The drawbacks of using the Universe Escape Law were too great and required extremely stable conditions. At this moment of life and death, how could this group of Human Race members successfully use the Universe Escape Law?

They could only rely on their geographical advantage, and under the leadership of two Seventh Order Open Heaven masters, they desperately resisted.

Fortunately, this team had two Seventh Order Open Heaven masters. If it was just one of them, they might not have been able to last long.

The Black Ink Clan cultivators were all hiding in the Ink Clouds, using the cover of the Ink Clouds to attack from time to time or activate their Secret Techniques, causing the Human Race cultivators to become flustered. As time passed, the encirclement formed by the Ink Clouds rapidly shrank, and the Human Race squad soon lost their position.

Breaking Dawn had rushed over at this moment.

The Black Ink Clan in the Ink Clouds also noticed Breaking Dawn’s arrival, and as the Ink Clouds churned, a dozen or so tall Black Ink Clan members emerged from within. The leader of this group was extremely fierce, and his aura was clearly that of a Feudal Lord.

The Feudal Lord held a giant spear in his hand and looked awe-inspiring. From his posture, it was obvious he was planning to block Breaking Dawn.

As they got closer, Breaking Dawn’s disguise suddenly disappeared, revealing its true appearance.

The Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord who was rushing towards Breaking Dawn was stunned for a moment before his expression changed drastically. Without any hesitation, he turned around and rushed back into the Ink Cloud, his figure disappearing.

It had been almost two months since the Dawn Squad arrived in this war zone. During these two months, the Dawn Squad had made many gains every few days and killed many enemies. The powerful foundation of the Dawn Squad and the ferocity of the Breaking Dawn Battleship had already made a name for themselves in the Black Ink Clan.

Many Black Ink Clans had heard that the Human Race had a special Battleship that was quite different from ordinary Battleships. The Battleship had five Seventh Order Open Heaven masters, and one of them, a Team Leader-level cultivator, was incredibly strong. He had slaughtered a Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Clan cultivator like he was slaughtering chickens and dogs, an invincible force without the Territory Lord.

This kind of configuration was not something a team should have. Many Black Ink Clan teams had suffered great losses under the hands of this human race team and were often wiped out.

This Feudal Lord was also a well-informed person, so naturally he had heard of the rumors. Originally, he had thought that with the vastness of the war zone, it would be impossible to encounter them, but now that he saw Breaking Dawn’s true appearance, how could he not know that he had actually encountered them?

Thinking back to those rumors, this Feudal Lord didn’t dare to face them head-on and immediately flew back into the Ink Cloud.

The Black Ink Clan masters who had rushed out behind him were slightly weaker, and their reactions were also a bit slower. Seeing their Feudal Lord flee without a fight, before they could figure out what was happening, a terrifying barrage of attacks came from the Breaking Dawn.

Each of these attacks was incredibly powerful and terrifying, so how could these High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clan possibly withstand them? In an instant, a large number of them were either dead or injured, and Breaking Dawn didn’t even pause for a moment as it passed through this mass of broken limbs and flesh, directly crashing into the Ink Clouds.

With the help of the Ink Cloud’s concealment, the hidden Black Ink Clan cultivators took advantage of this opportunity to launch a barrage of attacks towards Breaking Dawn. As for the Dawn Squad, they had long since prepared for this and immediately activated their defensive Spirit Arrays, enveloping Breaking Dawn within.

With a series of violent fluctuations, the protective light curtain began to form deep craters, with these craters as the center and layers of ripples spreading outwards.

Withstanding the Black Ink Clan’s attack, Breaking Dawn directly passed through the blockade of Ink Clouds and arrived at the central region.

The group that had been besieged for a long time was originally facing a desperate situation, but when they suddenly saw a Human Race Battleship appear in front of them, they immediately understood that reinforcements had arrived, and it was even the special force Dawn Squad. All of them were overjoyed.

“Get on board!” On the deck, Feng Ying shouted.

With a change of her hand seal, a gap appeared in the protective array.

The seven or eight cultivators were already exhausted and their auras were weak. At this moment, how could they hesitate? One by one, they leapt forward.

When they boarded the ship, Yang Kai’s figure flickered and disappeared from the deck. When he reappeared, he was already in the thick Ink Clouds.

His left eye instantly transformed into a golden vertical eye, exuding a majestic aura.

The Ink Clouds were extremely corrosive to human race cultivators and would also interfere with their perception, but the Demon Eye of Annihilation was able to pierce through illusions. In this environment, it was like a fish in water.

Not far away, a Black Ink Clan Lord quietly approached. It was the same one who had run away after seeing Breaking Dawn.

After returning to the Ink Cloud, Yang Kai suddenly appeared not far from him.

This made him both surprised and happy. He was surprised because this person seemed to be the legendary Team Leader of the Human Race’s team, but he was also happy because this guy was actually so arrogant, daring to charge into the Ink Cloud alone.

Ink Cloud’s suppression and erosion to the Human Race was irreversible. He didn’t know why this human had run into the Ink Cloud, but since he had come, he could forget about returning.

With the help of the Ink Clouds, this Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord quickly closed the distance to within a hundred meter of Yang Kai. This distance was the perfect distance for the Feudal Lord to launch a sneak attack.

Activating his strength, he poured it into the spear in his hand. The Feudal Lord’s eyes flashed fiercely as he raised the spear in his hand, preparing to stab it towards Yang Kai’s defenseless back.

However, at this moment, Yang Kai, who should have been completely unaware, suddenly turned around and stared at him coldly. The sneer on his lips was extremely glaring, and the golden vertical eye in his left eye seemed to contain an inviolable majesty, causing him to become slightly dazed.

The Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord was shocked, unable to understand how he had been discovered. Immediately after, a long spear appeared in front of him.

The Feudal Lord cried out in horror as he used all his strength to block the spear. When the spears collided, he felt a terrifying force coming from the front and his massive body involuntarily fell back, the hand holding the spear trembling uncontrollably.

The aura of death quickly followed, and when he looked up, he saw Yang Kai, who he had failed to sneak attack, rushing forward like a shadow, his long spear thrusting forward. At this moment, the power in his body was shaking and he was powerless to resist.

Dead End!

The Feudal Lord’s eyes were instantly filled with despair. He had long heard that the Team Leader of this team was incredibly strong and that if there is no Territory Lord, they would be no match for him, but after all, he had only heard about it. Only after personally witnessing it today did he understand that the rumors were true.

This kind of strength was indeed not something a Feudal Lord could resist. At the very least, it would require four or five Feudal Lords to attack together in order to succeed.

Seeing that the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord was about to lose his life under the Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed as he stood in place like a ghost, the Azure Dragon Spear suddenly block in front of him.

It was as if a faint golden light had broken through the blockade of the Ink Clouds and struck the Azure Dragon Spear from the void, causing it to emit a ringing sound.

Along with this strange sound, Yang Kai’s entire body was pushed back by a massive force, his figure forced back several dozen meters before he could stabilize himself.

Taking cover in a hurry, Yang Kai looked down and saw a small mark on the Azure Dragon Spear. It was obviously left behind by the attack just now.

If it wasn’t for Yang Kai’s quick reaction and blocking with his Azure Dragon Spear, this attack would have penetrated his chest.

'It’s that guy!' Yang Kai’s eyes widened in shock.

Since the day he was ambushed by the Black Ink Disciple from the Divine Feather Paradise, Yang Kai had been paying attention to this person’s whereabouts, but unfortunately, he had found nothing.

However, he had learned from his previous experience of being ambushed, so every time he fought, he would spare a portion of his attention to monitor his surroundings in case something like this happened again.

Until just now, the feeling of being watched from the shadows had appeared again. Sure enough, that fellow had taken advantage of his fight with the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord to launch another earth-shattering attack.

If Yang Kai hadn’t been on guard, this attack would have succeeded. Although it wouldn’t have been enough to kill Yang Kai, the injuries he suffered will definitely not be light.

The first time he was ambushed, Yang Kai was caught off guard and was shot by an arrow. After that, he chased after the attacker and disappeared.

Now that he was prepared, how could he let that person succeed?

Just as he stabilized himself, another golden light shot towards him. This golden light came from a completely different direction from the previous one. If the previous one was in front, then this one was behind.

Two people?

This attack was not aimed at him, but Breaking Dawn Battleship.

Originally, when they had rushed into the Ink Clouds, the Dawn Battleship had suffered a great deal of damage. Although the protective light curtain had not been broken, it had still dimmed.

Under this attack, the light curtain that had enveloped Breaking Dawn suddenly shattered, showing the power of this attack.

On the Battleship, the three cultivators who were responsible for controlling the protective array all cried out in alarm and coughed up blood, their faces pale.

The Spirit Array they were responsible for had been broken, causing them to suffer some backlash, and the Spirit Array they were responsible for had also been destroyed, obviously no longer usable.

However, Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to the Breaking Dawn Battleship. There were more than one defensive Spirit Arrays on it, and if one of them was damaged, there would be still be others.

When the second strike was released, Yang Kai had already disappeared, not even having time to kill the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord in front of him.

Previously, he had let this ambusher escape because he hadn’t been prepared, but now that he was mentally prepared, if he were to let him escape, he would have cultivate the Space Law in vain all these years.

There weren’t two ambushers, only one. The second attack was simply a result of a Secret Technique to confuse Yang Kai.

From this, it could be seen that the ambusher was also extremely wary of him, afraid that he would pursue them.

Activating his Space Laws, Yang Kai instantly left the battlefield and arrived at a fragment of a Universe Continent.

Looking around, there was no one here, but there was clearly a faint aura lingering here.

The ambusher had just left!

It was the same as the last time. Once he failed, he immediately fled. This guy’s vigilance was simply impeccable.

However, Yang Kai couldn’t figure out what kind of Secret Technique this person used to run so fast. With his Space Laws, distance wasn’t an obstacle at all. Could it be that this person was also proficient in Space Laws?

If that was the case, it would really be a big problem, making Yang Kai even more determined to capture him.


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