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The power of this finger burst out, transforming into a shocking sword light that slashed down on the back of the Black Ink Clan’s giant figure, turning it into a bloody mess.

However, taking advantage of this opportunity, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord quickly flew away.

The Eighth Order Human Race cultivator’s figure flickered as he tried to pursue. Unexpectedly, his brow suddenly tightened and his skin began to ache. This was caused by a powerful aura.

This aura was obviously a warning. Once he really moved to pursue, this aura locking him down would transform into a lightning bolt.

The Eighth Order Human Race master wore a solemn expression.

If he had been at his peak, he naturally wouldn’t have cared about such a warning and would have chased after the Territory Lord to kill him. However, after fighting with the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord for so long, he had suffered heavy losses and suffered a vicious sneak attack. Not only was he seriously injured, but his Small Universe had also been corroded by the Ink Force. If he were to delay any longer, the entire Small Universe would be contaminated by the Ink Force. At that time, even if he was an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, he would still become a Black Ink Disciple and lose his consciousness.

Such an outcome was something he absolutely could not accept. He could die on the battlefield, but it was impossible for him to become a Black Ink Disciple and become a weapon in the hands of the Black Ink Clan.

As such, even though he understood the intentions of the ambusher and understood that such a powerful attack might not happen a second time, he didn’t dare take the risk.

Staring coldly towards the source of the sneak attack, this Human Race Eighth Order master’s figure flickered and he flew backwards until he found a safe place before using the Universe Escape Law to connect to the Universe Formation of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship in the base. A moment later, the image of the Formation appeared beneath his feet and he disappeared.

The originally fierce battlefield had returned to calm, and Yang Kai, who was hiding in the shadows, felt both regret and joy.

Unfortunately, the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord had actually managed to escape, there was not much chance he could seriously injure and kill a Territory Lord. If it weren’t for someone secretly causing trouble just now, he only needed to jump out and join forces with the Eighth Order Human Race cultivator to kill the Territory Lord on the spot.

What surprised him was that the target he had lost once again appeared not far from him.

He didn’t know when the other party had arrived, nor did he know if they had noticed his presence. If it weren’t for that sudden attack, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to identify him.

This person was definitely the Black Ink Disciple from Divine Feather Paradise!

When he had launched a sneak attack on Yang Kai, the attacks he had displayed were mostly similar to a Golden Light or Golden Threads, but when he had launched a sneak attack on the Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, his attacks had transformed into a pair of wings.

Yang Kai also saw the power of this attack and guessed that the Black Ink Disciple wouldn’t be able to use such a powerful attack too many times. Each time he used it, it would cause a great load on his body.

Moreover, he had been chasing after him all this time and had injured him. In such a short period of time, this person’s injuries must not have recovered.

He was already injured and had even used a powerful Secret Technique. At this moment, this Black Ink Disciple’s strength was probably low.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but want to throw his head back and laugh wildly. This was truly the mantis stalking the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

He didn’t immediately rush out, instead carefully concealing his aura, because he wasn’t sure if the other party had noticed his presence or not.

He was well aware of how difficult his opponent was to deal with. If he failed to hit his opponent this time, he was afraid he would have to repeat the same mistake, so he only had one chance, so he would definitely make a decisive move!

In fact, Yang Kai and the Eighth Order Open Heaven had both guessed correctly. The Black Ink Disciple, who was hiding in the shadows, had not released any of his previous attacks. As a Seventh Order, although he had launched a sneak attack on an Eighth Order, he still had to use a Secret Technique at the cause of hi own injury. After that attack, he had almost collapsed.

This kind of Secret Technique was not something he would easily use, and he had never used it before in his previous sneak attacks, but if he wanted to seriously injure an Eighth Order Open Heaven, he would have to use it.

He was quite smart. Even though he didn’t have much strength left, he was still able to use his aura to scare away the Eighth Order Open Heaven.

After confirming that the Eighth Order had really left, he slowly put down the longbow in his hand and collapsed to the ground, forcing himself to swallow some pills to restore himself.

He didn’t remain in place for too long. He had already exposed his tracks when he attacked, no one was certain if the Eighth Order master would try to kill him. Once such a situation occurred, he would definitely be unable to resist.

So after a short while, after his body recovered slightly, he immediately stood up and prepared to leave.

However, just as he was about to take action, his heart suddenly skipped a beat and he suddenly had a bad feeling.

This person’s reaction was extremely quick, he quickly turned his body and stretched out his hand to pull the bowstring, releasing a golden light.

At the same time, he suddenly jumped backwards.

From the corner of his eye, he saw a figure suddenly appear not far from him. The golden light struck the man’s chest, causing him to bleed profusely. However, the man’s figure didn’t stop and instead continued to rush towards him. At the same time, a mysterious force spread out and sealed the space.

The Black Ink Disciple was shocked.

After being entangled with Yang Kai for so many days, how could the Black Ink Disciple not recognize him? However, the Black Ink Disciple couldn’t figure out why this guy was here. Moreover, from the looks of it, this person had obviously been waiting here for a long time, waiting for him to relax his vigilance and attack.

Having witnessed Yang Kai’s ability to teleport, how could he not know that Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Laws? Now that he was surrounded by the Space Shackle, he was certain that it was a technique of this person.

As these thoughts flashed through his mind, Yang Kai’s entire body crashed into the Black Ink Disciple’s body. In an instant, the Black Ink Disciple felt as if he had been struck by a great world, his bones cracking and countless of them breaking. His vision was filled with stars as he spat out a mouthful of blood, his aura becoming much weaker.

Having been entangled with Yang Kai for so many days, Yang Kai had never been able to close the distance between them. The Black Ink Disciple know that he was in a life or death situation, he immediately pushed his Small Universe’s strength to the limit and swung his longbow towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to him and simply wrapped his arms around this man, pulling him into his embrace as he grinned maliciously, “Bastard, die!”

Saying so, Yang Kai slammed his head down. With this close distance, it was the most effective offensive method, and the only reason he did so was because Yang Kai didn’t dare to pull away from this man.

After witnessing this man’s methods, Yang Kai knew that once he gets out of control, he would be able to escape.

With a loud bang, Yang Kai’s vision went black, and the Black Ink Disciple’s head flew back, revealing the face hidden under his hood.

Speaking of which, Yang Kai was quite ashamed. After fighting with this Black Ink Disciple for so long and exchanging a few blows with him, Yang Kai still hadn’t seen his true appearance.

Until now.

As her beautiful hair fluttered in the wind, a round little face appeared in Yang Kai’s vision. This little face looked just like a young girl’s, with a hint of baby fat.

A woman? Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before realizing that his chest was filled with elasticity. [MSN: Of course...]

But soon, he tossed aside the differences in gender. So what if it was a woman? On the battlefield, there was no such thing as a man or a woman. He leaned his head back and land another headbutt.

The Black Ink Disciple’s forehead was completely red as tears dripped down from the corners of her eyes. Yang Kai possessed the Dragon Vein Body and had a powerful physique, but this impact had caused his vision to darken, let alone the Black Ink Disciple.

After being hit twice, her consciousness shook and she almost fainted.

Seeing this, Yang Kai quickly tried to use the Purification Light to dispel the Ink Force in her body.

The reason why he had rushed out and held her tightly was also because he had considered this possibility. Yang Kai had never had any intention of killing her and had always wanted to capture her alive to purify the Ink Force in her body.

After all, if such a powerful Seventh Order Open Heaven could be saved, it would be a great help to the Human Race.

If he wanted to kill someone, Yang Kai could use his Secret Technique to kill them from a distance.

However, before Yang Kai could activate the Purification Light, the seemingly unconscious Black Ink Disciple in his arms suddenly bent her knees and crashed into him!

Yang Kai immediately let out a muffled groan, his face turning pale!

Seizing this opportunity, the Black Ink Disciple raised two fingers and stabbed them towards Yang Kai’s eyes.

At this critical moment, Yang Kai tilted his head and felt the two fingers pierce his cheek, scraping off a layer of flesh.

The pain caused his anger to boil and he exerted more force with his arms, causing Black Ink Disciple to cry out in alarm as the sound of bones breaking rang out from her body. Blood even flowed from the corner of her mouth as she felt that if this person in front of her used any more strength, she would be crushed.

However, she was extremely strong, her ten fingers, elbows, and even her teeth and head all transformed into weapons as she attacked Yang Kai like a storm.

At such a close distance, her attacks were completely random, causing Yang Kai's entire body to crack.

A fierce light flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes as he realized that if he didn’t completely subdue this person, he wouldn’t have a chance to activate the Purification Light. His hands locked onto her body while his legs wrapped around her legs, preventing her from hitting his vital points again.

Immediately after, he land another headbutt blow.

Boom boom boom…

Each time they collided, it was a collision of their Small Universe’s foundation. At first, the Black Ink Disciple could still resist, but after seven or eight times, her resistance became weaker.

Although her close combat ability was quite good, it still depended on who she was competing with. What’s more, Yang Kai had almost completely restricted her movements, completely nullifying her advantage.

On top of that, in order to launch a sneak attack on that Eighth Order master, she had been exhausted and her temporary recovery was limited. On the other hand, Yang Kai was at his peak.

In comparison, the difference in strength was obvious.

Blood splattered everywhere as Yang Kai and the Black Ink Disciple’s foreheads became covered in blood and flesh. Seeing the Black Ink Disciple’s eyes turn white and was about to faint, Yang Kai finally stopped.

Shaking his head to dispel the dizziness, Yang Kai gasped for breath, feeling that this battle was even more exhausting than facing an Eighth Order.

Fortunately, the Black Ink Disciple seemed to have lost all ability to resist and was finally captured.


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