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On the deck, more people flew down, each of them in a sorry state, many of them covered in blood, their auras weak, obviously exhausted.

Without the protection of the Palace Artifact, this group of people would never have been able to leave the battlefield alive. It could be said that the Human Race’s Palace Artifact had saved many of their clansmen’s losses.

No wonder the Black Ink Clan coveted and hated the Palace Artifacts so much. Without them, the humans on the Ink Battlefield would never be their opponent. High Rank Open Heaven cultivators were one thing, but those Fifth Order and Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivators simply couldn’t resist the corrosion of the Ink Force for a long time, making them unable to exert their full strength when fighting against the Black Ink Clan cultivators of the same realm.

However, refining the palace artifact was difficult and not something any Artifact Refiners could refine. The Human Race had given special talents such as Artifact Refiners, Array Masters, and Alchemists a great deal of protection. Under normal circumstances, these talents wouldn’t step into the battlefield, to avoid having them being reduced into Black Ink Disciple.

From ancient times until now, the Black Ink Clan had never had a method to refine a palace artifact because they lacked talents in this area.

“Please follow me,” The Seventh Order Open Heaven glanced back before turning to Yang Kai and Feng Ying.

The two nodded and followed, while the others stayed behind to guard Breaking Dawn Battleship.

A short while later, in a large hall, Yang Kai and Feng Ying saw the Eighth Order Open Heaven standing guard here, Zha Hu. This man belonged to the Southern Army, and although he wasn’t tall, he had a dignified look on his face. When Yang Kai and Feng Ying entered, someone was reporting to him about something.

After listening quietly, Zha Hu issued a command before waving his hand to dismiss them.

Yang Kai quickly cupped his fists, “Dawn, Yang Kai, greets Garrison Chief!”

Zha Hu looked up at him and smiled, “Why did the Regiment Commander release you? Are those people willing to do so?”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Disciple made a bet with Regiment Commander Zhong Liang, and he lost. Disciple is now qualified to go out on a mission.”

Zha Hu’s eyes twitched, “Brother Zhong lost?” He didn’t ask what the bet was, but no matter what it was, it shouldn’t be easy for Yang Kai to win against Zhong Liang.

Tapping the table lightly with his finger, he said after a moment, “My thoughts are somewhat different from the other Regiment Commanders’. Since you’ve come to this frontline base, this King will treat you equally and won’t give you any special treatment. What others do, you must also do. If you don’t obey my orders, I won’t show any mercy.”

Yang Kai immediately cupped his fists and said, “That is exactly what this disciple wants.”

“Very good,” Zha Hu nodded slightly, a trace of approval flashing across his eyes, “Since that’s the case, you may leave now and wait for orders, but you won’t be able to rest for long. The competition over the resource production area is quite fierce, so it’s likely you’ll have to go over to assist them soon.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied in a low voice, pausing for a moment before asking, “Garrison Chief, does the base need to set up a Universe Formation?”

If they had the Universe Formation, it would be convenient for the cultivators in the base to travel back and forth, perhaps it could save their lives at a critical moment.

In fact, if there was a need, Yang Kai could even seal some purifying light here.

Zha Hu shook his head and said, “There’s no need. The Southern Army’s Expelling Black Ink Battleship is here, so all of you should leave your mark there.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood and retreated with Feng Ying.

Previously, he had been somewhat worried about what would happen if the cultivators on this side of the base were to be corroded by the Ink Force. After all, the chances of them fighting the Black Ink Clan here were quite high, and the Battleship he saw just now had almost been destroyed.

It was only now that he learned that the base actually had an Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

From the looks of it, the other three bases should also have an Expelling Black Ink Battleship. Thinking about it, the Regiment Commanders and the Garrison Chief were naturally able to consider the things he could consider. In the past, there was no Expelling Black Ink Battleship, but now that there is one, he naturally had to make good use of it.

With the Expelling Black Ink Battleship guarding each of the bases, the losses on the Human Race’s side would be greatly reduced.

Outside the door, a Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator came to lead the way, saying he wanted to take Yang Kai and the others to the Expelling Black Ink Battleship to leave behind a mark.

Yang Kai immediately summoned all the members of the Dawn Squad to go with him.

The Expelling Black Ink Battleship had been placed in an extremely secluded place, surrounded by all kinds of restrictions and heavily guarded. With such an arrangement, unless the Black Ink Clan’s army attacked, their safety was guaranteed.

When the time came for them to be unable to resist, someone would naturally command the Expelling Black Ink Battleship to return to Blue Sky Pass. Zha Hu would be stationed here to ensure the safety of the base and to protect the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

Not long after, the members of Dawn Squad left their own marks on the Expelling Black Ink Battleship. As such, as long as they were within a certain range of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and encountered an irresistible danger, they would be able to use the Universe Escape Law to instantly return to it.

However, although this Secret Technique was convenient to use, it also had some drawbacks.

Firstly, depending on the distance between the caster and the Universe Formation, one would experience different degrees of pressure when breaking through the Void. The further one was, the greater the pressure, and if one exceeded the limit of what they could bear, even if they were able to teleport back, there was a high chance they would be injured or even die from the pressure of the Void's crushing.

This was not the first time such a thing had happened in the 3000 Worlds.

Every Great Domain's Universe Temple had a number of corpses that had been transported back, and all of these corpses had been shattered and mangled, as if they had been crushed by a terrifying pressure. These corpses was caused by transporing from far away place, far beyond the limits of what they could bear.

However, the Open Heavens in the Ink Battlefield were all above the Fifth Order, and the distance of a million kilometers was easily traversed. The pressure from such a distance was nothing to them.

Secondly, the activation of the Universe Escape Law required time, and it could not be disturbed.

This was also the biggest drawback of the Universe Escape Law. In a life or death battle, a moment of hesitation was enough to get killed, so who would have the time to activate the Universe Escape Law? Once this Secret Technique was activated, it would take at least three breaths of time to fully activate and shatter the void. The lower one’s cultivation was, the longer it would take.

Therefore, most of the time, even if a cultivator encountered danger, they may not be able to successfully activate the Universe Escape Law to escape. Only trying to obtain some time before they can do it safely.

In comparison, Yang Kai’s Teleportation was basically a Divine Skill that could be activated silently, but only he could use it, while the Universe Escape Law could be used by any cultivator. In terms of distance, even the Teleportation couldn’t be compared to the Universe Escape Law, both of them had their advantages and disadvantages.

The Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator who had led Yang Kai and the others to the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and left a mark on it led them to an open space in the base. Pointing towards it, he said, “This will be your camp from now on. If you don’t have any missions, you can rest here. I still have some matters to attend to, so I’ll take my leave first.”

Saying so, he turned around and left.

Looking at the empty space in front of them, Yang Kai and the others looked at each other.

Feng Ying, on the other hand, was not surprised by this and simply said, “What are you spacing out for? Hurry up and get to work.”

A group of Open Heaven cultivators who had excitedly rushed out to kill the enemy had no choice but to build a camp.

Fortunately, everyone’s cultivation wasn’t low, so it didn’t take them more than half a day to finish their tasks. In a place of war, there wasn’t much to pay attention to, as long as they could live there.

Just as they finished their work, the Sixth Order Open Heaven who had led them here rushed over and called out, “Team Leader Yang!”

Yang Kai was just about to walk around the base and familiarize himself with it when he heard a shout and looked up, “What’s the matter?”

The man quickly handed over a jade slip to Yang Kai and said solemnly, “Garrison Chief has ordered the Dawn Squad to quickly go there to assist. There are two teams that have been ambushed by the Black Ink Clan and are currently fighting back. I’m afraid they will be defeated!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai raised his brow and turned around, shouting, “Dawn Gather!”

The scattered team members instantly flew over and gathered together.

Yang Kai waved his hand and ordered, “board the ship and kill the enemy!”

Everyone’s eyes flashed as they boarded the ship.

Yang Kai turned around and glanced at the herald, “Does Garrison Chief have any other instructions?”

The man solemnly said, “The Garrison Chief’s intention is to have the Dawn Squad receive those two squads and return safely. The rest will act according to the situation!”

Yang Kai understood and nodded, “I won’t let you down!”

Turning around, he also boarded the Dawn Squad's Battleship. A moment later, Breaking Dawn Battleship rose into the sky and transformed into a streak of light, flying off in a certain direction.

On the deck, Yang Kai checked the contents of the jade slip before handing it over to the team member in charge of controlling the ship.

There wasn’t much information in the jade slip, only a rough estimate of the direction and position. The number of enemies was quite high, but it was enough with their strength.

Any resource production area had a large number of Universe Worlds, and the fourth base was no exception.

However, the World Force of these Universe Worlds had long since disappeared, the Black Ink Clan had always been feeding on the World Force to strengthen themselves. How could the Universe Worlds of the Ink Battlefield still have any vitality, so each and every one of them was deathly still.

Although the Universe Worlds had died, the resources stored in the Universe Worlds had been preserved. The Universe World near the base had been completely destroyed, most of them just floating continents. Obviously, most of them had been mined and nothing good had been left behind.

However, if the base was spread out in all directions, there would be a large number of resources available to be mined.

This was also the reason why the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan competed here.

The Human Race could use these resources to cultivate and build a Battleship Artifact, while the Black Ink Clan needed these resources to fill the Black Ink Nest, transforming it into nutrients for the Black Ink Nest to nurture new members and allow the Black Ink Clan to advance.

As for some of the Black Ink Clans who had Black Ink Disciple, they needed these resources more because their Black Ink Disciple subordinates could refine these resources and increase their strength.

Breaking Dawn Battleship’s speed was extremely fast, and after flying forward for less than a day, he could see a dazzling light emitting from the distant sky, and where this light came from, there were also violent energy fluctuations.

This was obviously the light of a Secret Technique used by a human race cultivator.


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