing they could do. Bai Yi had already been highly regarded by the Territory Lord, and now that she had captured a Seventh Order Human Race master, her status would likely rise steadily in the future, and she might even climb over their heads in the future.

How could the three Feudal Lords tolerate letting a lowly human crawl over their heads?

However, now that they didn’t have any good ideas, just as they didn’t know what to do, a loud bang suddenly rang out from the Black Ink Nest’s side.

The three Feudal Lords were all shocked and quickly turned their heads to look. What they saw made them feel as if they had fallen into an icehouse, their bodies turning cold.


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