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In his imagination, after the team from Blue Sky Pass came out of seclusion, they would fight on their own, but now it seemed that Blue Sky Pass had long since been set up. The benefits of setting up these three frontline bases were obvious. In this vast Void Battlefield, far away from Blue Sky Pass, when the Human Race’s soldiers needed supplies and recuperation, these bases would provide security.

Moreover, there was also an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master among them. If they really encountered the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, if they were unable to defeat him, they could flee back to the base and seek shelter.

“These are all temporary frontline bases. Every time the Black Ink Clan’s army is repelled, these temporary bases will be used, but once the Black Ink Clan’s side has finished recuperating, these bases will have to give up and be occupied by the Black Ink Clan,” Feng Ying explained.

Yang Kai nodded. This wasn’t difficult to understand. The Black Ink Clan army had suffered a great loss and their strength had been greatly reduced, allowing the Human Race to occupy these bases. Once the Black Ink Clan’s cultivation had reached a certain point, they would naturally mobilize their forces again. At that time, they would have no choice but to abandon these bases and return to Blue Sky Pass. If they continued to remain here, they would only be swallowed up by the Black Ink Clan army.

“These three bases correspond to three resource-producing zones. In fact, the Black Ink Battlefield does not lack cultivation resources. You have lived in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands before, so you should know this. However, most of the time, my Human Race has no opportunity to mine and search for them, which is why there is a shortage of resources in the pass.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai nodded. Having lived in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland for two years, he naturally knew this better than anyone else.

For the Human Race, the cultivation resources on the Black Ink Battlefield were extremely abundant. Not to mention those special Secret Realms, even in the Void, the Dead Stars, which had lost their vitality when losing the World Force were all hidden with various grades of cultivation resources and rare ores.

However, it was impossible for the Human Race to mine and collect as they pleased. Only after repelling the Black Ink Clan army would they barely have enough time to do such things, and this period of time wasn’t long at all. It depend in the Black Ink Clan’s Yuan Qi recovery, it would take at least a few dozen years.

By the time the Black Ink Clan had recovered from their impoverished state, the Human Race had no choice but to retreat.

These cultivation resources were also of great use to the Black Ink Clan. The Black Ink Nest Yang Kai had seen before required a large amount of resources to create a new Black Ink Clan and provide them with the energy needed to advance.

As such, when the Human Race retreated, the Black Ink Clan would also send people to these resource production areas to mine for resources.

From ancient times until now, the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had taken turns occupying the resource production area.

Many resource producing area had been abandoned due to the depletion of their resources. The closest one to Blue Sky Pass was six hundred thousand kilometers, and the furthest one was a million kilometers.

Feng Ying said, “However, even if the Human Race occupies the resource production area, the Black Ink Clan won’t just sit back and watch. Although they have suffered heavy losses and are unable to attack the Blue Sky Pass, there are still many brave and undisciplined people who are active in these resource production areas. Firstly, they can use this opportunity to capture Black Ink Disciple, and secondly, they can interfere with the mining of my clansmen. So no matter where we go, while we are mining for resources, we must be prepared to fight with the Black Ink Clan at any time.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai nodded. He didn’t know as much about these things as Feng Ying, so it was naturally better for him to listen to the other party’s opinion at this time, so he immediately asked, “Then, according to Martial Aunt, where should we go?”

Feng Ying glanced at Yang Kai and said, “That depends on whether you want to extract resources or fight the Black Ink Clan.”

“What’s the difference?” Yang Kai asked.

Feng Ying explained, “These three locations are basically occupied by my Human Race. Even if there is a Black Ink Clan active in them, there won’t be too many of them, so if we go to these three locations, mining resources will be safer and we will encounter relatively fewer battles. However, whether it is mining resources or fighting with the Black Ink Clan, there will be merit points available. There’s no difference, it’s just that the division of labor is different.”

Yang Kai raised his brow slightly, “From Martial Aunt’s words, it seems there are other places besides these three?”

Feng Ying smiled slightly and pointed towards another direction of the Universe Chart, “Before we came out, I specifically asked around. Half a year ago, a fourth base was established here and was prepared to occupy the resource production area here. However, because it was only a short time ago, it wasn’t fully occupied yet. The resistance of the Black Ink Clan there was especially fierce, and half a month before we set out, a group of people was dispatched to this place, including two Eighth Order!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he reached out and pointed towards the spot, “Let’s go there.”

Feng Ying looked as if she had already seen through him and nodded,

“You’re the Team Leader, you have the final say.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Since our Dawn Squad is a special operation team, we should do something special. Since other teams don’t have the ability to do so, we should naturally kill the Black Ink Clan and leave mining resources to others.”

Shen Ao and the others nodded and rubbed their fists.

After the discussion was settled, the Breaking Dawn Battleship slowly set out towards the fourth base, leaving behind the control of the Battleship to the people in charge of monitoring the surroundings while the others returned to their cabins to cultivate and rest.

The fourth base was the furthest from Blue Sky Pass, so it would take at least seven or eight days to get there. The members of Dawn Squad were also familiarizing themselves with the Dawn Squad’s Battleship, so their speed wasn’t very fast.

The empty void was filled with broken pieces of universe fragments. These pieces were of varying sizes, drifting aimlessly through the void, eventually disappearing somewhere.

Seven or eight days later, Breaking Dawn Battleship slowly approached the fourth base. Two or three days later, it should reach its destination.

Although Yang Kai was in seclusion, he would come out every day to investigate the situation, but he had always been safe.

On this day, as he was patrolling the Battleship and preparing to return to his cabin to cultivate, he suddenly felt a violent energy fluctuation coming from the side. Immediately after, the entirety of the Breaking Dawn Battleship’s restriction shook violently, sending out a warning signal.

“Enemy attack!” A loud shout resounded throughout the entire cabin. It was the voice of a member who had been in charge of checking the surroundings.

When this voice rang out, the cultivator in charge of the Defensive Formation immediately activated the Protection Array and in the next moment, a milky white light enveloped the entire Breaking Dawn Battleship.

However, because the sneak attack was too sudden, this layer of protection didn’t have any effect, so the initial attack still landed heavily on Breaking Dawn Battleship.

Under the violent shockwave, the members of Dawn Squad staggered back and forth. Yang Kai stood in place, his figure motionless as his eyes immediately turned towards the source of the attack.

Behind a piece of Universe Fragments, a number of Black Ink Clan style flying ships were slowly deployed. Each of these flying ships was incomparably large, each one several times larger than Breaking Dawn Battleship.

There were a total of three such ships, and on the deck stood a tall and sturdy figures, all of them from the Black Ink Clan.

A continuous shockwave spread out as the Black Ink Clan’s follow-up attack arrived. Breaking Dawn Battleship’s defenses were finally put to use, and the milky white light barrier rippled, blocking the attacks.

However, no matter how strong a defensive barrier was, it was impossible to resist an endless stream of attacks, and activating this defensive power required a massive amount of resources.

The door to the cabin opened and several figures rushed out from the cultivation room.

Feng Ying exclaimed, “What’s going on?”

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, “The Black Ink Clan is blocking our way!”

“They’re blocking our way here?” Feng Ying was surprised as she looked around and saw three Black Ink Clan ships blocking the way. She knew that this group of Black Ink Clan cultivators must have bypassed the fourth base and were deliberately waiting for reinforcements from the Human Race.

While the two of them were talking, Breaking Dawn Battleship was already engaged in a fierce battle with the three ships.

The Black Ink Clan’s flying ship was just a simple flying artifact, and all of its attacks came from the Black Ink Clan’s forces. As for the Breaking Dawn Battleship, it was a palace artifact and naturally had its own offensive capabilities.

The team responsible for the attack activated their Formations and used their Formations to activate the power of the artifact in the eye of the Formation. In an instant, a spear-shaped attack, a shocking sword light, and a bolt of lightning split into three directions and struck towards the three flying ships.

The Black Ink Clan obviously hadn’t expected Breaking Dawn Battleship to have so many offensive methods, causing them to panic for a moment.

One of the flying ships couldn’t dodge in time and was directly struck by the bolt of lightning. Under the power of this lightning, the flying ship was instantly torn to pieces. Lightning flashed and many of the weaker Black Ink Clan masters were killed by this lightning and turned into charred corpses.

This attack alone showed the terrifying power of Breaking Dawn Battleship.

Although the remaining two Black Ink Clan ships managed to avoid the attack in time, they were obviously quite frightened and immediately retreated, putting some distance between them and their companions.

Breaking Dawn Battleship, on the other hand, was hot on its heels as the spear, sword light, and lightning bolt flashed again.

This time, the two Battleships were no longer able to dodge and were smashed apart.

One by one, the figures from the Black Ink Clan side fled in panic, all of them covered in dust. Under this kind of attack, many of the Black Ink Clan’s forces had suffered heavy casualties, and the ones who survived were basically the higher level Black Ink Clan.

Instead of retreating, they rushed towards Breaking Dawn Battleship. The Ink Force surrounding the three Black Ink Clan masters was extremely rich, obviously at the Feudal Lord level.

“There’s no Territory Lord!” Feng Ying’s heart relaxed. When the enemy attacked, she was most worried that there would be a Territory Lord guarding this place. Although this kind of situation was unlikely to happen, the number of Territory Lords under the command of the Evil Royal Lord was limited, so there was no way they would come here to intercept the Human Race’s soldiers.

However, there was always a chance. It wasn’t until the three ships were destroyed and the entire Black Ink Clan appeared that she breathed a sigh of relief.

For Dawn Squad, as long as there was no Territory Lord level Black Ink Clan, they could ignore them.


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