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In front of the Western Army millitary office, the adjutant finally swallowed his saliva and answered Ding Yao’s question.

After learning that Yang Kai and Zhong Liang had made such a bet, he turned his head to look at the burning incense and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

If such a large incense is to be burned, it would take at least an hour, or even more. Although Blue Sky Pass was not small, just by using it as a boundary, Yang Kai, a newly-advanced Seventh Order, might not be able to escape Zhong Liang’s grasp even with his Space Divine Ability.

No wonder Zhong Liang had agreed to this bet. If it were them, it would have been difficult to refuse.

Refusing to agree was naturally possible, but Yang Kai’s heart was bound to be filled with dissatisfaction, and when the time came, it would cause great waves in his heart. It would be better to take advantage of this opportunity to make him give up, so as to avoid future troubles.

However, the commotion just now was not small. At this moment, everyone in Blue Sky Pass was in a state of turmoil, and no one knew what had happened. Ding Yao pondered for a moment before immediately sending out orders.

Soon, the figures floating above Blue Sky Pass fell down one after another, only watching from the wall.

To the soldiers inside the pass, as long as the Black Clan didn’t invade, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

At the same time, somewhere to the west of Blue Sky Pass, Yang Kai fled in a hurry. His Space Laws were pushed to the limit, and as his figure flickered, ripples appeared in the void.

However, no matter how he tried to escape, an aura locked onto him from afar.

This was naturally Zhong Liang’s aura!

If he didn’t cut off this aura, no matter how profound his Space Divine Ability was, he wouldn’t be able to escape from Zhong Liang’s pursuit. However, with the gap in strength between them, how could it be so easy to cut off this aura? Yang Kai tried many times, but he was unable to do so, allowing Zhong Liang to follow him like a shadow.

Yang Kai knew that his two sneak attacks had angered Zhong Liang, so the Regiment Commander really wanted to teach him a lesson.

His heart filled with bitterness, but his figure became more ethereal. Teleportation was the pinnacle of escape techniques, there were thousands of escape techniques in this world, but none of which could compare to teleportation.

For a time, Blue Sky Pass was scattered in all directions, as if Yang Kai’s figure could be seen at any moment. However, he didn’t stop for more than three breaths because Zhong Liang was like a maggot clinging to his bones.

As the chase continued, time passed.

In front of the Western Army military office, the incense stick had burned by thirty percent.

Ding Yao and the others were finally moved!

Originally, they had thought that with Zhong Liang personally taking action, it wouldn’t be difficult to capture Yang Kai, but now it seemed that it wouldn’t be so easy. They all knew that the Space Laws were incomparably exquisite, but only now did they realize how difficult it was to deal with them.

Fortunately, this stick of incense was more resistant to burning than ordinary incense; otherwise, if it had been an ordinary stick of incense, the time limit would have been reached.

Even if Yang Kai was captured now, it was still a glorious defeat.

On the other side, when Zhong Liang saw that he couldn’t win after so long, he was also annoyed. He had originally wanted to end this battle quickly, but not only had he failed to accomplish his goal, he had even wasted so much time. If he lost this bet, it would be disastrous.

Suddenly, Zhong Liang’s figure stopped in midair.

Sensing Zhong Liang’s strange movements, Yang Kai quickly dodged to the side, but he was still unable to break free from the aura locked on his body.

He didn’t know what Zhong Liang wanted to do, but he guessed that the Regiment Commander was about to make a big move, so he immediately became vigilant.

Sure enough, a rich World Force fluctuation quickly spread from Zhong Liang’s side, and soon after, a ripple spread out from Zhong Liang’s position. The speed at which this ripple spread wasn’t fast, but it wasn’t slow either. Wherever this ripple passed, space was sealed and the world was sealed.

From afar, Yang Kai saw this scene and his expression changed greatly as he shouted in grief and indignation, “Regiment Commander, you shameless bastard!”

Zhong Liang wanted to spread out his Small Universe to cover the entire Blue Sky Pass.

Yang Kai didn’t doubt that he had the ability to do so. After all, he is a peak Eighth Order master. Once he spread his Small Universe, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to cover Blue Sky Pass.

If that was the case, then all of Blue Sky Pass’ territory would be under his control, and within this territory, Zhong Liang would be the master! At that time, Yang Kai would have no way out and would become a fish on the chopping block.

Although this method was impressive, in terms of the bet, it was indeed a bit shameless, but it also showed Zhong Liang’s determination to capture Yang Kai.

Hearing Yang Kai’s words, Zhong Liang’s face didn’t turn red, instead sneering, “When facing an enemy, you must be willing to do anything. When facing the Black Ink Clan, try calling them shameless, see if they’ll let you off!”

As he spoke, his Small Universe's territory spread out and Yang Kai retreated in panic, but since he was in Blue Sky Pass, where could he hide?

He could only watch helplessly as the ripples swept past him and enveloped him.

Yang Kai’s face instantly became ashen.

Zhong Liang, on the other hand, laughed loudly and flashed over, his hands clasped behind his back as he stared at Yang Kai calmly, “Are you going to admit defeat on your own, or do you want this king to take action against you? First of all, if you admit defeat on your own, you’ll be spared the pain of your flesh. If this king were to take action against you… this king's mood is currently quite turbulent, I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold back.”

Yang Kai immediately gnashed his teeth, “As the Regiment Commander, you dare act so shamelessly? I’ll fight you!” [MSN: Take out the Ink Force, LOL.]

Saying so, Yang Kai’s fists transformed into a flurry of fist shadows and flew towards Zhong Liang.

Zhong Liang wore a faint smile on his face. Although Yang Kai’s strength was extraordinary, he really didn’t put such an attack in his eyes. On the other hand, the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel that had ambushed him at the beginning had caught Zhong Liang’s attention. If Yang Kai really wanted to use that Secret Technique, Zhong Liang would definitely take it seriously, but this attack was no different from scratching an itch for him.

“Young people are proud and arrogant, they won’t shed tears until they see the coffin. Very well, I’ll make you give up,” Zhong Liang said as he stretched out his hand and flipped it.

However, in the next instant, his expression changed drastically.

This was because these seemingly harmless attacks were like heavy hammers smashing into his Small Universe, causing him to tremble violently.

“En?… Ah!” Zhong Liang cried out in alarm as his Small Universe's strength suddenly became chaotic, unable to control himself for a moment.

When Open Heaven Stage cultivators engaged in fierce battles, they wouldn’t hesitate to spread their Small Universe because to Open Heaven Stage cultivator, the Small Universe was their foundation. Although one could enhance their battle strength after spreading out the Small Universe, it was highly likely that one would be taken advantage of by the enemy. Once the Small Universe was damaged, it would be doomed.

Only when they were desperate would Open Heaven Stage cultivators choose this method.

Back when Yang Kai had besieged Zuo Quan Hui in the new Great Domain, Zuo Quan Hui had spread out his Small Universe.

Zhong Liang was also forced by Yang Kai to take the risk.

However, he also had his own considerations. With his own Small Universe's foundation, Yang Kai, a newly promoted Seventh Order, could not do anything to him. As long as he could capture him in time, there should be no danger.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai’s seemingly ordinary punches actually caused his Small Universe sto tremble non-stop, causing his Small Universe's World Force to naturally become unstable.

Zhong Liang, who had been suspended in mid-air, fell to the ground.

Although it was only for an instant, he managed to stabilize himself and quickly withdraw his Small Universe, if it was a battle between two masters, a moment of delay was enough to determine life or death.

Bright stars appeared in front of his eyes and his vision blurred as he heard Yang Kai’s arrogant laughter, “Are you surprised? Hahaha!”

Zhong Liang’s face immediately became as black as the bottom of a pot. When he looked up again, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen. Even the trace of aura that had been locked onto him since the beginning had been cut off.


Zhong Liang’s heart skipped a beat. The only reason he had been able to chase after Yang Kai was because of the aura that has locked onto him. Now that even his aura had been cut off, how could he find Yang Kai?

Turning his head to look in the direction of the Western Army military office, he saw that the incense burner in front of the door was already half lit.

In front of the incense burner, Ding Yao and the others also looked at him with meaningful expressions, causing Zhong Liang to blush.

In fact, even now, he still couldn’t understand how Yang Kai had managed to shake his Small Universe. Those seemingly simple punches were definitely not as simple as they seemed on the surface. They should be some kind of Secret Technique, a Secret Technique that targeted the Small Universe directly!

He was right, Yang Kai indeed had a kind of Secret Technique that targeted the Small Universe directly.

Since he had comprehended the Beating Ox Secret Technique, this Secret Technique had given Yang Kai the qualifications to fight across realms. As long as he was able to entangle with his enemy for a long time, he would be able to trace the source and use this Secret Technique to defeat his opponent’s Small Universe.

Originally, he didn’t have such an opportunity, with the current gap between him and Zhong Liang, it was impossible for him to hold out for too long in Zhong Liang’s hands, so it was impossible for him to use his Beating Ox Secret Technique.

However, Zhong Liang had taken the initiative to display his Small Universe, which was a heaven-sent opportunity for Yang Kai, so how could he hesitate? He immediately used his Secret Technique to beat Zhong Liang until he saw stars and took the opportunity to escape from his pursuit, even having enough strength to cut off his aura locking.

As a result, Yang Kai was like a dragon in the sea, a tiger in the forest, and it would be difficult for Zhong Liang to find him again.

A short while later, the entire Blue Sky Pass was in chaos.

Zhong Liang’s vast Divine Sense swept across the entire Blue Sky Pass, but he couldn’t find any trace of Yang Kai. He even ran to the Expelling Black Ink Battleships in the various military bases to personally search for him, just in case he was hiding inside.

In the end, he found nothing.

A moment later, he had searched through all the palace artifacts in Blue Sky Pass.

Seeing that the incense stick was burning more and more, Zhong Liang’s forehead couldn’t help breaking out in cold sweat. If Yang Kai won this bet, he would lose a lot of face.

However, the entire Blue Sky Pass had been turned upside down by him and he had searched all the places he could find, but he still hadn’t found Yang Kai. Where could this little brat hide?

Unless Yang Kai went into seclusion! But if he did so, it would be equivalent to admitting defeat, so why would Yang Kai do such a thing?

As he pondered, Zhong Liang suddenly thought of something and looked towards a certain direction.

“This idiot has finally opened his eyes!” In front of the Western Army military office, Ding Yao held his forehead.

Earlier, when Zhong Liang's Small Universe were shaken and his mind were unstable, Yang Kai had taken the opportunity to escape, Zhong Liang didn’t know where Yang Kai had gone, but Ding Yao and the others had seen him clearly, but they didn’t want to remind him, much less warn him.


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