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Zhong Liang angrily said, “Those old fogeys used the excuse of visiting the Expelling Black Ink Battleship to secretly go see Yang Kai and promised him a lot of benefits in order to take him away!”

When Liang Yulong heard this, he became furious and smashed the table in front of him into pieces, “Despicable bastards, going too far!”

Zhong Liang’s face darkened as he pondered for a moment before turning to his adjutant and ordering, “Send out a message and have those old fogies come to the Discussion Hall. Tell them that my Blue Sky Pass has something important to discuss with them.”

The adjutant quickly turned around and left.

Liang Yulong looked towards Zhong Liang and said, “Brother Zhong means…”

Zhong Liang snorted, “Since they’re so shameless, what’s the point of giving them face!”

Two hours later, in the Discussion Hall, two rows of seats were filled with people, each of them an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master from one of the Human Race's Mountain Passes. It could be said that they were filled with talented people.

There were a total of fifty or sixty people, each of them representing the Human Race's pass. The reason why there were only so many of them was because there were still many Eighth Order Human Race cultivators who had yet to arrive. They were either constructing the Expelling Black Ink Battleship or on their way here.

Although there were many people present, the hall was completely silent, with only a few Divine Senses conversing with one another.

When everyone had arrived, the four Regiment Commanders of Blue Sky Pass slowly walked out from behind and took their seats at the front.

After the exchange of Divine Senses subsided, the group of people turned their eyes towards the source of the voice, not knowing why Blue Sky Pass had summoned them.

Ding Yao and the others had already discussed this matter, so after taking their seats, Ding Yao, the Eastern Army Regiment Commander, took the lead and asked, “I heard that many of you went to visit the Expelling Black Ink Battleship today?”

As soon as he spoke these words, all of the Eighth Order Ancestors immediately came to a realization. Like old foxes, how could they not hear the hidden anger in Ding Yao’s words? Knowing that the news from the other side should have reached the ears of these people from Blue Sky Pass, they couldn’t sit still any longer. Some of them immediately closed their eyes to rest, while others just smiled and didn’t speak.

Seeing them remain silent, Ding Yao continued, “I also heard that all of you have promised Little Boy Yang a great deal of benefits in order to win him back to your own mountain pass?”

Slamming the table, Ding Yao angrily shouted, “Look at you, you're still capable of doing such a thing? On the day of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship’s birth, my Blue Sky Pass was still besieged by the Black Ink Clan’s army and was on the verge of death. However, my Blue Sky Pass immediately sent word of this good news to all the various mountain passes, all because we know that on the Black Ink Battlefield, the various human mountain passes have all suffered losses. If there is anything good to share, we will not hide it. With the Expelling Black Ink Battleship guarding the rear of the army, our Human Race’s soldiers no longer need to worry about the risk of being transformed into Ink Force. This is a blessing for all the Human Race!”

“The previous battle proved this point. Before Little Boy Yang arrived at Blue Sky Pass, my Human Race’s soldiers were still in danger of being corroded by the Ink Force, but ever since he arrived here, no one in Blue Sky Pass has been affected by the Ink Force, especially after the Expelling Black Ink Battleship was born. My Blue Sky Pass has always been open and aboveboard, but what about you old fogies? You actually want to poach my Blue Sky Pass’s corner and take Little Boy Yang away. Does your conscience not ache?”

If it were any other ordinary Open Heaven Stage cultivator, they would have been frightened by this angry rebuke, but the guests sitting here were all Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators, so none of them were afraid of him. However, many of them did show a guilty look on their faces. This was not a proper thing to do, so they had no way to refute Ding Yao’s rebuke.

Only one of them chuckled and said, “Brother Ding, please don’t be angry. I don’t know what others are thinking or doing, but Yang Kai belongs to the Yin-Yang Heaven, so as his elder, I naturally want to bring him back to the Yin-Yang Pass. He possesses the Purification Light, and so far, this is the only method my Human Race has been able to use to restrain the Ink Force, enough to change the course of the war between the two races. It’s extremely important, so bringing him back to the Yin-Yang Pass will also provide some protection.”

The one who spoke was none other than Tang Qiu from Yin-Yang Pass.

Ding Yao turned his head and said lightly, “Who says that the disciples of Yin-Yang Heaven must serve in Yin-Yang Pass? Blue Sky Pass also has people from Yin-Yang Heaven, didn't my Great Battle Heaven’s disciples also serve in your Yin-Yang Pass? Since ancient times, the Human Race’s soldiers from the 3000 Worlds have been assigned to their Pass. This is a rule, so what does it have to do with those who came from the same Sect? Yang Kai first came to Blue Sky Pass, so he is my Blue Sky Pass person. Blue Sky Pass has already registered him, and Blue Sky Pass has his name on it, and he is the Team Leader of my Blue Sky Pass's Dawn Squad.”

Tang Qiu nodded slightly and said, “This Tang naturally knows this, but Brother Ding probably didn’t hear it clearly. What this Tang said just now was to bring him back to Yin-Yang Pass so that we can better protect him. As for his battle achievements and position as Team Leader, whatever Blue Sky Pass can offer, my Yin-Yang Pass can also provide.”

Zhong Liang angrily asked, “What does Brother Tang mean? Are you saying that Blue Sky Pass can’t protect him?”

Tang Qiu slowly said, “I have no such intention, but this Tang has heard that during the last great battle, Yang Kai entered the battlefield as a Sixth Order and was even attacked by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, nearly losing his life. Is this true?”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was shocked. No one present knew about this, and Tang Qiu only knew about it because he had inadvertently heard about it from Lu An.

Lu An didn’t mean to say these things, only saying that Yang Kai’s aptitude was extraordinary. In the last battle, he had broken through the shackles of life and death and broken through to the next realm. With the Purification Light, he would be of great use in the future.

When everyone heard this from Tang Qiu, they were naturally shocked.

Everyone knew the importance of Yang Kai’s existence, but there was nothing they could do about it. The Purification Light could only be used by him, and this was the only way to purify and disperse the Ink Force. If something were to happen to him, how could the Human Race still have an Expelling Black Ink Battleship?

“Brother Ding, is this true?” Someone asked anxiously.

Ding Yao was speechless, there was no way to deny this matter. Tang Qiu’s words had hit the nail on the head. Facing everyone’s gazes, he could only nod and say, “There was indeed such a thing, but Yang Kai also benefited from this disaster, advancing from a Sixth Order to a Seventh Order.”

Tang Qiu shook his head and said, “This can be considered his luck, but luck can’t always accompany one’s life. This time, he profited from a disaster, but what about next time? Who knows what will happen next, but once something happens to him, the consequences will be unimaginable!”

Zhong Liang looked at him and asked, “Brother Tang, if Yang Kai is brought back to Yin-Yang Pass by you, how will you protect him?”

Tang Qiu said, “If he has any needs in the pass, it will be satisfied, but he will not be put in danger.”

Zhong Liang nodded and said, “This is just as I thought, but… that little brat may not be willing. To be honest with Brother Tang, the last time he entered the battlefield, he snuck in.”

“This is a matter of great importance. Even if he don’t want to, he have to be willing. Since ancient times, the elites of my Human Race have thrown away their heads in this Black Ink Battlefield and spilled their blood. How many heroes have fallen in this vast void? For the sake of the Human Race’s great cause, everyone has to sacrifice their lives. Since he holds the Purification Light in his hands, he must sacrifice his freedom.” [MSN: Well, if you don't suppress people who can direct advance to 7th order, you might have more strength. Not some scrub 6th order "elite"]

Zhong Liang smiled and said, “Brother Tang might as well tell Yang Kai about this matter and see if he agrees.”

Tang Qiu also smiled and said, “How can this matter be left to him?” The meaning behind these words was that if Yang Kai was really brought back to Yin-Yang Pass by him, he would never let him out.

Zhong Liang frowned silently.

The usually taciturn Shentu Mo suddenly spoke up, “To that boy, everyone present here is a respected senior, and their seniority, strength, and qualifications far surpass his. However, us old seniors have now placed the hopes of our entire clan on him. Sitting here, we even want to discuss his future freedom, yet we don’t even have the intention to ask him for his opinion. Don’t you think this matter is too heavy and cruel for him?”

Everyone fell silent while Tang Qiu frowned.

Shentu Mo continued, “The future of a clan cannot be solely dependent on a single person. For countless years, the Black Ink Clan has been eyeing the 3000 Worlds covetously, but they were still attacked by my Human Race in the Black Ink Battlefield, not by a single person but by the entire clan. Before, when there was no Purification Light, what were we supposed to do? Could it be that when the Black Ink Clan attacked, we could only wait for death? If there was no Purification Light in the future, what should we do? Could it be that without such methods, we would not be able to resist the Black Ink Clan? In my opinion, if we fight against the Black Ink Clan, the Purification Light can be relied on, but it cannot be used as the foundation! Everyone, don’t put the cart before the horse.”

The hall went silent for a moment, and many Eighth Order masters fell into deep thought.

It had to be said that Shentu Mo’s words were truly profound.

Shentu Mo continued, “Before, when we didn’t have Little Boy Yang and the Purification Light, our Human Race’s various strongholds were united, but now you’re sitting here arguing over who he belongs to, isn’t that damaging to the harmony between us? Moreover, from what I know, when Yang Kai used the Purification Light, he used two kinds of materials called Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals. These two kinds of materials are extremely difficult to find throughout the world and can only be produced in the Chaotic Dead Territory. I don’t know how many Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals he has, but he’s going to seal up the Purification Light for more than four hundred Expelling Black Ink Battleships. With such a huge amount of resources, how long can it last? There will always be a day when they are used up. At that time, who will you find for the Purification Light?”

“Yellow Crystal, Blue Crystal?”

“Chaotic Dead Territory?”

The great hall was filled with cries of surprise. These guests only knew the mysteries of the Purification Light, but they didn’t know the source of the resources and materials needed. Only after hearing Shentu Mo’s words did they understand.

Liang Yulong repeated what Yang Kai had told them before.

Many Eighth Order Ancestors frowned upon hearing this.

If that was the case, the purifying light wouldn’t be inexhaustible, and sooner or later it would be completely exhausted. At that time, the Human Race would have to return to their previous state.

Just as Shentu Mo had said, the Purification Light could be relied upon, but it could not be regarded as the foundation. On the Black Ink Battlefield, the unity of the entire Human Race was the key to resisting the Black Ink Clan. If one simply focused at the Purification Light alone, they would only be putting the cart before the horse.


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