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On the battlefield, this change had happened too suddenly. No one had expected it, and even Yang Kai, who had been attacked, had not noticed it at all, which was why he had suffered such a great loss.

As for the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord whose body had been pierced by the Golden Thread, he did not immediately die. At this moment, he no longer had the strength to fight and was even unable to escape. He could only turn around with great difficulty and look towards a certain direction, his eyes filled with hatred and resentment, “A mere Black Ink Disciple… how dare you…”

Before he could finish his words, Shen Ao attacked again and chopped off his head.

On the other side, after Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of golden blood, his body suddenly relaxed and his left eye was instantly filled with golden light. His eye also transformed into a golden vertical eye, exuding a majestic aura.

Under the Demon Eye of Annihilation, he vaguely saw a faint golden light flash across a floating land thousands of kilometers away.

That was the source of the attack!

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai suppressed the churning blood in his chest and activated his Space Laws, instantly disappearing.

A few breaths later, Yang Kai appeared on the floating land. His Divine Sense spread out like a tide, but he found nothing. The floating land was completely lifeless.

Only a small amount of aura was rapidly dissipating.

From this, it could be confirmed that the golden light that had attacked him had indeed originated from this place, but the attacker had only attacked once before quickly retreating, so even if Yang Kai had immediately rushed over after detecting it, he had not been able to capture that person’s whereabouts.

This was definitely a veteran who had hunted on the battlefield. If he missed his first strike, he would immediately flee. Such cunning was truly a headache.

Moreover, the power of that terrifying strike was something that even Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling fearful of.

In fact, the attacker had even used the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord as a cover, allowing the attack to pierce through the body of the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord before striking Yang Kai. If not for this, Yang Kai wouldn’t have failed to notice it.

Fortunately, the power of that blow had weakened after penetrating the body of the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord, otherwise Yang Kai’s injuries would have been more severe.

Who was this guy?

Yang Kai faintly felt that some kind of extraordinary figure had appeared in this resource production area.

This person was so cunning that he had already retreated after the first blow. It was likely that he was also proficient in concealment techniques, so Yang Kai had not been able to find him immediately.

After standing in place for a while, Yang Kai looked up into the sky and snorted before turning around.

He faintly felt that this time’s attack wasn’t the end. He would definitely fight with this attacker again, and the next time, he would definitely find traces of him.

On the way back, Shen Ao and the others quickly returned to Breaking Dawn Battleship.

The battle here had already ended. More than half of the several hundred Black Ink Clan masters had been killed, and one of the four Feudal Lords had been killed by Yang Kai alone. He and Shen Ao had joined forces to kill another, and while he was chasing after the ambusher, Dawn Battleship had joined forces with Qi Taichu and Ning Qizhi to kill another.

The last Feudal Lord saw that the situation was hopeless and immediately fled. Some of the Black Ink Clan’s scattered soldiers also fled, but there weren’t many of them, only about a hundred.

Breaking Dawn Battleship didn’t pursue them. Although they had the ability to exterminate the Black Ink Clan, escorting the two Human Race Battleships back to the base was their top priority, so under Feng Ying’s orders, the three Battleships didn’t continue fighting.

When Yang Kai returned, the two leaders of the Human Race’s Battleships were thanking Feng Ying. These were two Seventh Order Open Heaven masters who were also Team Leader, but both of them had weak auras and were obviously exhausted.

Seeing Yang Kai’s return, the two Team Leader naturally felt a burst of gratitude. If it weren’t for Breaking Dawn Battleship’s urgent arrival today, their two Battleships would have been doomed.

In fact, with the strength of their two teams, they were no longer a match for the Black Ink Clan. The reason why the Black Ink Clan didn’t kill them was because they wanted to turn them into Black Ink Disciples, which gave them a chance to breathe and persevere until the arrival of Dawn Squad.

“Team Leader, are you alright?” Seeing Yang Kai’s pale complexion, Feng Ying asked nervously.

Yang Kai shook his head, “Nothing serious.”

Although his injuries weren’t light, as long as his foundation wasn’t damaged, it wasn’t a big deal.

“It should be someone from Divine Feather Paradise,” Feng Ying said seriously.

When Yang Kai was attacked just now, she saw the golden thread had been concealed by the body of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord. When Yang Kai and the Feudal Lord had been fighting, both the timing and angle of the attack had been perfect. Only someone from the Divine Feather Paradise could perform such a shooting technique.

Yang Kai nodded, “I guessed.”

Many of the Cave Heaven Paradise have their own unique characteristics. For example, Bright King Heaven’s cultivators focused on cultivating their physical bodies, Divine Cauldron Heaven's cultivators were proficient in Artifact Refining, and this Divine Feather Paradise’s cultivators were proficient in archery.

The cultivator from this Paradise might not be very powerful in close combat, but as long as they were able to put some distance between them, they would basically be invincible amongst their peers. This was because their archery skills were extremely terrifying, and they were also proficient in some concealment and escape techniques.

In Blue Sky Pass, there were some cultivators from Divine Feather Paradise who had made great contributions in the last war between the two races. Although Yang Kai had never interacted with anyone from this Paradise, he still had some understanding of it.

The Golden Thread that had pierced through the body of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord and penetrated his flesh was undoubtedly an exquisite archery skill. To be able to deliver such a blow from thousands of kilometers away was truly incredible.

It had to be known that Yang Kai’s current physical body was extremely strong, so ordinary attacks were simply unable to injure him. However, that golden thread had directly pierced through him, causing his five viscera and six organs to suffer quite a bit of damage.

This is still only because he has the World Spring to seal his Small Universe. If it had been anyone else, even their Small Universe would have been shaken to the core. If such a situation occurred on the battlefield, they would definitely be unable to fight, and as long as the other party shot another arrow, they would definitely be able to achieve victory.

“He's a difficult fellow to deal with,” One of the Team Leaders who came to express their thanks said with a solemn expression, “If it weren’t for him secretly stopping us, although we wouldn’t have been able to defeat the Black Ink Clan, we wouldn’t have fallen into such desperate situation.”

As long as the Human Race’s Palace Artifact wasn’t too badly damaged, even if they encountered enemies several times larger than themselves, they would still be able to escape if they couldn’t defeat them. However, every time their Battleships tried to escape, they would be blocked by the Black Ink Disciple, who was hiding in the distance, and the two Battleships would be damaged in many places before falling into a desperate situation.

Fortunately, Breaking Dawn Battleship arrived in time to rescue them.

Yang Kai frowned slightly, “There’s something I don’t quite understand.”

“What?” Feng Ying looked at him and asked.

“Since he attacked us, that means he’s a Black Ink Disciple. Since he’s a Black Ink Disciple, how could he kill that Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord?”

That guy’s final attack had first pierced through the body of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord before injuring Yang Kai.

Yang Kai had lived in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands for two years, so he had a deep understanding of Black Ink Disciple’s status in the Black Ink Clan. Generally speaking, no matter how strong the Black Ink Disciple was, he would always have a natural sense of awe when facing the Black Ink Clan. A Low Rank Black Ink Clan could even beat up a Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple and insult him at will, and the Black Ink Disciple wouldn't dare complain.

However, the actions of this Black Ink Disciple, who came from Divine Feather Paradise, were completely unexpected.

The Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord obviously hadn’t expected such a thing to happen, which was why he had said such words before his death.

Feng Ying’s eyes flashed as she said, “Generally speaking, that’s true, unless this Black Ink Disciple has received orders from an even higher ranked Black Ink Clan, he can disregard the lives of the Black Ink Clan at a critical moment and focus on killing the enemy.”

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed, “If that’s the case, it must be a Black Ink Disciple under a Territory Lord!”

This made sense. Looking at the might of this person’s attack, it was undoubtedly a Seventh Order Open Heaven. A Seventh Order Open Heaven was not something an ordinary Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord could capture, only a Territory Lord could.

“That’s the only possibility,” Feng Ying nodded.

“Be careful on the way back. I have a feeling that this person hasn’t gone far. If we relax, he’ll definitely launch another earth-shattering attack.” Yang Kai turned his head and looked around. The faint feeling of being watched had been there since he returned, but no matter how carefully he searched, he couldn’t find anything suspicious.

From this, it could be seen that this person’s concealment technique was extremely powerful.

This time, Yang Kai’s injuries weren’t light. Although his foundation wasn’t damaged, he still needed to recuperate. After giving his instructions, he returned to his cabin to recuperate.

The three ships slowly made their way towards the base, the two in front while the Breaking Dawn is in the rear.

It wasn’t until they saw the floating continent where the base was located that Yang Kai, who had been recuperating in his cabin, suddenly opened his eyes. At that moment, the feeling of being watched finally disappeared. It seemed that the Black Ink Disciple, who had come from the Divine Feather Paradise, had not given up on his sneak attack and had been tailing them.

Returning to the base, the two flying ships had to undergo emergency repairs. Although Dawn Battleship had been attacked before, it was basically fine and only needed some minor repairs.

Feng Ying personally went to Zha Hu to report the mission and record their battle merits before returning.

Inside the camp, the members of Dawn Squad were recuperating.

Although this first battle after coming to the base wasn’t very dangerous, this was the first time the Dawn Squad had cooperated with one another, so it had exposed some of their problems. These problems weren’t usually obvious, but if they were to be placed in a difficult situation, it was highly likely that they would be magnified and the Dawn Squad would be destroyed.

Therefore, Feng Ying decided that after Yang Kai recovered, she would have a good talk with him.

At this moment, Yang Kai was recuperating in his own place.

The most serious injury he get in this battle was the sneak attack by the cultivator from Divine Feather Paradise, and the rest was the injuries he had suffered when he charged into the battle alone.

Although the Black Ink Clan’s counterattacks before their deaths couldn’t do anything to him, they were still not to be underestimated. In this battle, Yang Kai had suffered dozens of injuries.

However, three days later, Yang Kai had fully recovered, and his body was filled with vitality.

This was one of the benefits of possessing a Dragon Vein. With his thick skin and strong flesh, any ordinary injury would be negligible.


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