This time, Chasing Wind had been seriously injured and had fallen asleep in the Black Ink Nest to recuperate. With no one supporting Bai Yi, these Feudal Lords who had long been dissatisfied naturally wanted to teach Bai Yi a lesson so that she would understand the difference in status.

That was why he had launched a sneak attack just now. Unexpectedly, Bai Yi’s reaction was extremely fast and she had managed to avoid the attack, only causing her to be covered in dirt and not suffer any damage.

Bai Yi’s unfriendly tone caused the Feudal Lord who had attacked to become even angrier. Just as he was about to reprimand her, he suddenly saw Yang Kai behind Bai Yi and asked in surprise, “You captured a human?”

The other two Feudal Lords also showed curious looks and looked over.

It had to be known that Bai Yi was proficient in long-distance killing, so as long as she took action, no one would be left alive. There had never been a precedent of bringing back a captive, so seeing one today, how could these three Feudal Lords not be surprised?

The first Feudal Lord frowned and asked, “What is this guy’s cultivation?”

Yang Kai’s strength had been sealed by Bai Yi’s Secret Technique, so these Feudal Lords were unable to see through his cultivation.

Bai Yi frowned and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Seventh Order!”

“Seventh Order!” Hearing this, the three Feudal Lords’ eyes lit up as they stared at Yang Kai with burning desire.

The Human Race’s Seventh Order was equivalent to the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord, but in a one-on-one fight, the Feudal Lord was basically no match for the Seventh Order. Not being defeated was already a good thing, let alone capturing one alive.

Being able to capture a Seventh Order was definitely a great contribution to the Feudal Lord. Whether it was converting it into his own Black Ink Disciple or offering it to the Territory Lord, it would definitely be able to increase the strength of the Black Ink Clan.

“Where is Master?” Bai Yi asked. Although she could basically confirm that the Chasing Wind Territory Lord was recuperating here, she still had to ensure that nothing went wrong.

The eyes of the Feudal Lord who had just spoken flashed with a bright light as he grinned, “Sir has just returned from his injuries and is currently healing his injuries in the Black Ink Nest, he cannot be disturbed. Bai Yi, hand over the Human Race Seventh Order in your hands to me. When Sir wakes up, I will offer it to him.”

Saying so, he reached out to grab Yang Kai.

However, just as he was about to move, Bai Yi suddenly pulled her bowstring, causing a faint golden light looming towards the forehead of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord.

The Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord’s hand froze in mid-air as he stared at Bai Yi with a gloomy expression, “What do you mean!”

Bai Yi stared at him coldly and replied, “What do you mean?”

The Feudal Lord said, “I’ve already made my intentions clear, but you, are you trying to kill me? Try it and see if the Territory Lord will spare you!”

Bai Yi remained unmoved, “At that time, you were already dead, so what does Master’s mercy have to do with you?”

The meaning behind her words was that she had the ability to kill this Feudal Lord. The Feudal Lord suddenly felt like he was being looked down upon and flew into a rage, “A mere Black Ink Disciple dares act so presumptuous!”

Bai Yi coldly said, “Open your dog eyes and look carefully, do you think you can snatch my credit?”

Seeing this, Yang Kai, who had been placed behind Bai Yi, felt both a headache and anxiety.

Although they knew that when they came up with a plan, it wouldn’t be smooth sailing and there would definitely be some kind of unforeseen event. Once that happened, the two of them could only act accordingly.

However, neither of them had expected that they would be provoked by a few Feudal Lords before they could even see the Chasing Wind Territory Lord.

These Feudal Lords in front of them obviously wanted to steal Bai Yi’s credit. Capturing a Seventh Order Human Race master alive meant that a Seventh Order Ink Disciple had appeared under Chasing Wind’s command. This contribution was not small, so the Feudal Lords were naturally jealous.

Normally, they wouldn’t do such a thing, but now that Chasing Wind was recuperating in the Black Ink Nest, he knew nothing about the outside world. As long as they could snatch Yang Kai and force Bai Yi out of this Secret Realm, the credit would be theirs.

This situation gave Yang Kai a headache.

What made him anxious was that this Secret Realm was surrounded by the Ink Force. Although it was not very rich, it was still the Ink Force.

As long as one was inside this Secret Realm, they would be constantly eroded by the Ink Force.

On the other hand, Yang Kai didn’t really care. With the World Spring in his body, even if the Ink Force invaded his body, it would still be suppresed in his Small Universe, unable to do anything.

However, Bai Yi could not. Once her Small Unvierse was corroded to a certain extent, she would have to transform back into Black Ink Disciple.

However, at this moment, she didn’t dare use her power to resist the erosion of the Ink Force, because if she did so, it would definitely arouse suspicion from the Feudal Lords in front of her.

When she was entangled with these Feudal Lords, she could only allow the Ink Force to invade her body.

Yang Kai didn’t know how long she could last, but it definitely wouldn’t be long. Once Bai Yi transformed into Black Ink Disciple again, not only would this plan fail, but even he himself would be in danger.

Bai Yi obviously understood this point, so although she usually backed down from the bullying of these several Feudal Lords, her attitude this time was extremely unyielding, causing these Feudal Lords to become extremely angry.

In just a few words, both sides had become like fire and water.

Bai Yi no longer bothered with them and instead turned her head towards a certain direction, where a giant flower bud stood. This flower bud seemed to have a life of its own, and as it breathed, the Ink Force poured out from it and spread out.

The Ink Force that filled the Secret Realm was derived from this flower bud.

Black Ink Nest!

Yang Kai had lived in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands for two years and had followed Angry Flame to many of the Territory Lords’ territories. Every Territory Lord had a Black Ink Nest, so he was naturally no stranger to them.

The Black Ink Nest was the birthplace of the Black Ink Clan and was also the foundation of their existence. It was extremely important to the Black Ink Clan, and generally speaking, only a large enough territory would have a Blac Ink Nest.

For example, Yang Kai’s previous 'master', Angry Flame, was just a High Rank Black Ink Clan. Not only did he not have his own territory, but he also did not have his own Black Ink Nest. If he didn’t have the strength and status, he naturally wouldn’t have the qualifications to own these things.

As a Territory Lord, it was naturally not difficult for Chasing Wind to arrange a Black Ink Nest here.

After an earth-shattering battle with Xu Boliang, Chasing Wind had suffered heavy injuries and immediately returned to the Black Ink Nest to recuperate.

This was confirmed from the words of the Feudal Lord.

As such, when Bai Yi turned her head to look, she grabbed Yang Kai and rushed over to the Black Ink Nest’s side, saying, “I’ll hand over the captive myself, you don’t need to worry about me.”

Seeing this, the three Feudal Lords all turned pale with fright. One of them cried out in alarm, “Sir is currently healing his injuries and cannot be disturbed!”

Saying so, he threw a punch towards Bai Yi in an attempt to stop her.

Bai Yi was just bluffing and was already on guard against this kind of thing. Seeing him take action, Bai Yi’s figure flickered and she easily dodged this attack.

On top of that, the Feudal Lord’s sudden attack, coupled with the resentment he felt towards Bai Yi, had not held back in the slightest. After this attack was dodged by Bai Yi, it flew straight towards the Black Ink Nest.

When he saw this scene, his soul nearly left his body.

The other two Feudal Lords also felt like they had fallen into an icehouse, their heads turning cold.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, everyone watched in horror as the power of the fist struck the giant Black Ink Nest.

With a loud bang, it was as if the punch had struck the hearts of the three Feudal Lords, causing their hearts to constrict and cold sweat to drip down their foreheads as their faces turned pale.

Bai Yi floated in the air, with a sneer on her face as she stared at the ugly expressions of the three Feudal Lords.

After the flower bud-like Black Ink Nest was attacked, its relaxed state stagnated for a moment, but it didn’t suffer too much damage, only a wave of Ink Force surging out from it.

However, inside the Black Ink Nest, the aura which had been slumbering rapidly awakened and a powerful Divine Sense swept across the entire Secret Realm, filled with vigilance and unease.

At this moment, Chasing Wind was in a state of panic and was in a deep sleep, using the power of the Black Ink Nest to restore himself. Now that he was suddenly disturbed like this, he thought that the Human Race had invaded his lair, so how could he not be shocked?

With his current condition, if he were to be attacked by the Human Race here, he wouldn’t have a good ending.

After scanning the Secret Realm with his Divine Sense, he realized that it was not what he had expected.

The three Feudal Lords who were originally guarding the Secret Realm were all half-kneeling on the ground, shivering in fear, their faces pale, while Bai Yi, one of his most capable subordinates, floated in the air and stared at the three of them with a mocking expression.

Seeing this, coupled with the previous attack that had struck Black Ink Nest, Chasing Wind instantly understood what had happened.

If he was at his peak, he definitely wouldn’t let anyone who disturbed his healing be so easily. However, at this moment, he had yet to recover from his heavy injuries and still needed to rely on these loyal subordinates to protect him, so it wasn’t appropriate for him to make a big fuss so as to avoid losing the hearts of others.

Forcefully suppressing the anger in his heart, Chasing Wind shouted, “What are you doing?”

Yang Kai, who was being held in Bai Yi’s hand, raised his brow when he heard this. Although this Chasing Wind’s voice sounded extremely dignified, it couldn’t conceal the weakness hidden within. It could be seen that in the previous battle with Xu Boliang, his injuries weren’t light, especially when he had escaped at the last moment. Xu Boliang’s finger force had nearly cut open his back.

Xu Boliang’s attack had definitely damaged Chasing Wind’s foundation.

The three Feudal Lords who were half-kneeling on the ground were speechless. This fact was difficult to explain. They couldn’t say that in order to seize credit, they had insisted on making things difficult for Bai Yi, but in the end they had accidentally hit the Black Ink Nest and disturbed Chasing Wind’s recovery.

If he really said so, he wouldn’t need to show his face in front of Chasing Wind anymore.

“Are you all mute?” Seeing this, Chasing Wind became even more annoyed and called out, “Bai Yi, speak.”

The faces of the three Feudal Lords instantly turned ashen.

Bai Yi replied in a clear voice, “Reporting to Master, I captured a Seventh Order Open Heaven master and brought him back. The three Feudal Lords were worried about this human and wanted to test him out. They knew that they had accidentally disturbed Master’s recovery, so please forgive them.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the three Feudal Lords who were half-kneeling on the ground all wore stunned expressions. They had originally thought that Bai Yi was going to hit them while they were down, but who would have thought she would actually say such a thing?

It seemed like she wanted to speak up for them, but that didn’t make sense.

However, on second thought, even if Bai Yi exposed this matter, with the current state the Territory Lord was in, he wouldn’t really do anything to the three of them. On the contrary, it would only make them hate Bai Yi even more.

Since that was the case, she might as well offer a favor.


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