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Seeing Yang Kai, Feng Ying immediately summoned the members of Dawn Squad and called for a postwar meeting.

More than thirty people had gathered together to discuss some of the problems they had encountered during their last mission. Unlike the other team members who had spent more time with each other and cooperated well with each other, Dawn was a brand new team. The teamwork between the members had yet to be tempered, so after the battle, it would be greatly beneficial to them.

Everyone was quite enthusiastic and enthusiastically offered their opinions, quickly exposing the problems they normally ignored to everyone, allowing them to remember when the next time a similar problem occurred, there would be a perfect solution.

When these problems no longer appeared, the cooperation of the Dawn Squad would improve.

The postwar meeting didn’t take long, ending after an hour.

Yang Kai once again went to the place where Zha Hu was stationed. Since he had come here, the Dawn naturally had to play their role. They couldn’t just stay here and enjoy the scenery.

There was nothing to see in the void.

After obtaining permission, Yang Kai stepped into the tent and said, “Garrison Chief Zha, the Dawn Squad has finished their rest. Is there any mission?”

Zha Hu glanced at him and asked, “You’ve recovered so quickly?”

Yang Kai smiled, “We didn’t suffer any losses last time.”

“Don’t force yourself.”

“Garrison Chief Zha can rest assured, as the Team Leader of Dawn Squad, this Disciple will act according to his ability.”

Only then did Zha Hu nod and say, “Since that’s the case, I won’t stop you. There are missions here, but it depends on which one you like.”

Yang Kai was a bit surprised, “We can choose?”

Zha Hu chuckled lightly, “The mission here is divided into three types, one is to search for mining resources, which is relatively safer. Even if you occasionally encounter the Black Ink Clan, the chances are not high, so under normal circumstances we don’t need to fight with them.”

Seeing Yang Kai remain indifferent, Zha Hu continued, “The second type is to assign you a zone. Your team only needs to move about in this zone to protect the clansmen who are mining and searching for resources. If you encounter the Black Ink Clan, kill them without mercy!”

Yang Kai nodded. The first type was undoubtedly unsuitable for Dawn Squad. Dawn possessed strength and capital that other teams didn’t have, so it was naturally impossible for them to go mining for resources. The second type was somewhat to his liking, but it was still somewhat unsatisfactory.

Immediately asking, “What about the third type?”

Zha Hu nodded, “The third type is to hunt freely. The entire resource production area is under the supervision of your Dawn Squad. Wherever there is an Black Ink Clan, you must kill them. When there is no Black Ink Clan, you must take the initiative to search for them. If there are other teams requesting help, if you are nearby, you must also quickly assist.”

Yang Kai decisively said, “Then let’s hunt freely.”

Compared to the second type of mission, the freedom to hunt freely was undoubtedly much higher, so they wouldn’t be trapped in a certain defensive region. However, this way, the chances of them fighting the Black Ink Clan would greatly increase, which was what Yang Kai and Dawn Squad desired.

Zha Hu wore a knowing look as he took out a crystal ball and handed it to Yang Kai, “Take this.”

“What is this?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“It’s a specially refined communication artifact that every team has. If you encounter any danger, you can use it to send a message or receive a request for help from other teams, using it to determine your position.”

Yang Kai raised his brow slightly, “This is a good thing.”

“There are no restrictions on free hunting, but it’s also very dangerous. In this resource production area, there are still some Black Ink Clan at the Territory Lord level. Although the Human Race here also has an Eighth Order Garrison Chief holding them back, no one can guarantee that you won’t encounter them alone. If you encounter the Territory Lord, remember to protect yourself and don’t act rashly,” Zha Hu warned.

“Disciple will remember.”

“Go.” Zha Hu waved his hand.

Yang Kai took his leave.

After a short while, Yang Kai returned to the camp and told everyone about the free hunting mission he had received, before handing over the crystal ball-like communication artifact to Feng Ying and turning to the others, “If there’s no problem, we’ll set out now.”

No one had any objections.

After a short while, Breaking Dawn rose into the sky and flew towards a certain direction.

After entering the empty void, Feng Ying suddenly changed her hand seals and a faint energy fluctuation swept across the Breaking Dawn Battleship.

At this moment, Yang Kai felt that the Breaking Dawn Battleship had undergone some kind of change, but upon closer inspection, it didn’t seem to have changed at all. Confused, Yang Kai used his Divine Sense to investigate and finally saw its true nature.

On the surface of Breaking Dawn, there was a layer of ever-changing energy, and this layer was actually an Illusion Array.

“What is this?” Yang Kai asked in surprise. He had never known that Breaking Dawn had an Illusion Array arranged.

However, Breaking Dawn’s modification had been done by Feng Ying, and although it cost him a lot of battle merits, he didn’t really understand Breaking Dawn’s performance.

Feng Ying explained, “Breaking Dawn is a special Palace Artifact that is obviously different from ordinary Team Grade artifacts, so once it appears in the eyes of the Black Ink Clan, it will easily attract attention. When it was first transformed, I had someone arrange an Illusion Array to disguise it. In this way, within a five hundred kilometer radius, the Black Ink Clan below the Feudal Lord will not be able to see through Breaking Dawn’s disguise, so we can catch them off guard. Otherwise, if the enemy sees Breaking Dawn from afar and runs away, it will be troublesome.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood, “Martial Aunt is truly thoughtful.”

Today, Breaking Dawn and Dawn Squad didn’t have much of a reputation here, but it was easy to imagine that in the future, when the results of their battle became better, the Black Ink Clan would definitely have some understanding of Dawn Squad and Breaking Dawn. At that time, with Breaking Dawn’s unique physique, the enemy would be able to recognize them from afar, and if they felt they were no match for him, they would definitely flee immediately.

With the Illusion Array’s camouflage, it was obvious from a distance that Dawn’s Battleship was no different from an ordinary Team Grade Palace Artifact and could easily catch a big fish.

This was indeed the case. A day after Dawn Battleship left the base and was flying through the void, a large group of Black Ink Clan cultivators suddenly appeared from the side.

These Black Ink Clan cultivators had used the cover of the Universe Fragments to suddenly appear, so even Breaking Dawn Battleship was caught off guard.

As for the many Black Ink Clans gathered together, they transformed into a black tide that surged towards them like a tsunami. The intensity of this black tide made it impossible to determine the number and strength of the enemy.

When an ordinary team encountered such a situation, they would have to retreat temporarily to wait and see. However, these Black Ink Clan masters had encountered Dawn Squad.

Seeing the sudden arrival of an enemy, the people from the Dawn Squad were immediately excited. Without needing Yang Kai and Feng Ying to give the order, the member controlling the ship had already commanded Breaking Dawn to charge towards the Black Ink Tide.

This abnormal action obviously stunned the attacking Black Ink Clans, causing even the imposing Black Ink tide to pause.

In the blink of an eye, they had already closed the distance between them.

As the Offensive Array buzzed, the Illusion Array collapsed and the ferocious face of the Dawn Battleship appeared in the eyes of the Black Ink Clan.

Seeing this sudden change, many of the Black Ink Clans were shocked.

The Offensive Arrays on the Breaking Dawn Battleship were already releasing their full power, sending a series of terrifying attacks straight into the Black Ink Tide.

In the blink of an eye, the invading Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties.

Seeing that the situation had taken a turn for the worse, the surviving Black Ink Clans quickly retreated. This Human Race team’s Palace Artifact was somewhat different from what they had expected. Although it was only a single round of concentrated fire, the power it displayed was truly terrifying and was definitely not something they could resist.

Most of the dead Black Ink Clan masters were Low rank Black Ink Clan masters and High Rank Black Ink Clan masters. These Black Ink Clan masters were basically cannon fodder in every battle. Under normal circumstances, they didn’t have the ability to kill any human race cultivator, but it was best to use them to exhaust their strength.

Moreover, after they died, they would also leave behind a rich amount of Ink Force, which, once accumulated to a certain extent, would transform into ink clouds.

On the other hand, the Human Race had always distanced themselves from the Ink Clouds, while the Black Ink Clan was like a fish in water within the Ink Clouds. With the Ink Cloud, the Black Ink Clan could often turn the tide.

For the Black Ink Clan, the low level Black Ink Clan is only a cannon fodder, no matter how many of them died, they wouldn’t feel any pain. As long as the Black Ink Nest was still around, with enough resources, any Black Ink Clan could be born.

As such, whether it was attacking the Human Race’s Mountain Passes or fighting over this resource area, every Black Ink Clan team had a large number of Low Rank Black Ink Clan members. Death was the best and only fate for them.

The focus fire of Dawn Battleship had nearly wiped out all of the Low Rank Black Ink Clan forces, and the ones who survived were undoubtedly elites. Among them were the Feudal Lords and the slightly stronger High Rank Black Ink Clan.

They retreated back into the ink cloud, but did not immediately flee, instead preparing to act according to the situation.

At this moment, a figure rushed into the Ink Cloud like a gust of wind, and wherever it passed, a series of miserable screams rang out as the Black Ink Clan members fell to the ground like melons and chopped vegetables.

The ink cloud became even thicker.

Hidden in the ink clouds, one of the Feudal Lords felt his heart jump. In his perception, there was indeed a Human Race master who had barged into this ink cloud. According to the Human Race’s classification, he should be a Seventh Order, corresponding to his Feudal Lord rank. However, the killing power of this Human Race master made him tremble in fear.

The auras of his companions were constantly withering and the speed was inconceivably fast. Although they weren’t Feudal Lords, this kind of killing speed was simply too terrifying.

Hiding in the ink clouds, He remained motionless, his heart filled with annoyance.

In the past, to the Human Race, the Ink Cloud was an absolute forbidden ground. No human would rush into it to kill their enemies.

However, the last time they had attacked the Human Race’s mountain pass, the Black Ink Clan had discovered that the Ink Cloud, which had once been a forbidden zone to the Human Race, had completely lost its deterrent force.

Many of these humans seemed to have been injected with stimulants and would often chase after them in the Ink Clouds, willing to be contaminated by the Ink Force to kill powerful enemies.

Moreover, after the last great battle, there was one thing that the higher ups of the Black Ink Clan were extremely concerned about, and that was that from a certain point onwards, the Black Ink Clan had not been able to convert any Black Ink Disciple. Many of the Black Ink Clan members had personally witnessed a Human Race being infected by the Ink Force. If it was in the past, this kind of contamination would have been enough to convert them, but the results were far from satisfactory.


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