In the center of Blue Sky Pass, there was a lone peak that was thousands of blades tall, and a majestic palace stood at the top.

To the tens of thousands of soldiers of Blue Sky Pass, this solitary mountain peak was both a forbidden ground and a support. This was the place where the Old Ancestor cultivated in seclusion, and without being summoned, no one dared to casually enter and disturb him.

A streak of light flew over from below and soon arrived in front of the hall, the Western Army Regiment Commander Zhong Liang.

Sweeping his eyes around, he saw a few familiar figures standing guard in front of the hall, but Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.

Not here? Zhong Liang was stunned.

Just now, he had nearly flipped the entire Blue Sky Pass upside down, but he still hadn’t been able to find Yang Kai’s whereabouts. The only problem was the location of this solitary mountain. Because the implications were too great, he didn’t dare to casually pry into it.

If there is any place Yang Kai could hide, it would definitely be here.

Unexpectedly, after coming here to take a look, he still didn’t discover anything.

This gave him a headache. Now that Yang Kai wasn’t hiding here, where else could he go?

After saluting Senior Brother Sun who was guarding the main hall, Zhong Liang turned around to leave.

Senior Brother Sun suddenly asked, “Did Junior Brother come here to find Yang Kai?”

Zhong Liang stopped and nodded, “Yes!”

Senior Brother Sun smiled, “If that’s the case, Junior Brother can wait here.”

Zhong Liang asked in confusion, “Why?”

Senior Brother Sun said, “That Yang Kai has been summoned by Old Ancestor and is currently in the inner room. He should be coming out soon.”

Zhong Liang couldn’t help opening his mouth in shock.

Yang Kai had actually been summoned into the main hall by the Old Ancestor. What… what the hell was he doing? It was impossible for him to rush into the main hall and capture Yang Kai. In other words, as long as Yang Kai hid inside the main hall within the time limit, he would definitely lose this bet.

This brat was shameless!

However, when he thought about his method spreading the Small Universe before, he realized that it was a bit too shameless.

“Why would Old Ancestor suddenly summon him?” Zhong Liang asked with a wry smile.

Senior Brother Sun smiled and said, “I also don’t know. That little brat suddenly came here just now and seemed to be in a hurry, so the Old Ancestor called him in to talk.”

Zhong Liang immediately gnashed his teeth in hatred, thinking to himself that this little brat was quite crafty. After severing the aura he had locked onto him just now, he had probably immediately rushed over.

However, he probably didn’t expect the Old Ancestor to summon him at this time. His original plan was to use this special place to block his pursuit.

As for what Senior Brother Sun said about being in a hurry, it seemed he had some kind of urgent matter to attend to. The disturbance just now was not small, so although Senior Brother Sun was in charge of guarding the Old Ancestor’s retreat, he must have understood the whole story, otherwise he wouldn’t have laughed so mockingly.

Zhong Liang suddenly thought of something and asked anxiously, “Has

Old Ancestor’s injuries healed?”

Counting the time, it had been eight years since the last time he had repelled the Black Ink Clan. The Old Ancestor had been in seclusion for so long that it was possible he had fully recovered.

Senior Brother Sun shook his head, “I don’t know, but this is the first time in recent years that Old Ancestor has sent out a message.”

When Zhong Liang heard this, he immediately understood that the Old Ancestor had probably not fully recovered. After all, it was not easy to recover from an injury when at the Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage, but it should have already improved, otherwise he wouldn’t have summoned Yang Kai.

Turning back to look at the incense stick in front of the Western Army Military Office, he saw that there was still about twenty to thirty percent left.

He wasn’t willing to just leave like this. Since there was still some time, he could only stay here and see if Yang Kai would come out before the time limit was up.

The hall fell silent.

Inside the hall, Yang Kai sat cross-legged in front of a white-haired old man.

This old man was thin and wore a black robe. His silver hair was as white as snow, and even his beard was white. His feet were bare, and he didn’t have the aura of a Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage.

Yang Kai didn’t even feel any energy fluctuations from him. If they were to meet without him knowing, Yang Kai would definitely treat this person as an ordinary old man, not a Ninth Order Old Ancestor whose cultivation had reached the peak.

The Old Ancestor’s cultivation had probably reached the realm of returning to one’s natural state, otherwise he would never have given Yang Kai such an impression.

Yang Kai was also very surprised to suddenly be summoned by the Old Ancestor. However, on the first day he arrived at Blue Sky Pass, he had wanted to meet with the Old Ancestor, but the Old Ancestor was currently in the midst of healing his injuries, so he had no opportunity to meet him.

At this moment, Yang Kai was demonstrating the birth of the Purification Light in front of the Old Ancestor. This was also the Old Ancestor’s request.

The Old Ancestor looked at it seriously, and after the Purifying Light was formed, he stretched out his hand and pulled the ball of light into his palm.

Yang Kai didn’t dare say anything and simply waited quietly.

After a moment, the Old Ancestor nodded slightly and motioned for Yang Kai to stretch out his hands to examine the marks on the back of his hands.

Yang Kai didn’t know what he saw, but the Old Ancestor’s investigation was meticulous and his expression was extremely solemn.

After a long time, the Old Ancestor nodded slightly and suddenly smiled, “This purifying light is indeed profound, Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer is indeed an ancient Supreme Existence, not someone we can compare to.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai was shocked, “Old Ancestor, why be so modest?”

Listening to the Old Ancestor’s words, Yang Kai actually felt that he was saying he is inferior to Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, so how could he not be shocked? A Ninth Order Old Ancestor was already the peak of the Human Race’s combat strength, so Yang Kai had thought that such a character could rival Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer.

The Old Ancestor shook his head, “I’m not being modest, but it’s the truth. When this old master first advanced to the Ninth Order, I went to the Chaotic Dead Territory and sparred with those two. My memory is quite fresh.”

He didn’t say what the outcome of the sparring was, but Yang Kai vaguely felt that the Old Ancestor had suffered some kind of loss.

“I understand what is happening. The purifying light is a method to restrain the Ink Force. Since you have obtained this opportunity, you should serve your clansmen well.”

Yang Kai respectfully replied, “I will obey Old Ancestor’s decree.”

Pausing for a moment, Yang Kai continued, “Old Ancestor, Disciple has something to report.”

“Speak,” The Old Ancestor nodded slightly.

“Disciple did not enter the Black Ink Battlefield through the No-Return Pass, but through a Void Corridor!”

As soon as these words came out, the Old Ancestor’s eyes narrowed,

“Speak carefully.”

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate to explain everything that had happened in the Black Prison. He talked about how after the Royal Lord’s death, the Void Corridor had formed and he had entered it alone, using his Space Laws to seal the Void Corridor until he appeared in a small Secret Realm.

“That Secret Realm is located in the hinterlands of the Black Ink Clan. When I arrived there, I encountered the Black Ink Clan exploring it.

Although the exit was sealed by my Secret Technique and the Small Secret Realm has probably collapsed, the Void Corridor must still exist.”

“How many people know about this?” The Old Ancestor asked solemnly.

Yang Kai said, “I haven’t disclosed it to anyone else. Disciple met a Black Ink Disciple named Meng Qi in that small Secret Realm, and after using the Purification Light to save him, he told me that this matter was too important to be reported to anyone but the Old Ancestor level character, so Disciple never told anyone about it.”

“What about Meng Qi?” The Old Ancestor asked.

Yang Kai sighed, “Disciple wanted to take him away, but he didn’t agree and died after Disciple left.”

The Old Ancestor was stunned for a moment before quickly understanding the crux of the matter, exclaiming in admiration, “A loyal and righteous human race, my Blue Sky Pass’ Soul Monument should have his name on it.”

Yang Kai knew about the Soul Monument. Every human race pass had one, and it recorded the names of the disciples who had died in the struggle against the Black Ink Clan.

The Soul Monument of Blue Sky Pass was a thousand feet tall and contained countless names, each of which represented a life.

“The matter of the Void Corridor ends here, do not mention it to anyone else in the future,” The Old Ancestor warned.

“Disciple understands.”

The Old Ancestor nodded and suddenly looked at him deeply, “Sealing the Void Corridor alone and resolving a calamity in the 3000 Worlds, you have done a great service to the Human Race.”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “On the Black Ink Battlefield, the clansmen fought a bloody battle with the Black Ink Clan, and the sacrifices of countless ancestors allowed the 3000 worlds to be at peace. Compared to them, what this Disciple has done is not worth mentioning. At the very least, this Disciple is still alive and well. The ancestors on the Soul Monument are the true contributors.”

“The dead have merit, the living also have merit,” The Old Ancestor suddenly raised his hand and pointed towards Yang Kai’s forehead.

His movements were obviously very slow, but in Yang Kai’s eyes, they were incredibly fast, and he didn’t even have time to react before his finger touched his forehead.

After a brief contact, the Old Ancestor smiled and said, “The incense stick outside has burned out, you can leave now.”

Yang Kai was stunned. Only now did he understand that although the Old Ancestor was in seclusion here, nothing happening in the Blue Sky Pass could be hidden from him. He must have known about his bet with Zhong Liang, otherwise he wouldn’t have said such things.

In fact, when the Old Ancestor summoned him this time, he might even have the intention to help him.

Yang Kai stood up and respectfully said, “Many thanks, Old Ancestor.”

The Old Ancestor remained silent while Yang Kai bowed and retreated.

When the hall opened, Yang Kai touched his forehead and fell into deep thought.

When the Old Ancestor pointed his finger at him just now, Yang Kai didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. He didn’t know what the Old Ancestor was trying to do, but as an Old Ancestor, it was impossible for him to act without thinking, so Yang Kai really didn’t understand.

Outside the hall, Zhong Liang stared helplessly at Yang Kai, who had just walked out. Just now, the incense in front of the Western Army Military Office had been completely burnt out. According to his bet with Yang Kai, he had lost the bet.

His heart was filled with dissatisfaction. If the Old Ancestor hadn’t interfered and summoned Yang Kai, he probably wouldn’t have lost. However, he didn’t dare to complain. How could the Old Ancestor allow him to criticize him?

Yang Kai first paid his respects to Senior Brother Sun before turning to Zhong Liang, his nostrils flaring as he arrogantly said, “Regiment Commander, Disciple wants everyone to come out of seclusion. Does Regiment Commander have any objections?” Zhong Liang’s face couldn’t stop twitching. He wanted nothing more than to slap Yang Kai and cripple him so that he would have to rest and recuperate.

Even if he wanted to, it was impossible to do so.

Suddenly, a smile appeared on his face, “Little brat Yang, if you have something to say, let’s talk about it. No matter what it is, we can sit down and talk about it. Don’t just go out for no reason. What’s so good about the outside world? What about living a carefree life?”

Yang Kai straightened his neck, “No, I’m going to go out. Regiment Commander, if you’re willing to bet, you must accept your loss, right?”


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