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Cleaning up the battlefield and sweeping out the Blue Sky Pass’ hundred-year plans.

The four Regiment Commanders passed down their orders one after another, and a large number of people immediately rushed out from the pass to join the cleaning process.

Only by cleaning up the battlefield would Yang Kai be able to open the gates to the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven, allowing his clansmen who were proficient in the Array Dao to set up the Array.

The battlefield was vast, and it would take at least two or three months to clean it up. During this time, Yang Kai would have nothing to do, and once the battlefield was cleaned up, he would be busy.

So he followed Feng Ying back to Blue Sky Pass.

Only now did Blue Sky Pass officially register him as a member of Blue Sky Pass’ Human Race army. This couldn’t be helped. When Yang Kai arrived at Blue Sky Pass, it in the middle of a battle, so no one had the time to register him. After the battle ended, Yang Kai went into seclusion to break through to the Seventh Order and was punished to clean up the battlefield. Only then did he have some free time.

Obtaining his own identity token, this small token gave Yang Kai a heavy feeling. Since ancient times, every human cultivator had such a token, but how many of them had died? Only by searching through the Sect’s records could Yang Kai learn of their existence.

He had personally witnessed the intensity of the battle and knew how difficult it was for the Human Race to survive in the Black Black Ink Battlefield. The more he saw, the more he hated the Black Ink Clan.

While he was lost in his thoughts, the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator who had registered him suddenly smiled and handed him a jade slip, “Yang Kai, here is a letter of appointment signed by the four Regiment Commanders. Please accept it.”

“Appointment?” Yang Kai took it suspiciously and examined it with his Divine Sense, a look of surprise appearing on his face.

The content of the jade slip were very simple. It said that he had performed well in this battle and had worked hard, so he was promoted to the rank of a Squad Team Leader as a reward.

The jade slip indeed contained the aura imprints of the four Regiment Commanders, so it couldn’t be faked, and no one dared to fake it.

He became Team Leader just like that? Yang Kai was a little confused.

However, he had just been punished to clean up the battlefield, and now here he was being rewarded. What was this? Was this giving a stick and carrot?

“Senior Sister Feng also has a copy,” The Seventh Order Open Heaven said as he handed Feng Ying a jade slip.

Feng Ying took it curiously and examined it before nodding slightly.

Yang Kai had originally wanted to ask Feng Ying what the contents of the jade slip were, but considering that it was a private matter, he decided to keep his mouth shut. Unexpectedly, Feng Ying turned to him and said, “From now on, I am your Vice Team Leader.”

Yang Kai stared at her in shock.

Feng Ying calmly put away the jade slip and reiterated, “You didn’t hear wrong, from now on I am your Vice Team Leader.”

Yang Kai asked in surprise, “But isn’t Martial Aunt a Guard Commander?”

The Guard Commander was an existence one level higher than the Team Leader, and Feng Ying’s performance in this battle was also extraordinary. Not only did she not receive any rewards, she had even fallen from the position of Guard Commander to the position of Vice Team Leader. What was the Regiment Commanders doing?

But after thinking about it, Yang Kai understood.

The four Regiment Commanders made such arrangements, firstly to allow Feng Ying to protect him, and secondly to monitor him. After all, last time, he had disregarded military orders and run to the battlefield to risk his life, shocking the four Regiment Commanders quite a bit. It was hard to say if Yang Kai would do such a thing again in the future, so they decided to put Feng Ying beside him first.

Amongst all the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stages, Feng Ying was one of the top. Even if he encountered any danger in the future, Feng Ying would be able to protect him.

This matter…

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling somewhat guilty, “Martial Aunt, I’ll talk to the four Regiment Commanders later and ask them to take back their orders.”

Feng Ying shook her head and said, “There’s no need for that, someone will take over my post. Moreover, the four Regiment Commanders have jointly signed the letter of appointment, how can it be changed so easily? As for you, you really need someone to look after you.”

Her intention to monitor Yang Kai was no secret, causing Yang Kai to blush.

Feng Ying frowned again, “It’s just that this letter of appointment is a bit strange.”

“Fake?” Yang Kai asked excitedly. He didn’t care about the position of Team Leader, but having so many people watching him made him feel uncomfortable.

Feng Ying glared at him angrily, “Of course it’s not fake. What I mean is, the Regiment Commanders have appointed us as Team Leader and Vice Team Leader, but they haven’t said which regiment we belong to, or which garrison or guard we belong to.”

Listening to her words, Yang Kai realized what the problem was. The letter of appointment only stated that he would be promoted to Team Leader, but it didn’t specify which army he belonged to.

He had not been in the Black Ink Battlefield for long, but Feng Ying had been fighting here for thousands of years, so she naturally knew what the contents of the letter of appointment were. However, there was nothing in the letter of appointment about their place, which was quite strange.

“When I have time, I’ll go ask,” Feng Ying said, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to Merit Palace and War Preparation Palace. You’ve only broken through to the Seventh Order, so take this time to consolidate your cultivation and realm.”

Merit Palace and War Preparation Palace were located in the same hall, and there were many cultivators coming and going.

Normally, there were many people here. After all, this was a place to inspect one’s own battle merits and exchange them for resources, so it was naturally a place where cultivators from the Pass often visited.

Especially now that the battle had just ended, it was even more lively.

The two of them first went to the Merit Palace to investigate their battle achievements, and soon came to a conclusion. Yang Kai didn’t have much interest in the number of battle achievements he had obtained. After all, he had just arrived here, so he didn’t know how to calculate the number of battle achievements he had obtained.

After asking Feng Ying, Yang Kai realized that his battle achievements were already quite impressive. After a great battle, the amount of battle achievements the Eighth Order Garrison Chief received was only this much.

On the other hand, Feng Ying’s achievements this time were only about twenty percent of Yang Kai’s, but even so, it was still beyond her expectations.

Originally, according to her calculations, the battle merits this time should not have been so rich.

After pondering for a moment, Feng Ying suddenly understood, “It should be the hundreds of clansmen we brought back.”

The two of them had fought their way back from the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland and saved hundreds of Black Ink Disciple’s lives, so this was naturally a great merit.

After checking their battle merits, they naturally went to War Preparation Palace to exchange for cultivation resources. The person in charge of this matter handed each of them a jade slip, and the materials they could exchange for were all stored inside.

Yang Kai used his Divine Sense to investigate and found that the first item on this list was the Profound Female Spirit Fruit. The number of battle merits required was not very high, but it was definitely not small. However, the note behind the Profound Female Spirit Fruit was empty.

Obviously, the Profound Female Spirit Fruit wasn’t something Blue Sky Pass could supply. Even in all of the mountain passes, the Profound Female Spirit Fruit was extremely rare.

Every time a battle broke out, countless cultivators would have no choice but to give up their Small Universe's territory. If they wanted to repair it, they would need the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, which was only produced in some special Secret Realms. Whenever a Profound Female Spirit Fruit appeared, it would be immediately exchanged for.

This was also within Yang Kai’s expectations, but what surprised him was that the second item was actually the Mysterious Yin Bamboo, but there was still an empty note.

He is prepared to contribute a batch of Mysterious Yin Bamboo to Blue Sky Pass. Before, his Small Universe’s foundation had been too rich, but in the end, he had been unable to break through, so Yang Kai had used a lot of his Small Universe’s foundation to cultivate a large number of Mysterious Yin Bamboo. These things were useless to him. With the World Spring to seal his Small Universe, what use can the Mysterious Yin Bamboo have to him?

However, he hasn't contribute anything, Blue Sky Pass must have received news and placed the Mysterious Yin Bamboo in the exchangeable resources first to boost their morale.

The rest of the resources were used for cultivation, as well as many artifacts and Secret Techniques from various Cave Heaven Paradise.

Yang Kai deliberately searched around and found the Demon Eye of Annihilation and Purgatory Black Pupil options.

The amount of battle merits needed… was enormous! Even the amount of battle merits he currently possessed was barely enough to exchange for one of them.

Even so, Yang Kai was still somewhat shocked.

One had to know that these two Great Pupil Techniques were the secrets of the Myriad Demons Heaven. In the 3000 Worlds, only the most elite Core Disciples had the qualifications to cultivate them. Ordinary disciples would never have the chance to see them, let alone the disciples of other families.

But in the Black Ink Battlefield, these two great secrets were openly placed in the exchangeable resources option.

How could this not be shocking?

However, after thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai understood why.

It was precisely because this was the Black Ink Battlefield that such a special situation had occurred. Since ancient times, there had never been a precedent for human cultivators who had set foot on the Black Ink Battlefield to return to the 3000 Worlds, so even if these two secrets were exchanged, Myriad Demons Heaven was not worried about them being leaked.

If someone could cultivate these two Secret Techniques, it would be a good thing for the Human Race. At the very least, it could increase the strength of a cultivator.

Yang Kai was still a little curious, so he took out the jade slip and asked the steward, “If I exchange for these two Great Eye Techniques, can I obtain the cultivation method?”

The steward smiled and said, “Blue Sky Pass doesn’t have the cultivation methods. If you really want to exchange for them, you’ll need to hurry to Myriad Demons Pass. Myriad Demons Heaven’s Old Ancestor is over there, and he will personally teach you these two great eye techniques.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai suddenly understood. He had thought that Blue Sky Pass had a ready-made cultivation method, but he hadn’t expected that he would need to go to Myriad Demons Pass to find Myriad Demons Heaven’s Old Ancestor.

Thinking about it this way, if he wanted to cultivate the secrets of the various Cave Heaven Paradise, he would have to do so. However, being able to receive the personal teachings of an Old Ancestor-level master was definitely a great opportunity.

Feng Ying looked over curiously, “You want to exchange for these two eye techniques?”

“I was just asking,” Yang Kai shook his head. Of course, he didn’t need to exchange for them. He already had the Demon Eye of Annihilation and the Purgatory Black Pupil, and before coming to the Black Ink Battlefield, he had been personally taught by Myriad Demons Heaven’ Supreme Elder, Mo Sha Divine Monarch.

What he lacked now was the cultivation level on these two Great Pupil Techniques. If he had time to cultivate these two Great Pupil Techniques to the highest level, he would have another trump card to use against the Black Ink Clan.

Feng Ying nodded and said from the side, “The exchange of resources all adheres to one principle, no matter how much you exchange, the resources are scarce, don’t exchange too much.”


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