Although this sound a bit arrogant, it was the truth.

The Black Ink Clan’s three ships were lying in ambush here, intercepting the Human Race’s soldiers who were heading towards the fourth base. If an ordinary team encountered them, they really wouldn’t be their opponent, so they could only flee.

Then, they encountered the Dawn Squad with five Seventh Order master.

“Team Leader…” Feng Ying called out as she turned to look at Yang Kai, her expression stunned. Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen, this guy had disappeared at some point.

Her heart pounding, she quickly looked outside and saw Yang Kai appear on the deck like a ghost, quickly flying towards the Black Ink Clan.

Although this figure was only a single shadow, it was unstoppable, its momentum unstoppable.

After witnessing the terrifying power of Breaking Dawn Battleship, the Black Ink Clan’s side panicked and finally managed to stabilize their position, but the three leaders had already decided to retreat.

Originally, they thought they could take advantage of this situation, but who would have thought that this Battleship’s power would be so extraordinary? The attack from this Battleship was simply too terrifying, and if they were to accidentally take a blow from it, they would definitely suffer a terrible fate.

Moreover, the Human Race’s Battleships had always been sturdy and each of them had a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master. If they couldn’t end this battle quickly, they would lose their advantage in sneak attacks.

At this moment, the three Feudal Lords suddenly saw a figure rush towards them from the human Battleship, instantly separating from the Battleship behind him.

The leader’s eyes lit up. This was truly a case of knocking on the hell’s door even if there is a path to heaven. From the fluctuations of the other party’s aura, he could tell that this person was a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master, the same rank as him.

Presumably, it was the Human Race Seventh Order master guarding this Battleship.

If this Seventh Order cultivator were to hide inside the Battleship and rely on the defensive power of the Human Race’s Battleship, the Black Ink Clan really wouldn’t be able to do anything, unless they destroyed the Battleship first. Only then would they be able to kill the Human Race on the Battleship. However, this Seventh Order cultivator actually dared to rush out like this, he was simply courting death!

With these thoughts in mind, the Feudal Lord of the Black Ink Clan suddenly took a step forward and opened his mouth, spitting out a large amount of Ink Force which transformed into a black fog that covered the sky.

At the same time, he followed closely behind the black fog, using the cover of the black fog to summon a dagger-like weapon.

The Ink Force had always been the most effective force the Black Ink Clan could use against the Human Race. Unless it was absolutely necessary, the Human Race would never be willing to be contaminated by the Ink Force. In all the battles since ancient times, there had been no exceptions.

This Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord obviously had a lot of experience with the Human Race. First, he spat out his Ink Force to transform it into a black mist, which could conceal his true movements and also cause trouble for his opponent.

Once his opponent hesitated for a moment, he would have to face a storm of attacks. Even if it was a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, it would still be difficult for him to be his opponent.

He had always done this before, and each time he had achieved a miraculous result, this time he believed it would be no exception.

However, accidents always happened when one wasn’t paying attention. From within the black fog, a figure rushed forward without the slightest intention of stopping and instantly appeared in front of him.

The Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord was shocked and cursed in his heart for being such a fool, actually acting so out of line. However, his hands didn’t pause in the slightest as he raised his dagger, transforming it into a cold storm that swept towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear.

However, he didn’t immediately strike, instead staring coldly towards the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord. His right eye suddenly became pitch black, and even the white of his eye had disappeared, making him look extremely strange.

Purgatory Black Pupil! One of the two great secrets of Myriad Demons Heaven.

Before setting out for the Black Ink Battlefield, Myriad Demons Heaven’s Eighth Order Ancestor, Mo Sha Divine Monarch, had personally guided Yang Kai on the various mysteries of this Eye Technique and taught him all of his cultivation insights. He also told Yang Kai that if he cultivated this Eye Technique to its highest level, it would be absolutely powerful.

However, until now, Yang Kai had yet to use this eye technique against his enemies. After all, when the two armies fought, it wasn’t a one on one battle, so he didn’t have many opportunities to use it.

This was a good opportunity.

Recently, Yang Kai had been refining cultivation resources to strengthen his Small Universe’s foundation while also comprehending the Demon Eye of Annihilation and the Purgatory Black Pupil.

As soon as the Purgatory Black Pupil appeared, the massive figure of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord was reflected in the black right eye.

All of a sudden, the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord felt his vision go black, as if a boundless darkness was shrouding him, causing his senses to become extremely chaotic.

But this wasn’t the end of it. From Yang Kai’s right eye, the shadow of the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord’s figure slightly distorted, and with this slight distortion, the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord in front of him seemed to have suffered some kind of attack and let out a muffled groan.

This Feudal Lord of the Black Ink Clan was quite experienced in combat and knew that he must have been hit by some kind of Secret Technique from this human in front of him. The Human Race’s Secret

Techniques were all strange and varied, and this was something the Black Ink Clan was well aware of. According to their previous experiences, the Human Race’s Secret Techniques were divided into different grades.

Several of these powerful Secret Techniques were widely known in the Black Ink Clan.

Recalling the pitch-black eyes and his current situation, the words ‘Purgatory Black Pupil’ immediately appeared in the Feudal Lord’s mind.

According to the Black Ink Clan’s knowledge, Myriad Demons Heaven’s Purgatory Black Pupil was one of the most dangerous Secret

Techniques. There was once a Black Ink Clan army besieging Myriad

Demons Pas, but when the Old Ancestor of Myriad Demons Pass came out of seclusion, with just a single glance, tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan soldiers were reduced to ashes, many of them Feudal Lords.

It was also during that battle that Myriad Demons Heaven’s Purgatory Black Pupil became famous in the Black Ink Clan.

However, according to the Black Ink Clan’s knowledge, although the Purgatory Black Pupil Secret Technique was powerful, it was not something that just anyone could cultivate. Up until now, in the entire Black Ink Battlefield, other than the Old Ancestor of Myriad Demons Heaven, the number of humans who could use this Secret Technique was less than two hands.

This Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord had never imagined that he would encounter one here.

This shock was no small matter. The Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord’s dagger danced even faster as he quickly retreated. From the feeling he got from his opponent’s Secret Technique just now, this human should not have been cultivating the Purgatory Black Pupil for long and his cultivation shouldn’t be high enough to cause him much damage.

However, the feeling of being shrouded in darkness was still there, so no matter what, he had to retreat for a while before making a decision.

It had to be said that his strategy was extremely correct. It was unwise to fight with others when one’s perception had been stripped away.

The darkness that shrouded his body came and went quickly, further proving that this Human’s Secret Technique was not perfect.

When his vision returned to normal, the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord saw the Human Race cultivator in front of him flash past him and rush into the rear camp without even looking at him.

This contempt caused him to become angry, but as the darkness receded, a boundless fear enveloped him once more.

His eyes widened as he felt his strength and vitality rapidly leaving his body. Black blood dripped from his forehead as his eyes became blurry.

Following the direction of the blood flow, the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord could clearly feel that his head had been poked by someone.


Screams of pain rang out from behind him as the Human Race cultivator rushed forward and began chopping them up like vegetables. None of the High Rank Black Ink Clan masters managed to survive and were instantly killed.

However, he could no longer hear anything as his massive body slowly collapsed, like a piece of duckweed floating in the air.

At the same time, Shen Ao, Ning Qizhi, and Qi Taichu also followed close behind, all of them wearing shocked expressions as their eyes twitched as they passed by the dead Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord.

All of them had followed Yang Kai and Feng Ying back from the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands, but although Yang Kai’s performance on the way back was extraordinary, due to his limited cultivation, it was far from enough to shock everyone.

But now, after Yang Kai really broke through to the Seventh Order, he had truly displayed his terrifying strength.

One of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords couldn’t even withstand a single blow from him, his head was pierced through and he died instantly.

This kind of method was something Shen Ao and the other two couldn’t even compare to. Even if Feng Ying were to act, she probably wouldn’t be able to accomplish such a feat.

It had only been a few years since Yang Kai had broken through to the Seventh Order, yet he already possessed such terrifying combat strength. With the growth of his Small Universe’s foundation, how powerful would he become?

Shocked, the three of them chased after Yang Kai and also rushed into the Black Ink Clan camp, each of them using their own methods. In an instant, the entire Black Ink Clan was covered in casualties.

Feng Ying didn’t come out. Although Breaking Dawn Battleship was extraordinary, a Seventh Order should stay behind to guard the Battleship.

At this moment, Breaking Dawn Battleship was also following behind Shen Ao and the others, its offensive Formations lighting up one after another, showing no mercy at all.

The entire Black Ink Clan was stunned.

There were at least a hundred people in this Black Ink Clan group, and three of them were Feudal Lords. Their strength could not be said to be weak, and ordinary teams would not be able to take them down. However, the one they encountered was Dawn Squad.

The most powerful leader of the Black Ink Clan grop was killed by Yang Kai with a single shot, and then Yang Kai rushed into the battle alone, causing them to panic. The addition of Shen Ao and the others, and the Breaking Dawn Battleship made the Black Ink Clan in complete despair.

They wanted to escape, but how could they?

The crowd ran away and the Breaking Dawn Battleship pursued, in less than half an incense stick’s worth of time, the entire Black Ink Clan was wiped out.

On the other hand, not a single person from the Dawn Squad had fallen, not even a single one of them had been injured, only Breaking Dawn Battleship had suffered some damage when it was first attacked.

However, such losses were negligible and did not affect the performance of the Battleship.

Over a hundred Black Ink Clan masters, Yang Kai had killed more than half of them, including two Feudal Lords, the third was killed by Shen Ao and the other two.

This made Shen Ao and the others extremely helpless. It was just that they had acted a bit too quickly, if they had been a bit slower, this last Feudal Lord might not have been theirs to kill.

After the great battle, it was naturally time to take inventory of the battlefield and record battle achievements. These were all things that needed to be reported.


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