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Over the course of countless years, the number of High Rank Open Heaven that had fallen outside Blue Sky Pass was naturally not limited to a thousand.

There were even more High Rank Open Heaven. Even if they died, some Small Universe would collapse, leaving nothing behind.

There were also remnants of Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven that had been completely sealed by Yang Kai.

In other words, there were at least ten thousand High Rank Open Heaven who fall outside Blue Sky Pass.

What kind of massive number was this? It had to be known that these were all High Rank Open Heaven masters. In the 3000 Worlds, they were all Inner Sect Elder of the Cave Heaven Paradise, all of them were famous.

Outside Blue Sky Pass, thousands of Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven's entrances were opened, and countless Array Dao masters were busy setting up Arrays and traps in the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven. Perhaps in one of the great battles in the future, these arrangements would give the Black Ink Clan’s army a great surprise.

However, this had nothing to do with Yang Kai anymore. All he needed to do was open the doors one by one, and naturally, others would have to worry about the array and traps.

After half a year of hard work, Yang Kai was also exhausted. Just as he was about to return to the pass with Feng Ying, he suddenly saw two figures leisurely flying towards him. As they flew, the two of them chatted and laughed, occasionally pointing at him.

When they arrived, Yang Kai quickly bowed, “Disciple greets Elder Lu.”

One of these two was Lu An from Yin-Yang Heaven, while the other was also an Eighth Order, but Yang Kai had never seen him before.

Lu An smiled and stroked his beard, “Yang Kai, are you done here?”

Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Everything has been taken care of, I was just about to report to the Regiment Commander.”

“You’ve worked hard during this time,” Lu An nodded slightly.

Yang Kai quickly replied, “It's Disciple’s duty.”

“He’s Yang Kai?” The Eighth Order beside Lu An’s eyes lit up as he looked him up and down with interest.

Lu An nodded, “That’s right.” Turning to Yang Kai, he introduced him, “This Elder Tang Qiu is my Senior Brother. According to seniority, he is your Martial Uncle and came from Yin-Yang Pass.”

From Yin-Yang Pass? Hearing this, Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat. From Lu An’s words, this Tang Qiu should also be from Yin-Yang Heaven.

Yang Kai bowed again, “Greetings, Elder Tang!”

Tang Qiu smiled and nodded, “I’ve long heard of you. Seeing you today, you’re indeed a promising young man. Not only are you doing well in the 3000 Worlds, you’re also quite famous in the Black Ink Battlefield. How could my Yin-Yang Heaven not be able to nurture a rising star like you? It looks like those old fogeys in the Sect should be shifting their positions.”

Yang Kai immediately blushed, “Elder is too kind.”

Tang Qiu suddenly changed the subject, “Are you interested in returning to Yin-Yang Pass with me?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help being stunned.

Feng Ying, who was standing next to him, suddenly put on a vigilant look and cupped her fists, “Senior, Yang Kai is now a member of Blue Sky Pass, Senior’s words are inappropriate.”

Tang Qiu glanced at her lightly, “How is that inappropriate? He is a member of my Yin-Yang Heaven, what’s wrong with following me back to Yin-Yang Pass?”

Feng Ying pursed her lips and remained silent for a moment before saying, “I will report Senior’s words to the Regiment Commander.”

Tang Qiu immediately snorted, “Do you think they can bite me?” He then turned to Yang Kai, “If you want to talk, I’ll talk to Zhong Liang.”

Lu An smiled wryly and said, “Brother Zhong and the others will definitely not let him go. Senior Brother, please don’t make things difficult for this junior.”

Only then did Tang Qiu become somewhat reluctant, “Fine, go back and think about it carefully. I still need to spend some time here at Blue Sky Pass, so it won’t be too late to come find me after thinking it through.”

Lu An gave Yang Kai a meaningful look before Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Elders, Disciple will take his leave first.”

“Go,” Tang Qiu waved his hand, suddenly remembering something and saying, “Right, Xu Linggong came with me this time and is waiting for you inside the pass. You should go see him.”

“Elder Xu also came?” Yang Kai was surprised. When he turned around, Tang Qiu and Lu An had already left.

When he had parted ways with Xu Linggong in the Star Boundary, he had only said that he had a mission to complete and that he was going on a long trip. Later, when Yang Kai went to Yin-Yang Heaven to find Qu Huachang, he didn’t see Xu Linggong’s figure and thought that he hadn’t completed his so-called mission. It wasn’t until Yang Kai gradually learned about the Black Ink Clan and Black Ink Battlefield that he learned that Xu Linggong had already entered the Black Ink Battlefield.

At that time, Qu Huachang was still locked up for a hundred years.

Coming to this Black Ink Battlefield, Yang Kai wanted to find Xu Linggong the most because he only knew Xu Linggong here. However, the Black Ink Battlefield was vast and boundless, so even if he wanted to, he didn’t know where to look.

Coincidentally, he arrived at Blue Sky Pass.

Previously, Tang Qiu had said that he had heard of him a long time ago, and he had even said that he had been flourishing in the 3000 Worlds, Yang Kai had found it a bit strange. Tang Qiu was in the Black Black Ink Battlefield, so how could he know about the 3000 Worlds?

From the looks of it, it was Xu Linggong who had informed him.

Knowing that Xu Linggong was waiting for him inside the pass, Yang Kai naturally rushed inside.

Halfway through, he suddenly thought of something and asked Feng Ying, “Martial Aunt, how do the various human race passes interact?”

Feng Ying replied, “If there aren’t many people, we can use the Super Space Array. If there are too many, we can only fly slowly.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai suddenly understood, “There really is an Array connecting the mountain passes.”

He had such a guess before, but he had never been able to confirm it. Now that he heard Feng Ying say so, how could he not know he was right?

On the Black Ink Battlefield, there were more than a hundred human race mountain passes, so it was naturally impossible for them to be isolated and helpless. If that was the case, every mountain pass was an isolated city, so there was no way they could remain safe for long. There must be some kind of connection between these mountain passes.

Feng Ying knew that he knows very little about the Black Ink Battlefield, so she patiently explained, “You should know that although the various mountain passes aren’t too far from each other, they’re definitely not close. Even if you use some kind of artifact to fly from Blue Sky Pass to the nearest mountain pass, it will still take a month or two. The other mountain passes’ conditions are more or less the same, and if you travel like this, you may encounter some kind of danger, so in general, the communication between the two mountain passes is conducted through a Super Space Array.”

Yang Kai nodded.

Feng Ying continued, “There are more than a hundred human race mountain passes, each of which is connected to a few nearby ones. Take Blue Sky Pass for example, with Blue Sky Pass as the center, there are a total of four mountain passes that can be directly teleported over. If you want to travel further, you will need to constantly make transit. However, you also know that supplies from the Black Ink Battlefield aren’t easy to obtain, so under normal circumstances, unless it’s something important, the Super Space Arrays are only used to transmit information and supplies, not to easily transport people.”

Yang Kai was puzzled, “Why?”

Feng Ying smiled bitterly, “Transmitting information only requires a single jade slip and a Space Ring to transport materials. Using a Super Space Array like this doesn’t consume much energy, but if it’s to teleport a cultivator, it will consume a lot of energy. The Black Ink Battlefield doesn’t have anyone below the Fifth Order Open Heaven, so every time a person is teleported, it will consume a massive amount of energy. Who would be willing to use so many resources?”

Yang Kai suddenly understood. When he was exchanging for materials at War Preparation Palace, Feng Ying had said that the Human Race’s Mountain Pass had a principle of not wasting as many resources as possible, because cultivation resources were not easy to obtain.

In this kind of environment, who would be willing to use a Super Space Law to transport people? Moreover, the stronger the cultivator who was teleported, the more resources would be consumed.

Yang Kai frowned slightly and said, “If that’s the case, it’s not easy for one mountain pass to launch a large-scale attack on another place.”

“That’s right,” Feng Ying nodded, “Transmitting an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master consumes a lot of resources. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be easy to do so. However, if the battle is really tense, small-scale assistance is still possible. After all, a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator’s Small Universe has already transformed from illusory to solid and can accommodate living creatures. Transmitting a few Eighth Order cultivators is equivalent to sending an entire army.”

Yang Kai understood what she meant. The Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage can let the reinforcements enter his Small Universe first and then use the Super Space Array to teleport. This way, the resources needed is only for the Eighth Order Open Heaven's transmission. Although it was not a small amount, it was still acceptable compared to the gains and losses of a single mountain pass.

However, even if it was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage, their Small Universe’s size was still limited, so it was impossible for it to contain living creatures without limit, which was why Feng Ying said it was a small-scale assistance.

If they were to send out a large number of reinforcements, they would have to rely on the Palace Artifact to fly.

Sending out an Eighth Order master was not a small price, and from the Universe Chart, there were more than a dozen mountain passes between Yin-Yang Pass and Blue Sky Pass. In other words, if someone from Yin-Yang Pass wanted to come here, they would need to pass through at least four or five transits!

This cost was not small.

On the other hand, Tang Qiu of the Yin-Yang Pass had paid such a great price to come here, so it was naturally impossible for him to be here to enjoy the scenery.

Yang Kai vaguely understood why he had come.

He finally realized that half a year ago, Zhong Liang had told him that after dealing with the gates of the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven, there was still something he needed to deal with.

What happened next was not complicated or difficult, but it was definitely a matter of time and energy consumption. However, only Yang Kai could handle this matter, so Yang Kai felt he had no choice but to take responsibility.

However, before that, he had to see Xu Linggong first. Presumably, he wanted to know about the current state of the 3000 Worlds.

Blue Sky Pass had a reception area. After all, there would occasionally be guests here, so they had to settle down.

Feng Ying went to report to Zhong Liang and the others about the matter of the gates, and under the guidance of the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass, he arrived at the reception area.

There were many cultivators gathered at the reception area, all of them at the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage. The main hall was filled with long tables, all of them gathered together in groups of three or five and talking loudly.

Yang Kai swept his eyes around and didn’t see Xu Linggong, but after listening to these people’s conversation, he suddenly realized that these people weren’t from Blue Sky Pass, but had come from the various mountain passes recently. This further confirmed his guess.


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