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Sneak attacking a Territory Lord was quite risky, but once it succeeded, they would be able to severely wound the high-level forces of the Black Ink Clan in this war zone, and the benefits would be obvious.

Speed was important in war, so Yang Kai had no time to seek help from others, and the fewer people there were, the better.

A few days later, Yang Kai and Bai Yi, who had more or less recovered, flew up into the sky and under Bai Yi’s lead, flew off in a certain direction.

After a few days of delay, there was nothing he could do about it, but this little bit of time was not a problem for the overall situation. Chasing Wind Territory Lord had been seriously injured by Xu Boliang at the time, and it was obvious that his foundation had been damaged. It would take him a long time to recover, so a few days shouldn’t have much effect.

As the two of them traveled along the road, they discussed their plans and carefully discussed every detail. Finally, they came up with a rough plan. Although there would definitely be some variables when it was implemented, it would depend on their ability to adapt to the situation.

For Yang Kai, the reason he had agreed to take this risk with Bai Yi was firstly because it was a rare opportunity, and secondly, Bai Yi had followed the Chasing Wind Territory Lord for many years and knew many of his habits. Thirdly, he was proficient in the Space Laws, so even if the situation became dire, he could still find an opportunity to escape.

It shouldn’t be easy for a heavily injured Territory Lord to keep him here.

As Bai Yi continued forward, it was surprisingly peaceful, not even encountering a single Black Ink Clan team.

Such a situation didn’t mean that all the Black Ink Clans in this war zone had retreated, but rather that Bai Yi had avoided these Black Ink Clans and avoided meeting them.

The purpose of this trip was only for the Chasing Wind Territory Lord. Killing a Territory Lord was naturally more beneficial than killing these small fry.

Yang Kai occasionally observed Bai Yi’s eyes flashing with a strange light, obviously cultivating some kind of profound eye technique.

He also had an Eye Technique, but the two Eye Techniques he inherited from Myriad Demons Heaven were both focused on breaking through illusions, while the other was focused on killing enemies, so his Eye Technique was not as good as Bai Yi’s.

In comparison, each of them had their own advantages and disadvantages.

After flying forward for two full days, Bai Yi passed by one of the Universe Fragments and landed.

Yang Kai quickly followed.

“We’re almost there,” Bai Yi said.

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Then let’s begin.”

Saying so, Yang Kai took a deep breath and his Small Universe suddenly shook. Yang Kai let out a muffled groan as blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. At the same time, his aura was suppressed and became extremely weak.

If someone who wasn’t aware of this situation were to see this, they would definitely think that he was seriously injured, if they wanted to launch a sneak attack on the Chasing Wind Territory Lord, they would have to show weakness and numb his nerves.

“It’s been hard on Senior Brother,” As Bai Yi spoke, she changed her hand seals and cast a Secret Technique towards Yang Kai. In the next moment, golden chains appeared around Yang Kai and bound him tightly.

Yang Kai tried to struggle and found that this Confinement Technique was extremely strong. Even with his strength, if he were to be hit by this Confinement Technique, it would be extremely difficult for him to break free, and if he were to be hit by this technique while fighting, he would basically die.

“Let’s go,” Yang Kai nodded towards Bai Yi, indicating that everything was in order.

Bai Yi nodded, reached out, grabbed Yang Kai’s arm, and flew into the sky. From the looks of it, it was like Bai Yi had captured Yang Kai.

According to Bai Yi, the Chasing Wind Territory Lord had suffered heavy losses this time, so it was absolutely impossible for him to return to his own territory, because if he did so, his injuries would become impossible to conceal. At that time, the morale of his subordinates would fall, and the ambitious subordinates would become restless.

As such, he could only recuperate in his hidden lair, and because Bai Yi had followed him for many years and was also his Black Ink Disciple, she knew the location of his hidden lair like the back of her hand.

What she couldn’t be certain of now was whether or not the Chasing Wind Territory Lord was in that lair. If he was, she could implement her next plan, but if he wasn’t, she could only give up.

This could only depend on luck, and Bai Yi couldn’t guarantee that her guess was correct.

In fact, almost every Territory Lord and even a Feudal Lord had their own hidden lair, in case they need to heal when they were seriously injured.

The Chasing Wind Territory Lord’s lair was located in a Secret Realm.

In the Black Ink Battlefield, there were countless Secret Realms. No one knew how these Secret Realms were born, but every once in a while, the entrance to these Secret Realms would be discovered. Whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, both of them had obtained many benefits from these Secret Realms.

Bai Yi didn’t know when this Secret Realm had been arranged by the Chasing Wind Territory Lord, but she had followed the Chasing Wind Territory Lord in and out a few dozen years ago, so she knew its exact location.

Half a day later, somewhere in the void, Bai Yi’s figure suddenly stopped.

On the surface, there didn’t seem to be anything unusual about this void, but Yang Kai could faintly feel the fluctuations of Space Law in the surrounding void.

In other words, this was the entrance to the Secret Realm.

Now that he was bound by Bai Yi’s Secret Technique, his perception wasn’t too obvious, so he couldn’t determine the exact location of the entrance.

On the other hand, after confirming their position, Bai Yi took out her longbow and gently flicked it three times.

Amidst a series of clanging sounds, layers of ripples swept across the void.

A moment later, not far away from the two of them, a door slowly opened, from which a distinct aura of World Force spread out.

When the door had expanded to the point where it could accommodate people, Bai Yi grabbed Yang Kai’s arm and flashed inside.

As their vision changed, the two of them arrived at the Secret Realm.

Before Yang Kai could take a good look at the scenery of this Secret Realm, he suddenly felt a powerful force sweep towards him from the side. In his shock, he instinctively tried to use his strength to resist, but he quickly remembered that he had been restricted by Bai Yi’s Secret Technique, so how could he resist?

Fortunately, Bai Yi’s reaction was also extremely fast. With a turn of her hand, she teleported Yang Kai behind her and rushed to the side.

However, the ambusher suddenly attacked, and although Bai Yi reacted in time, she was still struck by the shockwaves.

Immediately, she let out a muffled groan and rolled together with Yang Kai.

She quickly stood up, half-kneeling on the ground like a cheetah about to pounce on its prey, the longbow in her hand held in front of her as she stared vigilantly at the several tall figures in front of her.

Behind her, Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood.

When the ambusher attacked just now, Yang Kai didn’t have any strength to resist at all. Although it was just the aftershocks, he was still injured.

Bai Yi’s figure flickered slightly, obviously concerned about Yang Kai’s injuries.

Yang Kai reached out and tapped her waist, indicating that he was fine.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Bai Yi stared at one of the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords and asked coldly. Just now, he had suddenly launched a sneak attack and injured Yang Kai.

Beside this Feudal Lord stood two other Feudal Lords, each of them tall and imposing, examining Bai Yi from head to toe, their eyes filled with malicious intent.

Yang Kai observed his expression and faintly felt that this situation was somewhat different from what he had expected.

His and Bai Yi’s original plan was for Bai Yi to hand over her captive to the Chasing Wind Territory Lord. After all, Yang Kai was a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, even if Chasing Wind was a Territory Lord, he would definitely be tempted to use his Ink Force to convert Yang Kai into his Black Ink Disciple.

Once Chasing Wind did this, it would give Yang Kai and Bai Yi an opportunity to launch a violent attack. Even if they couldn’t kill Chasing Wind, they could still injure him.

Who would have thought that after entering the Secret Territory, before he could even see Chasing Wind, he would be ambushed by the Feudal Lord guarding this place.

Could it be that Bai Yi’s situation had been exposed? However, this was unlikely. No one knew about his and Bai Yi’s plans, and when he was activating the Purification Light, Yang Kai had specifically looked around to avoid being discovered.

The current situation seemed to have some other reason.

Hearing this, the Feudal Lord who was being stared at by Bai Yi suddenly chuckled, “So it’s Bai Yi, I thought some Human Race master had come here to disturb Sir’s healing and made a mistake!”

This was obviously an excuse. The door to the Secret Realm was set up with a Spirit Array, so unless there was a special method to open it, it was impossible to open it.

Since the several Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords inside had opened the doors and let Bai Yi in, they had naturally recognized her identity, but they still attacked her, obviously doing so on purpose.

This Feudal Lord had acted appropriately before and had even spared some of his strength. At most, he would make Bai Yi suffer a bit, but he wouldn’t really kill her or seriously injure her.

After all, Bai Yi was a Black Ink Disciple under the Chasing Wind Territory Lord and was highly regarded by Chasing Wind. This war zone was still relying on Bai Yi to kill the enemy. If he really killed her or seriously injured her, there was no way to explain to Chasing Wind.

Therefore, after failing the strike, the Feudal Lord’s smile immediately changed.

As soon as he said this, Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that the Chasing Wind Territory Lord was indeed hiding in the Secret Realm to heal his injuries, so Bai Yi’s guess was correct.

Bai Yi stared coldly at the Feudal Lord for a moment before saying, “There won’t be a next time!”

The Feudal Lord’s smile disappeared as he coldly snorted, “A mere Black Ink Disciple dares to speak to me like this?”

No matter how strong an ordinary Black Ink Disciple was, when facing a true Black Ink Clan, they would always feel a sense of awe. However, Bai Yi was too highly regarded by Chasing Wind, so much so that Bai Yi lost her instinct to respect the Black Ink Clan.

On the battlefield, Bai Yi had even used an arrow to kill a Human Race master, using the cover of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord to pierce through both sides!

It was precisely because of this that these Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords were extremely dissatisfied with Bai Yi. After all, none of them wanted to be on guard against sneak attacks from their own allies while fighting with their enemies.

After that incident, there were also some Feudal Lords who went to complain to Chasing Wind, but Chasing Wind didn’t punish Bai Yi at all, instead reprimanding them for their incompetence and envy.

The Territory Lord’s injustice only served to intensify the conflict between Bai Yi and these Feudal Lords. If it weren’t for the fact that they were wary of Chasing Wind, these Feudal Lords would have already joined forces to kill Bai Yi.

Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples were hard to come by, but a Black Ink Disciple, who could kill their own people, was not worth it.


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